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Bank Bailout Could Cost $4 Trillion

money.cnn.com — The cost of the bank bailout is likely to be much higher than $700 billion. While the Obama administration hasn't asked Congress for more money yet, some experts warn that government spending on support for struggling financial services companies will ultimately reach into the trillions of dollars. The first half of the $700 billion program to help banks has already been spent — mostly on buying up preferred shares of troubled banks. Part of the remaining $350 billion may be used to purchase troubled assets from bank balance sheets and place them in an "aggregator bank." And while taxpayers will surely recover some of that sum eventually, more money is likely to be needed in order for the bank rescue to work.



Wirtschaftspolitiker Wend wechselt zur Post

Der SPD-Wirtschaftspolitiker Rainer Wend verlässt den Deutschen Bundestag und wechselt zum 1. April zur Deutschen Post AG. Die nordrhein-westfälische Bundestagsabgeordnete Ute Berg ist jetzt als neue wirtschaftspolitische Sprecherin der SPD-Fraktion gewählt worden. Die 55-Jährige setzte sich nach Angaben aus der Fraktion mit 101 zu 71 Stimmen gegen den niedersächsischen SPD-Chef Garrelt Duin durch.


Global Warming Is Irreversible, Study Says

Richard Harris, NPR News: "Climate change is essentially irreversible, according to a sobering new scientific study. As carbon dioxide emissions continue to rise, the world will experience more and more long-term environmental disruption. The damage will persist even when, and if, emissions are brought under control, says study author Susan Solomon, who is among the world's top climate scientists. 'We're used to thinking about pollution problems as things that we can fix,' Solomon says. 'Smog, we just cut back and everything will be better later. Or haze, you know, it'll go away pretty quickly.'"



Conyers Subpoenas Rove

Susan Crabtree, The Hill: "House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) subpoenaed former White House senior adviser Karl Rove, a sign that Democrats are not letting go of investigations the Bush administration stonewalled. The subpoena requires Rove to testify regarding his role in the Bush administration's politicization of the Justice Department, including the firings of nine US attorneys and the prosecution of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman."



But What If Torture Works?

Steve Weissman, Truthout: "A well-thought-out nudge produces far better intelligence than does any effort to impose fear and control. It also yielded a much clearer understanding of why so many Iraqi Sunnis turned to Zarqawi's terrorists, whether for protection against Shi'a militia, a chance to earn money, or a sincere belief in a new Islamic Caliphate. These were nuances that Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld and much of the military brass found hard to accept, as was the undeniable truth that Abu Ghraib and Gitmo encouraged far more ticking bombs than torture ever prevented."



Cell Phones, Traffic a Deadly Combo for Kids


By Kevin McKeever

Monday, January 26, 2009

HealthDay news imageMONDAY, Jan. 26 (HealthDay News) -- Talking on a cell phone while crossing a street can be disastrous for children,a University of Alabama at Birmingham study shows.

The research, first presented in April at the National Conference on Child Health Psychology, is being published in the February issue of the Pediatrics. It found that 10- and 11-year-olds were less attentive to traffic and were involved in more collisions and near misses with traffic when using a cell phone to talk to a research assistant in interactive, simulated road crossings.

"The children who were on the cell phone and were distracted during their crossing were significantly more likely to get hit by a car in the virtual environment," study author Katherine Byington, a doctoral candidate in psychology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, said at the time of the April presentation. "They were getting hit or almost getting hit at least [once], while the kids that weren't on the cell phone didn't get hit."


Informant: Mark G.

Gentechnik-Pflanzen in Europa verhindern

Cholera-Kartoffeln verhindern

Stoppen Sie den Gen-Mais

Zerstört die Agro-Gentechnik unsere Zukunft?

Aus: UIM Newsletter 02


Erste Erfolge gegen Gen-Mais-Anbau

Beim kommerziellen Anbau genmanipulierter Pflanzen in Deutschland gibt es jetzt erstmals einen deutlichen Rückgang. Insgesamt wurden in diesem Jahr rund 800 Hektar weniger Gen-Mais angemeldet als 2008. Zudem werden auch in diesem Jahr zahlreiche Bauern bereits angemeldete Flächen zurückziehen. Den Anfang machte die TU München, die nun doch keinen genmanipulierten Mais auf ihrem Versuchsgut im Landkreis Fürstenfeldbruck anbaut. Aktuelle Zahlen zum Gentechnikanbau in Deutschland finden Sie ab jetzt auf unserer Website: //www.umweltinstitut.org/genmais_2009


Umweltinstitut München fordert Anbauverbot für genmanipulierte Pharma-Pflanzen

Das Umweltinstitut München hat am Donnerstag (26. Februar) dem Bundesamt für Verbraucherschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit (BVL) in Berlin mehr als 57.000 Einwendungen gegen ein geplantes Experiment mit "Pharma-Kartoffeln" übergeben. Die Universität Rostock will die genmanipulierten Pflanzen in Üplingen (Sachsen-Anhalt) und Thulendorf (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) im Freiland anbauen. Die Gen-Kartoffeln sollen einen Impfstoff und ein Impfstoffhilfsmittel gegen die Kaninchenseuche RHD beziehungsweise gegen die Cholera produzieren.



