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The secondary effects from mobile phone antennas is repudiated with reference to the threshold value

From Mona Nilsson:

Today I have this article in the largest Swedish evening papers internet site. It demands: create a register for side-effects of mobile phone antennas as for drugs.

Informant: Iris Atzmon

Ignoring Reality, Bush Declares Broadband Mission Accomplished

Plan to Keep More Troops in Iraq Another Betrayal

Bush's Latest Signing Statement Is Grounds for Impeachment

War without end

A War Without End or Oversight


Bush Calls on France for Help

War without end

By Paul Craig Roberts

War funding supports Bush's aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan and his continuing efforts to occupy both countries in order to turn them into puppet states.

Iraq of '08 Eerily Like Vietnam of '68

After Mining Deal, Financier Donated to Clinton Charity

UN: Climate Change May Cost $20 Trillion

Survey: Iraq Conflict Has Killed a Million Iraqis

US flouts human rights with secret prisons, torture: HRW

Informant: Romi Elnagar

Der Luftkrieg im Irak und in Afghanistan

Eher unbemerkt von der Öffentlichkeit werden immer mehr Luftangriffe geflogen, wobei die Drohnen eine immer wichtigere Rolle spielen.

The Next Steps to Stop Bush's Assault on Free Speech

Ron Paul Cheated Again During CNN "Debate"

Bush Seeks Surplus via Medicare Cuts

New York Times's reporter Robert Pear reports: "in his new budget, to be unveiled Monday, President Bush will call for large cuts in the growth of Medicare, far exceeding what he proposed last year, and he will again seek major savings in Medicaid, according to administration officials and budget documents. Over all, the 2009 budget is likely to be the first $3 trillion spending request by a president."

NYT's Reporter Claims Rove Influenced 9/11 Commission Report

Max Holland, of Washington Decoded, reports: "in a revelation bound to cast a pall over the 9/11 Commission, Philip Shenon will report in a forthcoming book that the panel's executive director, Philip Zelikow, engaged in 'surreptitious' communications with presidential adviser Karl Rove and other Bush administration officials during the commission's 20-month investigation into the 9/11 attacks. In what's termed an 'investigation of the investigation,' Shenon purports to tell the story of the commission from start to finish. The book's critical revelations, however, revolve almost entirely around the figure of Philip Zelikow, a University of Virginia professor and director of the Miller Center of Public Affairs prior to his service as the commission's executive director. Shenon delivers a blistering account of Zelikow's role and leadership, and an implicit criticism of the commissioners for appointing Zelikow in the first place-and then allowing him to stay on after his myriad conflicts-of-interest were revealed under oath."

Romney Accuses McCain of "Dirty Tricks"

Liz Sidoti, of The Associated Press, reports: "Republican Mitt Romney accused John McCain of using dirty tricks by suggesting the former Massachusetts governor wanted a deadline for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq, in a spirited debate Wednesday night that underscored the intensity of their presidential rivalry. Coming 24 hours after McCain defeated him in Florida, Romney vented his frustrations over the Arizona senator's claims from last weekend."

Telecom Group Key Player in Immunity Battle

Truthout's Matt Renner reports: "a think tank with close ties to the telecommunication industry has been working with a key Democrat in the Senate on a domestic surveillance bill that would provide telecommunications companies with retroactive immunity for possibly violating federal law by spying on American citizens at the behest of the Bush administration. Third Way, a non-profit [so-called] 'progressive' think tank that is funded and controlled by hedge fund managers, corporate lawyers and business executives has advised Sen. Jay Rockefeller on a domestic surveillance bill that includes immunity for telecommunications companies with which Third Way board members have close ties."

Cell Tower Threat Near Harbin Hot Springs

Begin forwarded message:

From: Angela Flynn
Date: January 27, 2008 5:13:29 PM PST
Subject: Proposed US Cellular Tower to be located on Diamond D Ranch near Harbin Hot Springs

Dear Lake County Planning Commissioners, Planning Department and Board of Supervisors,

I write to you regarding the proposed US Cellular tower that would be located on Diamond D Ranch near Harbin Springs Road. Please add this testimony to the public docket on this item.

