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Inauguration Perks Go To the Rich


Despite Crisis, Wall Street Gets Red Carpet from Obama

Wall Street billionaires pump millions into Obama's inauguration bash

Barack Obama's billionaire backers

Informant: Duane Roberts


On false unity

Delaware Libertarian
by Brian Miller


One of the big themes of the upcoming inauguration, and indeed Obama’s administration (if media reports about his agenda are to be believed) is a concept of ‘unity.’ All Americans, we learn, are to unite around a ‘common purpose.’ There’s just one problem — it’s not so much ‘unity’ as ‘collectivism.’ And sorry, Obama, but I’m not interested. And fortunately, neither are millions of other Americans. First, there’s the little problem that ‘unity’ isn’t really what these guys are interested in. Oh, sure, they’ll invite Rick Warren (but not David Duke) to show that even people who dislike other groups and use laws to attack their fellow citizens are part of the Great Patriotic Union. But if you’re in an unfavored group, you’re still lacking basic access to various legal statuses. ‘Unity’ for you means, ’sit down and shut up’...


What’s new is old again

by John Dickerson


It was a good speech but not a soaring one. This may have been because Obama has given so many strong speeches, he’s graded on his own special curve — or because he wanted the speech to be thoroughly conventional. His call to responsibility and sacrifice was rooted in American history — from the first settlers through the colonists to America’s soldiers. This is a familiar theme in a political speech. In fact, Obama gave his own speech using these themes last June, in which he made a similar call to a new patriotism founded on sacrifice. The use of ‘I say to you’ and ‘on this day’ constructions added to the feeling that this was a speech of the usual order. Appealing to America’s rich heritage makes Obama everyone’s president, knitting him into the lineup of the 42 men who have come before him. (Obama is the 43rd man, not the 44th, because Grover Cleveland served as president No. 22 and president No. 24.) But it goes only so far in helping him with his speech’s larger aim. His goal was to try to inspire us to give something up and reverse ‘our collective failure to make hard choices,’ which he says marked the responsibility-free era that created our current economic mess...


A new era?

The Weekly Standard
by Fred Barnes


In his campaign and during the transition, Obama didn’t have many kind words for the free market economy. In his speech, however, he did. ‘Its power to generate wealth and expand freedom is unmatched,’ he declared. He praised ‘the risk takers, the doers, the makers of things.’ Okay, Obama didn’t get carried away about the joys of capitalism. He said the economy needs ‘the watchful eye’ of government to keep it from spinning ‘out of control.’ Still, as one who wondered if Obama understands why free markets are so important, I was mildly, though perhaps only momentarily, relieved. I suspect some Republicans were as well...


False dawn

by Justin Raimondo


As a new administration takes power in Washington and the promise of ‘change’ is in the air, we have to ask ourselves: when-oh-when is it coming? When will the dam break on the sclerotic foreign policy thinking of the past eight — heck, the past 50 — years? The first place to begin is, of course, the Middle East, scene of our latest — and worst — transgressions, starting with but hardly limited to the invasion and occupation of Iraq. What is the likelihood of change in this area?


Oh, joyful, joyful coronation day

Liberty & Power
by Robert Higgs


I do not follow the news closely. Years ago, I discovered that no matter what the news media reported, I could recall their having reported the same thing ten or twenty or thirty or forty years earlier, so it seemed pointless to waste time absorbing information about events that differ only in the specific names and dates that fill in the blanks today. Nevertheless, I am aware, as todo el mundo are, that today in the imperial capital, a new emperor is being crowned. The media report that he will be acknowledged as a new Sun King, only more splendid by far than the original Roi Soleil. Louis XIV, they say, looks like small potatoes in comparison with the new emperor. Obviously, something has changed...


