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Telefonica 02 UK refused planning permission for phone masts

May 16 2009 by David Black, The Journal

A MOBILE phone giant has been dealt a double blow by planners in Northumberland – after separate bids to erect new phone masts close to a historic treasure and a popular school were both thrown out.

Telefonica 02 UK was yesterday considering its next moves after county councillors refused to grant permission for the towers – one close to Hadrian’s Wall and the other just yards from a 450-pupil school on the exclusive Darras Hall housing estate in Ponteland.


Sarrazin attackiert erneut Hartz IV Betroffene

Der ehemalige Berliner Wirtschaftssenator und neue Bundesbankvorstand Thilo Sarrazin wirft Hartz IV Betroffenen "verschwenderisches Verhalten" vor und würde gerne die Rente auf ein "Grundsicherungs- Niveau" senken

Immer wieder gerät Thilo Sarrazin (SPD) in die Schlagzeilen, wenn es darum geht die Ärmsten der Gesellschaft verbal zu attackieren. Berlins Bürgermeister Klaus Wowereit dürfte sich nun entspannt zurück lehnen, denn sein damaliger Wirtschaftssenator arbeitet jetzt als Bundesbankvorstand. Doch auch in dieser Position kann es der SPD Politiker nicht lassen, seine Ausbrüche gegenüber Hartz IV Betroffene zu zügeln. In einem "Stern" Interview warb Sarrazin, die Renten "langfristig auf das Niveau einer Grundsicherung sinken" zu lassen.

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What to Expect from Obama

Afghanistan/Pakistan: Where Empires Go to Die

Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III, Truthout: "During the 2008 presidential campaign, candidate Obama promised to immediately withdraw troops from Iraq in order to bolster the forces in Afghanistan in order to defeat the Taliban and al-Qaeda. 'It's time to refocus our attention on the war we have to win in Afghanistan.' I believe that this tactic was taken by the Obama team in order to placate the anti-Iraq contingent in the American electorate, while not leaving himself vulnerable to the 'soft on defense' hawkish critics on the other side. As a campaign tactic, this approach proved to be successful. In reality, this may prove to be one of the greatest miscalculations President Obama could make."

Ex-CIA Official: Agency Brass Lied to Congress About Interrogations

Jason Leopold, Truthout: "Claims that Democrats were fully briefed on the Bush administration's torture program have been leveled as recently as last December by Vice President Dick Cheney and in books by former Bush officials such as John Yoo, the former deputy assistant attorney general at the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC), who helped draft one of the four memos released last week. But the veracity of those assertions have been called into question by former CIA official Mary O. McCarthy, who said senior agency officials lied to members of Congress during an intelligence briefing in 2005 when they said the agency did not violate treaties that bar, cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment of detainees during interrogations, according to a May 14, 2006, front-page story in The Washington Post."

Little Known Military Thug Squad Still Brutalizing Prisoners at Gitmo Under Obama

Center for Constitutional Rights Urges Obama Administration to Abandon Failed Guantanamo Military Commissions

Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA): $96 Billion More for War

Is Disaster Capitalism Here to Stay?

Powell Aide Says Torture Helped Build Iraq War Case

The Politics of Excusing Torture in the Name of National Security

House Backs Obama's Afghan Surge, Amid Calls for Exit Strategy

Neuverschuldung explodiert, Wirtschaftsleistung schrumpft weiter

Steinbrück stimmt die Bürger langsam, aber sicher auf Verzicht ein.ück

Neue Abhörzentrale in Köln

Bundesverwaltungsamt wird zum "Service- und Competence-Center TKÜ", der Bundesrechnungshof steht dem kritisch gegenüber. DasörÜberwachung

Elsevier-Skandal weitet sich aus

Der Verlag veröffentlichte nicht nur eine, sondern mindestens sechs vermeintlich unabhängige Fachzeitschriften im Auftrag der Pharmaindustrie.


Dr. Johan Rengen, former executive of Eli Lili Sweden, exposes the secret of the pharma industry. Be patient - there is english after several minutes in German.


The Worst Is Yet to Come,-Youre-Not-Paying-Attention

From Information Clearing House

Obama to revive terror tribunals

President Barack Obama will restart military tribunals for a small number of Guantanamo detainees, reviving a fiercely disputed trial system he once denounced.