I live about 200 feet from a cell tower. The electromagnetic radiation (emr) emissions from the antennas cause a subtle stress to my body all of the time and I have difficulty sleeping. Recently when the power went out everyone was leaving downtown and this tower must have had increased emissions as the level of emissions is tied to usage. This increased level of emissions caused me to feel even worse ill health effects. My head and eyes felt an uncomfortable pressure and I found it hard to concentrate. It took me a week to recover from this.

I became aware of this issue because I took a training where I was 60 feet from and at the same height as cellular antennas. I found I was experiencing a full body muscle ache and my joints felt literally fried. They were what I can only describe as creaky. It is a sensation I had never felt prior or since. After going to this location 2 days a week for 3 weeks I had a severe reaction. My short term memory was gone and I could not and did not sleep for four days/nights. I did some research and found these to be symptomatic of exposure to wireless emissions. It took over a month and a lot of natural supplements, changes in my diet and exercise to get back to my normal very healthy self. When I mentioned my symptoms to the instructors of my training they told me that many of the other people there had similar symptoms. It has become evident to me that many people are suffering harm from wireless emissions without knowing the cause of this harm.

I was a guest at Harbin Hot Springs over the holidays. It was my first visit and I had a most lovely time. It truly is a refuge from our every busier and increasingly polluted world. I discovered while there that the subtle stress I experience from living so close to a cell tower went away. I found I could meditate and sleep soundly through the night without taking any sleeping aids. The installation of cellular antennas in the vicinity of Harbin Hot Springs will diminish the attraction the resort has for me and many other potential guests and this will cause a loss of property value to the owners.

According to the Telecommunication's Act of 1996 the perceived loss of property value is a valid reason to deny a cellular antenna application. As the proximity of cellular antennas to Harbin Hot Springs will cause a loss of perceived property value to the resort the Planning Department should deny this application.

Many people today are being harmed by the huge increase in exposure to emr due to wireless communication devices. However most people do not realize the cause for the harm. I happened to know the cell towers were there when I had my extreme exposure. If I had not I would never have known what damaged me. I put myself in that location of extreme exposure because I did not believe cell tower antennas emissions could cause me harm. I was clearly wrong.

Our government only takes into account the thermal effect from this non-ionizing radiation. The limits they have set are to protect people from literally getting burned by the microwave frequency radio waves emitted by the antennas. While our government does not believe that emr can have non-thermal bio effects, there is an ever growing body of evidence that demonstrates that it does. The BioInitiative (Publ. 08/07) reviews 2,000 such studies ( and I hereby submit it to the Lake County Planning Department, Commissioners and Board of Supervisors.

The emr from wireless devices non thermal bio effects is due to the radiation causing the electrons in our cells to twist thereby changing their polarization. This interferes with cellular function. If you understand how MRI works, it is a similar phenomenon. However MRI is used in very controlled situations for short durations. Radiation from cellular antennas is a constant exposure to the people who live and work nearby. The fact that this radiation is pulsed and travels through us in multiple directions compounds the problem. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 did not take this harmful effect into account for the levels they have set as safe. It is now up to our local governing bodies to step in and take the necessary action to protect their constituents.

Sincerely submitted,

Angela Flynn
204 Gault Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

No American should be able to ignore the law without consequences, not even a president

Economic stimulus package: macabre waltz into the abyss

by Devvy Kidd

On January 23, 2008, I went in search of a tent city located in Ontario, California, about a 45-minute drive (depending on traffic) East of LA. While I had an approximate idea of the location, West end of the Ontario Airport, I knew I would have to do a little bit of searching. It didn't take long. The stench of human waste and garbage was so over powering, I picked it up a half mile away........

