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US attorney general opens probe into CIA tapes

The Verdict Is In: Our Voting System Is a Loser

Mother Jones' Michael Mechanic interviews William Poundstone about the mathematical impossibility of designing a perfectly fair plurality voting system.

Note to Iowa

For AlterNet, Joshua Holland writes: "While it's true that the big three have similar stances on a number of issues, on Iraq - the one that Democrats and swing voters say is either their top concern, or No. 2 after the economy - the top candidates' differences couldn't be more significant. In fact, only John Edwards among the top three Dems would effectively end the occupation of Iraq within a year of taking office."

Dahr Jamail's "Beyond the Green Zone"

Leslie Thatcher reviews Dahr Jamail's book, "Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches from an Unembedded Reporter in Occupied Iraq," and interviews him about viewing the US occupation through the eyes of Iraqis.

Report May Have Motivated Destruction of Torture Tapes

Truthout's Jason Leopold reports, "When Congress returns from its winter break in mid-January and continues its probe into the destruction of CIA interrogation videotapes, the lawmakers may be interested in speaking to Mary O. McCarthy."

Thousands Exposed to Poison by Government's Aerial Spraying

Sometimes bad dreams do come true. My bad dream was that the government issued quarantine, and forced everybody to be vaccinated for some fake disease. In my dream, I took my family, and fled to the hills to avoid being vaccinated. Now...

Informant: Dorothee Krien

Ron Paul War Room goes live


Prosecutor named in torture tapes cover-up may target Cheney

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

How safe is Wifi?

Being exposed to the microwave (2.45GHz) radiation constantly emitted by WiFi routers is as safe as being in the main beam from a phone mast. But is that safe? Comparing the levels with those emitted by a mobile phone is not very helpful since we do not know those are safe either! There is evidence in some studies of longer term users of increased brain tumour risk on the side of the head they hold the mobile. There are reports of cancer clusters around phone masts but the government refuse to investigate. However 2 scientific studies in other countries show a trebling of cancer risk for exposure under 10 years . It may be more informative to compare the levels of microwaves with those that naturally existed up until 15 years ago when this technology started. You would find the levels are up to trillions of times higher now because the background microwave level is virtually zero. Is it sensible to compare these with light or with what used to exist in the microwave part of the spectrum? The European wide REFLEX project found human DNA shattered after short exposure to the levels we are exposed to now. The radiation intensity in the main beam from a phone mast is the same order of magnitude as a few meters from a WiFi router. (You can hire measuring equipment and see for yourself) These levels are below guidelines which is why the HPA is so confident about its study. However the guidelines are only intended to protect from short term heat shocks and do not protect against long term lower levels of exposure where heating is not the issue. All the independent scientists are calling for a revision of these out of date guidelines.

If you must have WiFi rather than cables then I would advise turn it off when not in use and especially at night.

For more information and links to scientific research see


Criminal Investigation of CIA Tape Destruction Not Enough

Cindy Sheehan: All Power to the People

A Dynasty Isn't a Democracy

Anger Over Bush Administration Alaskan Sea Drilling Plan


Alaska Oil Exploration to Begin

Warren Bull, BBC News: "The US government says it will offer exploration rights for oil and gas in a north-western region of Alaska.... But environmental groups fear the effects on wildlife in the region, including the polar bear population."

IO coverage of the Ron Paul revolution

Cell phone users tie up traffic

Wed Jan 2, 3:19 PM

By Julie Steenhuysen

CHICAGO (Reuters) - If you're late for work, a driver using a cell phone may be to blame. U.S. researchers said on Wednesday that people who use cell phones while behind the wheel impede the flow of traffic, clog highways and extend commute times.


Informant: Mark G.

Congressional Crackdown on Lobbying Is Already Showing Cracks

David M. Herszenhorn reports for The New York Times: "Congressional Democrats like to boast that the rules, in the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007, will go a long way toward ending the influence-peddling that has become common in American politics. But writing a strong law does not necessarily mean that strict interpretation and robust enforcement will follow."

FEC Adds Fine to Hastert's Legal Bills in Mark Foley Case

Mary Ann Akers and Paul Kane report for The Washington Post, "As if the House page scandal involving former representative Mark Foley (R-Fla.) hadn't done enough damage to Republicans, now we discover that legal bills arising from it landed former speaker J. Dennis Hastert's campaign committee in hot water with the Federal Election Commission."

