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Council set for Abertillery phone mast talks

6:10pm Monday 5th January 2009

By Alison Sanders

AN UPDATE on plans to erect a ten-metre mobile phone mast in Cwm Farm Road, Abertillery will be discussed at Blaenau Gwent council’s planning committee meeting on January 8.

Blaenau Gwent council granted permission for the mast, which will be located 70 metres from Bryngwyn Primary School, on September 15.

But parents and residents raised objections to the plans over concerns about the possible health risks.


The Ponzi Scheme Presidency: Bush's Legacy of Destruction

Tom Engelhardt, "With Bush's 'commander-in-chief' presidency only days from its end, the price tag on his 'war' continues to soar as dollars grow scarce, new investors refuse to pay in, and the scheme crumbles. Unfortunately, the American people, typical suckers in such a con game, will be left with a mile-high stack of IOU's. In any Ponzi scheme comparison with Madoff, however, one difference (other than size) stands out. Sooner or later, Madoff, like Charles Ponzi himself, will end up behind bars, while George, Dick, & Co. will be writing their memoirs and living off the fat of the land."

Is Free-Market Fundamentalism Immoral?

Laurent Pinsolle, Marianne2: "Governments save banks, some of the managers of which save themselves with comfortable golden parachutes. American households that have lost their homes weren't so lucky. And they'll keep on paying taxes. To save the banks. Where is morality in this system?"

The HPV Vaccine Controversy

ISIS Press Release 05/01/09

Major uncertainties over efficacy and safety for costly vaccines that only benefit the drug giants for sure

Prof. Joe Cummins and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

Two years ago we reported on recombinant vaccines against the human papilloma virus (HPV) infection and cervical cancer [1] (Recombinant Cervical Cancer Vaccines, SiS 29). Clinical trials had been completed on two vaccine formulations, and these are being commercially released worldwide in government sponsored vaccination programmes that target women and girls (and even boys) as young as 9 years of age in a bid to prevent cervical and anogenital cancers [2]. This has aroused a great deal of controversy, which calls for a fuller discussion.

Human papillomavirus

According to the US government’s National Cancer Institute [3], human papillomaviruses (HPVs) are a group of more than 100 viruses. Certain types cause warts or papillomas that are benign. The HPVs that cause the common warts on hands and feet are different from those that cause growth in the throat or genetial area. Some types are associated with cancer, and are called “high risk” HPVs.

Of the more than 100 types of HPVs, over 30 can be passed through sexual contact. Most HPV infections occur without any symptoms and go away without treatment over the course of a few years. However, HPV infection sometimes persists for many years, with or without causing detectable cell abnormalities.

Infection with certain “high risk” types of HPV is the major cause of cervical cancer. Almost all women will have HPV infections at some time in their lives but very few will develop cervical cancer, as the immune system of most women will usually suppress or eliminate HPVs. Only HPV infections that persist can lead to cervical cancer. An estimated 11000 cases of this kind of cancer is diagnosed in 2007 in the United States, with less than 4 000 deaths; so cervical cancer is not among the major cancers in the US. Worldwide, cervical cancer strikes nearly half a million women each year, claiming more than a quarter of a million lives.

High risk” HPV types 16 and 18 are implicated in 70 percent of cervical cancers and are hence selected for vaccine targets.

Read the rest of this article here

Read other articles on GM and public

ISIS Press Release 07/01/09

Dangers of HPV Vaccine Production in Plants, Microbes, and Viruses

Widespread releases of hazardous transgenes and vaccines have the potential to create viruses more deadly than the ones the vaccines protect against

Prof. Joe Cummins and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

Human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines are already commercialised and promoted worldwide in a bid to protect young girls and women from cervical cancer [1, 2] (Recombinant Cervical Cancer Vaccines, SiS 29; The HPV Vaccine Controversy, SiS 41), while there is still major uncertainty over their efficacy and safety, especially in the long term. One obstacle to the adoption of the vaccines by developing countries is that the two available are very costly. There appears to have been a rush to create cheap oral HPV vaccines in transgenic plants, microbes and viruses that do not require refrigeration and can be distributed relatively inexpensively, but would involve widespread releases of hazardous transgenes and products into the open environment. Some of these are near commercialization, and regulators must be warned against the approval of such production methods unless and until strict containment and safeguards are put in place.