Gentechnik-Pflanzen in Europa verhindern


Phone mast could make brain condition worse

By Hugh Ross

Published: 27 January, 2009

THE parents of a little girl born with brain damage have vowed to fight Vodafone's bid to build a phone mast yards from the family home.

Jan Catherall and partner Sarah Flint do not want the 11.4 metre high mast to be constructed because they are worried about the impact it could have on the health of eight-year-old Britney, who has encephalitis, which is inflammation of the brain.

Pressure is now mounting on Vodafone to ditch its plans to build the mast on St Ninian Drive beside Dalneigh Primary School.

The application will be considered by Highland Council's area planning committee on 10th February, but already some parents have said they will withdraw their children from the school if it is given the go ahead.

Members of the community fear the mast, which would be disguised as a telegraph pole, could give off harmful radiation waves and pose an unnecessary health risk.



Parent warns against use of Wi-Fi in schools



Next-up News Nr 817

- France 5 : "Les antennes de la colère" (vidéo reportage en HD 16/9)
- Next-up organisation : Intro Comprendre l'EHS Repacholi et OMS


Stimulus for who?

Freedom's Phoenix
by US Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)


This week the House is expected to pass an $825 billion economic stimulus package. In reality, this bill is just an escalation of a government-created economic mess. As before, a sense of urgency and impending doom is being used to extract mountains of money from Congress with minimal debate. So much for change. This is deja vu. We are again being promised that its passage will help employment, help homeowners, help the environment, etc. These promises are worthless. This time around especially, Congress should know better than to pass anything of this magnitude without first reading the fine print...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Prosecute George W. Bush for illegal acts

by Ivan Eland


The Obama administration is reluctant to turn over too many rocks in the Bush administration’s conduct in the War on Terror. Obama has pledged to reach a post-partisan nirvana, and Republicans could condemn any investigation of Bush administration abuse of the republic as a partisan witch-hunt. Also, the Obama administration has a conflict of interest in pursuing investigations and prosecutions against Bush administration officials because now that Obama is president, he may not want to entirely discredit Bush’s precedents, which significantly expanded executive powers. Yet in the expanse of human history, the existence of republican government has been rare and short-lived by comparison. Even in recent years, when republicanism has spread the farthest, we forget how fragile the experiment is. The stakes are high, and the Obama administration needs to beat down the autocratic precedents left by the previous administration. The only way it can do so is by bringing criminal cases against the high level perpetrators...


Are we civilized enough to hold our leaders accountable for war crimes?

by John W. Dean


It is difficult to believe that Eric Holder would agree not to enforce the law, like his recent Republican predecessors. Indeed, if he were to do so, President Obama should withdraw his nomination. But as MSNBC ‘Countdown’ anchor Keith Olbermann stated earlier this week, even if the Obama Administration for whatever reason does not investigate and prosecute these crimes, this still does not mean that the Bush Administration officials who were involved in torture are going to get a pass. With few exceptions, the discussion about what the Obama Administration will do regarding the torture of detainees during the Bush years has been framed as a domestic matter, and the fate of those involved in torturing has been largely viewed as a question of whether the Department of Justice will take action. In fact, not only is the world watching what the Obama Administration does regarding Bush’s torturers, but other countries are very likely to take action if the United States fails to do so...


Bush was a big-government disaster

by Nick Gillespie


The most basic Bush numbers are damning. If increases in government spending matter, then Bush is worse than any president in recent history. During his first four years in office — a period during which his party controlled Congress — he added a whopping $345 billion (in constant dollars) to the federal budget. The only other presidential term that comes close? Bush’s second term. As of November 2008, he had added at least an additional $287 billion on top of that (and the months since then will add significantly to the bill). To put that in perspective, consider that the spendthrift LBJ added a mere $223 billion in total additional outlays in his one full term. If spending under Bush was a disaster, regulation was even worse...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


US lobbying spending tops $3 billion in ‘08

USA Today


Despite the sharp economic downturn, lobbying spending in the nation’s capital surged past $3 billion last year as industries and special-interest groups wooed Congress and federal agencies on a host of issues, including taxpayer bailouts for financial companies and automakers. The record $3.3 billion lobbying price tag is up from $2.9 billion in 2007 and is more than double what was spent four years ago, according to records compiled by the non-partisan CQ MoneyLine...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Secret US Plan to Expand Whaling



