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- Reportage Contre-conférence d'André Aurengo à Villeneuve de la Raho: "La Claque"

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) affects the performance of sensitive medical equipment

ADVANCE for Physician Assistants - King of Prussia, PA, USA

Imagine, for instance, electromagnetic interference (EMI) from a cell phone disrupting an infusion pump so it suddenly becomes free-flowing and releases a ...

Income tax reality check

Obama und Cheney im Duell über Guantanamo und die nationale Sicherheit

Der neue US-Präsident gerät in die Defensive, während Ex-Vizepräsident Cheney mit unveränderter Rhetorik Obama angreift und die Politik der Bush-Regierung verteidigt.

Berlusconi will das "nutzlose" Parlament entmachten

Dem Unternehmerverband Confindustria sagte der italienische Ministerpräsident, dass er das Land wie ein Unternehmen führen könne, aber vom Parlament behindert werde.

Is the Stimulus Stimulating Jobs?

We May Never Know for Sure

Olga Pierce, ProPublica: "The Obama administration has unveiled its plan for measuring how well the stimulus package works, and the bottom line is: Many questions will remain unanswered."

Cheney Intervened in CIA Inspector General's Torture Probe

Jason Leopold, Truthout: "Former Vice President Dick Cheney intervened in CIA Inspector General John Helgerson's investigation into the agency's use of torture against 'high-value' detainees, but the watchdog was still able to prepare a report that concluded the interrogation program violated some provisions of the International Convention Against Torture."

Trouble Ahead: Millions of Mortgages Will Ratchet Upward Soon

"If the equity in your house is gone and your monthly mortgage payment suddenly jumps from $2000 per month to over $3000 per month, what do you think is going to happen?

From Information Clearing House

Who is to Blame for the Tent People?

By Garda Ghista

This is America today. It is "poverty amidst plenty." That phrase is from the 1929 Great Depression. And in 1929 the police conducted the same sweeps that they are doing today across America. Is it not heartbreaking?

Fear of Crime and Things to Come

By William John Cox

Can we expect President Obama to be more respectful of individual rights than President Bush was? An answer can be found in his recent request for the Supreme Court to reverse its own 23-year-old decision prohibiting police from questioning a represented defendant until his lawyer is present.

Day of Reckoning for the U.S. Dollar

Alia McMullen

"By many measures, the U.S. appears just a few short steps away from losing its coveted triple-A status".

Obama to Government Motors: 'Let's Roll'

This New Bubble Is Bigger Than the Real Estate Fiasco

Forever in Bubbles

Torture and 9/11

By John S. Hatch

If Mr. Obama were to take a deep breath, look back and take a lesson from some of America's darkest days, here's what he would find:

Timeline Of a War Foretold

Bringing Iran In From the Cold

By Nader Mousavizadeh

A fateful consensus is forming around the proposition that war with Iran is inevitable. The failure of the past eight years' non-diplomacy has resulted in a worst-case scenario whereby Iran, most experts agree, has passed the point of no return in terms of technical nuclear weapons capability without violating its legal obligations under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Senate O.K.'s $91 Billion in War Funds

Maya Schenwar, Truthout: "The Senate approved $91 billion in funding for the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan yesterday, with all senators but three voting for the bill. This, along with a House vote last week in favor of $97 billion, seals the deal for the Obama administration's first supplemental war spending request. The no-strings-attached legislation comes as a deep disappointment to progressive members of Congress, as well as to antiwar voters, many of whom hoped the Obama administration would mark a significant break with Bush-style war funding."


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