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The government of Iraq 'has recorded 87,215 of its citizens killed since 2005

A New Way

David Smith-Ferri, Truthout: "Recently, in an article by Kim Gamel, The Associated Press reported that the government of Iraq 'has recorded 87,215 of its citizens killed since 2005 in violence ranging from catastrophic bombings to execution-style slayings ...' The numbers, in fact, can obscure more than they reveal. They fool us into thinking that the impact of six years of war and occupation can be held in the palm of a hand, characterized in a single sentence, grasped in an instant. They fool us into thinking the consequences can be 'managed' and 'controlled.' Let's be clear: the losses for Iraqis are incalculable. We should face this and recognize that the losses from war are always too deep, too personal to measure, too large to manage or control. To think otherwise is to be open to the cost-benefit arguments in favor of the next war."

Next-up News Nr 958

- Effets des micro-ondes sur la santé ... et la flore.
- Nord-Sud 14 05 2009: "Pourquoi la Côte d'Ivoire ne doit plus se référer à l'OMS"
La science doit veiller à ce que les faits et les preuves ne soient pas obscurcis par la politique.

Antenna request denied

By Arthur Katz

Thu May 14, 2009, 06:37 AM EDT

Burlington - The Planning Board rejected a request from Omnipoint Communications, Inc., the parent company of T-Mobile, to erect an antenna atop Kimball Court Apartments to fill a gap in cell phone.

The request had been under discussion by the members since January.


US detainee abuse 'unprecedented'

A former US official has accused the administration of George Bush, the former president, of authorising "unprecedented" acts of abuse during the interrogation of terror suspects.

Obama mulls 'indefinite detention' of terror suspects

As part of its plans to close Guantanamo Bay, the Obama administration is considering holding some of the detainees indefinitely and without trial on US soil, US media reported Thursday.

From Information Clearing House

Cheney: U.S. Must Threaten to Bomb Iran

Former Vice President Dick Cheney says the only way for President Barack Obama's diplomacy with Iran to work is if Obama threatens to bomb the country.

From Information Clearing House

US-Latin American Relations: A Time of Rising Militarism, Protectionism and Pillage

By James Petras

Obama's relentless pursuit of military-driven empire building while in the midst of an ongoing and deepening domestic economic depression forms the basis for understanding Washington's contemporary relation with Latin America today.

Lawrence Wilkerson Drops an Iraq-Torture Bombshell

By Bob Fertik

What I have learned is that as the administration authorized harsh interrogation in April and May of 2002 -- well before the Justice Department had rendered any legal opinion -- its principal priority for intelligence was not aimed at pre-empting another terrorist attack on the U.S. but discovering a smoking gun linking Iraq and al-Qa'ida.

Who Rules America?

By Paul Craig Roberts

What do you suppose it is like to be elected president of the United States only to find that your power is restricted to the service of powerful interest groups?

Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 'Get Out of Iraq, Get Out Afghanistan, Come Home America'

We Wouldn't Want to Inflame Anti-American Sentiment

Why Doesn't Obama Want Us to See What's in the Photos?

Goliath's Vulnerability Is the Truth

'Ugly' Questions for Gen. Myers

Stealth Move in Washington Aims to Get $100 Billion for IMF Without Congressional Debate

Judge Condemns 'Mosaic' of Guantánamo Intelligence and Unreliable Witnesses

Breathing Easier After Bank Stress Tests? You Shouldn't

Kevin G. Hall and Greg Gordon, McClatchy Newspapers: "Largely unnoticed in last week's government report on the condition of the nation's biggest banks was the disclosure that five of them, topped by Bank of America, could lose $99 billion from the kinds of exotic bets that sank the global economy. Even that figure, however, could prove to be exuberantly optimistic if the economy hits new depths, a McClatchy analysis has found."

The Truth Behind the Social Security and Medicare Alarm Bells

Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Blog: "Don't be confused by these alarms from the Social Security and Medicare trustees. Social Security is a tiny problem. Medicare is a terrible one, but the problem is not really Medicare; it's quickly rising health-care costs. Look more closely and the real problem isn't even health-care costs; it's a system that pushes up costs by rewarding inefficiency, causing unbelievable waste, pushing over-medication, providing inadequate prevention, over-using emergency rooms because many uninsured people can't afford regular doctor checkups, and spending billions on advertising and marketing seeking to enroll healthy people and avoid sick ones."

