Obama’s Vietnam

by Justin Raimondo


Obama plans on doubling U.S. forces in Afghanistan, bringing the total up to some 70,000 — and with more, you can be sure, on the way. We are told that Obama’s magical diplomatic skills will compel the Europeans to do their part, with NATO taking the lead. Yet Afghanistan is not the former Yugoslavia, and if Holbrooke thinks he can impose a new Dayton on the rebel Afghans and the increasingly resentful Pakistanis, he is apt to run up against the same brick wall that has stymied would-be conquerors for 2,000 years, including the Soviets, the British, and Genghis Khan’s Golden Horde. The Europeans know this, and they won’t be too eager to jump into the fray. A Vietnam-style counterinsurgency conflict spreading across the Afghan-Pakistan border and reaching into the wilds of Central Asia would dwarf the present quagmire in Iraq by several degrees of magnitude. Yet Obama was and still is touted as a peacemaker and an agent of ‘change.’ Unfortunately, it’s a change for the worse...


How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?

Rad Geek People's Daily
by Rad Geek


[E]very day that United States government soldiers spend on ‘beginning’ to leave, instead of actually leaving — every day that is spent on that ‘responsibly’ instead of that ‘leaving’ — every day that is spent in the ‘forging’ of peace in Afghanistan, rather than in the practicing of it, by withdrawing all United States government soldiers immediately and completely — is another day when innocent Iraqis and Afghans and Pakistanis will be killed by this Peace President’s army and his policy of gradualism. Another day when yet more innocent people will be killed in the name of prolonging the final end of wars now universally acknowledged as catastrophic failures and stupid mistakes. Yesterday in Iraq, Barack Obama’s ‘responsibly leaving’ army blockaded a village, invaded a family home at 2:00 in the morning, and gunned a mother [and] father in the bed they shared with their 9 year old daughter. (The girl, besides being orphaned, was also wounded by the gunfire.) … Every one of these deaths is blood on Barack Obama’s hands...


The coming fall

National Review
by Michael Novak


In January of the year 1992 [sic], I was called upon to give a talk at the Renaissance Weekend at which President-elect Bill Clinton and his ‘co-president’ Hillary were present (two for the price of one, the campaigner had earlier quipped). I said on that occasion what I now repeat on this: There was too much enthusiasm in the air, and too much false association with the Camelot of John F. Kennedy so early in 1960. Every president in my adult lifetime, I said, has come in with high hopes and been dashed into humiliation before his term of office had concluded. Kennedy. Johnson. Nixon. Ford. Carter. Reagan (dimmed by Iran-Contra). Bush 41. Clinton. Bush 43. The job of president is to cope with his own coming tragedy. No man can fulfill all the hopes that go with the office. His own strengths often undo him...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp



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