Obama’s promises

Intellectual Conservative
by Phillip Ellis Jackson


[F]or those of you expecting a rant and rave against the new Leader of the Free World and Commander-in-Chief of the World’s Most Powerful Military, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I suspect that I have as much of a concrete idea about what Obama will actually do with the power he’s gained as, well, Obama has. Your guess as to what our detailed policies will be a year from now are as good as mine, so I’ll avoid making any predictions here. What I will do is look at what Obama himself said he was going to do as President while running for office, and measure reality against that...


Yet another coronation

No Force, No Fraud
by Bob Smith


I don’t know what Obama will do in office, but I do understand what it took for him to get where he is now, and that in itself is extremely discouraging. Much of the path to higher office lies in doing exactly what is expected by your party and supporters. You don’t get there by rocking the boat, and you don’t get there by implementing CHANGE, unless change means ‘even more of the same.’ That’s what I expect from President Obama … even more of the same policies that have driven this nation into dire economic straits and made us an enemy of most of the world. As with all newly-elected politicians, Obama and his party will bombard us with incessant propaganda that the media will parrot with glee, with the result that, irregardless of what he does as President, those who supported him will be able to find a way to excuse the results. Others will be blamed … Bush, the Congress, trouble-makers from around the world, greedy corporations, etc. ...


Presidents and the Constitution

TCS Daily
by Jerry Bowyer


John McIntyre of RealClearPolitics and I were both on Larry Kudlow’s radio program on Saturday afternoon. Larry asked us both the same question: ‘Is there anything that Obama could say on Tuesday that will make you feel good about where he is taking the country?’ I answered that it’s not what he might say; it’s about what he definitely will say. Obama will swear an oath to ‘preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, so help me God.’ The question isn’t whether he’ll say it; the question is whether he’ll mean it. You see, Barack Obama is, to my knowledge, the first American president to take this oath having in recent memory openly and publicly criticized the Constitution...


If Obama’s plan doesn’t seem to make sense, it’s because it doesn’t

Liberty For All
by LP staff


America’s largest third party says that President-elect Barack Obama’s spending plans are based on flawed economics. ‘If you think Obama’s economic plans don’t make sense, it’s because they don’t,’ says Libertarian Party National Chairman William Redpath. ‘Americans are taking a look at Obama’s economic plans and scratching their heads,’ says Redpath...


An economy on life support is not recovering

Nolan Chart
by Darren Wolfe


With the government going into overdrive with all manor of so-called stimulus to revive the sick economy many statists are trying desperately to salvage the claim that President Franklin Roosevelt’s (FDR) New Deal saved the economy from the Great Depression to justify similar policies today. Despite the obvious fact that the Depression was the longest in US history, people such as David Sirota persist with articles like ‘Fox News: ‘Historians Pretty Much Agree’ That FDR Prolonged the Great Depression.’ Well, Mr. Sirota, it was pretty long...


Absolute power gets blamed absolutely

Asia Times
by Spengler


Inauguration day brings to mind the reason I don’t read science fiction. It’s never weird enough. Today, America will place more power than any peacetime president ever has wielded into the hands of a man nobody knows. He has convinced more incompatible constituencies that he takes their side than any politician in American history. And through no fault or merit of his own, he has stumbled into more power than the White House has had since World War II. From the day Obama was elected to 9:30am Tokyo time on Monday morning, the S&P 500 index has lost 17% of its value, after absorbing Obama’s proposed cabinet and hearing the gist of his economic stimulus plan. That can’t be blamed on Bush. It counts as the ‘Obama crash’...


President Oxybarama

Asia Times
by Spengler


The inaugural address of President Barack Obama contained so many nods in so many directions that the compass needle was sent spinning. Oxymorons abounded because, in Obama’s struggle to hold together so many disparate elements, incompatibility popped to the surface. Now we fear at every moment that the new president may be pulled apart...