Europa-Recht gegen Arbeiterinteressen

Eine kritische Analyse der EU-Rechtsetzung

„Anlässlich der aktuellen Billiglohnstrategie von Nokia, werden auch kritische Fragen bezüglich der Europapolitik in Brüssel laut. Leider beschränkt sich die Kritik bisher zu einseitig auf die EU-Subventionspolitik. Welche Rolle das herrschende EU-Recht grundsätzlich spielt, und wie es besonders aus gewerkschaftlicher Sicht zu werten ist, wird noch viel zu wenig in den Mittelpunkt der Auseinandersetzung gestellt. Ich nehme dies zum Anlass, hier einmal etwas grundsätzlicher den Inhalt der EU-Rechtsetzung zu untersuchen. Aufgrund zweier jüngerer Entscheidungen des Europäischen Gerichtshofes zum Streikrecht, gebe ich dabei diesem für die Gewerkschaft besonders existenziellem Recht einen besonderen Stellenwert…“ Artikel von Armin Kammrad vom 27.01.2008 (pdf)

Aus dem Text: „…Was die herrschende Politik mit solchen Statements letztlich zum Ausdruck bringt, ist die Aufgabe jeglicher sozialen Orientierung und aller Grundrechte, sofern sie den Renditeerwartungen, dem „gemeinsamen Markt“, im Wege stehen. (…) Die EU kennt keine Sozialverpflichtung des Eigentums mehr, sondern nur Freiheiten, welche – wie schon beim „alten“ Adam Smith – den (sozialen) „Rest“ irgendwie und irgendwann von selbst erledigen sollen. (…) Dieses undemokratische Konstrukt eines für alle EU-Mitgliedsländer bindenden Vertrages mit dem, der einzelstaatlichen Rechtsetzung, vorgelagerten EU-Recht, findet in großen Teilen der Gewerkschaft zwar keine Zustimmung, allerdings werden oft Erwartungen an die EU-Institutionen formuliert, die aus gewerkschaftlicher Sicht, eigentlich fragwürdig sind. (…) Schauen wir uns kurz noch die Gegenseite von Streikrecht und Streikfreiheit, das Kapital, an. So betont Art. 16 ausdrücklich: Die „unternehmerische Freiheit wird nach dem Gemeinschaftsrecht und den einzelstaatlichen Rechtsvorschriften und Gepflogenheiten anerkannt.“ Wichtig in diesem Zusammenhang ist jedoch, dass eine Handlung, „die darauf abzielt, die in der Charta anerkannten Rechte und Freiheiten abzuschaffen oder sie stärker einzuschränken, als dies in der Charta vorgesehen ist“ nach Art. 54 untersagt ist. (…) Die rechtlich garantierte Niederlassungs-, Dienstleistungs- und Kapitalfreiheit, welche repressiv im Sinne eines Verbots formuliert ist, wird definitiv zum Eingriff in das Streikrecht herangezogen. (…) Der europäischen Kapitalfreiheit steht also ein Verbot europäischer Streikfreiheit gegenüber, was die eine Seite stärkt, die andere jedoch zugleich schwächt. „Streikrecht“ bedeutet nach EU-Verständnis nur das Recht im nationalen Rahmen Tarifauseinandersetzungen zu führen, ein europäisches – also europaweites – Streikrecht existiert nicht. (…) Es besteht somit die Gefahr von Betriebsvereinbarungen zu ungunsten der Beschäftigten, was zwar bereits im deutschen Betriebsverfassungsgesetz angelegt ist, auf EU-Ebene, wegen des Verbots „diskriminierender“ Maßnahme gegen das frei agierende Kapital, jedoch nur die Regel sein kann. Standortsicherungsverträge durch Lohnverzicht und höhere Ausbeutung
(besonders durch unbezahlte Mehrarbeit), sind nahe liegendes und gewolltes Resultat der EU-Rechtsetzung. (…) Die Gewerkschaften müssen weit mehr als bisher ihr Recht setzen. Es kommt nicht primär darauf an, dass Arbeitskämpfe von der EU akzeptiert werden, sondern dass die EU-Rechtsetzung möglichst massenhaft mit einem von ihrem Verständnis abweichenden Rechtsverständnis konfrontiert wird…“

Aus: LabourNet, 31. Januar 2008


Kapital muss unter Kontrolle!