How The Republican Party Has Conned America for Thirty Years



The phony nature of most of what passes for “privatization” under neoliberalism

Center for a Stateless Society

by Kevin Carson


[T]he tendency of neoliberal capitalism over the past few decades, despite all the ‘free market’ rhetoric, has been to socialize an ever-increasing share of the operating costs of business, and to insulate big business increasingly from market competition through a draconian ‘intellectual property’ (sic) regime. Besides the war economy and the military-industrial complex, the internal security state and the prison-industrial complex have grown by leaps and bounds. Consider the irony of Dick Cheney, of Halliburton fame, pontificating that ‘the government never made anybody rich.’ We have been evolving, in recent decades, to a system of power in which the boundaries between the corporation and the state are increasingly a legal fiction, and the corporate capitalists administer the economy from their position at the helm of the state. The main difference between what the Nazis aimed at, and the neoliberal policies pursued in the Anglosphere, is that ‘free market’ rhetoric serves a useful legitimizing function for selling the latter...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Road to Ruin: Twenty-Five People at the Heart of the Meltdown

Julia Finch, Andrew Clark and David Teather, The Guardian UK: "The worst economic turmoil since the Great Depression is not a natural phenomenon but a man-made disaster in which we all played a part. Guardian City editor Julia Finch picks out the individuals who have led us into the current crisis."


The Union Way Up

Robert B. Reich, The Los Angeles Times: "Why is this recession so deep, and what can be done to reverse it? Hint: Go back about 50 years, when America's middle class was expanding and the economy was soaring. Paychecks were big enough to allow us to buy all the goods and services we produced. It was a virtuous circle. Good pay meant more purchases, and more purchases meant more jobs. At the center of this virtuous circle were unions."



Companies in U.S. to Slash More Jobs, Business Economists Say

More U.S. companies project they'll pare staff in the next six months as pessimism mounts the economy will contract this year, according to a survey by the National Association for Business Economics.


From Information Clearing House


Major US Companies to Slash 45,000 Jobs

Howard Schneider, The Washington Post: "American companies announced job cuts totaling 45,000 this morning, as the global downturn slammed the profits of exporters like Caterpillar and a domestic recession hit hard at retailer Home Depot."


The Ailing Economy Is Making People Sicker

Stephen Smith, The Boston Globe: "At Massachusetts General Hospital, patients whose blood pressure was in check just weeks ago now find it rocketing out of control. They blame the economy. At Boston Medical Center, obese patients who had been shedding weight are packing on pounds again as they resort to cheaper, high-calorie food and abandon gym memberships. They blame the economy."



'Rescued' Citigroup Buying $50M Jet

Beleaguered Citigroup is upgrading its mile-high club with a brand-new $50 million corporate jet - only this time, it's the taxpayers who are getting screwed.


From Information Clearing House


Obama's approval rating plunges 15 points

Barack Obama might have been in office for less than a week, but the euphoria is beginning to wane. The new President's approval ratings have fallen from a stratospheric 83 per cent to a more modest - although still impressive - 68 per cent.


Bad news: we're back to 1931. Good news: it's not 1933 yet

Barack Obama inherits an economy already contracting at an annual rate of 6pc, much like the mid-Depression year of 1931 (-6.4pc).


From Information Clearing House


US will strike Pakistan if needed

The Obama administration has inherited "a real mess" in Afghanistan and an increase in US casualties is likely as troops try to reclaim territory, Vice-President Joe Biden said on Sunday. He said if there is an actionable target of high-level al Qaeda personnel, US will not hesitate attack inside Pakistan.


U.S. must stop drone attacks : PM Gilani

"I want to put on record that we do not have any agreement between the government of the United States and the government of Pakistan," Gilani told an American news channel in an interview at the World Economic Forum.


Pakistan rips U.S. missile strikes in its border area

Pakistan on Wednesday strongly criticized the U.S. missile strikes inside its borders, saying the strikes were "counter-productive" to its efforts to counter terrorism.


Pakistan: Former minister urges downing of US drones

If United States aircraft continue to carry out airstrikes inside Pakistan, the Pakistani Air Force should shoot them down, a former interior minister, Lt. Gen. Hamid Nawaz told journalists on Wednesday.