Congress Pushes Iran Sanctions

Maya Schenwar, Truthout: "Twin bills recently introduced in Congress would significantly expand US sanctions on Iran, pressuring global energy companies to divest from the country, blocking its gas imports and urging the president to sever investments in the central bank of Iran. They would also authorize the president to impose sanctions on US businesses with ties to Iranian petroleum. Critics say the divestments would cripple the already troubled Iranian economy, with the brunt of the impact coming down on the population. The country's government could emerge relatively scot-free."

Gerson School vs. Bouygues Telecom SA Court Order from District Court of Lyon

The parents have formed an action group called Rassemblement pour des Ecoles Sans Pollution ÉlectroMagnétique (Campaign for Schools without Electromagnetic Pollution).

Gerson School vs Bouygues Telecom Court Order District Court Lyon France 14-05-2009 Gerson School vs Bouygues Telecom Court Order District Court Lyon France 14-05-2009 omeganews

Reinventing demons

In These Times
by Jeremy Bigwood

At an April 7 press conference, President Barack Obama’s special advisor for the Summit of Americas Jeffrey Davidow announced the administration’s new plan to provide U.S.-funded ‘public safety’ programs to other governments throughout the Western Hemisphere. U.S. public safety programs are necessary now, Davidow said, because ‘Latin America [and] the Caribbean are witnessing an increase in criminality and are having difficulty confronting this because of judicial and police systems that need assistance, need more training, need more equipment.’ The United States has pursued similar policies in the past—with disastrous results. The first such projects were organized in the wake of the Spanish-American War, when the United States was keen on policing its newly won satrapies in the Caribbean and Pacific...

Britain’s strange, silent strangulation of liberty

by Josie Appleton


Every era has its own brand of state regulation; at different times, the repressive powers of the state are focused on different areas of social life. Today’s state is getting itself into some very strange corners indeed. Twenty years ago, who would have thought that the state would seek to regulate mums helping out at their children’s nursery. … Who would have thought that police officers would force tourists to delete their photos of the architecturally interesting but otherwise unimportant Vauxhall bus station in London, in the name of preventing terrorism?

The semantics of torture

Guardian [UK]
by John McQuaid

The US media’s most esteemed institutions — the New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press and TV network news divisions among them — have a small but significant problem with the English language. They are unable to call torture by its true name...

Lt. Erin Watada and a standing army

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G. Hornberger


The case of Lt. Erin Watada provides a good example of why our American ancestors opposed a standing army. You’ll recall that Watada is the U.S. military officer who refused orders to deploy to Iraq on the ground that to do so would constitute the war crime of waging a war of aggression. The U.S. Army prosecuted him for refusing to obey such orders but then screwed up by agreeing to the granting of a mistrial after Watada’s trial had already begun. Since another trial would have violated the constitutional provision on double jeopardy, U.S. military officials have recently decided to drop the charges. Still pending are charges relating to Watada’s criticism of President Bush...

How to make the neocons crazy: Tell them the truth

by Ira Chernus


Old Charlie Krauthammer, the neocon who won’t go away, is at it again. Now he’s hammering at an old favorite target — the Hamas party and its political leader, Khaled Meshal — and its new accomplice, that scurrilously liberal newspaper, the New York Times. The Times‘ latest moral fault (according to Krauthammer) was to send two of its top Middle East reporters to interview Meshal and then actually report some of what he said …”

The torture dissidents’ tale

Mother Jones
by Nick Baumann


Not everyone in the Bush administration supported the use of torture. A trio of high ranking officials in the State Department and the Pentagon waged bureaucratic war against use of so-called enhanced interrogation techniques, including waterboarding, on detainees. They lost this battle, but one of the three is now telling their story...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Cheney lives on

by Joan Walsh


I really would like to laugh at Dick Cheney’s ‘Out of the Bunker!’ tour. This isn’t the Cheney Americans have come to know and hate. Remember when he wouldn’t talk to us? Now he won’t shut up. He used to be the evil puppet master, the man behind the curtain, but without his puppet, he’s got to speak for himself. So there he is, almost daily now, defending torture and the war in Iraq, trying to start another war in Iran. … It’s easy to say this is good news for Democrats. It certainly seems as if Cheney won’t be happy until there are two people left in the Republican Party, him and Rush Limbaugh. Gen. Powell? Don’t let the door hit you in the a... on the way out. But I also think what Cheney’s doing has disturbing political consequences, for the Obama administration and for the country...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Cheney's Role Deepens