John Edwards's Righteous Anger

Truthout's Scott Galindez writes: "The corporate media over the last couple of months has been pushing a notion that John Edwards sounds 'angry.' Are we witnessing another attempt to take down a candidate that threatens the corporate power structure? Do we have a repeat of four years ago when the media made a big deal about Howard Dean shouting over the crowd noise?"

Agribusiness Giants seek to gain Worldwide Control over our Food Supply

Reviewing F. William Engdahl's "Seeds of Destruction"

Informant: Speakingbear


Agribusiness Giants seek to gain Worldwide Control over our Food Supply

I've noticed that you've got only the first part of Stephen Lendman's book review.

Here's the full article.

Potential Health Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods

Unleashing GMO Seeds: "Food is Power"
Reviewing F. William Engdahl's Seeds of Destruction, Part 3.

Informant: Dorothee Krien

Conservationists rap Arctic drilling plan

Informant: Teresa Binstock

Verletzung der Privatsphäre als globaler Trend

Immer mehr Staaten überwachen ihre BürgerÜberwachung

Ron Paul: Rage against the machine

by Devvy Kidd

Today is the Iowa caucus. In five days the New Hampshire primary will take place. Candidates from the Republican and Democrat parties are attempting to get the vote, no matter how many lies and false promises they have to make. The exception is Congressman Ron Paul , whose voting record for 22 years and his absolute consistent stand on constitutional government cannot be disputed. No flip-flopping, no tarts in the back ground, no scandals and this man will never sell us out to any special interest group in this country or globally, i.e., the Bilderberg group of world totalitarian monsters........

The Secret of Ron Paul's Success

by Cliff Kincaid

Many in the media are intrigued by Rep. Ron Paul’s success in the presidential campaign but usually focus on how much money he is raising. In terms of issues, some think he is rising in the polls because of his opposition to the Iraq War. That may be a factor, but my research convinces me that he is doing well primarily because he has a traditional Republican message of returning to smaller and less expensive government. More than that, however, he is talking about the threat posed by global institutions........

The 9/11 Solution

Ron Paul: Absolute faith in free markets & less government

Christian Science Monitor
by Gail Russell Chaddock


Ron Paul still looks surprised when his calls to follow the Constitution and restore a sound currency set off whoops of approval at a campaign stop. The 10-term GOP congressman from Texas has been making these points for 30 years, with little to show for it beyond hundreds of House votes on the short end of 434 to 1. Critics called him a crank. But lately, his views and values — the product of a lifetime of intense, self-directed study — are finding an audience. His message is basic: freedom and limited government. Repeal the welfare-warfare state. Get out of Iraq, now. Abolish the income tax. End the war on drugs. Put the dollar back on a more solid footing...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Economic outlook 2008: Darkening clouds

Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Dominick Armentano


Presidential election years usually are not recessionary but next year will be an exception. Several economic factors are colliding in an almost perfect storm to markedly slow the general economy and the stock market. The most important signal flashing recession is, of course, the subprime mortgage fiasco. After years of monetary inflation on the part of the Federal Reserve, individuals and families with poor credit were suckered into low-down-payment/low-interest adjustable mortgages that simply cannot be maintained or repaid under current conditions...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Big Brother gets bigger, says global privacy study



According to a new international privacy report, governments around the world are increasingly invading the privacy of citizens with surveillance, identification systems, and archiving of private data. Driven by concern over immigration and border control, countries have been quick to implement database, identity, and fingerprinting systems, according to the 2007 International Privacy Ranking report...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

US admissions of Iraqi refugees lagging

Bloomington Pantagraph


U.S. admissions of Iraqi refugees are nose-diving amid bureaucratic in-fighting despite the Bush administration’s pledge to boost them to roughly 1,000 per month, according to State Department statistics obtained by The Associated Press. For the third straight month since the United States said it would improve processing and resettle 12,000 Iraqis by the end of the current budget year on Sept. 30., the number admitted has actually slid, the figures show...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Next-up news n°428

Who do you think will win the GOP caucuses in Iowa?

