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Cheney's Gitmo Either/Or: Infinite Detention with No Trial or 'Kill Em'

Carter: Obama 'Doesn't Want to Punish Those Guilty' of Crimes

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- Sécurité Avions et Compatibilité ÉlectroMagnétique: "WiFi Airbus A330 vol Quantas QF72"

Is Halliburton Forgiven and Forgotten?

Pratap Chatterjee, "Two weeks ago, David Lesar, CEO of the once notorious energy services corporation Halliburton, spoke to some 100 shareholders and members of senior management gathered there at the company's annual meeting. All was remarkably staid as they celebrated Halliburton's $4 billion in operating profits in 2008, a striking 22% return at a time when many companies are announcing record losses. Analysts remain bullish on Halliburton's stock, reflecting a more general view that any company in the oil business is likely to have a profitable future in store."

Investigating the Collapse: Looking for the Killer We Already Know

Dean Baker, Truthout: "Congress may establish a commission to investigate the causes of the economic crisis. This may be a useful exercise in publicly shaming those who are responsible for an enormous amount of unnecessary suffering. That would be a good thing. These people should be held accountable. Those in the financial sector who broke the law should go to jail, or at the least, lose their ill-gotten fortunes. The public officials whose incompetence and/or corruption allowed for this disaster should lose their jobs and never again be given a position of public trust."

Tell top shoe brands to protect the Amazon and the climate

Obama’s honeymoon nears its end

The American Prospect
by Terence Samuel

This week, Barack Obama named his first nominee to the Supreme Court, then headed west to Las Vegas and Los Angeles to raise money for Democrats in the 2010 midterms. Taken together, these two seemingly disparate acts mark the end of a certain period of innocence in the Obama administration: The ‘blame Bush’ phase of the Obama administration is over, and the prolonged honeymoon that the president has enjoyed with the country and the media will soon come to an end as well. Obama is no longer just the inheritor of Bush’s mess. This is now his presidency in his own right. … Old wounds will be opened, and old animosities will be triggered as the process moves along. Already we see the effect in the polls.” (05/29/09)

First, Muslims; next, maybe you

Steven Greenhut
by Orange County Register


Government officials seek to control whatever it is they don’t understand. In my experience, they don’t understand much, so they try to regulate, tax, monitor and control everything. And now we learn that the Obama administration, clueless about the nature of conservative activism in this country, wants to monitor it very carefully...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The War Party returns

by Justin Raimondo


The fundamentals of U.S. foreign policy — a policy based on the grandiose delusion that the U.S. can and must retain hegemonic power in the world in order to ensure its own security — haven’t changed a single iota. According to our commander in chief, that fanatics are plotting against America in a cave somewhere in Waziristan is reason enough to launch a decades-long occupation and nation-building project in the wilds of Central Asia. As long as these baddies find a ’safe haven’ for their plotting, there is no country in the world that’s safe from a future as a battle zone. This is the Bush doctrine of preemptive warfare carried to its logical, Bizarro World conclusion: in keeping the peace we must invade and conquer the world. What has changed, however, is the willingness of the American people to put up with an ‘overseas contingency operation’ without end...

Time for government to ban itself

Strike the Root
by Glen Allport


After centuries and millennia of tyranny, war, mass murder, torture, corruption, legalized theft, unjust imprisonment, economic devastation, and other needless evil, isn’t it finally time we banned the cause of all that horror? Can we not find the strength to end this intrusive, violent, coercive scam — this conspiracy against love and freedom, this formalized uber-criminal empire, this sick enabler of Hitler and Stalin and Kim Jong-Il and so many other psychopaths, this boot on the neck of every man, woman and child? Is it not time, and long past time, to stop putting up with government wars and government concentration camps and government injustice and government central-planning inefficiency (directly or via government-granted monopoly) and other methods of government impoverishment and cruelty? Will we not finally understand that running society via coercion and violence is not merely inefficient but horribly, shockingly wrong?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

New legal battle in Guantanamo

Athens Banner-Herald


A session of the Guantanamo war crimes court that began Sunday will likely show the difficulties President Barack Obama faces in changing the system and closing the prison by January. The case in question, of a Canadian charged with killing an American soldier, is stalled by infighting among lawyers. Other defendants have even more complex legal issues, and officials say the U.S. may have to choose between delaying Guantanamo’s closure or quickly finding somewhere else to hold the trials...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

To disclose or not to disclose



The honeymoon between CIA director Leon Panetta and veterans of the agency’s undercover division — the National Clandestine Service — may be coming to an end. The dispute concerns how much access congressional investigators should be given to ultraclassified CIA ‘operational traffic’ regarding the agency’s post-9/11 use of ‘enhanced interrogation’ techniques on suspected terrorists, some of which President Obama and many others have called torture. ‘Operational traffic’ refers to cables from the field to CIA headquarters, and they go well beyond the intelligence reports routinely provided to Congress, chronicling in exacting, minute-by-minute detail who did what to whom, and how detainees responded to particular questions and techniques. Panetta favors greater disclosure...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Government won’t release wiretap documents


The Obama administration insists it has no obligation to provide access to a top secret document in a wiretapping case, setting up a showdown next week with the judge who ordered it released. Justice Department lawyers, in a response Friday with the U.S. District Court in San Francisco, also argued that Judge Vaughn Walker had no cause to penalize the government over its refusal to turn over the document...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Special Operations' Oversight of Contractors Is Faulted

Walter Pincus, The Washington Post: "The U.S. Special Operations Command, which has Army Special Forces units worldwide, has been criticized by the Pentagon inspector general for not providing adequate oversight of $1.7 billion in logistic support contracts at 20 locations and for allowing contractors to perform what are considered 'inherently government functions.'"