From Information Clearing House


Pakistan: Senators demand end to US drone attacks

Pakistan Observer


The members of the Upper House of the Parliament on Monday demanded of the government to assert full energies for putting the drone attacks in the tribal areas to an end. The opposition criticized the government over remaining unsuccessful in stopping drone attacks on FATA killing hundreds of people while the treasury benches expressed inability on account of few limitations. Professor Khurshid Ahmad, Jamaat-e-Islami legislator, speaking on point of order, pointed out statement of Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on floor of the Lower House of the Parliament that drone attacks would end after the administration of Barack Obama takes charge of the White House. ‘But, on the contrary, number and pace of drone attacks have increased by many times and the recent attacks have claimed almost 22 precious, innocent lives’ Professor Khurshid observed...


The mailed fist and the velvet glove
by Justin Raimondo


President Obama’s interview with al-Arabiya television is remarkable in several ways, but what strikes me the most is that it coincided with the first air strikes on Pakistan under his administration: 22 people were killed, including between four and seven Taliban/al-Qaeda bad guys. In the Arabiya interview, Obama was at his charming best, and the easily charmed were bowled over. Andrew Sullivan, for example, fairly swooned, and announced it’s ‘about the same thing as inviting Rick Warren or supping with George Will: it’s about R-E-S-P-E-C-T.’ What would you say if the police came into your neighborhood to confront reported criminals, killed a few — and also managed to knock off 18 or so bystanders? Would you say this shows the police respect the neighborhood?


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


US Missile Strikes in Pakistan Will Continue: Gates

Reuters: "The United States will continue to carry out missile strikes against al-Qaeda militants in Pakistan, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Tuesday."



In America, Speaking the Truth Is a Career-Ending Event

By Paul Craig Roberts

Truth cannot be spoken in America. It cannot be spoken in universities. It cannot be spoken in the media. It cannot be spoken in courts, which is why defendants and defense attorneys have given up on trials and cop pleas to lesser offenses that never occurred.



A Very Real New World Order

by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Do you now see why it does not matter to a tinker's dam whether it is a Republican or Democrat who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? For the most part, both major parties in Washington, D.C., have been under the dominating influence of the international bankers who control the Federal Reserve, the CFR, and the Trilateral Commission. And this is also why it does not matter whether one calls himself conservative or liberal. For the most part, both conservatives and liberals in Washington, D.C., are facilitating the emerging New World Order. It is time we wake up to this reality........


More on the New World Order

by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

The American people need to wake up to the fact that the international banking interests that dominate our political and financial entities are working tirelessly to "see an end to nationhood." I am talking about the Rothschilds and Warburgs of Europe, and the houses of J.P. Morgan, Kuhn, Loeb, Schiff, Lehman, and Rockefeller........



Obama: Regime Rotation

By Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

The arrival of the Obama administration will not fundamentally alter the course of military expansion accelerated during the Bush era.


The Torture Ban that Doesn't Ban Torture

By Allan Nairn

If you're lying on the slab still breathing, with your torturer hanging over you, you don't much care if he is an American or a mere United States - sponsored trainee. When President Obama declared flatly this week that "the United States will not torture" many people wrongly believed that he'd shut the practice down, when in fact he'd merely repositioned it.


Us Army Field Manual (Still) Sanctions Torture

By Jeffrey S. Kaye

The new manual includes one restricted technique that will only be used on so-called unlawful combatants - such as Al Qaeda suspects -- not traditional prisoners of war.



Phone masts spring up across Plymouth

Monday, January 26, 2009, 15:58

THE number of mobile phone transmitters in Plymouth could hit the 200 mark by the end of the year, The Herald has learned.

Phone companies say they are being forced to add to their masts to keep up with the ever-increasing usage of mobiles, as well as a growing demand for new services such as mobile internet and 3G technology.

But some phone mast campaigners in the city are sceptical of the plans, which include rough proposals for more than a dozen sites across Plymouth.


Refuting Cheney’s Lies: The Stories of Six Prisoners Released from Guantánamo



Bush, Obama and the American State



Bernanke Thinks He Can Print Us Out of a Depression



Faith in free markets, according to Mr. Bernanke

Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Matthew J. Novak


Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke considers it to be time for more fund transfers to the coffers of struggling financial institutions here in the United States. The details seem to be basically more of the same proposed solutions from the fall of 2008. If you are interested in reading some of his thoughts as portrayed in the common news media, see his comments quoted in this recent CNN.com article...


Federal Reserve sets stage for Weimar-style hyperinflation

Amercan Armageddon
by staff


Since the Lehman Bros. default, this money expansion rose dramatically by end October at a year-year rate of growth of 38%, has been without precedent in the 95 year history of the Federal Reserve since its creation in 1913. The previous high growth rate … was 28% in September 1939, as the US was building up industry for the evolving war in Europe...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Gold, Stocks, and Government



Money and Our Future




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