HPV vaccines in crop plants

The main concern over the vaccines produced in crop plants is that transgenes from tests sites or production farms can readily spread by pollen or by mechanical dispersal of seeds. Debris from transgenic crops can also spread transgenes and vaccine proteins through contaminating surface and groundwater. Debris in the form of dust in the air can impact on the respiratory mucosa directly, with the potential of triggering acute and delayed immune reactions in humans and animals exposed. HPV vaccines have already been associated with various adverse acute immune reactions some of which resulted in death [2]. People subject to persistent exposure to the crop vaccine are likely to develop oral tolerance rendering them susceptible to virus infection [3] (Pharm Crops for Vaccines and Therapeutic Antibodies, SiS 24)..

There have been reports since 2006 that HPV virus and L1 proteins were produced in plants including transgenic potato, tobacco and a wild tobacco N. benthamiana [4]. HPV L1 virus-like particles were expressed in transgenic potatoes and these particles were found to immunize animals fed the potatoes. The gene for the particle protein L1 had been optimized for activity in potato by codon alterations. The full length message had a C-terminal signal sequence for nuclear localization of the protein and production of the L1 protein is enhanced by removal of the signal sequence for nuclear localization. The oral immunization using transgenic potato had to be enhanced by ingesting LI protein produced from insect cell (baculovirus) cultures.[5]. Comparing the production of HPV19 L1 in cytoplasm or chloroplast of Nicotiana benthamiana showed that the vaccine was produced most effectively in the chloroplasts. Adjustments in codon preferences showed that the human codon preference was most effective in enhancing production of the vaccine. The optimally engineered gene configuration produced up to 11 percent of the plant’s soluble protein as L1 vaccine protein [6]. The HPV 16 L1 protein produced in N. benthamiana proved very immunogenic following injection in mice [7]. Another N. benthamiana chloroplast transformation produced up to 1.5 percent total leaf protein as HPV L1 whose half life in the leaf was at least 8 hours [8].

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WiFi in Glastonbury

Kölner Erwerbslose weiterhin kämpferisch

„Am 2.Januar 2009 brachten ca. 20 Erwerbslose aus Köln wieder mal Unruhe in die "Arbeitsagenturen". In der ARGE Süd forderten sie sofortige Auszahlung der schon lange fälligen Grundsicherung, protestierten (erfolgreich) gegen die "Lebensmittelgutscheine" -- das eigentlich Wichtige daran: Im Laufe des Vormittags wurde die Anzahl der Aktiven immer größer, weil die Menschen aus dem Wartebereich immer lauter wurden und ihre Rechte einforderten. Der bisherige Akt der "Begleitung" durch Erwerbsloseninitiativen wurde abgelöst durch eigene und gemeinsame Aktion…“ Bericht von die aktiven vom 2. Januar 2009 bei indymedia

Aus: LabourNet, 5. Januar 2009

Zweite Stufe der Vorratsdatenspeicherung in Kraft

Bundesregierung hält sich bei der Vorratsdatenspeicherung für unangreifbar

„An Neujahr ist die zweite Stufe der Vorratsdatenspeicherung in Kraft getreten. Demnach müssen nun auch Internetprovider die elektronischen Spuren ihrer Kunden sechs Monaten lang verdachtsunabhängig protokollieren. Dies betrifft vor allem die zugewiesene IP-Adresse, Beginn und Ende der Internetnutzung sowie die Anschlusskennung (DSL-Kennung oder Rufnummer). Beim E-Mail-Verkehr sind die Netzkennungen sowohl des Absenders als auch des Empfängers zu sichern, dasselbe gilt für die Internet-Telefonie (VoIP). Bei Telefonaten über Festnetz oder Mobilfunk müssen die Anbieter bereits seit Anfang 2008 die entsprechenden Verbindungs- sowie auch Standortdaten vorhalten. Bei einem konkreten Verdacht haben Sicherheitsbehörden Zugriff auf die bei den Providern liegenden Datenberge. TK-Konzerne und Provider wie die Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone Arcor, 1&1, Versatel oder Kabel Deutschland sowie größere lokale Betreiber wie Hansenet, M-net htp aus Hannover oder NetCologne versicherten Ende vergangenen Jahres gegenüber c't, den Auflagen mehr oder weniger zähneknirschend Folge leisten zu wollen. Kleinere Zugangsanbieter oder Provider mit vielen Geschäftskunden, die bislang noch keine Anfragen zur Herausgabe von Bestandsdaten hinter verdächtigen IP-Adressen erhalten haben, dürften teils anders verfahren. Offiziell hat bislang nur der Internetdienstleister manitu aus St. Wendel erklärt, seiner "Linie der Nicht-Speicherung" auch 2009 zu folgen…“ Artikel von Stefan Krempl vom 02.01.2009 bei heise online