Rice Stands by Bush Policies During Calgary Appearance


Why the Caged Bird Sang

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: "Dick Cheney has been doing a lot of talking lately. From his most recent barrage of public statements, we have gleaned that he loves Rush Limbaugh, doesn't much care for Colin Powell, believes President Obama is about to sell the Sixth Fleet to the Taliban for pennies on the dollar and thinks torture is a nifty and effective tool that saves lives and defends freedom. Really, this isn't anything we haven't heard before from our growly, snarly, face-blasting former vice president. But it does beg the question: What the h... is he up to?"


Cheney 'suggested waterboarding' Iraqi prisoner

The former US vice-president, suggested waterboarding an Iraqi prisoner whom White House officials suspected might possess knowledge of a potential connection between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda, it has emerged.

9/11 Commission Report Based On Torture "Evidence"

One of the Main Sources for the 9/11 Commission Report was Tortured Until He Agreed to Sign a Confession that He Was NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO READ.

From Information Clearing House

The private contracting surge into Afghanistan

by Kelley B. Vlahos


Conveniently short on real details — perhaps deliberately so — the Obama administration’s new war strategy for Afghanistan has yet to acknowledge the huge footprint the United States will have on that country in another year’s time. One thing is becoming clear, though: it will be a larger footprint than we had anticipated a year ago. In fact, it already is. Just like in Iraq, a ’shadow army’ has been serving alongside American servicemen and women in Afghanistan. So far, it is at least 70,000 strong. Private contractors — now indispensable to the U.S. military as it wages war — are expected to grow and much surpass that number as U.S. troops there double from 35,000 to nearly 70,000 by 2010...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bilderberg: Are the people who 'really run the world' meeting this weekend?

Geithner To Take Orders From Global Elite At Bilderberg

World Bank President Robert Zoellick, who recently called for global government, will also take his place at elitist confab

Paul Joseph Watson Prison Thursday, May 14, 2009

According to a London Times report, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will probably be in attendance at this week’s Bilderberg Group meeting, as top globalists meet to plot the financial future of the planet behind closed doors.


Are the people who 'really run the world' meeting this weekend?

The Bilderberg group, the topic of many conspiracy theories, is now meeting behind closed doors in Greece.

From Information Clearing House


Writer Detained For Taking Photo Of Sea View Near Bilderberg Hotel

Comedian writing for London Guardian contacts Infowars

Steve Watson
Thursday, May 14, 2009

The comedian covering the Bilderberg meeting for the London Guardian has been detained by authorities in Athens, Greece after taking a photograph close to the site of the annual elite gathering.

Dutch Prime Minister Grilled Over Bilderberg Following Prison Planet Article

Dutch MP formally petitions PM Jan-Peter Balkenende and Minister for European Affairs over involvement with globalist cabal

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, May 15, 2009

A Dutch Member of Parliament has formally petitioned Prime Minister Jan-Peter Balkenende and his European Affairs Minister Frans Timmermans concerning their involvement with the Bilderberg Group, citing an article released by Prison Planet last week.

US-Pakistan Policy is Floundering

Ghost of Haditha Haunts American Shooting Spree in Iraq


Haditha massacre

A legal snafu could clear the way to freedom for the Marine sergeant perhaps most responsible for the deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians in the infamous Haditha massacre of 2005.

From Information Clearing House

Obama, Pakistan, and the Rule of Law

Law Professor: Torture Justification 'An Ethical Train Wreck'

Schmutziger Krieg in Afghanistan?

Mit der Berufung von General McChrystal als neuem Oberbefehlshaber der US- und Nato-Truppen scheinen Pentagon und Weißes Haus auf Spezialeinheiten und verdeckte Operationen zu setzen.

Klage in den USA: Patente auf Gene verstoßen gegen Verfassung

Die Bürgerrechtsorganisation klagt gegen die Patente auf die Krebsgene BRCA1- und BRCA2, um einen Präzedenzfall zu schaffen.

