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- CARRA - Coordination Antennes Relais Rhône-Alpes : Présentation.

- France 3 : "Face au constat d'échec du Grenelle des antennes relais CARRA
pense qu'il n'y a plus d'autres choix que la voie d'actions judiciaires". (vidéo)

Resource Boom in Peru's Amazon Threatens Indigenous Peoples' Livelihoods and Their Rainforest Homes



Resource Boom in Peru's Amazon Threatens Indigenous Peoples' Livelihoods and Their Rainforest Homes

By Ecological Internet's Rainforest Portal with Rainforest Rescue & May 27, 2009


Support tens of thousands of indigenous people bravely protesting Peru government's give-away of their rainforest homes to oil, mining and logging industry without their approval; insist peaceful protests are not met with violence by President Alan Garcia's government, and that the focus for Amazonian development be upon benefiting from standing trees and intact rainforest ecosystems.

BRIEF BACKGROUND: Indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon are protesting investment laws passed under a free-trade pact with the United States and against concessions granted to foreign energy companies. Some 30,000 indigenous people have blockaded roads, rivers and railways to demand repeal of new laws that allow oil, mining and logging companies to enter indigenous territories without seeking consent or even any consultation. Indigenous communities complain that some 70% of Peruvian Amazon territory is now leased for oil and gas exploration, putting at risk their own lives and the biodiversity of the Amazon.

Please add your voice in solidarity with the tens of thousands of indigenous people and their international supporters mobilizing to protect the Peruvian Amazon. Send a letter today to the Garcia Administration demanding respect for the constitutionally guaranteed rights of indigenous peoples, and Amazon development based upon standing forests.




Amazonian Indigenous Protest Provokes Peruvian Government Reprisals

Oil Firms and Loggers 'Push Indigenous People to Brink of Extinction'

Peru Protesters: 'Police are Throwing Bodies in the River'

Trade Agreement Kills Amazon Indians


Up to 34 Reported Killed in Amazon Land Protest

Franklin Briceno and Frank Bajak, The Associated Press: "Indians protesting oil and gas exploration on their lands battled police in Peru's remote Amazon Friday, with authorities and Indian leaders separately reporting nine police and 25 protester deaths."

Nine More Police Killed in Amazon Protests in Peru

Carla Salazar, Tamy Higa and Frank Bajak, The Associated Press: "President Alan Garcia labored Saturday to contain Peru's worst political violence in years, as nine more police officers were killed in a bloody standoff with Amazon Indians fighting his efforts to exploit oil and gas on their native lands."

US-Peru FTA Sparks Indigenous Massacre

Tom Loudon, Truthout: "During the last week, deep in the Peruvian Amazon, confrontations between nonviolent indigenous protesters and police have left up to 100 people dead. The vast majority of the casualties are civilians, who have been conducting peaceful demonstrations in defense of the Amazon rain forest."

Images Reveal Full Horror of "Amazon's Tiananmen"

Guy Adams, The Independent UK: "The events of Friday, 5 June, when armed police went to clear 2,000 Aguaruna and Wampi Indians from a secluded highway near the town of Bagua Grande, are the subject of a heated political debate. They have sparked international condemnation and thrown Peru's government into crisis. Yet until today, details were shrouded in mystery."


60 Killed in Peru Rainforest Protest

Peruvian authorities have declared a military curfew, and troops are patrolling towns in the Amazon jungle.

'Police Are Throwing Bodies in the River,' Say Native Protesters

Foreign activists on the scene in the town of Bagua, in the northern province of Amazonas, report that the police opened fire early in the morning on the unarmed protesters, some of whom were still sleeping, and deliberately mowed them down as they held up their arms or attempted to flee.

Cover-up claim after Peru clashes

Human rights lawyers have accused Peru's government of a cover-up, after clashes between police and indigenous protesters killed at least 50 people. The lawyers say hundreds more may be missing, amid rumours that the police have hidden bodies. But they say rights groups cannot get in to investigate.

Peru: Battle lines drawn over the Amazon

After a joint police-military operation aimed at stopping an Indigenous protest had gone awry, leaving many dead on both sides, Garcia declared the Indigenous elements to be standing in the way of progress, in the path of national development, wrenches in the gears of modernity, and part of an international conspiracy to keep Peru down.

Peru: Blood Flows in the Amazon

By James Petras

When egregious violations of human rights are committed in Latin America by a US backed client-President following Washington's formula of 'free trade', deregulation of environmental protections and hostility toward anti-imperialist countries (Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador), Obama favors complicity over condemnation.

