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Bush Wants Second $350 Billion

David Cho and Lori Montgomery, The Washington Post: "Senior Bush administration officials, consulting with the Obama transition team, have prepared a plan to ask lawmakers for the second half of the $700 billion financial rescue package despite intense opposition in Congress, sources familiar with the discussions said. The initiative could create an unusual political scenario straddling the Bush and Obama administrations. If Congress were to vote down the measure, either President Bush or Obama would have to exercise a veto to get the money."$700

PTSD Victim Booted from US Army for "Misconduct"

Kelly Kennedy, The Army Times: "After serving two tours in Iraq - tours filled with killing enemy combatants and watching close friends die - Sgt. Adam Boyle, 27, returned home expecting the Army to take care of him. Instead, service member advocates and Boyle's mother say his chain of command in the 3rd Psychological Operations Battalion at Fort Bragg, NC, worked to end his military career at the first sign of weakness."

Die Hartz IV Gesetze wirken, aber wie?

Prof. Dr. Helga Spindler ist Professorin für Öffentliches Recht mit dem Schwerpunkt Sozial- und Arbeitsrecht an der Universität Duisburg/Essen und ist dieser Frage wissenschaftlich zu Leibe gerückt. Ihre Abhandlung offenbart, dass beispielsweise mit 18 % der Anteil der Sanktionen wegen Verletzung der in der Eingliederungsvereinbarung festgelegten Pflicht oder der Weigerung, die Vereinbarung überhaupt abzuschließen sehr hoch ist. Hier wird deutlich, dass die Eingliederungsvereinbarung in der Praxis hauptsächlich nicht nur ein Instrument des Forderns ist, sondern auch, dass ein Aushandlungsprozess "auf gleicher Augenhöhe" nicht stattfindet.

Lesen Sie den ganzen Artikel: Hartz IV wirkt, aber wie?

Neue Regelungen zur Eingliederungsvereinbarung. Erste Tipps zum Umgang damit

Seit dem 01.01.2009 gelten neue Regelungen zur Eingliederungsvereinbarung. Dies macht es aus unserer Sicht notwenig, dazu einige Erläuterungen zu geben, da die im Dezember (2008) beschlossene neue Rechtslage zum Nachteil der Hartz IV-Betroffenen ist. Bis 31 Dezember 2008 galt.

Lesen Sie weiter: Neue Regelungen zur Eingliederungsvereinbarung. Erste Tipps zum Umgang damit

Next-up News Nr 800

Banken und Moralverlust

US Army Recruiting at the Mall With Video Games

Jon Hurdle, Reuters: "The US Army, struggling to ensure it has enough manpower as it fights wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, is wooing young Americans with video games, Google maps and simulated attacks on enemy positions from an Apache helicopter."

Tools for a New Economy

Robert Pollin, The Boston Review: "The collapse of the housing bubble and the speculative market for subprime mortgages demonstrates, yet again, the simple point that financial markets need tight regulation. Since September 2008 a series of massive bailouts by the US Treasury and Federal Reserve has prevented financial markets from experiencing a 1929-style collapse. These extreme measures, however, have not solved the broader problems at hand. As of this writing, we are experiencing the most severe economic downturn since the 1930s."

US loses most jobs since 1945

The US economy lost more than half a million jobs in December for the second month running, new figures showed on Friday, making 2008 the worst year for job losses since 1945.

From Information Clearing House

Obama views Iran as a "threat" to US security

U.S. President-elect Barack Obama said on Friday he views Iran as a "genuine threat" but still favors initiating a dialogue with the Islamic republic.

In Washington, All Roads Lead to Tehran

By Daniel Luban

As the war in Gaza approaches its third week, a chorus of influential voices in the U.S. media has cast the conflict as a proxy war in which the real enemy is not Hamas but Iran.

Gaza conflict a template for US policy on Iran

The Gaza operation, quite aside from its immediate lethal brutality, is part of a larger and longer Israeli strategy: to convince the incoming United States administration that engaging Iran directly in a possible grand bargain about the future of the Middle East and Afghanistan would be a dangerous mistake.

From Information Clearing House

The Coming Collapse Of The US Dollar

Peter Schiff : Economic Predictions

Video Interview

Barack Obama's policies will unleash a greater economic crisis than the world is now facing, believes US financial forecaster, Peter Schiff.

Panic could herald dollar rout

There is growing evidence that Washington is in a state of increasing panic. Despite its massive cash injections, market manipulations and "rescue" plans, the recession is clearly deepening and spreading.

From Information Clearing House

FDA Finally Publically Acknowledges Gardasil Toxicity

Why Congress Must Stop the Fed's Massive Pumping

Federal Financial Guarantees Are Worthless

TSA's New Cop Suits

The Latest Reported Bankruptcy: Mainstream Economics


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