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Obama Tries to Block Release of Detainee Photos

Families set for fresh phone mast fight


13 May 2009 17:00

Families are gearing up to fight off plans for a controversial phone mast - for the second time.

Last year, people living in the Wensum ward successfully campaigned against a planning application from mobile phone company Orange for a 20m phone mast on the Guardian Road Industrial Estate.

More than 600 signatures were collected on a petition against the mast and Norwich City Council planning officials refused the proposals.


CIA Refuses to Turn Over Torture Tape Documents

Jason Leopold: Truthout: "The CIA claims the integrity of a special prosecutor's criminal investigation into the destruction of 92 interrogation videotapes will be compromised if the agency is forced to turn over detailed documents to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) describing the contents of the tapes, according to newly released court documents."

Bush's 'Smoking Gun' Witness Found Dead


The "Suicide" Of Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi: Why The Media Silence?

Actual Bailout May Exceed $10 Trillion

Matt Renner, Truthout: "Ask most people on the street how much money taxpayers are using to save banks and you will probably hear the number $700 billion. The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) passed by Congress at the urging of the Bush administration and then Treasury secretary Henry Paulson, allocated an unprecedented sum of taxpayer money for the sole purpose of propping up the financial sector in its darkest hour. But the actual number is much bigger. The current block of taxpayer money that has been pledged by the US government and the Federal Reserve to prevent the system from collapsing, according to an analysis by Bloomberg News, is roughly $12.8 trillion as of March 31. In an interview with Truthout, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Florida), said the Federal Reserve is practicing 'Enron accounting,' and has 'socialized Wall Street's bad bets.'"

Umweltschutz: der chinesische Generalangriff

Tamiflu Developer: Swine Flu May Have Been Released From A Lab

First scientist to study genetic makeup of virus says it may have escaped from a vaccine production facility

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One of the first scientists to properly analyze the genetic makeup of the so-called swine flu virus that emerged three weeks ago in Mexico and led to fears of a global pandemic states that the virus may have escaped from a laboratory.

Eridge farmer slams rail mast

Friday, May 08, 2009, 12:00

Jessica Thompson

A FARMER from Eridge has slammed Network Rail for an "eyesore" communications mast put up while he slept.

Paul Russell, who lives and works at New House Farm on Sand Hill Lane, has criticised the rail operator for installing the mast, and claims there was no consultation with nearby householders.

The 20m structure was erected during the night on Wednesday April 29, according to Mr Russell, and stands just a few feet away from his farmhouse.


How can they do this? When you think how hard it can be to get planning permission for work on your home or health and safety so over the top with things yet this still happens.


Can the media ever tell the truth?

The Libertarian Enterprise
by Sean Gangol


For years we have known how biased the mainstream media can be when it comes to certain issues. This bias could be attributed to the fact that most of these so-called journalists are completely ignorant about certain issues. Another possibility is that they think everybody else is ignorant and will believe whatever they are told. Whatever the reason, maybe this is why more people are turning to alternative media outlets such as Fox News, talk radio and various internet sources. These sources can be just as biased as any of the mainstream news networks, but at least there are alternatives...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Beware the Hate Crimes Bill

by Paul Craig Roberts


A statute’s words do not tell how the law will be interpreted and applied. All laws are expansively interpreted. For example: The Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) was directed at drug-lords. Nothing in the law says anything about divorce; yet it soon was applied in divorce cases. …. With this in mind, consider the Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Opponents criticize the bill for adding a second punishment to existing punishments for acts of violence. Assault, murder, rape are crimes regardless of motivation. The penalties are sufficient, or can be made so, without applying a new crime of motivation that creates specially protected classes, such as homosexuals and minorities. To commit a violent act against a member of a specially protected class will carry a heavier punishment. How will a court know whether a violent act was committed because of hatred or because of sexual lust or the need for money? As case law is made, the likely direction will be to eliminate intent...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

On Af-Pak: Stop “helping”

Campaign For Liberty
by Ron Paul


While much of the country’s attention is on other issues, a serious situation is developing in Pakistan that threatens to plunge us into another fruitless and bloody war. It is very frustrating to see that many who were so vehemently against the wars of the last administration have suddenly lost interest in foreign policy simply because we were promised change. Those still paying attention know that nothing could be further from the truth. Very little has changed, except perhaps rhetoric, but what does that matter when the bombing missions are only getting deadlier?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Stopping the snooping of police databases

Boston Globe
by Carol Rose & Michael German


Information is power and law enforcement seems hungry for both. A recent report that police in Massachusetts pried into personal information about movie stars and sports heroes by trolling the Criminal Offender Record Information system is the latest example of the abuse that occurs when police and other government agencies have unchecked power to collect, use, and even share personal data about citizens. This kind of abuse doesn’t stop with the stars, and it doesn’t stop with CORI. The misuse of law enforcement databases, as reported by the state auditor, can have serious consequences for ordinary residents as well as celebrities. Unmonitored access to poorly regulated databases gives power to local law enforcement to pry into and share information about innocent people and potential criminals alike...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

In pursuit of a double standard

by Lynn Stuter

Why does the United States government want this information on you? Two reasons. The first reason is control. Information that will allow them to control you, by coercion if necessary. Need medical care? You will only get it if it serves the government's interests. You speak out against the government? No medical care. Your death means one less resister!......