Oil and Indians Don't Mix

By Greg Palast

No oil company would dream of digging on the Bush family properties in Midland, Texas, without paying a royalty. Or drilling near Malibu without the latest in environmental protections. But when Natives are on top of Exxon's or BP's glory hole, suddenly, the great defenders of private property rights turn quite Bolshevik: lands can be seized for The Public's Need for Oil.

Blood at the Blockade: Peru's Indigenous Uprising

On June 6, near a stretch of highway known as the Devil's Curve in the northern Peruvian Amazon, police began firing live rounds into a multitude of indigenous protestors - many wearing feathered crowns and carrying spears.

Death In The Amazon

Indigenous Peoples' Global Fight with Big Business

By John Vidal

As mining and oil firms race for dwindling resources, indigenous peoples battle to protect their land, and often pay the ultimate price.

Indians clash with armed police in Peru

Video report

Up to 100 people have been killed this week alone in clashes between the Indians and armed police.

Inside the Peruvian Amazon

Video report

"Warning - Video contains images that some readers may find disturbing

Massacre in the Amazon: The U.S.-Peru Free Trade Agreement Sparks a Battle Over Land and Resources

By Raúl Zibechi

On June 5, World Environment Day, Amazon Indians were massacred by the government of Alan Garcia in the latest chapter of a long war to take over common lands-a war unleashed by the signing of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Peru and the United States.

From Information Clearing House


Peru: Save the Amazon

The Peruvian government has pushed through legislation that could allow extractive and large-scale farming companies to rapidly destroy their Amazon rainforest.

Indigenous peoples have peacefully protested for two months demanding their lawful say in decrees that will contribute to the devastation of the Amazon's ecology and peoples, and be disastrous for the global climate. But last weekend President Garcia responded: sending in special forces to suppress protests in violent clashes, and labelling the protesters as terrorists.

These indigenous groups are on the frontline of the struggle to protect our earth -- Let's stand with them and call on President Alan Garcia (who is widely known to be sensitive to his international reputation) to immediately stop the violence and open up dialogue. Click below to sign the urgent global petition and a prominent and well-respected Latin-American politician will deliver it to the government on our behalf.

More than 70 per cent of the Peruvian Amazon is now up for grabs. Giant oil and gas companies, like the Anglo-French Perenco and the North Americans ConocoPhillips and Talisman Energy, have already pledged multi-billionaire investments in the region. These extractive industries have a very poor record of bringing benefits to local people and preserving the environment in developing countries - which is why indigenous groups are asking for internationally-recognized rights to consultation on the new laws.

For decades the world and indigenous peoples have watched as extractive industries devastated the rainforest that is home to some and a vital treasure to us all (some climate scientists call the Amazon the "lungs of the planet" - breathing in the carbon emissions that cause global warming and producing oxygen).

The protests in Peru are the biggest yet and the most desperate, we can't afford to let them fail. Sign the petition, and encourage your friends and family to join us, so we can help bring justice to the indigenous peoples of Peru and prevent further acts of violence from all parties.

In solidarity,

Luis, Paula, Alice, Ricken, Graziela, Ben, Brett, Iain, Pascal, Raj, Taren and the entire Avaaz team.


# Civilians and police killed: Human rights lawyers accuse the government of a cover-up, BBC, 10 June:

# Civil Society Condemns Massacre of Indigenous People in Peru, 8 June:

# On Peru's rift over economic policy and the controversial free trade agreement with the US , Reuters, 9 June:

# Research Article: Oil and Gas Projects in the Western Amazon: Threats to Wilderness, Biodiversity, and Indigenous Peoples, M. Finer et al:

# Oil companies ‘should withdraw’ as Peru ‘faces its Tiananmen’, Survival International, 8 June:

# Peru's Amazon oil deals denounced, BBC News, 3 February:


As Peruvian Indigenous Leader Seeks Asylum, Indigenous Voices Must Be Heard


'We are fighting for our lives and our dignity'

Informant: Teresa Binstock


Tell the United States government to condemn killings in the Peruvian Amazon

Will Your Representative Help Sea Otters?

Once on the brink of extinction, California’s sea otters have been slowly recovering over the last seventy years. But recently, sea otter populations have stagnated, prompting concern among conservationists and scientists.

Biologists need to be able to study causes of sea otter deaths in order to help save these beloved animals -- and the Southern Sea Otter Recovery and Research Act will provide vital funding to do just that.

Please ask your Representative to help sea otter recovery by cosponsoring the Southern Sea Otter Recovery and Research Act (H.R. 556).

