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Nobel Prize Winner Gets Hassled At Bush Intercontinental Airport

Iraq Faces The Mother of All Corruption Scandals

Russia accuses US of exaggerating Iran missile threat

A senior Russian official today accused the US of grossly exaggerating the missile threat posed by hostile powers such as Iran, predicting there would be no menace from the Middle East "for at least a decade to come".

Study Supports View That Iran Attack Unlikely To Work

Contrary to Israeli claims of tacit Arab support for an Israeli strike against Iran, "Arab countries will not condone any attack on Iran under the pretext that Iran poses an existential threat to Israel, whilst Israel has some 200 to 300 nuclear weapons," they write.

From Information Clearing House

Why The Photos Probably Do Show Detainees Sodomized and Raped

By Naomi Wolf

Well, America? Do you want to live with this? Remember: history shows categorically that once the state can lock `them' up without a fair trial, torture, rape them or sodomize them - well; sooner or later it will be able to do the same to your children or mine; or to you and me.

Ghosts of Abu Ghraib

"How could ordinary American soldiers come to engage in such monstrous acts?"

Video Documentary

For the first time, GHOSTS OF ABU GHRAIB features both the voices of Iraqi victims (interviewed in Turkey after arduous attempts to meet with them) and guards directly involved in torture at the prison. Conducted by Kennedy, these remarkably candid, in-depth interviews shed light on the abuses in an unprecedented manner.

US failing to investigate war crimes: UN investigator

An independent UN human rights investigator has said that the United States is failing to properly investigate alleged war crimes committed by its soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Afghan was taken to Guantanamo aged 12: rights group

An Afghan who has spent over six years at the U.S. military's Guantanamo Bay prison was only around 12 years old when he was detained, not 16 or 17 as his official record says, an Afghan rights group said on Tuesday.

U.S. slams British press over report of abuse photos

In unusually forceful terms, the Pentagon attacked the report in the Daily Telegraph newspaper while the White House went so far as to cast doubt on the accuracy of the British press in general.

The Bogus Torture Coverup

The Daily Beast has obtained specific corroboration of the British account, which appeared in the London Daily Telegraph, from several reliable sources, including a highly credible senior military officer with firsthand knowledge, who provided even more detail about the graphic photographs that have been withheld from the public by the Obama administration.

Iraqi victims recall U.S. abuse

The marks on Firas al-Sammarrai's body from when he says U.S. soldiers repeatedly electrocuted him are one reason he can't forget his abuse at their hands.

From Information Clearing House

The Destabilization of Pakistan

The Main Result of the "War on Terror"

By Gary Leupp

The interests of U.S. imperialism in this case, in the form of regime change in Afghanistan, and the way it was done, have antagonized much of the Pakistani population.

In Pakistan, an Exodus that is Beyond Biblical

By Andrew Buncombe

Locals sell all they have to help millions displaced by battles with the Taliban.

Underemployment Presents Challenges

Martha C. White, The Washington Independent: "While the steady rise of the nation's unemployment rate has become shorthand for the recession's impact, many economists say the grim figures - 8.9 percent in April - don't tell the whole story of Americans' financial distress. While the plight of the jobless tends to dominate social policy conversations and media coverage, a less-exposed but equally vulnerable population is the millions of underemployed."

Arctic Refuge Threatened by New Drilling Proposal

Torture and Truth

Jonathan Schell, The Nation: "It has fallen to President Obama to deal with the policies and practices of torture inaugurated by the Bush administration. He started boldly, ordering an end to the abuses, announcing the closing in one year of the detention camp at Guantanamo and releasing the Bush-era Justice Department memos authorizing torture. Subsequently, he seemed to grow cautious. He discouraged formation of an independent commission to investigate the torture and reversed a previous position in favor of releasing Pentagon photos of abuses and instead opposed release."

Ticehurst councillor questions safety of new wireless masts in schools

Friday, May 29, 2009, 12:00

FEARS that telecommunication masts being built at schools across the county may pose a health hazard to pupils and local residents are unfounded say East Sussex County Council.

The authority issued a statement this week reassuring the public after Ticehurst parish councillor Rod Rigby raised questions about ESCC's next generation network.

