Freitag, 15. Mai 2009

Friedensforscher kritisiert weltweiten "Trend zur Hochrüstung"

"Neuer Höchststand" bei deutschen Rüstungsausgaben

Weltweit steigen die Rüstungsausgaben unvermindert an. Das berichtete der Direktor des Bonner "Internationalen Konversionszentrums" (BICC), Peter Croll, bei der Vorlage des Jahresberichtes 2008/2009 der Friedensforscher am Donnerstag (14. Mai) vor der Presse. Trotz atomarer Abrüstungsinitiativen des neuen US-Präsidenten Barack Obama sei der "Trend zur Hochrüstung im konventionellen Waffenbereich ungebrochen", sagte Croll. Die globalen Militärausgaben im Jahr 2007, dem letzten Jahr für das umfassende Zahlen vorliegen, haben nach Angaben von Croll bei 1339 Milliarden Dollar gelegen. Das sei seit 1998 eine Zunahme um 45 Prozent. Die Militärausgaben der USA seien "einsame Spitze". Auch die deutschen Rüstungsausgaben und -exporte haben einen "neuen Höchststand" erreicht.üstung

Phone mast go-ahead despite fears

Cambridge Evening News - Cambridge, England, UK

CAMPAIGNERS have been told a new mobile phone mast will be erected, despite concerns about possible health risks. Families living on the Twigdens and...

Councillors call for research to combat mast applications

Thurrock Gazette - Thurrock, UK

COUNCILLORS called for more research into the potential dangers of mobile phone masts after another application came before the planning committee. ...


Youth centre mobile phone mast expansion plans

Get Surrey - Surrey, England, UK

A NEW planning application has been submitted to expand a telephone mast at a youth centre, it has been revealed. The application, to Woking Borough Council ...

Without truth about torture, no reconciliation

Guardian [UK]
by Clive Stafford Smith


No matter how you dress it up, the question on the table is whether the Obama administration should continue to cover-up evidence of the criminal offence of torture, committed by US personnel. It is a truly remarkable notion that evidence of crimes should be suppressed because it might provoke anger around the world...

Will they hate us for the secret photographs?

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G. Hornberger


Recall that immediately after 9/11, U.S. officials put out the official version of what had motivated the terrorists. ‘They hate America for its freedom and values,’ they cried. The anger and hatred that had motivated the attackers had nothing to do with U.S. foreign policy, U.S. officials claimed. Yet, today we have President Obama, on the extreme urging of the Pentagon, reneging not only on his campaign promise of ‘transparency’ but also on the commitment U.S. officials made to release the latest batch of torture photos that the Pentagon has kept hidden for some five years...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Economic crisis: It’s only the end of the beginning

by Rob Killick


All recessions come to an end eventually. After all, the definition of a recession is merely a fall in economic growth for two quarters or more. Given that economic activity is unlikely to decline ad infinitum, we can assume that sooner or later this recession will be over, too. Whether or not we really are at the beginning of the end is anybody’s guess because the evidence is somewhat contradictory...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

A truly frightening story

Classically Liberal
by CLS


When I was a youngster the very idea of police officers breaking into homes in the middle of the night, armed to the teeth, guns drawn, and screaming at terrified citizens, was unthinkable. Now these armed thugs do it routinely, over the most trivial of offenses. Even the smallest of town, for no conceivable reason, has SWAT teams. We have police forces using tanks as if they are in the center of some war. As horrifying as the militarization of our police has become, what the Explorer Scouts are doing is truly disgusting. Across the United States we are witnessing the Scouts training young people to be armed government agents. This is directly related to the escalation of violence which the police are using routinely in the United States. Thirty years ago dogs weren’t routinely killed by cops. Today it happens over and over. And I can assure you, that in the last thirty years, it wasn’t the dogs that got more violent and deadly. It was the police. As I’ve said before, having anything to do with law enforcement today, is potentially deadly to you. Now we have the Scouts training youth to act like violent cops...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Rove to be interviewed in attorney firing probe

Boston Globe


Karl Rove will be interviewed today as part of a criminal investigation into the firing of US attorneys during the presidency of George W. Bush, according to two sources who are familiar with the appointment. Rove, a former senior aide to Bush, will be questioned by Connecticut prosecutor Nora Dannehy, who was named last September to examine whether former Justice Department and White House officials lied or obstructed justice in connection with the dismissal of federal prosecutors in 2006...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Krise? Welche Krise?

Stromkonzern sahnt reichlich ab.

Mit dem Gensoja kam das Fieber

Vor 13 Jahren wurde in Argentinien Gensoja des US-Konzerns Monsanto zugelassen. Nun wird eine Dengue-Epidemie mit dem Anbau in Verbindung gebracht.

