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Final Piece in Our Economic Collapse

Forced Lending To Undermine the Economy

World Economic Forum: Davos Under Fire


The Perfect Storm

By Vladimir Putin

I just want to remind you that, just a year ago, American delegates speaking from this rostrum emphasised the US economy's fundamental stability and its cloudless prospects. Today, investment banks, the pride of Wall Street, have virtually ceased to exist. In just 12 months, they have posted losses exceeding the profits they made in the last 25 years. This example alone reflects the real situation better than any criticism.

Australia Faces Collapse as Climate Change Kicks In

Varias entidades convocan una 'semana sin móviles' en coincidencia con 3GSM

Terra España - Spain En este sentido, reclaman la aplicación del principio de precaución -según el informe Bioinitiative Report- y el reconocimiento legal y normativo del riesgo ...


Entidades ecologistas proponen “una semana sin móviles” - Spain Como informa EFE, reclaman que se aplique el principio de precaución recogido en el informe Bioinitiative Report, que reconoce de forma legal el riesgo de ...

Mast proposal next to Wednesbury Schools

Residents, councillors and school heads are objecting to a proposed 15 Metre mast close to two secondary schools and residential properties at the M6 Junction 9 exit.

Petitions have been gathered as well as private objections being sent to planning officers in Sandwell.

As usual, neither councillors, school heads or residents were informed at the time stated in the planning application, and notices on lamp-posts were put up barely two weeks before the closing date for objections.

Peter Mobley

Tell Obama: Withdraw the Nomination of William Lynn

From Global Network

Aufgedeckt: Regierung und Medien verschleiern wahres Ausmaß der Finanzkrise


Vernichten statt veröffentlichen

Wie die Bundesregierung mit vertraulichen Akten umgeht.

Beschleunigtes Waldsterben in Nordamerika

In Nordamerika hat sich das Waldsterben in den letzten 20 Jahren verdoppelt.,Beschleunigtes+Waldsterben+in+Nordamerika+,6,a11997.html

Frühestens im Jahr 3000 könnte es wieder kühler werden

Ein internationales Forscherteam geht davon aus, dass die Folgen des menschengemachten Klimawandels für mindestens 1000 Jahre unumkehrbar sind.,Fruehestens+im+Jahr+3000+koennte+es+wieder+kuehler+werden,6,a11989.html

EU-Klimapolitik zu zaghaft

Position für Kopenhagen hat zwar gute Ansätze, Bedarf aber Nachbesserungen in zentralen Punkten.,EU-Klimapolitik+zu+zaghaft,6,a11999.html

Deutschland gehört nicht ins klimapolitische Abseits!

UnternehmensGrün fordert die Politik zu mehr Verantwortung gegenüber Umwelt und nachfolgenden Generationen auf.,Deutschland+gehoert+nicht+ins+klimapolitische+Abseits!,6,a12005.html

Erneuerbare Energien können effektiv Armut in Afrika bekämpfen

Im Ausbau erneuerbarer Energien liegt ein enormes Potenzial für die Armutsbekämpfung in Afrika.,Erneuerbare+Energien+koennen+effektiv+Armut+in+Afrika+bekaempfen,6,a12011.htmlölitik

Die Chance der Krise

Das war eine gute Woche für den Klimaschutz. Endlich hat auch die deutsche Autoindustrie die Zeichen der Zeit erkannt. Erstmals sprach ein deutscher Auto-Chef aus, was schon jedes Kind seit langem weiß: „Das Ende des Ölzeitalters ist da“. Also sieht Daimler-Boss Dieter Zetsche „die weltweite Autobranche am Scheideweg.“,Die+Chance+der+Krise,95,a12004.html

46 Of 50 States Could File Bankruptcy In 2009-2010

There is a high chance a majority of the States within the United States of America could file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. There are currently 46 states with high budget deficits, Arizona being one of them.

Three More Banks Failed On Friday

The FDIC is often appointed as receiver for failed banks. This page contains useful information for the customers and vendors of these banks.

From Information Clearing House

Governments across Europe tremble as angry people take to the streets

France paralysed by a wave of strike action, the boulevards of Paris resembling a debris-strewn battlefield. The Hungarian currency sinks to its lowest level ever against the euro, as the unemployment figure rises. Greek farmers block the road into Bulgaria in protest at low prices for their produce. New figures from the biggest bank in the Baltic show that the three post-Soviet states there face the biggest recessions in Europe.

From Information Clearing House

California Pension Funds Close To Bankruptcy

By Kevin Martinez

The two largest pension funds in California, the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) and the California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS), have lost billions of dollars in value. Hundreds of thousands of retiring state employees and teachers now face the stark choice of accepting much reduced pension checks or working past their retirement age.

George Bush's Gift To The World

The End of American Imperialism

By David Michael Green

George Bush left us many gifts, but perhaps the greatest of them is that he has ruined the sport of imperialism in America, maybe forever.

Bush Officials Authorized Torture of US Citizen, Lawyers Say

By John Byrne

Attorneys for US citizen Jose Padilla -- who was convicted of material support for terrorist activities in 2007 -- say that high-level Bush Administration officials knew their client was being tortured during the time he was held an enemy combatant in a South Carolina brig.


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