The project will see fixed wireless access (FWA) antennae installed in 148 schools and ESCC offices over the next three months as the council seeks to meet government targets for internet access in schools.

Flimwell resident Mr Rigby has researched the effects of electro-magnetic waves from wireless devices and phone masts and believes there is evidence they can harm people.


Endlich Armut abschaffen!

29. Mai 2009

Zum Start der 2. Stufe der internationalen Mindesteinkommen-Kampagne des European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) erklärt die stellvertretende Parteivorsitzende Katja Kipping:

79 Millionen Menschen in Europa leben in einkommensbedingter Armut. Ein Leben frei von Armut ist aber ein Menschenrecht. Zu Recht fordert das Europäische Anti-Armuts-Netzwerk die Abschaffung der Armut in Europa durch Mindesteinkommen. Es geht dabei um die Anerkennung des grundlegenden Anspruchs jedes Einzelnen auf Zuwendungen und Leistungen, die ausreichen, um ein menschenwürdiges Leben zu führen. Ich unterstütze die von unserer Europaabgeordneten Gabriele Zimmer im Bericht zur "Förderung der sozialen Integration und die Bekämpfung der Armut, einschließlich der Kinderarmut, in der EU" vorgeschlagenen Schritte zur Umsetzung dieses Anspruchs: Mindesteinkommenssysteme müssen so gestaltet werden, das die Menschen Einkommen oberhalb der Armutsschwelle zur Verfügung haben. Neben den bisherigen Mindesteinkommenssystemen ist auch die armutsbekämpfende Wirkung eines bedingungslosen Grundeinkommens für alle zu prüfen, heißt es in dem vom Europäischen Parlament mehrheitlich beschlossenen Bericht. Ich rufe alle Menschen auf, sich der Kampagne des Europäischen Anti-Armuts-Netzwerkes anzuschließen. Armut muss endlich abgeschafft werden - in Europa und überall auf der Welt.


Menschenrechte der Armen schützen!

„Die globale Wirtschaftskrise ist auch eine Menschenrechtskrise. Sie könnte bis zu 90 Millionen Menschen in Armut stürzen. Davor warnt Amnesty International in ihrem Jahresreport 2009. "Der größte Teil der Opfer von Menschenrechtsverletzungen, die wir in unserem Jahresbericht aufführen, ist arm, und das ist kein Zufall", sagte Nicolas Beger, Direktor des EU-Büros von Amnesty International. Die Menschenrechtskrise geht Hand in Hand mit der Wirtschaftskrise. Solange Regierungen sich nur auf die Wirtschaft konzentrieren und die Menschenrechtskrise ignorieren, werden sich beide Krisen verschärfen. Mit der Rezession verschärft sich die Repression, daher könnten Unruhen und politische Gewalt zunehmen - insbesondere auf dem ärmsten Kontinent Afrika…“ Siehe die ai-Sonderseite zum Jahresreport mit Dokumenten und Videos

Aus: LabourNet, 29. Mai 2009


Kongress „Arme Kinder - Reiches Land“

9. Januar 2010 ab 14 Uhr in Karlsruhe

Auf seinem vierten Kongress Zum Thema diskutiert der Arbeitskreis „Kinderarmut und Verteilungsgerechtigkeit“ von Attac Karlsruhe sowie Mitveranstalter mit namhaften ReferentInnen über Alternativen zum bestehenden Steuer- und Wirtschaftssystem. Ziel ist es, die Ursachen für das skandalöse Anwachsen der Kinder- und Familienarmut seit Einführung der Hartz IV-Gesetze zu beleuchten. Der Kongress möchte auch zu politischem Handeln motivieren, denn die soziale Schere ist gewollt und hat klar benennbare Verantwortliche. Abgerundet wird die Tagung mit einem abendlichen Kulturprogramm.



Die Kluft zwischen arm und reich wächst

"Armut grenzt aus und dies erleben die Kinder auch so in ihrem Alltag", erklärte die Kindheitsforscherin Prof. Dr. Sabine Andresen heute bei der Vorstellung der World Vision Kinderstudie. Gemeinsam ...

Jedes fünfte Kind von Armut bedroht

"Gerade in wirtschaftlich schwierigen Zeiten ist die Familie das stabile Fundament unserer Gesellschaft", betont Bundesfamilienministerin Kristina Schröder anlässlich der Präsentation des zweiten ...