Inauguration Ad Nauseum

by Christopher Ketchum


Oh happy day! Thus doth Change descend among us in the same old purple raiment and with the smiling largesse that the peons pay for. January 20 is a historic wasted opportunity. Obama might have signaled real change from the outset by canceling the whole rotten affair as the waste and silliness and ostentation that it is. Instead, a simple address, televised or better yet on radio, would have sufficed. Something like the following: ‘My fellow Americans, this is no time for frivolity. The country is falling down around our ears! The reason is mostly because we have blown our money in bad investments, whether it be in war or on Wall Street or on Main Street. Let’s not flush millions of dollars more down the toilet in self-congratulation and the flatus of long speeches. Nuff said. See you tomorrow when the work begins’...


Meet the new boss

Liberty For All
by Larken Rose


I just finished subjecting myself to the nauseating experience of listening to a bunch tyrant propaganda, also known as the ‘inaugural ceremonies,’ celebrating the coronation of Barrack Obama as the new King of America. (To call him a ‘President’ would imply that this is still a constitutional republic, and that there are limits on what ‘government’ can do to us. It’s not, and there aren’t, so I’ll call him what he is: a king.) In short, as in every such ridiculous exhibitions of authority-worship, there was a long stream of lies, and not a speck of truth to be found...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Obama und die Bush-Regierung: die leere Anklagebank

„Heikles juristisches Erbe: Der künftige US-Präsident Barack Obama muss über eine Strafverfolgung seiner Vorgänger entscheiden. Mögliche Angeklagte sind George W. Bush und Donald Rumsfeld…“ Artikel von Wolfgang Kaleck in Süddeutsche Zeitung online vom 19.01.2009 http://www.sueddeutsche.de/politik/491/455168/text/

Der Autor ist Rechtsanwalt und Generalsekretär des European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights in Berlin. Er erstattete 2004 und 2006 in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Center for Constitutional Rights in New York die deutschen Strafanzeigen wegen Kriegsverbrechen und Folter gegen den damaligen US-Verteidigungsminister Donald Rumsfeld, den damaligen CIA-Chef George Tenet und weitere Mitglieder der amerikanischen Regierung und Streitkräfte.

Aus: LabourNet, 20. Januar 2009


Schäuble plant verdachtslose Aufzeichnung des Surfverhaltens im Internet

Protestkampagne gestartet

Pressemitteilung des Arbeitskreises Vorratsdatenspeicherung vom 20.01.2009 http://www.vorratsdatenspeicherung.de/content/view/289/79/

Aus dem Text: “… Datenschützer und Internetnutzer protestieren scharf gegen einen neuen Gesetzentwurf von Bundesinnenminister Wolfgang Schäuble, der die 2007 beschlossene Vorratsdatenspeicherung nun auch bei der Benutzung des Internet erlauben soll. "Das neuerliche Vorhaben von Bundesminister Schäuble geht gewaltig über die bisherige Vorratsdatenspeicherung hinaus", warnt Marcus Cheperu vom Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung. Gegen die verdachtslose Speicherung aller Verbindungs- und Standortdaten hatten vergangenes Jahr 35.000 Bürger Beschwerde beim Bundesverfassungsgericht eingereicht. Der Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung fordert Bundesregierung, Bundesrat und Bundestag auf, die geplante Änderung des Telemediengesetzes sofort aus dem Gesetzentwurf zu streichen. Er bittet alle Internetnutzer, bei den verantwortlichen Politikern gegen die geplante Vorratsspeicherung im Internet zu protestieren. Der Arbeitskreis hat dazu eine besondere Internetseite eingerichtet, auf der sich die Kontaktdaten der zuständigen Politiker/innen finden:

Aus: LabourNet, 20. Januar 2009


Neue Exportsubventionen sind ein Schlag ins Gesicht der Hungernden

„Die Arbeitsgemeinschaft bäuerliche Landwirtschaft (AbL), Brot für die Welt, FIAN und Germanwatch protestieren mit der Aktion „Exportsubventionen vergiften den Markt – Schwarze Zukunft für Milchbauern in Nord und Süd“ gegen die beschlossene Wiedereinführung von Exportsubventionen für Milchprodukte. Für Milchbauern in Entwicklungsländern sei diese Maßnahme ein Schlag ins Gesicht. Gerade in Zeiten der Hungerkrise müsse die EU alles vermeiden, was zu Verletzungen des Menschenrechts auf Nahrung führen kann. Ab diese Woche werden wieder Exporterstattungen für Butter, Käse sowie Milchpulver gezahlt, nachdem sie eineinhalb Jahre ausgesetzt waren. Das teilte die EU-Kommission vergangene Woche mit…“ Pressemitteilung von FIAN Deutschland, AbL, Brot für die Welt und Germanwatch vom 19.1.09 bei FIAN http://www.fian.de/fian/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=613

