How do we limit the damage?

The Medical Freedom Channel
by Steve Trinward


Judging from the choices Barack Obama has made so far, with few exceptions, we will likely have no rollback of the USA PATRIOT Act, no release of unindicted ‘terrorists’ from Gitmo, no rapid withdrawal of troops from overseas interventions, no curtailment of the DEA and other incursions on state-approved medical marijuana … Instead, we face a strong likelihood of nationalized health insurance, expanded welfare statism, additional business regulation for-its-own-sake and who-knows-how-many other agenda-items from the ‘progressive’ laundry-list. (And then, maybe, if we give them all they want in that realm, they MIGHT condescend to begin dealing with a few of the ‘fascism’ issues, like the restoration of the Bill of Rights?) So it’s becoming pretty clear that we’re going to face some form of ‘healthcare reform’ in the coming administration...

Spreading the wealth

by NSwift


Or rather, spreading the pain and the blame. Obama is working pretty hard to bring Republicans in the House and Senate over to his brand of Keynesian economics by packing his proposed ’stimulus’ package with loads of tax cuts. Around $300 billion, in fact. It’s not a little ironic that the left has suddenly decided that tax cuts are beneficial to the economy and to taxpayers in general. It’s just too bad that they’re going about it all wrong...

Change is coming, to benefit trial lawyers
by Hans Bader


Obama promised change, and it’s already happening, at the expense of the poor, consumers, and small business. ‘Regulations set to take effect next month could force thousands of clothing retailers and thrift stores to throw away trunkloads of children’s clothing.’ That’s the result of a law championed by Obama and trial lawyers, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, which imposes draconian requirements and penalties on sellers of childrens’ toys and clothing. As a result, used clothing stores for poor kids, like Kid to Kid, are going out of business. Price increases in children’s toys and clothing will also likely result...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


What Obama Can Learn From Europe

Steven Hill, Truthout: "The inauguration of the 44th president of the United States is starting to look like the most spectacularly dramatic debut since the Beatles arrived in New York. Before too long, though, the buildup and the hype will be over, and it will be time for Team Obama to produce. Particularly when it comes to three of the president-elect's top priorities - energy and climate change, health care and jump-starting the economy - President Obama would do well to look toward Europe for guidance."


Obama 'softens' Guantanamo pledge

Barack Obama, the US president-elect, has appeared to soften his election campaign promise to shut the US detention camp in Guantanamo Bay as one of his first acts as US president, saying its closure would be "a challenge".

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