The golden age of lobbying

The Weekly Standard
by Gary Andres


Political reforms share a common denominator: They usually produce unintended consequences. We witness this truth again in today’s world of lobbying. President Obama’s policies are producing an explosion in special interest group activity, and much of the growth is taking place outside of federal disclosure and other regulations. Several factors contribute to this surprising result. First, government expansion always produces lobbying growth. And Obama is doing his part to enlarge Washington’s reach. The bigger, more complicated and activist the federal government, the more affected interests mobilize...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

In the shadow of Cheney

by Gary Kamiya


Obama has tried to lead America out of the shadows of the Bush years. He has projected a calm optimism, a reasoned determination, that is a breath of fresh air after the puerile, bullying bravado of George W. Bush and the dark, croaking counsel of his evil courtier Cheney. And he has said inspiring things about the importance of defending our laws, rights and traditions, even in the face of terrorist threats. But because Obama has failed to directly reject the irrational boogeymen his predecessors whipped up, and because he has continued many of their policies, he has not been able to spring us from their dank culture of fear...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Torture Photos Show Rapes of Detainees, Former Officer Confirms

The real reason Dick Cheney has become so loud: he's afraid

Each week brings shocking new revelations. The U.S. mass media is not reporting on the most explosive story of the week.

The world now knows why President Obama reversed his earlier decision to release the 2,000 photos of prisoners barbarically tortured, abused, and humiliated under the direction of the Bush/Cheney gang.

Some of the photos of the prisoners show U.S. personnel torturing, sexual assaulting and raping male and female detainees, including children. The existence of these photos was confirmed by former Major General Antonio Taguba. Taguba had earlier been in charge of the inquiry into the Abu Ghraib jail in Iraq.

On May 21, Cheney went on national television to defend torture and sickeningly attacked Obama for sacrificing "innocent lives to spare a captured terrorist from unpleasant things." We'd like to hear him explain how rape and sexual assault are just "unpleasant things" that have spared innocent lives. The last few months has proven that the abuses, the sexual assault, and the most barbaric violations of human rights cannot be attributed to a few bad apples. Such tactics were commonplace, officially sanctioned and elevated to the level of government policy.

The torture methods, like the war itself, have never been about saving lives. A recent column in the Nation echoed what IndictBushNow reported last week: "The Bush administration, hellbent on justifying its forthcoming invasion of Iraq, was ransacking the intelligence bureaucracy to find or produce two things that, it turns out, did not exist: weapons of mass destruction programs in Iraq and cooperation between Al Qaeda and the regime of Saddam Hussein."

The Iraqi people have never waged war on the United States and no Iraqis took part in the attacks of 9/11. Bush & co. wanted to go to war, and were just looking for an excuse.

So why, given the recent revelations, has Dick Cheney responded so publicly in defense of the Bush administration's war crimes? He's afraid! He's not just concerned about preserving the administration's "legacy" -- he's concerned about preserving his own neck.

Don't believe us? Take it from Cheney's daughter, Liz, who recently explained her father's outspokenness on CNN: "He certainly did not plan when he left office to be doing this... Then when [Obama] suggested in the Oval Office itself that he would be open to the prosecution of former Bush administration officials including many who weren’t political appointees potentially, you know really, I think, made my dad realize this was just fundamentally wrong. We had to speak out."

Our argument for prosecution is becoming irresistible. The fact is that every revelation lays bare a whole new level of criminality. The more details come about the Bush administration's heinous acts and deliberate deception of the American people, the more people are starting to talk about justice. Already, many people who once said, "we need to move forward" are beginning to reconsider: no one can move forward until we have come to terms with the country's past. That means accountability: the indictment of the criminals.

