Freitag, 16. Januar 2009

The Shame Beneath Inaugural Hoopla

Marie Cocco, Truthdig: "Ah, the gowns and the glitter. The spectacular opening concert featuring everyone from Beyonce to The Boss. The historical drama of watching the first African-American take the oath as president of the United States. The quadrennial conundrum over how to pay for it all."

Koch lässt Atomkraftwerk Biblis trotz Radioaktivitäts-Austritt weiterlaufen

Die hessische Atomaufsicht unter Ministerpräsident Roland Koch (CDU) lässt offenbar den Atomkraftwerksblock Biblis B weiterlaufen, obwohl dort seit dem 10. Januar Radioaktivität über einen so genannten Dampferzeuger in die Umgebung entweicht. Wie der Betreiber RWE und das hessische Umweltministerium meldeten, ereignete sich in Biblis B am 10. Januar eine "geringfügige Heizrohrleckage" in einem Dampferzeuger des Atomkraftwerks. Die atomkritische Ärzteorganisation IPPNW machte das Ereignis nun breit bekannt. Man wolle zwar nichts künstlich aufbauschen, sagte ein Sprecher. "Es handelte sich offenbar erneut um ein Leck unterhalb der kritischen Größe. Aber man muss wissen, dass Dampferzeuger-Heizrohrlecks ab einer kritischen Größe alles andere als Lappalien sind. In allen offiziellen Risikostudien gehören sie zu den gefährlichsten Auslösenden Ereignissen, die vergleichsweise leicht zur Atomkatastrophe führen können."

Schäden im Bergwerk Asse befeuern Debatte über Betreiber

Der drohende Einsturz einer Kammer im Atommülllager Asse hat einen heftigen politischen Streit ausgelöst. Das Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (BfS) habe als Betreiber des Bergwerks seine Informationen über die Einsturzgefahr fast sechs Wochen lang zurückgehalten, kritisierte die Linke im niedersächsischen Landtag. Der umweltpolitische Sprecher Kurt Herzog sagte am Freitag (16. Januar), von der versprochenen Transparenz des BfS sei "nichts zu spüren."

Push Obama to Keep Peace Promises

The Worst of Times: Bush's Environmental Legacy Examined

Next-up News Nr 809

- WiFi Dossier Actualité: - Le Dauphiné: "Des opposants démontent des antennes WiFi".

Freddie, Fannie Force Borrowers to Waive Legal Rights

Mary Kane, The Washington Independent: "When the government announced in November that it would use mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to streamline loan modifications for possibly hundreds of thousands of borrowers, officials billed the idea as a fast-track program to fight foreclosures. What no one mentioned is that homeowners would have to sign away their rights to sue, if they wanted to get those loans modified. The waiver of legal rights is buried among a long list of requirements in loan modification agreements for delinquent borrowers seeking more affordable loans under the new loan program, which began on Dec. 15."

The Most Ridiculous Speech of All

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: "George W. Bush went on television to deliver the last major address of his time in the White House. Like it says in Psalms, this is the Lord's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes. Of course, of course, of course, it was a ridiculous speech. Preposterous. The worst one of all, and boy howdy, that is saying something. This, after all, was the man who gave us 'Bring it on' and 'Mission Accomplished,' and who once was unable to think of any mistakes he might have made. Each of these was a legitimate phenomenon in every respect, to be sure, but the spectacle on Thursday night bent the definition of 'absurd' into bold new shapes."

Holding Bush accountable

The Nation
by Elizabeth Holtzman


President Obama, on his first day in office, can make a number of changes that will mark a clean break with the Bush presidency. He can, and should, issue an executive order revoking any prior order that permits detainee mistreatment by any government agency. He should begin the process of closing Guantanamo, and he should submit to Congress a bill to end the use of military commissions, at least as presently constituted. Over the coming months he can pursue other reforms to restore respect for the Constitution, such as revising the Patriot Act, abolishing secret prisons and ‘extraordinary rendition,’ and ending practices, like signing statements, that seek to undo laws. While these steps are all crucial, however, it is not enough merely to cease the abuses of power and apparent criminality that marked the highest levels of George W. Bush’s administration. … To fully restore the rule of law and prevent any repetition of Bush’s misconduct, the abuses of his administration must be directly confronted...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Assessing the Bush Legacy

Informant: Dorothee Krien


Bush Tarnishes Medal of Freedom by Bestowing It on Uribe

Matthew Rothschild, The Progressive: "Bush keeps outdoing himself on his way out the door. On Tuesday, he gave the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Alvaro Uribe, the head of Colombia. Uribe has had close ties with rightwing paramilitary squads. And his government is a notorious human rights abuser."