Fight back against the ownership of life

ISIS Report 27/05/09

Science in Society #42 Summer 2009
SiS 42

Letters to the Editor

Fight back against the ownership of life

Mr Percy should be called or addressed as Brave Heart (Who Owns Life, Not Monsanto? SiS 42). I have been a party to the first launch of Monsanto cotton in the year 2000.My question to them was “How would your cotton behave in 48/49 degrees centigrade & without water, because cotton is sown in water deficient areas?” This remains unanswered to date. We at our organic farms control insects and pests up to 80 percent with light traps only. We are ready to share our experience for free to the non commercial organizations, farmers or those scientists who promise to share the knowledge with the needy farmers for free.

Harpal Singh Grewal, India

(one of 17 comments on this article,

I read with great interest the litigation between the Schmeiser family in Canada and Monsanto in Who Owns Life, Not Monsanto? (SiS 42). As a personal injury trial lawyer practicing in Dallas, I regularly represent injured persons in lawsuits against big corporations. I am wondering if there is any need by any of your members in the United States who are being harmed or threatened by Monsanto. If there is a support group or forum where members communicate, I would like to have an opportunity to talk with them. Though your article does not really discuss the point, these farmers who have experienced GMO contamination have been effectively put out of business, and, consequently, have lost their future earnings. This is a legally cognizable element of damage. I envision a common law action by a landowner against Monsanto for trespass and tortuous interference with an ongoing business. In such actions, lost damages are normally recoverable, along with other compensatory damages.

I would be very interested in helping anyone who has been harmed by Monsanto. All of our work is done on a contingency fee basis, and the farmers pay no money up front. I am networked with environmental groups and other personal injury attorneys. That is why if legal precedents were to be set against Monsanto, the U.S. legal system would be a good place to sue.

David Line, Attorney, Dallas, Texas USA,

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho replies

I hope farmers reading this will contact you. You may be interested to know that California passed the first bill (AB541) to protect farmers against Monsanto lawsuit on 31 August 2008.

Read the other letters here

A tar sands reality check

Mobile phone masts ban could be lifted by Sefton Council

May 27 2009

by John Siddle, Midweek Visiter

THE ban on mobile phone masts being installed on council land could soon be a thing of the past.

Sefton Council is set to lift its moratorium prohibiting telecommunications equipment – meaning masts could be erected on cemeteries, parks and even the end of the pier.


Terrorism and civil liberties

Independent Institute
by Ivan Eland

[T]he arrogance of the U.S. Congress is unbelievable. It expects foreign countries to bail the United States out from its self-made civil liberties quagmire. The U.S. preventively detained people indefinitely without legal due process, proposed to try them in kangaroo military tribunals, and tortured them. Now the United States wants other nations to take released Guantanamo prisoners or ones who need to remain incarcerated. Instead, let me suggest a ‘radical’ solution to the entire civil liberties quagmire...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

“We are out of money”

The American Spectator
by Jeremy Lott


‘We are out of money,’ Obama said, apparently of his own free will. He also said that the government has had to spend ‘a lot of money’ to ’salvage our financial system,’ and to ‘deal with the auto companies.’ He admitted that that the U.S. is in the midst of a ‘huge recession,’ which ‘drains tax revenue’ from federal and state coffers and puts ‘more pressure on governments’ to provide vital services with fewer resources. The president might write these off, collectively, as a ’short-term problem,’ but it’s pretty hard to admit all these things and then convince Americans they should double down...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Guantanamo and the many failures of US politicians

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Andy Worthington


In the summer of 2002, as Jane Mayer described it in her book The Dark Side, ‘The CIA, concerned by the paucity of valuable information emanating from [Guantanamo], dispatched a senior intelligence analyst, who was fluent in Arabic and expert on Islamic extremism, to find out what the problem was.’ After interviewing a random sample of two dozen or so Arabic-speaking prisoners, the analyst ‘concluded that an estimated one-third of the prison camp’s population of more than 600 captives at the time, meaning more than 200 individuals, had no connection to terrorism whatsoever’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The emptiness of Obama’s pragmatism

Christian Science Monitor
by Jacob Bronsther


In President Obama’s vision for Washington, ‘pragmatism’ will reign, ‘ideology’ will wane, and an era of civility, reason and bipartisanship will emerge. An analysis of what pragmatism really means explains why Mr. Obama’s plan has not (and cannot) work. It also reveals the emptiness of pragmatism as national principle. Pragmatism refers to one philosophical movement and two political ideas. Charles Sanders Peirce, William James and John Dewey founded the philosophical movement in late 19th- and early 20th-century America. Philosophical pragmatists are anti-intellectual philosophers. They shiver at the thought of Descartes poking his fire, wondering if life is all a dream. They believe there are no answers to purely theoretical questions (such as whether we have free will), because there exists no pure realm of reason...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Army chief: US ready to be in Iraq 10 years

