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Gonzales says US should be open to torturing again

In an interview posted Monday, former Bush Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said that because use of torture "may be necessary" in the future, the Obama administration erred in disclosing the Bush administration's "enhanced interrogation" techniques.


From Information Clearing House


Finance Capital And The Real Global Pirates

By Larry Pinkney

Conventional wisdom has it that the finance capitalists particularly in the United States and Europe today are anxiously about the business of trying to prevent imminent global financial collapse of their own making. In fact it is the opposite that is true.



Spotlight on the War in Afghanistan



Pakistan's Forgotten Casualties of War



Economic Casualties Pile Into Tent Cities



'Truckloads of Bodies' Prove Civilians Killed by US



Afghans: US bombing run kills dozens of civilians

Elkhart Truth


Afghan officials said U.S.-ordered bombing runs killed dozens of civilians taking shelter Tuesday from a battle with Taliban militants, and villagers took several truckloads of bodies to show the provincial governor. The U.S. promised a joint investigation. A provincial councilman said he saw about 30 bodies, many of them women and children. Overall death toll estimates varied widely...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Breaking the Bonds of People and Land: Native American Removal in the United States and Mexico

Video Lecture

In both the Delawares and Yaquis examples, greed and land hunger on the part of the U.S. and Mexican governments appears to have been the main reasons for the forced migration of these indigenous people.


In Congress We Trust...Not

Guest Editorial by Sibel Edmonds

The former FBI translator and whistleblower suggests blackmail may be at the heart of Congressional refusal to bring accountability and oversight to its own members - such as both Hastert and Harman - in matters of espionage and national security.



USA: No Longer Ruled By Law

Buying Brand Obama

By Chris Hedges

Barack Obama is a brand. And the Obama brand is designed to make us feel good about our government while corporate overlords loot the Treasury, our elected officials continue to have their palms greased by armies of corporate lobbyists, our corporate media diverts us with gossip and trivia and our imperial wars expand in the Middle East.


USA: No Longer Ruled By Law

By Paul Craig Roberts

It has been more than 100 days of Barack Obama in office. Reviewing his policy, the election honeymoon was not that sweet to begin with and many in the US seem disappointed. Prominent economist Paul Craig Roberts is among those.



Australia's role in the American Inquisition

The Torturer's Apprentice

By Richard Neville

In the panicky aftermath of 9/11, the West forged a pact with the Devil. It was not only Dick Cheney who felt the call of the dark side - it was virtually the entire governing class of America, Britain and Australia. Yes, even Australia, a former penal colony that started life as Britain's Guantanamo.



Savage Considers Legal Action Against UK Travel Ban For Political Opinions

Talk show host: 'This is the country where the Magna Carta was created? Shame on you'

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The third most listened to radio talk show host in America, Michael Savage, outlawed from traveling to the UK by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith because of his political opinions, has vowed to take legal action to clear his name on grounds of defamation after he was included in a list of banned individuals because of his opposition to illegal immigration.



Urge state officials to adopt marine protected areas along California's north-central coast


The truth about swine flu

Important Swine Flu Update

Learn how you made a difference in quelling the media fear mongering and how some very exciting new features that will soon to be added to this site will provide even more powerful benefits for you.



The truth about swine flu


Could Monsanto Be Responsible for One Indian Farmer’s Death Every Thirty Minutes?


Tragic story of how the poor Indian farmers appear to have been deceived and manipulated.


The Toxic Residue of Torture

Deepak Chopra, The San Francisco Chronicle: "It seems clear that the question of torture won't go away. It would be easier to talk about moving ahead. Images of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo belong in nightmares. As a physician, my personal nightmare is of the doctors who stood by during torture sessions to monitor the victim's vital signs. This was supposed to be humane, but what about the Hippocratic oath, which says that a doctor shall do no harm? Is making sure that waterboarding doesn't cause a heart attack doing no harm? The whole rationale is grotesque. This is one of those moments when painful truth is the only way to heal."



Deadly Games

Camillo "Mac" Bica, Truthout: "For several years now, the video game America's Army has ranked among the top ten online action games and has attracted more than nine million players who have participated in more than 380 million virtual 'missions' from basic training to fighting the 'War on Terrorism.' In recent years, America's Army has improved significantly, becoming even more sophisticated and desirable and expanding its application to console versions for Xbox and Xbox 360. Unless one is naive enough to believe that the Army has invested some $8 million to develop and merchandise this very violent video game for the entertainment and education of our young people, it is clear that the military has realized the value and effectiveness of video games in enticing young men and women to enlist."



Battle over plans for Vodafone mobile phone masts in Nuneaton

May 5 2009

COUNCILLORS have joined residents in the fight against plans to erect mobile phone masts in residential areas of Nuneaton.

Vodafone UK have asked the local authority for permission for four 12-metre high telecommunication posts to be sited at Weddington Road, Croft Road, Bucks Hill and Greenmoor Road.

The Weddington mast is earmarked for a spot outside the Old Eds rugby ground, adjacent to a nursery.