Controversial Coal Mining Method Gets Obama's OK

Obama Walks a Fine Line Over Mining

Tom Hamburger and Peter Wallsten, The Los Angeles Times: "With the election of President Obama, environmentalists had expected to see the end of the 'Appalachian apocalypse,' their name for exposing coal deposits by blowing the tops off whole mountains. But in recent weeks, the administration has quietly made a decision to open the way for at least two dozen more mountaintop removals."


Controversial Coal Mining Method Gets Obama's OK

Stopping the Desecration of Mountaintop Removal

Chinese economists deem huge holding of US bonds "risky"

On the first day of U.S. treasury secretary Timothy Geithner's visit to China, the Beijing-based Global Times published a survey of 23 famous Chinese economists on Sunday, saying that the majority of them deemed the vast holding of U.S. bonds "risky."

Leap in U.S. debt hits taxpayers with 12% more red ink

Taxpayers are on the hook for an extra $55,000 a household to cover rising federal commitments made just in the past year for retirement benefits, the national debt and other government promises, a USA TODAY analysis shows.

Ohio Food Stamp Participation Rates Soaring

Figures show than one in seven people in Cuyahoga County, Ohio's most populous county, received food stamps in February, an 8 percent increase from one year ago.

U.S. mortgage rate rise threatens housing recovery

A dizzying rise in U.S. mortgage rates this week has left homeowners worried about the government's ability to revive the housing market as a means to economic recovery.

Unemployment in U.S. Probably Surpassed 9% in May

Unemployment in the U.S. probably surpassed 9 percent in May for the first time in more than 25 years, underscoring forecasts that the economy will be slow to pull out of the worst recession in half a century, economists said before a report this week.

From Information Clearing House

Somalia: ein zweites Afghanistan?

Krieg und Piraterie in dem ostafrikanischen Staat nehmen zu. EU reagiert mit militärischen Plänen und erwägt eine Intervention.

The State Must Abandon Its Territorial Claims

May God Forgive Us

That 'baby rattle' raises health issues

June 01, 2009

Editor, the Record:

Thursday, May 21, the Record featured an article headlined, "Parents turn to cell phones as high tech rattles." While European Parliament, the World Health Organization, health officials, public utility commissions, neurosurgeons, scientists and biologists worldwide call for further research and protective regulations on wireless devices, we download lullabies that emit radiation into our babies' brains.


Obama Administration Asserts Uighur Detainees Have No Right to Come to US

The Obama administration asked the U.S. Supreme Court Friday to reject a request for a hearing from 17 Chinese Muslims currently being held at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, arguing they have no right to come to America despite a district judge's orders last Fall that they immediately be brought to the U.S. and released.

From Information Clearing House

The Secret War Against Iran

A Pakistani tribal militant group responsible for a series of deadly guerrilla raids inside Iran has been secretly encouraged and advised by American officials since 2005, U.S. and Pakistani intelligence sources tell ABC News.

From Information Clearing House


War with Iran: Has it already begun?

by Justin Raimondo

In public, when it comes to the Iranian question, President Obama is all sweet reason and kissy-face. His recent video message to the Iranian people was just what the doctor ordered. However, this public performance is severely undercut by an ongoing covert program aimed at regime-change in Tehran — or, at least, at undermining the Iranian regime to such an extent that it must respond in some way. This covert action program, reported by Seymour Hersh last year, was started by the Bush administration and funded to the tune of $400 million. The U.S. is, in effect, conducting a secret war against Tehran, a covert campaign aimed at recruiting Iran’s ethnic and religious minorities — who make up the majority of the population in certain regions, such as in the southeast borderlands near Pakistan — into a movement to topple the government in Tehran, or, at least, to create so much instability that U.S. intervention to ‘keep order’ in the region is justified...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Pakistan: Taliban's arms coming from Afghanistan

Military spokesman Maj Gen Athar Abbas has said that "many of the Taliban's arms are coming across the border from Afghanistan ... the US should stop worrying about Pakistan's nukes and start worrying about the weapons lost in Afghanistan".\05\30\story_30-5-2009_pg1_2

From Information Clearing House

Ireland Set To Go Bust, Claims Economic Historian

By The Belfast Telegraph

His chosen prime candidate to go bust is "Ireland, followed by Italy and Belgium, and UK is not too far behind". Argentina is top of his list of shaky countries but "the argument that it can't happen in major western economies is nonsense".

Homeland Security to Scan Fingerprints of Travellers Exiting the US

By Brett Winterford

From June, US Customs and Border Patrol will take a fingerprint scan of international travellers exiting the United States from Detroit, while the US Transport Security Administration will take fingerprint scans of international travellers exiting the United States from Atlanta.

Life in Vichy America

By William Buppert

Petraeus: US Violated Geneva Convention

Video and Transcript

"When we have taken steps that have violated the Geneva Convention, we rightly have been criticized".

Col. Peters: Kill All Gitmo Prisoners


One you commit an "act of terror", you should be killed.

UK Forces Taught Torture Methods

By David Leigh

British and US military intelligence soldiers were trained in these techniques, which were taught at the joint services interrogation centre in Ashford, Kent, now transferred to the former US base at Chicksands.

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