Research suggests fluoride is being used as a mind-control agent to dumb-down the masses

Armutszeugnis für Arbeitsmarktpolitik der Bundesregierung

31. Januar 2008

Zur Situation auf dem Arbeitsmarkt im Januar 2008 erklärt Bundesgeschäftsführer Dietmar Bartsch:

Obwohl die Zahl der Arbeitslosen dank witterungsbedingter Hilfestellung im Januar nur um 253000 angestiegen ist, besteht kein Anlass zum Jubeln. 3,65 Millionen Arbeitslose sind ein Armutszeugnis für die Arbeitsmarktpolitik der Bundesregierung und die klare Aufforderung, endlich mehr für die Bekämpfung der Massenarbeitslosigkeit zu tun. Wir freuen uns über jeden, der Arbeit gefunden hat. Die heute verkündeten Zahlen sind aber kein Grund dafür, dass die Regierung erneut "ihren" Aufschwung feiert. Denn der viel und gern zitierte Aufschwung kommt zwar bei Managern und Aktionären, nicht aber bei Arbeitnehmern, Arbeitslosen, Rentnern und Familien mit Kindern an. Nach wie vor gibt es ein starkes Ost-West-Gefälle. In den neuen Bundesländern ist die Arbeitslosenquote mit 14,9 Prozent erneut doppelt so hoch wie in den alten Bundesländern mit 7,1 Prozent. Darüber hinaus kann ich mich des Eindrucks nicht erwehren, dass die Bundesregierung und Bundesagentur alles dafür tun, um die Statistik zu schönen. Minijobs, so genannte Aufstocker, das im vergangenen Winter eingeführte Saisonkurzarbeitergeld u.a.m. sind Instrumente, um real existierende Arbeitlose aus der Statistik zu entfernen. Ich fordere die Bundesagentur für Arbeit auf, mehr Phantasie auf die Schaffung von Arbeitsplätzen als auf die Verschleierung der Arbeitslosenzahlen zu verwenden. Es wird Zeit, dass die Bundesregierung wirksame Maßnahmen gegen die gigantische Umverteilung von Steuergeldern über die so genannte Lohnaufstockung beschließt. Mehr als eine Million dieser "Aufstocker" können von dem Lohn für ihre Arbeit nicht leben und erhalten zusätzlich Leistungen nach dem Hartz-IV-Gesetz. Das ist völlig inakzeptabel. DIE LINKE bleibt bei ihren Forderungen: gesetzlicher Mindestlohn von 8 Euro plus und mehr Geld für öffentliche Beschäftigung. Zur Situation auf dem Ausbildungsmarkt: Es ist gut, wenn die Ausbildungsplatzlücke kleiner wird. Für einen guten Start ins Leben trägt die Gesellschaft aber die Verantwortung dafür, dass jeder junge Mensch einen Ausbildungsplatz erhalten kann. Deshalb halten wir an unserer Forderung nach einer Ausbildungsplatzabgabe fest.