Borough councillor Jeff Clarke said: “It is a concern about about these masts being located near schools or pre-schools and homes.


Obama returns to Bush era on Guantanamo

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Andy Worthington


Two distressing pieces of news emerged last week regarding the Obama administration’s plans to close Guantanamo, and both were delivered by Defense Secretary Robert Gates in testimony to the Senate Appropriations Committee. Discussing what would happen to the remaining 241 prisoners, Gates announced that the question was ’still open’ as to what the government should do with ‘the 50 to 100 — probably in that ballpark — who we cannot release and cannot try’...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Swine flu no worse than regular flu



The swine flu virus that has sparked fear and precautions worldwide appears to be no more dangerous than the regular flu virus that makes its rounds each year, U.S. officials said Monday. ‘What the epidemiologists are seeing now with this particular strain of U.N. is that the severity of the disease, the severity of the flu — how sick you get — is not stronger than regular seasonal flu,’ Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Monday as the worldwide number of confirmed cases of swine flu — technically known as 2009 H1N1 virus — topped 1,080...


UK: Swine flu leaflet delivery begins to all homes

BBC News [UK]


Leaflets giving information about swine flu and advice on how to prevent its spread are to start being delivered to all households in the UK later. The nationwide campaign begins as the number of confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus in the UK has risen to 27. Five schools have been closed, three in London, one in Devon and one in south Gloucestershire, after pupils fell ill. Meanwhile in Mexico officials are set to relax flu restrictions after seeing a fall in the number of new cases. From Tuesday, all homes in the UK are set to receive a leaflet stressing the importance of good hygiene in preventing the spread of swine flu...


Emergency clinics report swine flu panic

United Press International


Health experts say the ‘worried well’ are overburdening many U.S. hospitals with imagined symptoms of the H1N1 virus commonly known as swine flu. Among them is the emergency department at Chicago Children’s Memorial Hospital, which more than doubled its average number of patients last week. … The anxiety is understandable, but the extra patients crowd out people with real emergencies, said Dr. Mark Bell, principal of Emergent Medical Associates, which operates 18 emergency clinics in California. ‘I haven’t seen such a panic among communities perhaps ever,’ Bell said. ‘We are spending significant time in the emergency department calming people down’...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


DHS Document Lists "Alternative Media" As Potential Terrorists

"Domestic Extremism Lexicon" memo says "patriot movement" primarily comprises of "violent" groups

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Monday, May 4, 2009

A new Homeland Security document that received little attention during last week’s swine flu coverage shockingly lists the “alternative media” with other radical extremist groups and implies that people who disagree with the mass media’s version of events are potential domestic terrorists.



Mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki leading delegation of 3,000 cities to Non-Proliferation Treaty Conference at United Nations



Wolves Once Again in the Crosshairs



The Planet's Imperative: Stop War, Shine On



Military officials at Bagram are caught on tape urging US soldiers to evangelize in the Muslim country

US Denies Letting Troops Convert Afghans

US Soldiers in Afghanistan Told to 'Hunt People for Jesus... So We Get Them into The Kingdom'


US military in Afghanistan filmed planning to proselytize in violation of regulations

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


On the latest state bogeymen



The myth of Talibanistan
Asia Times

by Pepe Escobar


Apocalypse Now. Run for cover. The turbans are coming. This is the state of Pakistan today, according to the current hysteria disseminated by the Barack Obama administration and United States corporate media — from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to The New York Times...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


To Rid the World of Bogeymen

By Stephen Gowans

Invoking a bogeyman is a very effective way for governments to induce their populations to fall into line; impending danger strikes a deep, primitive, and visceral chord.



Problem of Guantánamo Detainees Returns to Haunt Barack Obama



Senators Question Pentagon's Relationship With KBR



Verrostetes AKW

Kühlsystem nach Jahrzehnten ohne Kontrolle verrottet.


Kommt die H1N1-(Schweine)Grippe aus den USA?

Genanalysen weisen darauf hin, dass der Erreger von einem Virus abstammen könnte, der vor 10 Jahren eine Epidemie in den Schweinefarmen der USA verursacht hat.



Der manipulierte Krieg


Analyzing Obama's War Budget Numbers

Jeff Leys, Truthout: "President Obama is seeking an additional $75.8 billion in war funds for this fiscal year.... At first glance, it is easy to conclude that the proposed 22 percent reduction in war spending from 2008 to 2009 represents a significant shift in war strategy and is indicative of a drawing down of the twin wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sadly, such a conclusion would be wrong."



Industriestaaten im Würgegriff der Finanzoligarchie



Gegen das Volk gerüstet



Dieron a conocer el contenido del informe del Colegio Médico sobre la estación transformadora de Barrio Las Rosas

Jujuy al día - Jujuy, Argentina

Y se habla de “electro smog” a la acumulación de estas emisiones. Un
descontrol ejemplo de cómo los hombres usamos los recursos sin ninguna
planificación. ...



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