US-Notenbank agiert völlig ohne Kontrolle

Die Generalinspektorin der US-Notenbank Fed gestand vor dem Kongress absolute Ahnungslosigkeit ein.

Pentagon will einmal wieder eine neue "große Strategie" entwickeln

Neue Bedrohungen erfordern andere Strategien, bei Cyberangriffen wird allerdings auch ein Schlag mit Atomwaffen als Antwort nicht ausgeschlossen

Illinois Senate votes resolution opposing Afghanistan escalation

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

The Real Bottom Is Far Away

Time to Stress-Test the Federal Reserve

The Bailout Bubble, the Bubble to End All Bubbles

On the truth about US policy against Iran

We Face Economic Destruction

The swine flu scare in full swing

Release the torture photos,0,1797091.story?track=rss

Informant: Fred Feldman


A Special Prosecutor Is Who Needs To See New The Torture Pics

The big fuss this week was President Obama's total turnaround on releasing the new torture pictures. Despite stating that they were "not particularly sensational", in the next breath he argued that releasing them would put our troops at greater risk, two statements which when combined make no logical sense.

What's really going on here is that Obama has so far resisted in every possible way his duty under the law to appoint a special prosecutor, despite his affirmation that waterboarding is torture, and the arrogant public confessions of those who ordered that torture. Having underestimated the furor for prosecution that the previous release of the torture memos would cause at home, Obama now well knows that these pictures would just increase that pressure.

So we say give the pictures to a special prosecutor, who can then show them to a grand jury. That's who really needs to see them. Obama said long ago, "Make me do it." We don't need more pictures to do that, we KNOW what they did, we just need to keep speaking out about it.

Special Prosecutor Action Page:

Just submit the one click action page at the link directly above and your message to "Appoint A Special Prosecutor For Torture Now" will go directly to President Obama, Attorney General Holder, and all your members of Congress too!

We need to each of us continue to speak out for a special prosecutor once a week from now on, until Obama and Holder finally get the message that no matter how many people THEY don't torture, there is no accountability for the past, and no deterrent for the war criminals of the future, without prosecutions NOW.

And after you speak out and submit the action page above, you can get one of the new "Convict Dick & W" caps which you are starting to see everywhere, custom embroidered with a cute little cowboy hat on the "W". Or you can request yours at this page directly.

Convict Dick & W Caps:

Let us be very clear. Cheney and Bush started torturing people for the purpose of making a FALSE case for invading Iraq, not to try to protect us in any way from another terrorist attack, like the one they were so negligent in not stopping in the first place. It started with al-Libi, now mysteriously dead in prison, who was tortured into falsely confessing a link between Al Qaeda and Iraq, a lie that defied all other intelligence to the contrary.

The torture started long before they commissioned legally preposterous opinions to say the OLD torture was suddenly now new and OK, from sycophant lawyers one of whom (Bybee) was rewarded for his collaboration with an lifetime seat on the appeals court.

Which is why it is all so very interesting that Cheney has been all over the corporate media lately doing the equivalent of a Limbaugh torture teaching tour. Why is Dick Cheney now taking such a PERSONAL interest in trying to retroactively sell a policy of torture to the American people?

The answer of course is that torture was HIS program, it was his initiative. He was the driving force in charge of it, and he's the one who made it happen. Listen to Cheney's answer on Meet To Press to the question of whether Bush knew everything about the program that he did. Listen to Cheney mumble out of the side of this mouth that Bush "knew a great deal" and "basically authorized it", and you can picture Cheney doing everything but forge Bush's signature on it, not that the little decider is himself any less responsible.

Special Prosecutor Action Page:

After all the lies they BOTH told over and over about weapons of mass destruction, which there weren't, the lies about "We don't torture," when they were, and everything else, now Cheney is out there pushing the lie that torture works and gave us swell intelligence, when every serious career military interrogator who ever was knows that it doesn't work, except to produce BAD information.

Our troops are not at risk because torture is exposed, they are at risk if it is not prosecuted. This has NOTHING to do with protecting our troops, and everything to do with protecting ONE very cowardly man, who dodged his own military service with 5 deferments, and has been hiding behind our troops ever since ... Dick Cheney.

In trying to defend the torture he himself ordered Cheney now says, "If I don't speak out, where do we find ourselves?"

Most ironically, that is the very question WE need to ask OURSELVES. If we don't speak out, his shame and guilt and crimes become our own. But if we DO speak out, and keep speaking out, Cheney will ultimately find himself where war criminals belong ... behind bars for a very long time.

Special Prosecutor Action Page:

And yes, you can also respond to this action through the new Twitter gateway. Just send the following Twitter reply, and add any personal comment you like.

@cxs #p984

And if you want a step by step explanation of how to set up the Twitter thing here is the link for that.

Twitter Activism Step-By-Step:

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.



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