How anti-terror laws threaten free speech

by Joanne Mariner


Restrictions of all sorts have multiplied in the heightened security environment of the last six-and-a-half years, so it should be no surprise that, around the world, legal restrictions on speech have tightened. Since 2001, there has been a clear trend toward prohibiting speech perceived as supporting terrorism, and toward barring the dissemination of materials–including books, videos, and other forms of written and graphic communication–that are believed to be of use for terrorist activity...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Understanding US foreign policy

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Soldier suicides reach record level



Suicides among active-duty soldiers in 2007 reached their highest level since the Army began keeping such records in 1980, according to a draft internal study obtained by The Washington Post. Last year, 121 soldiers took their own lives, nearly 20 percent more than in 2006. At the same time, the number of attempted suicides or self-inflicted injuries in the Army has jumped sixfold since the Iraq war began. Last year, about 2,100 soldiers injured themselves or attempted suicide, compared with about 350 in 2002, according to the U.S. Army Medical Command Suicide Prevention Action Plan...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


US Army Suicides Highest in 2007

David Morgan, of Reuters: "The US Army on Thursday said suicides among active duty troops in 2007 had reached the highest level on record, due partly to the stress caused by deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. The Army announced that 115 soldiers, including 22 National Guard and Army Reserve troops, killed themselves last year. That marked a 12.7 percent rise from the 102 suicides recorded in 2006. There were 85 Army suicides in 2005."

It's Time To Now Put Bush Impeachment On The Table Too

Impeach Bush Action Page: (anyone can use this link)

Facebook Version: (for this link must be a member of Facebook and logged in.)

In particular, if you are a member of any Facebook groups, please look for the "Add to Groups" link on the action page to request that they add the action page above to their new ready to go action page group add-on.

Now that there are voices on the House Judiciary Committee strongly advocating for meaningful Cheney impeachment hearings, it is high time to add George Bush to the crescendo.

Just because Dick Cheney is calling the the shots as the acting president, that does not absolve George Bush. Indeed it makes him a constitutional co-conspirator.

Last week the non-profit Center for Public Integrity released an exhaustive study documenting a compelling pattern of false public statements, 935 of them, that "were part of an orchestrated campaign that effectively galvanized public opinion and, in the process, led the nation to war under decidedly false pretenses." And Bush topped the list with more lies than any other administration figure.

And just yesterday, after having already once rejected H.R. 1585, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008, with an unconstitutional pocket veto (because Congress did not submit to ALL his demands), he then attached a signing statement to the revised bill (H.R. 4986) declaring that he would disregard many other sections of the bill altogether.

The words "out of control" do not even begin to capture the depth of contempt that George Bush has for the entire rest of our Constitutional government and its people.

The New Impeach Both!!! Cap Is Here

Many of you have asked for us to put out a cap to express your position on BOTH Cheney and Bush impeachment, and we heard you. It is orange, just like many of you had requested. It has three exclamation marks, just like many of you had suggested. And if you make a donation of any amount we will send you one for no extra charge, not even shipping.

Impeach Both!!! Caps:

All the previous Cheney impeachment caps have been shipped out. Altogether, we put out 20,000 of those, a large proportion for no charge at all, asking the question if Cheney should be impeached. Now you can get the cap with the answer to that question . . . Impeach Both!!!

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


Powered by The People's Email Network Copyright 2007, Patent pending, All rights reserved

Ron Paul Slams Republican Warmongers

Pat Buchanan on the John McCain Platform

Informant: shane_digital

Next-up news n°462

America is manipulated by Big Pharma and numbed out to basic

Informant: Lew Rockwell

Disposing of Unwanted Dictators


The Dictator and His Permanent Bases

Bush tries one-man rule again.,,2248965,00.html

Informant: Lew Rockwell

The Paradox of Ron Paul

Informant: Lew Rockwell

Weather and the Fall of the Roman Empire

Tim Case on what happened to them, and what could happen to us.

Ron Paul 2008: How to win the ground war

FEMA Accused of Twisting Science in Report on Trailer Danger

According to CNN, "Representative Nick Lampson (D-Texas) said Tuesday that Federal Emergency Management Agency tried to control the outcome of a scientific study on formaldehyde in trailers used to house victims of Hurricane Katrina."

Australian Plan: Buy Forests to Help Environment

Katharine Murphy, Brisbane Times AU, says that "Australians could buy a stake in the protection of endangered tropical forests under a groundbreaking scheme being devised by former Australian of the Year Tim Flannery."