Siehe dazu:

Bundesregierung wirft Gegnern der Vorratsdatenspeicherung "systematische" Fehler vor

„Die Bundesregierung blickt dem Verfahren um die Verfassungsbeschwerden gegen die Vorratsdatenspeicherung offiziell gelassen entgegen. Wie aus ihrem knapp 120 Seiten langen Verteidigungsschriftsatz hervorgeht, den der Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung gerade veröffentlicht hat, sieht sie eine Zuständigkeit des Bundesverfassungsgerichts überhaupt nicht gegeben. Die angegriffenen Normen im Telekommunikationsgesetz entsprächen den "verpflichtenden Vorgaben" der entsprechenden EU-Richtlinie, heißt es zur Begründung. Damit entzögen sie sich "einer Überprüfung durch das Bundesverfassungsgericht am Maßstab der Vorschriften des Grundgesetzes"…“ Meldung vom 02.01.2009 bei ct

Der „Verteidigungsschriftsatz“ dokumentiert beim Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung (pdf)

Bundesgerichte kritisieren Vorratsdatenspeicherung - Aufruf zu Protest im Internet

„Eine heute vom Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung veröffentlichte Stellungnahme des Bundesverwaltungsgerichts kritisiert die von CDU/CSU und SPD Ende 2007 beschlossene verdachtslose Protokollierung der Telefon-, Handy- und Internetnutzung scharf. (..) Um gegen die am 01.01.2009 zwingend in Kraft tretende verdachtslose Protokollierung auch sämtlicher Internetzugänge, Internettelefonie und E-Mail-Konten zu protestieren, ruft der Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung alle Anbieter von Internetpräsenzen dazu auf, ihre Webseiten zum Jahreswechsel in schwarz zu verhüllen und mit einer Protestanzeige zu versehen. In der Anzeige heißt es: "Zum Auftakt des Wahljahres 2009 lassen SPD und CDU/CSU alle unsere Internetzugänge, Internettelefonie und E-Mail-Nutzung verdachtslos protokollieren. Wir Internetnutzer protestieren - Stoppt die Vorratsdatenspeicherung!"..“ Pressemitteilung des Arbeitskreises Vorratsdatenspeicherung vom 29.12.2008,de/

Aufwandsentschädigung für Telefonfirmen: Die Betriebskosten der Überwachung

Telefon- und Internetfirmen, die der Polizei helfen, bekommen bald mehr Geld. Dies sieht ein neues Gesetz vor, das nur noch durch den Bundesrat muss. Artikel von Christian Rath in der Taz vom 01.01.2009

Siehe dazu:

Riskante Entschädigung für die Ermittlungshilfe von Unternehmen: Wenn Überwachung sich lohnt

„Selten waren sich Bürgerrechtler und Lobbyverbände der Industrie so einig: Die Kosten der Vorratsdatenspeicherung müssen den Unternehmen ersetzt werden. Doch dabei ist außer Blick geraten, dass die Firmen am Ende gar ein Interesse an mehr staatlicher Überwachung bekommen könnten…“ Kommentar von Christian Rath in der Taz vom 01.01.2009

Kein Mangel an Sicherheitsgesetzen. Otto-Kataloge und mehr: Sicherheitspakete vor und seit 9/11

„Am 28. November 2008 hat der Bundesrat das BKA-Gesetz gestoppt – vorerst. Erstmals schienen Risse in der anti-terroristischen Fast-Allparteien-Koalition sichtbar zu werden, die seit Herbst 2001 eins ums andere Gesetz durchgepaukt hat. Sie wurden umgehend wieder gekittet…“ Artikel von Heiner Busch, veröffentlicht in: FriedensForum 6/2008, dokumentiert beim Grundrechtekomitee

Aus: LabourNet, 5. Januar 2009Überwachung

New mobile phone mast proposed for Achterarder High Street

Local residents are angry at plans to erect a mobile phone mast in the main street of a Perthshire town.