In welchem Staat sind wir gelandet?

On debt and the decline of the Ottoman and US empires

Dying Hegemons

From Information Clearing House

How Would a Patriot Act? Defending American Values from a President

Open Letters On behalf of Ron Paul

An Open Letter to Pastors and Church Leaders

Don Garlits on 25 reasons he supports Ron Paul

Read More Open Letters

We Are All Prussians Now

Peace Orgs Plan for March 2008

American Workers Are Laboring Longer Hours

Joe Napsha of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports: "Americans are putting in more hours at work, about 42.5 hours in 2006, compared to about 37.5 hours in 2003, according to time-use surveys by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. The extra hours are a result of fewer employees to do work, fears of job security, a need for overtime pay and a hope for advancement, experts say."

A Divide as Wolves Rebound in a Changing West

Kirk Johnson, The New York Times, says, "Sheltered for many years by federal species protection law, the gray wolves of the West are about to step out onto the high wire of life in the real world, when their status as endangered animals formally comes to an end early this year."

Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich

This week on Bill Moyers Journal, "On the Friday after the Iowa caucuses, Paul and Kucinich will give their perspectives on the results, the politics and the process as the field heads to New Hampshire."

EPA Sued for Denying States' Right to Curb Emissions

Margot Roosevelt of The Los Angeles Times reports: "California and 15 other states filed suit against the federal government today for denying them the right to restrict carbon dioxide emissions from cars and trucks, a major cause of global warming."

Special forces on standby over nuclear threat

US special forces snatch squads are on standby to seize or disable Pakistan's nuclear arsenal in the event of a collapse of government authority or the outbreak of civil war following the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

From Information Clearing House

Bhutto 'was about to spill the beans'

Benazir Bhutto was poised to offer proof that Pakistan's election commission and shadowy spy agency were seeking to rig an upcoming general election the night she was assassinated, a top aide said.

Bhutto Murder Theories Used as Political Tool,1518,526141,00.html

From Information Clearing House

24,000 civilian Iraqi deaths in 2007

US-LED coalition and paramilitary forces in Iraq were responsible for some 24,000 violent civilian deaths in 2007, according to an independent group monitoring casualties in the war-ravaged country.,23599,22999216-2,00.html

From Information Clearing House

ISI's Desperate Bid To Save Musharraf

By Abid Ullah Jan

Alternative media is the West is falling prey to the ISI propaganda to save Musharraf.

Tell BLM to Protect Oregon's Forests

How to Erode and Destroy Democracy

Bombs, Booty and the Necessary Utopia

Writing for Geneva's Le Temps, Jean-Jacques Roth posits that sane environmental policies will provide the only way through the globalization-induced polarizations of identity and income inequality that increasingly characterize our world.

The Legacy of Bush

The Bush Legacy

Conservative Courts Likely to Be Bush Legacy

David G. Savage, of The Los Angeles Times, writes, "After nearly seven years in the White House, President Bush has named 294 judges to the federal courts, giving Republican appointees a solid majority of the seats, including a 60%-to-40% edge over Democrats on the influential U.S. appeals courts."

The Bush Legacy (Take One)

Tom Engelhardt writes for TomDispatch, "If you don't mind thinking about the Bush legacy a year early, there are worse places to begin than with the case of Erla Osk Arnardottir Lilliendahl."

The Bush Legacy (Take Two)

Tom Engelhardt imagines what it would be like to rid ourselves of one legacy of the Bush administration - the "Global War on Terror."

The Legacy of Bush II

Robert Scheer writes for Truthdig: "Curb your enthusiasm. Even if your favored candidate did well on Super Tuesday, ask yourself if he or she will seriously challenge the bloated military budget that President Bush has proposed for 2009. If not, military spending will rise to a level exceeding any other year since the end of World War II, and there will be precious little left over to improve education and medical research, fight poverty, protect the environment or do anything else a decent person might care about." And, The New York Times editorial board writes: "President Bush's 2009 budget is a grim guided tour through his misplaced priorities, failed fiscal policies and the disastrous legacy that he will leave for the next president. And even that requires you to accept the White House's optimistic accounting, which seven years of experience tells us would be foolish in the extreme."

The Infamous Drug Company Fiasco


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