When PTSD Comes Marching Home

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: "How long will Iraq be with us, even after we leave? Evidence strongly suggests that the physical and psychological toll taken upon our soldiers and service members from their extended, savage, deadly and ultimately fruitless deployments to the wars of the Bush administration is enormous, and growing."

Obama's latest effort to conceal evidence of Bush era crimes

Informant: Fred Feldman

From ufpj-news


USA: Amnesty International Extremely Disappointed by Obama Administration's Decision to Hold Torture Photos Release

Bad Bank oder Bankenverschrottung

Steinbrücks "Bad Bank" kommt

„Die Bundesregierung will den Banken wertlose Wertpapiere für bis zu 250 Milliarden Euro abnehmen, um deren Bilanzen aufzuhübschen - im Notfall muss der Steuerzahler zahlen. Sie wurden allseits gefordert: Ob beim Internationalen Währungsfonds (IWF) oder beim Davoser Weltwirtschaftsgipfel wurde nach so genannten Bad Banks gerufen, mit denen der Staat die Kreditinstitute noch fester in die rettenden Arme schließen müsse. Hatte noch im Januar die Bundesregierung eine "Bad Bank" abgelehnt, so hat das Kabinett gestern die Pläne von Bundesfinanzminister Peer Steinbrück (SPD) für die Bad Banks (Gute Banken, schlechte Banken) abgenickt. Nun sollen "Zweckgesellschaften" gebildet werden, die Banken die wertlose Wertpapiere für bis zu geschätzten 250 Milliarden Euro abnehmen, damit die Bilanzen bald wieder Gewinne ausweisen können. Eingearbeitet werden soll bis zur Verabschiedung des Gesetzes auch ein eigenes Bad Bank-Modell für angeschlagene Landesbanken…“ Artikel von Ralf Streck in telepolis vom 14.05.2009

Siehe dazu:

Michael Sommer: "Bad Bank" gibt es nicht zum Nulltarif. DGB-Chef fordert Gegenleistungen der Banken

„Mit dem geplanten "Bad Bank"-Modell geht der Staat nach Einschätzung von DGB-Chef Michael Sommer ein großes finanzielles Risiko ein. Unklar sei noch, welche Gegenleistungen und Sicherheiten die Banken selbst erbringen müssten, kritisierte der Vorsitzende des Deutschen Gewerkschaftsbundes. Sommer forderte in dem Zusammenhang auch eine strengere Aufsicht der Finanzbranche…“ Interview von Christopher Ricke im Deutschlandradio vom 13.05.2009

Bad-Banks-Modell: Keine Entwarnung für Steuerzahler. Bsirske will "zwingende Offenlegung toxischer Papiere"

„Der Vorsitzende der Vereinten Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft (ver.di) Frank Bsirske sieht in dem Bad-Bank-Modell der Bundesregierung keine Klärung wesentlicher Fragen. "Um das Vertrauen wiederherzustellen, müssen alle Banken zwingend offen legen, in welcher Anzahl und zu welchem Wert sie toxische Papiere in den Bilanzen halten", forderte Bsirske. Die Bewertung jeder einzelnen Bank durch einen sogenannten Stresstest unter staatlicher Verantwortung könne man externen Institutionen übertragen. Erst danach sei die Entscheidung zu fällen, welche Banken jeweils eine 'Bad Bank' nutzen müssen. "Die Finanzmärkte funktionieren international. Deshalb ist eine europäische Lösung wünschenswert", so Bsirske…“ ver.di-Pressemitteilung vom 13.05.2009

Steinbrücks Bad Banks: Risiko bleibt bei Steuerzahlern. Attac fordert staatliche Hilfen nur für Good Banks

„Das globalisierungskritische Netzwerk Attac hat den Gesetzentwurf von Bundesfinanzminister Peer Steinbrück zu Bad Banks, den er am morgigen Mittwoch im Kabinett vorlegen will, als unsozial kritisiert. "Es klingt gut, wenn es in dem Papier heißt, die Eigentümer der Banken müssten für mögliche Verluste der Bad Banks selbst aufkommen. Die Wahrheit sieht anders aus: Das Risiko für die Steuerzahlerinnen und Steuerzahler bleibt"…“ attac-Pressemitteilung vom 12.05.09

