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Nine Muslim Passengers Removed From Jet

Amy Gardner, The Washington Post: "Officials ordered nine Muslim passengers, including three young children, off an AirTran flight headed to Orlando from Reagan National Airport yesterday afternoon after two other passengers overheard what they thought was a suspicious remark. Members of the party, all but one of them US-born citizens who were headed to a religious retreat in Florida, were subsequently cleared for travel by FBI agents who characterized the incident as a misunderstanding, an airport official said. But the passengers said AirTran refused to rebook them, and they had to pay for seats on another carrier secured with help from the FBI."

Will Obama "Deimperialize" the Presidency?

Gail Russell Chaddock, The Christian Science Monitor: "As a US senator and presidential candidate, Barack Obama routinely criticized the accretion of presidential power during the Bush years. But in the run-up to assuming the presidency himself, the President-elect has gone silent on whether he would roll back powers claimed during the Bush years - or support congressional efforts to do so."

The disintegration of the US?

Obama Appoints Biotech Industriess’ Tom Vilsack as Agriculture Secretary

by NWV News

"Vilsack is one of us 'folks' with deep Iowa roots. The question is: Does Vilsack get marching orders from common, concerned citizens or the four horsemen of the Big Ag gravy wagon: Dupont, Monsanto, ADM, Cargill?" asked OCA's Jill Richardson........


Oppose Tom Vilsack's Confirmation as Secretary of Agriculture

Gentically Modified (GM) Food Leads To New Disease

Informant: MoJo

The Big Bailout Lessons

Harold Meyerson, The Washington Post: "Two things we learned about our politics and our economy in 2008: Lesson One: If it's big and you don't regulate it, you end up nationalizing it. Lesson Two: In matters economic, the Civil War isn't really over."

Climate Change Policies Failing, NASA Scientist Warns Obama

James Randerson, The Guardian UK: "Current approaches to deal with climate change are ineffectual, one of the world's top climate scientists said today in a personal new year appeal to Barack Obama and his wife Michelle on the urgent need to tackle global warming."

US Manufacturing Slumps to 1980 Low

Agence France-Presse: "US manufacturing contracted for the fifth consecutive month in December to a 1980 low amid a sharp Asian slowdown and deepening recession in the world's biggest economy, a survey showed Friday."


UK: Manufacturing slumps at fastest pace since 1981

The Office for National Statistics said on Friday manufacturing output was 7.4 percent lower than a year earlier, its biggest fall since June 1981 when Britain was in the throes of an industrial meltdown that decimated its car industry and coal mines.

From Information Clearing House

Campaigners fight Mutley mast

Friday, January 02, 2009, 07:37

ANGRY residents have staged a protest against plans to erect a 12.5m mobile phone mast in their midst.

People living close to the junction of Kensington Road and Queen's Road, where phone company O2 has applied to site a mast, took to the streets to protest yesterday.

A petition against the mast was handed to Councillor Andy Kerswell.

Jon Payn, the owner of West Hill Stores, said his shop and home are just 15 metres from the proposed site.

He said: "There are a lot of very angry people here. A lot of people are objecting, as they are all over the country."

He said many people were very concerned about the long term health implications of living near a mobile phone mast, as some studies suggest they could be harmful.


Phone masts: We were the last to know

Published Date: 02 January 2009

THINK you are safe from mobile phone masts? Think again.

It was by pure accident that we found out that two 6ft Vodafone mobile telephone mast were being erected on the roof of a block of flats right next door to us.

The freeholder, who lives in Essex, had granted a 20-year lease without any consultation to any leaseholder/resident.

We found out from the planning department that consent was not required as it came under the "permitted development" banner.

The government grant licences to the phone companies, giving them revenue in excess of £22 billion.

Again, it is profit over people, as they will not take any research into health implications into consideration.


Pressing Obama for Peace

Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA)

Torture and the Crime of Aggressive War

Coral Decline Warns of Ocean Changes

Australian Scientists

Power Plant Has No Plans to Stop Killing Fish

Obama Will Face Bush Legacy on Environment

Recession will worsen in the months ahead

The recession will worsen and unemployment rates will likely soar in nine Midwest and Plains states over the next few months, but a new survey of business leaders suggests the region may fare better than the nation as a whole.

From Information Clearing House

The Crisis of Common Sense: Is It So Difficult To Understand The Financial Crisis?

By Matthias Chang

Many have expressed to me that they are overwhelmed by the complexity of the global financial tsunami and are absolutely confused as to how to prepare and survive the crisis. When I explained in simple terms, they refused to accept the explanations as to them "it was too simple. It must be more complicated as otherwise how can the crisis become a global fiasco?

Like all empires, America has a nasty habit of thinking it is superior to the rest of the world

More Jefferson, Less Rove

By David Michael Green

Like all empires, America has a nasty habit of thinking it is superior to the rest of the world in every respect. And, unlike some others, this empire is even more driven in that direction by notions of religious authority and authorization. We pillage and plunder in the name of god. The unfortunate truth is that too often we Americans are like teenage science prodigies.


The AIG Bailout Crime


Time to pull the plug on AIG

Fox News Forum
by Phil Kerpen


The once-great insurance behemoth American International Group, or AIG, is now the living dead. It lives only because of massive taxpayer life support that is because of bailout after bailout of ever-increasing size. It started with a $85 billion bailout in September of 2008, which seemed outrageously large until taxpayers were forced to up the ante to $150 billion in December! The federal government now owns eighty percent of AIG, and is positioning taxpayers to make potentially unlimited future bailouts if AIG isn’t wound down. In spite of all this taxpayer largesse, AIG is set to announce the biggest quarterly loss by any company in history on Monday — a $60 billion loss — and beg for more tax dollars. Can we finally say no?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Yes, Greenspan Did It

Born at Wounded Knee: On the Manifest Destiny of Empire


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