Aus: LabourNet, 20. Januar 2009

Six Bells residents to stage phone mast protest

1:40pm Tuesday 20th January 2009

By South Wales Argus Newsdesk

PROTESTERS will gather outside Blaenau Gwent council’s planning offices in opposition to plans to build a mobile phone mast 70 metres from a Six Bells primary school.

Members of Six Bells Against the Mast Action group say they are worried about the safety of their children and are concerned about the effect the mast could have on their children’s health.



Unsichere DECT-Telefone

Schnurlostelefone können mit wenig Aufwand abgehört werden

Bundesdatenschutzbeauftragter warnt vor Risiken bei DECT-Telefonen


Martin Luther King on War



Forgive and forget the crimes of the Bushies? I don’t think so

by Paul Krugman


Last Sunday President-elect Barack Obama was asked whether he would seek an investigation of possible crimes by the Bush administration. ‘I don’t believe that anybody is above the law,’ he responded, but ‘we need to look forward as opposed to looking backwards.’ I’m sorry, but if we don’t have an inquest into what happened during the Bush years — and nearly everyone has taken Mr. Obama’s remarks to mean that we won’t — this means that those who hold power are indeed above the law because they don’t face any consequences if they abuse their power...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Editorials Worldwide Pillory Bush One Final Time

Erik Kirschbaum, Reuters: "Editorial writers around the world have been taking their final printed whacks at George W. Bush, accusing the president of tarnishing America's standing with what many saw as arrogant and incompetent leadership. 'A weak leader, Bush was just overwhelmed in the job,' said Germany's Sueddeutsche Zeitung under a headline: 'The Failure.' 'He confused stubbornness with principles. America has become intolerant and it will take a long time to repair that damage.' Editorials hit out at Bush for two unfinished wars, for plunging the economy into recession, turning a budget surplus into a pile of debt, for his environment policies and tarnishing America's reputation with the Guantanamo Bay detention center."



The Day the Earth Still Stood: What Will Obama Inherit?

Tom Engelhardt, TomDispatch.com, discusses the impact of yesterday's inauguration and the legacy the Bush administration will leave behind.



The end is near

Idaho Liberty
by Ted Dunlap


The good news is that everyday people are beginning to notice the economy and declining value of the dollar. More and more articles reach us describing it. The unrestrained binge buying that grew high-end clothing stores and consumer electronics specialty marts has ended, with drying-up/blowing-away stores proving it. North Americans no longer think of houses as infinite-growth equity sinks. The complacency of job security is disappearing with people treating the jobs they do have with far more respect than in the past. These bits qualify as good news because the truth is finally reaching the commoners. … The bad news is that the creators of this mess are still granted credibility...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The great inauguration bailout

by Garry Reed


After warning in a recent speech that government (meaning the taxpaying public) is likely to be left with ‘trillion-dollar deficits for years to come’ you’d think the Man of Change would have arranged a simple ceremony in the Capitol rotunda where he could swear on the Bible to ‘observe and protect the Constitution’ (which every oath-taker immediately ignores) and have done with it. But, no. It’s the same old political party partying as usual...


Whose money is it, anyway?

Fox News
by John R. Lott, Jr.