Entgiftung der Geldinstitute

„Finanzminister Steinbrück (SPD) will die faulen Wertpapiere der Banken in Zweckgesellschaften zwischenlagern – die aktuelle Spielart des Projektes "Bad Bank"..“ Kommentar von Robert Kurz in Freitag vom 13.05.2009

Hyper, hyper, Hypo

„Von Anfang an war die Hypo Real Estate ein Art Bad Bank. Dieser Tage könnte sie offiziell zu einer werden…“ Artikel von Julian Bierwirth in der Jungle World vom 14. Mai 2009

Stoppt die Schuldenbremse – sie bremst die Zukunft aus

„Fast unbemerkt wird dieser Tage in Bundestag und Bundesrat über eine Grundgesetzänderung verhandelt, die das Gesicht der Republik verändern wird. Es geht um die sogenannte Schuldenbremse und damit um ein weitgehendes Verbot der Kreditfinanzierung von öffentlichen Staatsaufgaben. Wird dieses Kreditfinanzierungsverbot durchgesetzt, verhindert dies künftig eine demokratische und soziale Politik…“ Broschüre des DGB-Bereichs Wirtschafts- und Steuerpolitik (pdf)

Schwache Schultern tragen mehr. Die OECD liefert schwarz auf weiß, was viele schon wussten – das deutsche Steuersystem ist unsozial und ungerecht

„Außer in Belgien werden in keinem der dreißig OECD-Staaten Geringverdiener so hoch besteuert wie in Deutschland. Während Alleinerziehende und Doppelverdiener unter hohen Abgaben leiden, subventioniert das deutsche Steuersystem in einer Art Herdprämie Familien, in denen nur ein Partner berufstätig ist. Ein besonderer Effekt des deutschen Steuer- und Abgabensystems besteht darin, dass die relative Abgabenlast ab einem bestimmten Grenzwert mit steigendem Einkommen sinkt – dieser Sondereffekt ist lediglich in drei OECD-Staaten festzustellen. Dies sind die Ergebnisse der aktuellen Studie [extern] "Taxing and Wages", die gestern von der Organisation für wirtschaftliche Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit (OECD) vorgestellt wurde…“ Artikel von Jens Berger in telepolis vom 13.05.2009

Siehe dazu die Studie (englisch): OECD’s Taxing Wages shows small reduction in taxes on individual wage earners in 2008,3343,en_2649_34897_42723335_1_1_1_1,00.html

Vorsicht, Entglobalisierung!

„Wir erleben derzeit das dosierte Zurückschneiden der weltwirtschaftlichen Verflechtungen. Nur in Deutschland nehmen wir das bislang nicht wirklich ernst. Doch niemand sollte sich täuschen: Die ökonomischen und sozialen Wirkungen werden heftig sein, gerade für unsere Industrie. Wie sollten Unternehmen und Politik reagieren?...“ Artikel von Henrik Müller im Manager Magazin vom 5.5.09,2828,622205,00.html

Globalisierung der Sozialpolitik. Eine Studie der Hans-Böckler-Stiftung plädiert für eine Neuordnung des Welthandels aus ökonomischer Vernunft

„Die uneingeschränkte Freiheit des Welthandels hat den Großteil ihrer Befürworter enttäuscht. Augenscheinlich führt sie nicht zu maximalem Wohlstand für alle Beteiligten, einer Anhebung des allgemeinen Lebensstandards, besseren Bildungsangeboten und effektiveren Gesundheitssystemen. Im ungleichen Wettbewerb der Industrie- und Entwicklungsländer haben diese regelmäßig das Nachsehen und zahlen den Preis in Form von miserablen Arbeitsbedingungen und Dumpinglöhnen, flächendeckender Armut und sozialen Katastrophen aller Art. Gleichwohl setzt die Welthandelsorganisation weiter auf das "freie Spiel der Kräfte", in dem Staaten zu "Standorten" umfunktioniert werden, die um niedrige Steuern, Sozial- und Umweltstandards konkurrieren…“ Artikel von Thorsten Stegemann in telepolis vom 07.05.2009

Welthandelsrecht und Sozialstaatlichkeit

„Nur ein kleiner Teil der Erträge des Welthandels kommt Arbeitnehmern in Entwicklungsländern zugute. Gleichzeitig gefährdet der internationale Kostenwettbewerb die finanzielle Basis der Sozialsysteme in entwickelten Ländern. Globale Sozialstandards würden beiden Seiten nützen…“ HBS-Arbeitspapier 170 von Prof. Dr. Felix Ekardt, Universität Bremen (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet, 14. Mai 2009


