Cell Tower Threat Near Harbin Hot Springs


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From: Angela Flynn
Date: January 27, 2008 5:13:29 PM PST
To: CDD@co.lake.ca.us, georgineh@co.lake.ca.us
Cc: reception@harbin.org, elke@harbin.org, ewilson@record-bee.com
Subject: Proposed US Cellular Tower to be located on Diamond D Ranch near Harbin Hot Springs

Dear Lake County Planning Commissioners, Planning Department and Board of Supervisors,

I write to you regarding the proposed US Cellular tower that would be located on Diamond D Ranch near Harbin Springs Road. Please add this testimony to the public docket on this item.

I live about 200 feet from a cell tower. The electromagnetic radiation (emr) emissions from the antennas cause a subtle stress to my body all of the time and I have difficulty sleeping. Recently when the power went out everyone was leaving downtown and this tower must have had increased emissions as the level of emissions is tied to usage. This increased level of emissions caused me to feel even worse ill health effects. My head and eyes felt an uncomfortable pressure and I found it hard to concentrate. It took me a week to recover from this.

I became aware of this issue because I took a training where I was 60 feet from and at the same height as cellular antennas. I found I was experiencing a full body muscle ache and my joints felt literally fried. They were what I can only describe as creaky. It is a sensation I had never felt prior or since. After going to this location 2 days a week for 3 weeks I had a severe reaction. My short term memory was gone and I could not and did not sleep for four days/nights. I did some research and found these to be symptomatic of exposure to wireless emissions. It took over a month and a lot of natural supplements, changes in my diet and exercise to get back to my normal very healthy self. When I mentioned my symptoms to the instructors of my training they told me that many of the other people there had similar symptoms. It has become evident to me that many people are suffering harm from wireless emissions without knowing the cause of this harm.

I was a guest at Harbin Hot Springs over the holidays. It was my first visit and I had a most lovely time. It truly is a refuge from our every busier and increasingly polluted world. I discovered while there that the subtle stress I experience from living so close to a cell tower went away. I found I could meditate and sleep soundly through the night without taking any sleeping aids. The installation of cellular antennas in the vicinity of Harbin Hot Springs will diminish the attraction the resort has for me and many other potential guests and this will cause a loss of property value to the owners.

According to the Telecommunication's Act of 1996 the perceived loss of property value is a valid reason to deny a cellular antenna application. As the proximity of cellular antennas to Harbin Hot Springs will cause a loss of perceived property value to the resort the Planning Department should deny this application.

Many people today are being harmed by the huge increase in exposure to emr due to wireless communication devices. However most people do not realize the cause for the harm. I happened to know the cell towers were there when I had my extreme exposure. If I had not I would never have known what damaged me. I put myself in that location of extreme exposure because I did not believe cell tower antennas emissions could cause me harm. I was clearly wrong.

Our government only takes into account the thermal effect from this non-ionizing radiation. The limits they have set are to protect people from literally getting burned by the microwave frequency radio waves emitted by the antennas. While our government does not believe that emr can have non-thermal bio effects, there is an ever growing body of evidence that demonstrates that it does. The BioInitiative (Publ. 08/07) reviews 2,000 such studies (www.bioinititiative.org) and I hereby submit it to the Lake County Planning Department, Commissioners and Board of Supervisors.

The emr from wireless devices non thermal bio effects is due to the radiation causing the electrons in our cells to twist thereby changing their polarization. This interferes with cellular function. If you understand how MRI works, it is a similar phenomenon. However MRI is used in very controlled situations for short durations. Radiation from cellular antennas is a constant exposure to the people who live and work nearby. The fact that this radiation is pulsed and travels through us in multiple directions compounds the problem. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 did not take this harmful effect into account for the levels they have set as safe. It is now up to our local governing bodies to step in and take the necessary action to protect their constituents.

Sincerely submitted,

Angela Flynn
204 Gault Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95062


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