When hypocrisy matters

Campaign For Liberty
by Anthony Gregory


Just this week we have seen two exemplary cases of political hypocrisy pop up in the area of Obama’s political appointments. Again, such appointments are one of the few occasions when the media really explore the hypocrisy saturating the personal lives of politicians. If they were watched this closely year round, we would find ever more examples all the time. But in all such cases, whether it is Al Gore consuming enough electricity for 20 people as he flies around condemning carbon emissions, or a Republican leader caught straying from the very family values he has claimed should be imposed on us all by national planning, the real problem in the hypocrisy is not usually the politicians’ personal indiscretions, which usually fall short of any offense against the public safety or liberty. No, the real problem with such hypocrisy is that it is borne by politicians who implement their plans for a Brave New World on their compatriots without considering the human costs, the destroyed wealth, the uprooted lives, the lost liberties, the jailed innocents...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Machiavelli would be proud

Liberty For All
by Brian Irving


Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton has added a new chapter to his work. She said U.S. foreign policy should be based on ’smart power,’ developing the use of ‘the full range of tools at our disposal — diplomatic, economic, military, political, legal and cultural — picking the right tool, or combination of tools, for each situation.’ This is political new speak at its finest. Politicians talk about using ‘tools’ to manipulate people, groups and nations to do what they want them to do. Of course, they never mention that the biggest ‘tool’ they have is force. Most people don’t care what kind of tools a carpenter has; they want to know if he knows how to use them...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Machiavelli Was Right

Obama’s legislative funeral

Cato Institute
by Ted Galen Carpenter


Lord Salisbury, who served as British foreign secretary in the late 1800s, observed that ‘the commonest error in politics is sticking to the carcass of dead policies.’ As Barack Obama enters the White House, several venerable U.S. policies reek of decay. Three policies are especially in need of burial during the new president’s first months in office. … It is hard to cast off the heavy carcass of dead policies. But one of the virtues of a presidential election and the start of a new administration is that it creates the opportunity for fresh ideas...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Klimawandel: Die Meere werden lauter

Leidtragende sind auch die Wale.

E.on und RWE strahlen

E.on und RWE wollen in Großbritannien zusammen 3 neue Atomkraftwerke bauen

Nachdem der französische Konzern EDF mit der endgültigen Übernahme von BE den Bau von 4 AKWs plant, wollen die deutschen Konzerne sich im Wettbewerb behaupten.

E.on und RWE strahlen

In Deutschland werden die Verbraucher abgezockt, um mit dem Geld in Großbritannien neue AKWs zu bauen.

Rachel's News #994

Joy as 'eyesore' phone mast bid is withdrawn

County Coun Frank De Molfetta is overjoyed Vodafone are not building a phone mast off Garstang Road

Published Date: 15 January 2009

By Chris Visser

Campaigners are celebrating after Vodafone withdrew plans for an "eyesore" mast in Fulwood.

The mobile phone giant wanted to place a 13.8m high pole with three antennae and equipment cabinets on the footpath outside the Little Sisters of the Poor care home in Garstang Road.

But residents wrote 28 letters of objection, while 100 signed a petition objecting to the scheme.

They complained the mast would clutter up the pavement, cause obstruction to schoolchildren and the disabled and be an "eyesore."


Our Oceans: What Could Happen

NOW: "A rise in sea levels isn't the only impact global warming is having on the world's oceans. A growing body of evidence suggests that climate change is also affecting ocean currents and the chemistry of the seas, with potentially catastrophic results."


Global Warming Could Unleash Ocean 'Dead Zones': Study

Zusammenarbeit von Monsanto mit Ämtern, Schulen und Ärzten in Hessen und anderen Bundesländern?

Zusammenarbeit Von Monsanto Mit Ämtern, Schulen Und Ärzten in Hessen Und Anderen Bundesländern

Foreclosures soar 81 percent in 2008

U.S. foreclosure activity jumped 81 percent in 2008, with one in every 54 households getting at least one filing notice, suggesting various state laws and private programs to slow the process have been ineffective, RealtyTrac reported on Thursday.

From Information Clearing House

Family of Iraqi shoe thrower says he remains in isolation

On Wednesday, Dhiyaa al-Saadi, Zaidi's lawyer, said he had recently seen medical records that were part of Zaidi's court file that added credence to the journalist's claim that he had been beaten and tortured after his arrest on Dec. 14 by the security detail of Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki.

From Information Clearing House

What's CIA Director Hayden Hidin'?

By Ray McGovern

Outgoing CIA Director Michael Hayden is going around town telling folks he has warned President-elect Barack Obama "personally and forcefully" that if Obama authorizes an investigation into controversial activities like waterboarding, "no one in Langley will ever take a risk again."

Stimulus, Schmimulus

Fiscal Lifejacket or Money Down a Rathole

By Mike Whitney

Getting a stimulus bill signed and implemented is urgent. It shouldn't be delayed until February, which is what the Republicans are calling for. The economy is in deep trouble now and its going to get worse.

On protecting Bush, Cheney


Obama Nation Upholds US Terror

Where Is The Government Going To Direct Its Propaganda Machine Now?

The Bush Legacy: Normalizing the Outrageous

LESLIE WEISE — President Bush cited at the top of his list of domestic policy achievements for which he hadn't received proper credit, his failed initiative to privatize Social Security. The ironies of this self-congratulations are obvious: a) it was a failure, not an achievement; and b) most of us who have already watched a big chunk of 401k savings disappear on his watch are confirmed in the opposition we felt at the time he was promoting to further expand our personal losses.

The Bipartisan Homeland Security State


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