Denkfehler bei Bad Banks

von Peter Bofinger

Die Sanierung der deutschen Kreditinstitute muss endlich energisch angegangen werden. Das geplante Bad-Bank-Modell hat aber gravierende Mängel. Es gibt eine bessere Lösung.ücköckler-Stiftung

NEIN zu prekärer Beschäftigung in der sozialen Arbeit

Kampagne "Fair statt prekär"

„Aktuell differenzieren sich die Arbeitsbedingungen im Tätigkeitsfeld der Sozialen Arbeit zunehmend in flexible bis prekäre Beschäftigungsverhältnisse aus. Dies wirft die Frage nach Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten bzw. -notwendigkeiten auf. Dies gilt für die einzelnen Fachkräfte im Rahmen ihrer individuellen Lebensführung, als auch für die betriebliche und überbetriebliche Interessensvertretung und nicht zuletzt für die Disziplin selbst: Denn wozu dienen anspruchsvolle disziplinäre Ambitionen und Entwicklungen, wenn sie im Berufsalltag aufgrund mangelhafter Rahmenbedingungen nicht praktisch werden können? Es müssen wertschätzende Arbeitsbedingungen erhalten bzw. geschaffen werden. Im Rahmen unserer Kampagne ,NEIN zu prekärer Beschäftigung in der Sozialen Arbeit’ wollen wir von Mai 2009 bis April 2010 unsere Aktivitäten entsprechend fokussieren...“ Weitere Informationen auf der Sonderseite der GEW-Berlin. Der nächste Termin: "Thesenanschlag" beim Paritätischen Berlin und Demo am 18.05.2009 um 10:00 Uhr vor der Geschäftstelle des Paritätischen Berlin Brandenburgische Straße 80 in 10813 Berlin

Ab Freitag, dem 16.05.2009, Streiks in Kitas und Sozialeinrichtungen -
89,9 Prozent der Beschäftigten stimmen für Arbeitskampf

„Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft (ver.di) in den Sozial- und Erziehungsdiensten haben sich für einen Streik ausgesprochen. Damit wurde das notwendige Quorum von 75 Prozent deutlich übertroffen. Die Urabstimmung, die am 7. Mai eingeleitet wurde, war gestern Abend abgeschlossen worden. (...) "Mit diesem Ergebnis haben die bei ver.di organisierten Erzieherinnen, Sozialpädagogen und Sozialarbeiter deutlich gezeigt, dass sie bereit sind, für einen Gesundheitstarifvertrag zu kämpfen, um bessere Arbeitsbedingungen zu erreichen", betonte ver.di-Bundesvorstandsmitglied Achim Meerkamp heute in Berlin. Die Beschäftigten würden sich nicht länger von den Arbeitgebern hinhalten lassen, die die Verhandlungen immer wieder verzögert und damit den Streik provoziert hätten, erklärte der Gewerkschafter. Daher seien die Beschäftigten zu unbefristeten Streiks aufgerufen, die am morgigen Freitag, dem 15. Mai, beginnen. Schwerpunkte seien zunächst Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Schleswig-Holstein, Hessen und Bremen, hier würde es bereits am Freitag zu Arbeitsniederlegungen in Kindertagestätten, Sozial- und Jugendämtern kommen. Besonders betroffen seien Dortmund, Duisburg, Mainz, Kiel und Kassel. Am 18. und 19. Mai würde auch in Bayern, in Baden-Württemberg, in Niedersachsen und im Saarland gestreikt werden...“Pressemitteilung von ver.di vom 14.05.2009

Aus: LabourNet, 14. Mai 2009är

Maize streak Virus Resistant Transgenic Maize for Africa?

ISIS Press Release 14/05/09

Kein neuer Gen-Mais in Europa!

Pentagon persuades Obama to join cover-up of US war crimes

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

April foreclosures rise 32 percent

The number of U.S. households faced with losing their homes to foreclosure jumped 32 percent in April compared with the same month last year, with Nevada, Florida and California showing the highest rates, according to data released Wednesday. Ohio was in the top 10.