--From all of

Taxpayers could lose billions from General Motors revamp

ABC News


As the nation’s largest automaker continues down the road towards a widely-expected pit stop in bankruptcy court, taxpayers could end up providing an additional $30 billion with no guarantee that General Motors will repay all of the money it has received. That would be in addition to the nearly $20 billion the government had already pumped into the failing automaker...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Media groups seek access to terrorism evidence

El Paso Times


News organizations asked a federal judge on Thursday to grant the media access to copies of audio and video court records key to the upcoming trial against a terrorism suspect. The motion seeks access to about 12 hours of an audiotaped FBI interview with Syed Haris Ahmed, who is set to go on trial Monday on charges that he aided a terrorist group...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Pentagon plans new cyberspace war command



The Pentagon plans to create a new military command for cyberspace, stepping up preparations by the armed forces to conduct both offensive and defensive computer warfare, the New York Times said on Friday. The military command will complement a civilian effort President Barack Obama plans to announce on Friday that will overhaul the way the United States safeguards its computer networks, the newspaper said on its website. Citing Obama administration sources, the Times said the president will detail on Friday the creation of a White House office that will coordinate a multi-billion-dollar effort to restrict access to government computers, protect systems that run U.S. stock exchanges, clear global banking transactions and manage the air traffic control system...

Army starts testing “Judge Dredd” weapon

Fox News


The U.S. Army is set to start testing a computerized, high-tech projectile launcher that can take out bad guys hiding around corners and in caves or trenches, even if they’re out of the soldier’s line of sight. Some experts call it the ‘Judge Dredd’ gun, after the Sylvester Stallone movie. The Pentagon calls it the XM-25 Individual Air Burst Weapon, which uses a laser rangefinder to precisely measure the distance to a target, then primes a fuse on a timed grenade so that the projectile explodes exactly where it should.,2933,522699,00.html

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Documentary: "Torturing Democracy"

Bill Moyers Journal: "Award-winning producer Sherry Jones presents a comprehensive documentary - more than 18 months in the making - that examines America's detention and interrogation practices in the 'war on terror.'"

Everyone Should See "Torturing Democracy"

Bill Moyers and Michael Winship, Truthout: "No political party would dare make torture a cornerstone of its rejuvenation if people really understood what it is. And lest we forget, we're not just talking about waterboarding, itself a trivializing euphemism for drowning. If we want to know what torture is, and what it does to human beings, we have to look at it squarely, without flinching. That's just what a powerful and important film, seen by far too few Americans, does."

Unemployment Increase Continues to Propel Foreclosure Crisis

Lynn Adler, Reuters: "One of eight US households with a mortgage ended the first quarter late on loan payments or in the foreclosure process in a crisis that will persist for at least another year until unemployment peaks, the Mortgage Bankers Association said on Thursday."


Foreclosures, mortgage delinquencies climb at record rate

McClatchy News


A record 12 percent of all U.S. mortgages were at least one payment behind or in the foreclosure process during the first three months of this year, a report said Thursday. In a reminder that the nation’s economic problems aren’t going away anytime soon, the report also found that the foreclosure rate on prime fixed-rate loans to financially healthy borrowers has doubled in the past 12 months...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Foreclosures at Record High in First Half 2009 Despite Aid

Lynn Adler, Reuters: "U.S. home foreclosure activity galloped to a record in the first half of the year, overwhelming broad efforts to remedy failing loans while job losses escalated."

The US and UK Need More Stimulus

Mark Weisbrot, The Guardian UK: "In the last week the news that has roiled financial markets on both sides of the Atlantic was a warning from Standard & Poor's, the credit rating agency, that the UK could lose its AAA credit rating, the highest bond rating and one that is held by 18 governments worldwide."

Bedenkliche Übermittlung von persönlichen und biometrischen Daten an die USA

Teilweise automatisiert und ohne ausreichende Kontrolle, geschweige denn Datenschutz, will die Bundesregierung Daten zur Prävention "schwerwiegender Kriminalität" mit den USA austauschen", wenn dies der Bundestag nicht verhindert.

Sarkozys neues Gesetzespaket für die Innere Sicherheit


Das öffentliche Fernsehen in Frankreich probt sich an einer Reality-Show der anderen Art: Das Spiel besteht darin, dass sich Kandidaten gegenseitig Elektroschocks versetzen.

Abu Ghraib: Bilder von Vergewaltigungen von Frauen und Kindern

Erneut wird behauptet, dass unter den Bildern, die auch Obama nicht veröffentlichen will, sexueller Missbrauch zu sehen ist.