From Information Clearing House

US to be buried in 'Graveyard of Empires'

"The idea of trying to establish a central government...that is going to be pro-American is foolish," said political analyst and former special assistant to ex-US president Ronald Reagan, Douglas Bandow on Thursday.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. procedures fail Afghan civilians

Human Rights Watch accused the U.S. military of not doing enough to reduce civilian casualties during battles in Afghanistan and called Friday for "fundamental changes" to prevent civilian deaths like those during an airstrike this month.

From Information Clearing House

Excuses You Might Believe In

By Ted Rall

The defection of Pennsylvania's Arlen Specter and the imminent certification of Al Franken as the winner of Minnesota's election recount has handed Democrats what they always said they lacked in order to pass a progressive agenda: a filibuster-proof majority in the U.S. Senate. Now they face the awful problem of coming up with new excuses for not doing anything.

New 'Prisoner Abuse' Photographs Emerge Despite US Bid to Block Publication

By Alex Spillius in Washington

Graphic photographs of alleged prisoner abuse, thought to be among up to 2,000 images Barack Obama is trying to prevent from being released, emerged yesterday.

Some of the images Bush did not want us to see

Photographs have been leaked of Iraqi citizens tortured by US soldiers at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison on the outskirts of Baghdad.

Abu Ghraib, The Sequel


These are the photos the American Government doesn't want you to see. While researching a story on guards at Abu Ghraib, I obtained a copy of the unreleased photographs and videos. Taken at the same time as the photos released in 2004 and often of the same abuses, this is the first time they have been shown to the public.

We Tortured To Justify War

By Joe Conason

Dick Cheney keeps saying "enhanced interrogation" was used to stop imminent attacks, but evidence is mounting that the real reason was to invent evidence linking Saddam Hussein to al-Qaida.

Rumsfeld Remained

You're A War Criminal


At the entrance to the White House Correspondents Dinner, Donald Rumsfeld remained by Codepink "You're A War Criminal".

Tales of Murder and Torture


I wanted to find out what had turned ordinary American soldiers into the apparent monsters revealed in the photographs.

Lifting the Hood


As the 'hooded man' in the infamous Abu Ghraib pictures, Haj Ali became an icon of everything that was wrong with the US occupation. He tells his story and we hear from other prisoners.

From Information Clearing House

Five doctors, nurses and single-payer advocates were arrested at a Senate Finance Committee hearing

Baucus's Raucous Caucus

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!: "Advocates of single-payer universal health care - the system favored by most Americans - continue to protest their exclusion from discussions on health care reform. On Tuesday, five doctors, nurses and single-payer advocates were arrested at a Senate Finance Committee hearing, bringing the total number of arrests in less than a week to thirteen. We speak with two of those arrested: Single Payer Action founder Russell Mokhiber and Dr. Margaret Flowers of Physicians for a National Health Program."

Pelosi Draws Response From CIA

David Espo, The Associated Press: "The head of the CIA defended the agency Friday against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's charge that she was misled in 2002 about the use of waterboarding but said it ultimately is up to Congress to decide where the truth lies. 'Let me be clear. It is not our policy or practice to mislead Congress,' CIA Director Leon Panetta wrote in a message to agency employees that was released to the public. 'That is against our laws and our values.'"


The tortuous logic of Nancy Pelosi

by Justin Raimondo


Even I — quintessentially cynical when it comes to politics and politicians — was shocked (shocked!) by the ease with which the Democratic talking heads and their blogger auxiliary took up the defense of Nancy Pelosi. Her obvious culpability in the unfolding story of how torture was legitimized in the eyes of seemingly reasonable people is such a challenge to supposedly anti-torture Democrats that one’s response to it represents a veritable litmus test of one’s honesty, integrity, and ideological consistency. It’s sad, but true, that not many alleged progressives with a public platform are earning a passing grade. As might be expected, the worst is MSNBC ranter Keith Olbermann, who used to be a reasonable person — long ago and far away — but has, since the election, turned into the worst sort of party-lining hack and all-around hatchet-man, a kind of Bizarro World version of Sean Hannity...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The End of American Exceptionalism

Genuine American Exceptionalism on Due Process

The Government Morality Play

A Parting of the Ways: Moving Forward to Freedom


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