April retail sales fall, raising recovery doubts

Retail sales fell for a second straight month in April, a disappointing performance that raised doubts about whether consumers were regaining their desire to shop. A rebound in consumer demand is a necessary ingredient for ending the recession.

State Tax Revenues Fall 12.6%

The decline was biggest in the Far West (-18.1%) and smallest in the Plains (-5.0%). Here are the states with the ten biggest and smallest declines in tax revenues.

Social Security, Medicare Finances Worsen

Social Security and Medicare are fading even faster under the weight of the recession, heading for insolvency years sooner than previously expected, the government warned Tuesday.

From Information Clearing House

Obama threatens to limit U.S. intel with Brits

The Obama administration says it may curtail Anglo-American intelligence sharing if the British High Court discloses new details of the treatment of a former Guantanamo detainee.

From Information Clearing House

FBI Whistleblower Testimony: Gonzales Imposed Brutal Interrogation Tactics

In the first public testimony of anyone directly involved, former bureau agent Ali Soufan is expected to directly contradict assertions by CIA officials and former Vice President Cheney that the "enhanced interrogation techniques" were successful in prying information out of al Qaeda detainees.

From Information Clearing House


Former FBI Agent Testifies to CIA Contractor Push for Harsh Interrogation

Spencer Ackerman, The Washington Independent: "Ali Soufan, the former FBI agent who helped interrogate detained al-Qaeda operative Abu Zubaydah, told lawmakers Wednesday that he wasn't the only interrogator who opposed torturing Abu Zubaydah at a CIA-operated facility in the spring of 2002. According to Soufan, all the members of the CIA's interrogation team stood against a single CIA 'contractor' who advocated such techniques as placing the detainee in a 'confinement box.'"

List of 140 Afghan Killed In US Attack Includes 93 Children

By Reuters

The list, obtained by Reuters, bears the endorsement of seven senior provincial and central government officials, including an Afghan two-star general who headed a task force dispatched by the government to investigate the incident.

"We Are Helping The Taliban"

By Ron Paul

We are inciting the very terrorism and extremism we are trying to stop.

McChrystal Choice Suggests Special Ops Strikes Will Continue

By Gareth Porter

McChrystal's background sends a very different message from the one claimed by Gates and the news media. His long specialisation in counter-terrorism operations suggests an officer who is likely to have more interest in targeted killings than in the kind of politically sensitive counterinsurgency programmes that the Obama administration has said it intends to carry out.

Did Newly Announced Top Afghan General Run Cheney's Assassination Wing?

By Muriel Kane

Speaking to a University of Minnesota audience in March, Hersh called JSOC "a special wing of our special operations community that is set up independently. ... They do not report to anybody, except in the Bush-Cheney days, they reported directly to the Cheney office. ... Congress has no oversight of it. ... It's an executive assassination ring essentially, and it's been going on and on and on."

The Hidden Hand of Dick Cheney

By Juan Cole

Out of office, he continues to push his tortured version of reality -- and his vision of an imperial presidency -- and there are signs he is succeeding.

Pelosi The Enabler

By Robert Scheer

Should the members of the 9/11 Presidential Commission not have been informed that two of the "key witnesses" upon whom their report was based had provided the information critical to the report's conclusions only after being waterboarded a total of 266 times?


Human Rights Groups: General Allowed Abuses

How U.S. Officials Circumvented the Bill of Rights

Christians for Torture

Let the Recession Run Its Course

Urge Obama to set up a nonpartisan inquiry on torture

Calling on Obama to put the full weight of his leadership behind the call for transparency and accountability

Stop Live Skinning of Cats and Dogs

It just never seems to stop! Please sign and pass along.


Ask Iceland's new government to save whales


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January 6 Committee Says... les/jan-6-committee-says-t rump-engaged-in-criminal-c onspiracy-to-undo-election /?eType=EmailBlastContent& eId=552e5725-9297-4a7c-a21 4-53c8c51615a3
rudkla - 4. Mär, 05:38
Georgia Republicans Are...
https://www.commondreams.o rg/views/2022/02/14/georgi a-republicans-are-delibera tely-attacking-voting-righ ts
rudkla - 15. Feb, 05:03
Now Every Day Is January...
https://www.commondreams.o rg/views/2022/02/07/now-ev ery-day-january-6-trump-ta rgets-vote-counters
rudkla - 8. Feb, 05:41


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