Barack Obama claims that the House of Representatives’ new stimulus plan is needed to save the economy. Democrats promise to be ‘creating or saving of four million jobs.’ News media report in all seriousness: ‘The democrats vow no earmarks or special projects will be attached to the bill. The focus is on jobs.’ Also ‘more than 90 percent of the jobs created are likely to be in the private sector.’ Unfortunately, though, the $825 billion ’stimulus’ package has nothing to do with creating or saving jobs — it has everything to do with moving jobs from industries that Democrats don’t like to industries that they do. The ’stimulus’ package is just a wish list of every government program that liberal Democrats have long wanted. As Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s Chief of staff, announced after the election last fall: Rule one: Never allow a crisis to go to waste. They are opportunities to do big things...


Why all the hoopla over Obama’s inauguration?

Nolan Chart
by Christine Smith


Obama doesn’t care about freedom — not yours as an American, and certainly not that of foreigners. He is neither benevolent or enlightened. So what’s to celebrate? The hopeful image of a United States with a president who cares about peace and justice has served its purpose — it got him elected. The American people, in looking for their own ‘benevolent dictator,’ don’t trust themselves. In choosing Obama they’ve said they’d rather the government take their money since it will better know how to spend it for them. And take it he will...


The peaceful transfer of violent power

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Sheldon Richman


At the risk of raining on the parade, I suggest that the inaugural festivities are not what they appear. Barack Obama says the pomp and circumstance are not about him but are a celebration of democracy. ‘For the forty-third time, we will execute the peaceful transfer of power from one president to the next,’ he said. He’s right, but not quite as he meant it. The peaceful transition from the Bush to the Obama regime is indeed the occasion, but let’s focus on exactly what is being transferred...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


ANP: Fed Lends Two Trillion Without Oversight



A "Citizens' Oath of Office" for Inauguration Day 2009


The Role of Government: Keeping the Wealthy Rich


A nation of patsies in a world of hurt

The Daily Reckoning
by Bill Bonner


Tomorrow, the man called Obama takes up the president’s job. Poor man. He seems like a decent sort. A shame … something like that happening to him. But he hung around with the wrong crowd — lowbred types in high political circles — and look where it has gotten him. Tomorrow, he’ll be called upon to stand before a hundred million viewers, put his hand on a Bible, and lie. To the question — will he swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States America — he will give the answer he has rehearsed. Yes, I can! Then, like almost every American president since John Quincy Adams, he will ignore it...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The Speech President Obama Should Deliver… But Won't



Afghans Not Expecting Much Change Under Obama



US Execution Breached International Law: World Court



Illegal Wire-Tapping Suit Now in Obama's Court



Changing Our Ideas on War


The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America



Inaugural Inanity



The Audacity of Hope



Guantánamo: Rulings of Improper Detentions

In the last three months, at least 24 detainees have been declared improperly held by courts or a tribunal - or nearly 10 percent of the population at the detention camp in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, where about 245 men remain.


From Information Clearing House


Unless we are decisive Britain faces bankruptcy

Our financial institutions are fighting for their lives and the Treasury may not be able to bail them out. The government needs to get serious to avert meltdown.


From Information Clearing House


What Obama Left Out of the Economic Recovery Plan

Higher Wages and Debt Relief

By Mike Whitney

Barak Obama and Co. are planning to launch their own version of economic "shock and awe" in the opening weeks of the new administration. Aside from the $825 billion stimulus package, which will be used to create 3 million new jobs and make up for flagging consumer demand; Obama is planning a financial rescue operation for banks that are buried under hundreds of billions of dollars of troubled assets.


The Stimulus Scam


Peter Schiff says consumers need to spend less, not more.

From Information Clearing House


Fiddling While the Coal Burns

Bill McKibben, Grist: "Given the sheer number of candidates for 'worst legacy of the Bush years,' it may seem perverse to pick the hundreds of coal-fired power plants that have opened across China during his administration. But given their cumulative effect - quite possibly the concrete block that broke the climate-camel's already straining back - I think they may be what history someday seizes on. And they are emblematic of George W. Bush's utter failure to help the world rein in carbon emissions at what may have been the last possible moment."




Independent Media Source

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