ABC News


The Pentagon is prepared to leave fighting forces in Iraq for as long as a decade despite an agreement between the United States and Iraq that would bring all American troops home by 2012, the top U.S. Army officer said Tuesday. Gen. George Casey, the Army chief of staff, said the world remains dangerous and unpredictable, and the Pentagon must plan for extended U.S. combat and stability operations in two wars. ‘Global trends are pushing in the wrong direction,’ Casey said...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Finanzmarktmanipulation: Die üblichen Verdächtigen

Der starke Kursaufschwung seit März kam den großen US-Banken und der Regierung derart gelegen, weswegen viele nicht glauben wollen, dass das ohne Manipulationen abgegangen ist. Verdächtigt werden - allen voran Goldman Sachs - die großen Ex-Investmentbanken, sowie das "Plunge Protection Team" der US-Regierung.

Iran, die doch nicht so mächtige Bedrohung?

Eine Analyse des US-Think Tanks Rand Cooperation erkennt signifikante Begrenzungen der militärischen Kapazitäten Irans und seiner Einflussmöglichkeiten auf irakische Schiiten-Gruppierungen, Hisbullah und Hamas.

So Philip Gourevitch Can See the Torture Photos, But We Can't?

"I saw many more pictures than were ever published in the press, including, I believe, many-if not most-of the photos that president would now prefer that you don't see," he writes. He can see them, but we can't.

From Information Clearing House

Gates Says Taliban Have Momentum in Afghanistan

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has said the momentum in Afghanistan is with the Taliban, who are inflicting heavy U.S. casualties and hold de facto control of swaths of the country.

Refusing to go to Afghanistan

Agosto enlisted in August 2005 after two years of study at Miami Dade College. "I joined for the usual reasons," explained Agosto in an interview. "All the things they tell you about America when you're growing up. But mostly, I was tired of sitting in classrooms. I wanted to do something. I wanted to see the world."

From Information Clearing House

Collapsing home prices and credit markets continue

The Next Leg Down

By Mike Whitney

Collapsing home prices and credit markets continue to put downward pressure on consumer spending, forcing the Federal Reserve to take even more radical action to revive the economy. Last week, Fed chief Ben Bernanke raised the prospect of further monetizing the debt by purchasing more than the $1.75 trillion of Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities (MBS) already committed.

Home prices fall at record pace in first quarter

The Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller National Home Price index reported home prices tumbled by 19.1 percent in the first quarter compared to the first quarter last year, the largest drop in its 21-year history. Home prices have fallen 32.2 percent since peaking in the second quarter of 2006.

From Information Clearing House

The Bases of Empire: The Global Struggle Against U.S. Military Posts

By Chalmers Johnson

There has been no public discussion by the Obama administration over starting to liquidate our overseas bases or beginning to scale back our imperialist presence in the rest of the world.

Another Outrage

By Cindy Sheehan

I have spoken to men who were still in their teens who were sodomized
with broom handles in Guantanamo. I have seen the horrific photos of
the US's inhumanity to man and cannot forgive my country for the
terror it has unleashed on the world. I can't stand the fact that our
government operates with such craven cowardice and has harmed so many
people while Americans revel in blissful ignorance.

Shell On Trial for Human Rights Abuse

Daniel Howden, The Independent UK: "Royal Dutch Shell will revisit one of the darkest periods of its history tomorrow as a potentially groundbreaking court case opens in New York. The oil giant stands accused of complicity in the 1995 execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa, a Nigerian environmental activist."


Shell on Trial: Landmark Trial Set to Begin Over Shell's Role in 1995 Execution of Nigerian Human Rights Activist Ken Saro-Wiwa

Chevron, Shell and the True Cost of Oil

The Financial Bailout: The Greatest Swindle Ever Sold

American taxpayers have the right to know where the trillions of dollars being pledged in their name are going

Obama's Guantánamo Appeasement Plan

Marjorie Cohn

Shadow Wars

Conn Hallinan

Want To See the State as It Does Not Want To Be Seen?

America’s Anti-Militarist Heritage

Coming Soon To a City Near You

George W. Bush, War Criminal?

The Bush Administration's Liability for 269 War Crimes

Informant: sasha karlik

Soldier refuses to deploy to Afghanistan

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Tests mesures LFC: Vérité & Pathologies

Annie Lobé Journaliste scientifique


Procès de SFR contre Annie Lobé: "Les gens meurent sous les antennes"

Lawsuit of SFR against Annie Lobé journalist of investigation - Procès de SFR contre Annie Lobé journaliste d'investigation

WiFi, DECT, MOBILES, Sans fil, mais pas sans risques


Independent Media Source

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