The mobile phone company O2 have proposed building the mast behind advertising hoardings on the High Street, at its junction with Castleton Road, in Achterarder.

John Yacomeni, Achterarder Community Council chairman, has said he will fight the proposals "tooth and nail", claiming that it would be an eyesore in the town.

Ochil and South Perthshire MP Gordon Banks told the Perthshire Advertiser: "I appreciate the need for telecoms masts as the majority of people own a mobile and there is always a desire for an improved service.

"But I have serious concerns around the health impact of masts in densely populated areas and places where people congregate."


Phone masts rules backed

Jan 04, 2009 (Gulf Daily News - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) --

NEW regulations to set up phone masts in the Muharraq Governorate have been given an initial approval, pending backing from environment authorities.

The Muharraq Municipal Council approved the regulations in principle, but chairman Mohammed Hammada said it planned to contact the Public Commission for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife.

The council banned the setting up of new masts in September 2007, while councillors investigated their safety. But some masts have been erected illegally.


Why 2009 will be worse than 2008

by Jeff Taylor


Whew. Now that 2008 is in the history books, $8.5 trillion in federal bailout money is in the pipeline, and bold leadership is set to take command, Americans can all breathe a little easier, right? Uh, no. The unhappy fact is that 2009 is almost certain to feature more economic hardship than the year that preceded it. President-elect Barack Obama may think he has steeled himself and his administration for this outcome, but three major factors argue against Obama truly being prepared for what’s to come...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Wall Street doesn’t get it

Intellectual Conservative
by Steven D. Laib


If ‘Heard on the Street’ is anything to go by, Wall Street and the financial industry still doesn’t understand what happened and why...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Is the US a Banana Republic?

Financial Sense
by Michael Pento


If the current path remains unaltered, our trillion dollar annual deficits and artificially-derived zero percent interest rates could become habitual, leading eventually to the once endemic economies of Honduras, Columbia and others to be our own...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Nearly every day brings new reports of the collapse of a large financial institution

Ludwig von Mises Institute
by David Gordon


Nearly every day brings new reports of the collapse of a large financial institution or the impending bankruptcy of a major company. Plans for bailouts and government intervention are in the air. Even those who profess devotion to free enterprise have wavered. Are we not faced with an emergency that calls for immediate action to ’save’ capitalism?

From Information Clearing House

The real America, the ‘asylum for mankind’ that America is gone

The year ahead: 2009

Strike the Root
by Glen Allport


The America of Henry David Thoreau, of Mark Twain, of Walt Whitman, of Thomas Jefferson and Tom Paine and the millions more who brought this nation into being and kept it alive in their hearts and, to a large extent, on the ground, for so long — that America, the real America, the ‘asylum for mankind’ that Paine wrote about so eloquently — that America is gone, fading already into myth and legend, gone soon even from living memory as the last citizens who remember America’s dying embers wink out from this world, one by one...

From Information Clearing House

India should have no illusions of US support

From Information Clearing House

Is Obama Bush III?

The Idiocy of 'Honor'

Every Empire Tries It

Must Evangelicals Be Conservatives?


Zornige Christen

The Secret Rulers of the World

From APFN daily update

More Groups Than Thought Monitored in Police Spying

Lisa Rein and Josh White, The Washington Post: "The Maryland State Police surveillance of advocacy groups was far more extensive than previously acknowledged, with records showing that troopers monitored - and labeled as terrorists - activists devoted to such wide-ranging causes as promoting human rights and establishing bike lanes. Intelligence officers created a voluminous file on Norfolk-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, calling the group a "security threat" because of concerns that members would disrupt the circus. Angry consumers fighting a 72 percent electricity rate increase in 2006 were targeted. The DC Anti-War Network, which opposes the Iraq war, was designated a white supremacist group, without explanation."

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