Climate Plans by New York, Florida Prod US on Global Accord

Bloomberg's Jim Efstathiou Jr. and Adam Satariano report: "President George W. Bush is pressing allies in Europe for a global warming agreement based on voluntary targets for pollution reduction. State officials in the US have already left him behind."

Government Waste

This Friday on PBS, "Bill Moyers Journal examines waste and abuse of power in Washington with a look at the investigations being conducted by Congress's Committee on Oversight and Government Reform."

Empire State Building car zap mystery

Informant: cosmicvisionary

Biden: Mukasey Stance on Torture "Shocks My Conscience"

Informant: Romi Elnagar


Democrats Grill Mukasey

Manu Raju, of The Hill, reports: "Attorney General Mukasey told Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.) that the method by which to measure when a tough interrogation technique is needed should fall under a 'shocks-the-conscience' standard. That standard essentially is a 'balancing test' between the 'heinousness of doing it, the cruelty of doing it' versus the value of the information the detainee might divulge. 'You're the first person I've ever heard say what you just said,' Biden said. 'Matter of fact, it shocks my conscience.'"

Opponents warn against radiation from U.S. radar base in Czech Republic

Vermont Lawmakers: Bring the Guard Home Now

Informant: John Calvert

U.S. slump spreading around the globe, IMF warns

Financial turbulence is carrying the U.S. slump to the rest of the world, and now the global economy is in the midst of a serious slowdown, the International Monetary Fund said yesterday

US recession will dwarf dotcom crash

The views of Stephen Roach, one of the world's leading economists, now heading the Asian wing of Morgan Stanley, would have seemed outrageous at last year's World Economic Forum.

US House passes stimulus package

The United States House of Representatives has approved an economic stimulus package worth $150bn in a bid to prop up the nation's faltering economy.

America's meltdown

Once again, the health and happiness of the average American is being sacrificed so that those in power can continue to make poor choices.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. Failed to Oversee Corps on Iraq Work, Agency Says

A federal report released Tuesday says the Army Corps of Engineers charged the government hundreds of millions of dollars for supervising projects in Iraq that have been identified as having failed or fallen behind schedule specifically because oversight was lax or nonexistent.

From Information Clearing House

Iraq oil cash not spent for reconstruction

Increased Iraqi oil revenues stemming from high prices and improved security are piling up in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York rather than being spent on needed reconstruction projects, a Washington Times study of Iraq's spending and revenue figures has shown.

From Information Clearing House

Bush asserts authority to bypass defense act

President Bush this week declared that he has the power to bypass four laws, including a prohibition against using federal funds to establish permanent US military bases in Iraq, that Congress passed as part of a new defense bill.

From Information Clearing House


Bush Asserts Authority to Bypass Defense Act

America's Middle Classes Are No Longer Coping

By Robert Reich

The fact is, middle-class families have exhausted the coping mechanisms they have used for more than three decades to get by on median wages that are barely higher than they were in 1970, adjusted for inflation. Male wages today are in fact lower than they were then.

The Billary Road to Republican Victory


Few national Democratic leaders have the courage to stand up to the Clintons. Even in defeat, Mr. Obama may at least help wake up a party slipping into denial. Any Democrat who seriously thinks that Bill will fade away if Hillary wins the nomination - let alone that the Clintons will escape being fully vetted - is a Democrat who, as the man said, believes in fairy tales.

Eight More Years?

By Ralph Nader

Bill Clinton's presidential resume was full of favors for the rich and powerful. Corporate welfare subsidies, handouts and giveaways flourished, including subsidizing the Big Three Auto companies for a phony research partnership while indicating there would be no new fuel efficiency regulations while he was President.

A Political Prisoner: The Don Siegelman Case

By Ernest Partridge

State of the Union: what about the state of the Gulf's wetlands?

The Burdens of Empire

Informant: David Swanson

From ufpj-news


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