Don't Revive Guantanamo Military Commissions

Human Rights Watch (HRW)

Robbing Us and Paying Out

Bush, Cheney, Pelosi and Testifying About Torture

The Century of The Rights of Mother Earth

Why don't we stop hurting the planet?

The Politics of Escalation

The Mistake of Afghanizing Pakistan

Cleaner Air From Reduced Emissions Could Save Millions of Lives

Global Wamring Causes 300,000 Deaths a Year

Climate Crisis: What Would it Look Like to Do Everything We Can Imagine?

Massacre Puts War Trauma Under the Spotlight

Roxana Saberi's Plight and American Media Propaganda

Death of a Civilization: On the American Future

Obama sold himself to the country as someone who would bring massive "change"

It's Time for Another Stock-Market Correction

Sucker's Rally, Not Green Shoots

Obama's Stock Market Mini-Bubble

Is America Overstretched?

Handynutzung im Interesse der Mobilfunklobby

More than Banking Needs to Change

ISIS Press Release 06/05/09

Banking for bankers and corporations

The events of the past year have led to many hard questions being asked about our financial system and ‘free market economy’. Commentators are finally starting to challenge the assumption on which so much has depended, that the market is always right - the invisible hand will guide the economy to make the most effective use of resources – and if there is ever a deviation from this optimal state, the market will correct itself. That is why the bankers and their allies insist governments must not interfere with the operation of the market. In practice, however, it means that all important decisions are taken by the people who run the banks and the big corporations.

This is a very convenient theory for bankers, whose telephone number salaries are one of the things we are not to interfere with. But the theory is simply wrong.

To be sure, the market is generally able to correct small disturbances from the optimum. If there are too few pizza restaurants to satisfy the demand, more will open; if there are too many then some will go out of business. As a result, we should end up with about the right number. For that sort of thing, the market generally works a lot better than having some bureaucrat in charge.

Unfortunately, how a complex nonlinear system reacts to small perturbations is not in general a good indicator of how it will react to large ones, and that is certainly the case with economies. Markets frequently go to extremes and show no signs of returning to normal on their own, in complete contradiction of what the theory predicts. As George Soros points out [1], in recent years alone governments have had to intervene in the international banking crisis in 1982, the bankruptcy of Continental Illinois in 1984, the emerging markets crisis of 1997, the failure of Long Term Capital Management in 1998, and more besides, including of course the current credit crunch. The same bankers who demand free rein when times are good are quick to run to the government for help when their excesses get them into trouble.

The first priority of governments is clearly to get the economy moving again and people back into work. Now that the myth of the market has been so obviously demolished, however, they should ignore what Soros calls the “market fundamentalists” and put in place measures designed to stop it going wrong in the first place. To a large extent, this would mean simply bringing back rules that were abolished in the 1980s and 1990s, when the neo-liberals dominated economics both in theory and in practice.

Light touch regulation failed to protect savings and pensions

It is now argued that there should be strict regulations governing what banks can do. They would not be obliged by law to comply, but those that did not could not expect to be bailed out by the taxpayer if they ran into trouble. We would also include a rule that because of the extra risk, pension funds and public bodies should not be permitted to invest in banks that have not signed up to the code. If we cannot prevent some people gambling, at least we can stop them doing it with our money.

Read the rest of this article here

Some US Soldiers Forced to Steal Water in Iraq

Jeremy Rogalski, KHOU-TV: "Take Houston's heat on a miserable summer day and add 40 degrees, making temperatures 130 or more. Next, add an extra 100 pounds of life-protecting gear to your body: bulletproof vests, guns and ammunition. And then imagine not having enough water around to drink. Stories of short supplies have haunted the US military throughout the war in Iraq - things like inadequate body armor or unshielded Hummers. But while many soldiers say they had good access to water and even Gatorade, the 11 News Defenders discovered that others, stationed all over the country and during all phases of this desert war, say something else was often missing."

A Progressive Challenge to Jane Harman

Norman Solomon, Truthout: "There are many reasons progressives will mobilize behind the campaign of Marcy Winograd, who announced on Monday that she'll challenge incumbent Congresswoman Jane Harman in the 2010 Democratic primary."


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