G8 strebt World Governance an

Gesinnung jetzt strafbar

“In einem beispiellosen Rundumschlag hat die große Koalition am gestrigen Donnerstag im Bundestag unter einem einzigen Tagesordnungspunkt elf Gesetzentwürfe durchgepeitscht. Gegen die Stimmen der Opposition beschlossen CDU/CSU und SPD Neuregelungen zu innen- und rechtspolitischen Themen, die rechtsstaatliche Grundsätze grob mißachten…“ Artikel von und bei Ulla Jelpke, erschienen in junge Welt vom 29.05.2009

Aus dem Text: „…Kernstück des umfangreichen Pakets ist das »Gesetz zur Verfolgung der Vorbereitung von schweren staatsgefährdenden Gewalttaten«. Hinter diesem Titel verbirgt sich die Einführung der Gesinnungsjustiz: Die »Ausbildung in Terrorcamps« soll nämlich mit bis zu zehn Jahren Haft bestraft werden. Damit wird das Prinzip aufgegeben, daß nur das Delikt selbst oder der Versuch dazu strafbar sein dürfen, nicht dagegen eine sogenannte »Vorbereitungshandlung«. Nach Meinung der Koalition soll bereits eine Gesinnung, die zu einer solchen Tat führen kann, die Strafverfolgung ermöglichen. Wie diese Gesinnung nachgewiesen werden kann, bleibt allerdings das Geheimnis der Gedankenleser im Bundeskabinett….“

G8 strebt World Governance an

„G8-Innen- und Justizminister beraten über Terror- und Migrationsabwehr. Italien gibt den Kurs vor. Nach den G8-Ministertreffen zu Landwirtschaft und Umwelt beginnt heute in Rom das Treffen der Innen- und Justizminister unter italienischer G8-Präsidentschaft. Ausgegebene Prioritäten des diesjährigen Gipfels sind "Global Governance", "Kampf gegen den Terrorismus", "Schutz der Umwelt" und "Unterstützung für Afrika"…“ Artikel von Matthias Monroy, J. de St. Leu in telepolis vom 28.05.2009

Siehe dazu auch Diskussion > Wipo > Arbeitsmigration > Aktionen

Aus: LabourNet, 29. Mai 2009

A Government Stimulus That Works

Jim Rogers on the Next Financial Meltdown


Jim Rogers: "The Worst is Not Over"


The Cheney Fallacy

Why Barack Obama is waging a more effective war on terror than George W. Bush.

Informant: Duane Roberts


Terrorism: The new communism

Boston Globe
by Dan Payne


Dick Cheney, who didn’t say eight words publicly in eight years as vice president, suddenly won’t shut up. Every day it seems he’s doing interviews and giving speeches on national security, 9/11 and torture…. Torture is having to listen to Cheney sneer his way through a speech on why he and his president were right about everything and President Obama is wrong. Selling fear. Cheney mentioned 9/11 only 27 times in his recent speech, flatly declaring that Obama was making America ‘less safe.’ But a poll taken after the speech showed 51 percent of Americans disagreed with his wild charge (38 percent agreed). … The numbers are good, but if it’s one thing Republicans are good at it’s making Democrats look weak on national defense. Consciously or not, Cheney is attempting to make terrorism the communism of the 21st century...

Vice: The dispiriting legacy of Dick Cheney

The Nation
by Stephen Holmes


Having catapulted himself back into the national spotlight as ‘the highest-profile critic of the new administration,’ in the words of the New York Times, Dick Cheney has also invited us, inadvertently, to revisit his dispiriting legacy. Along with his support of cruel interrogations, Cheney’s everyday resort to stealth and subterfuge during his eight-year tenure in the Bush White House inspired certain administration insiders, privately and not necessarily derisively, to call the former vice president ‘Dark Side.’ Angler, Barton Gellman’s study of the Cheney vice presidency, provides the most probing and comprehensive account we have, based on hundreds of original interviews, of Cheney’s behind-the-scenes maneuvering, not only in the ‘war on terror’ but also in energy policy, environmental policy, tax policy and executive-legislative relations. But Gellman helps us explore an even more tenebrous domain. As it turns out, the proportions of calculating underhandedness and heady delusion commingled in Cheney’s political style remain frustratingly difficult to assess...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Stop Iceland's Whale Hunting


Iceland Urged to Call Off Slaughter of Endangered Whales

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