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A Letter from Guantanamo by Sami al-Haj

By Al-Jazeera Cameraman Sami al-Haj

The U.S. was the country that prided itself by bringing peace; now, sadly, instead it rains down violence and discord. Guantánamo is the most obvious example of this.

Al Jazeera cameraman Sami al-Haj hits out at US captors

Saying that "rats are treated with more humanity", al-Hajj said inmates' "human dignity was violated".

Guantanamo inmates on hunger strike

Detainees at the Guantanamo Bay naval base in Cuba have begun a new hunger strike.

Interview-"Torture is terrorism", ex-Guantanamo man tells US

"My last message to the U.S. administration is that torture will not stop terrorism -- torture is terrorism."

From Information Clearing House


Al Jazeera Cameraman Freed From Guantanamo After Six Years

The Associated Press: "An Al-Jazeera cameraman was released from US custody at Guantanamo Bay and returned home to Sudan early Friday after six years of imprisonment that drew worldwide protests. Sami al-Haj arrived at the airport in Sudan's capital, Khartoum, on a US military plane along with two other Sudanese released from Guantanamo."


Reflection on Sami al-Haj

Common Dreams
by Susan Crane


On May 27th, with 34 others, I face trial for attempting to bring to public scrutiny the issues of indefinite detention and torture and the lack of Geneva Convention protections and of habeas corpus for the prisoners. Some of us have decided to be silent during the trial and not offer any defense — a gesture of solidarity with the Guantanamo prisoners, like Sami, who are not allowed to defend themselves in court, who are not permitted to see the evidence against them and are convicted before the ‘trial’ begins. Clive Stafford Smith, who represented Sami al-Haj and worked hard for his release, was not allowed to attend hearings concerning Sami. It will be a challenge to sit silently in a courtroom, knowing that truth matters little. It will be hard because we know that, despite the rhetoric, we are seen as guilty because we were arrested — regardless of what we did or didn’t do, just as the Guantanamo men are seen as guilty regardless of what they did or didn’t do...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

It Was The Hope Of The World

By Mark A. Goldman

Their handiwork has left behind a multitude of dead bodies, still uncounted. The murdered, the dispossessed, the mind-damaged, and the broken-bodied suffering souls remind us that something evil has been going on in our name that we don't understand, something that by official decree we are forbidden to understand.

A Time to Break Silence

By Rev. Martin Luther King

By 1967, King had become the country's most prominent opponent of the Vietnam War, and a staunch critic of overall U.S. foreign policy, which he deemed militaristic. In his "Beyond Vietnam" speech delivered at New York's Riverside Church on April 4, 1967 -- a year to the day before he was murdered -- King called the United States "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today."

How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves at Government Expense

Democracy Now! Audio & Transcript

How government subsidies and new regulations have quietly funneled money from the poor and the middle class to the rich and politically connected.

American Theocracy: Radical Religion, Oil, and Debt

Kevin Phillips describes how world dominating powers historically typically unravel through global overreach, militant religion, resource problems, and ballooning debt.

From Information Clearing House

Polish town leery of US missile defense

Among the people living around this disused Polish air base, there is little enthusiasm for the missile interceptor station likely to be built here as part of a U.S. missile defense system.

From Information Clearing House

Making the World Safe for Despots

"In the last six years, Washington has stepped up its sales and transfers of high-technology weapons, military training, and other military assistance to governments regardless of their respect for human rights, democratic principles, or nonproliferation," according to a report in the current (Jan.-Feb.) "Arms Control Today".

From Information Clearing House

War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning

By Christopher Hedges

Hedges discusses how human beings are conditioned to embrace what he calls "the myth of war" -- the idea that combat is noble, selfless, and glorious. - Hedges reveals the reality of war, which he knows firsthand, to be the destruction of culture, the perversion of human desire, and the embrace, ultimately, of death over life.

Who Are the American Fascists?

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges explores the rise of the Christian right in America, drawing parallels with the rise of fascism in Europe prior to the Second World War. How does the vision of the United States as a Christian nation relate to our Bill of Rights?

From Information Clearing House

Good Jobs Are Where the Money Is

By Bob Herbert

Big business and the federal government have worked hand in hand to squeeze the daylights out of working people, stripping them (in an era of downsizing and globalization) of much of their bargaining power while ferociously pursuing fiscal policies that radically favored the privileged few.

Bread and Circuses

By Morton Skorodin

The Roman emperors provided bread and circuses for their people. The American empire does the same, though lately with less bread. They're making up for it in the circuses department. I'm talking about the election charade.

Everyone Is Yelling For Peace

By Monica Benderman

To a young man or woman who grew up believing they would never have a way out of the poverty that was their childhood reality, the military offers every dream come true. With no assurance that their life was going to matter anyway, it is not a stretch to understand why they are willing to sign it away for a chance at the success they were certain to only dream about before the military offered its collateral.

There Is No "War on Terror"

By Edward S. Herman and David Peterson

One of the most telling signs of the political naiveté of liberals and the Left in the United States has been their steadfast faith in much of the worldview that blankets the imperial state they call home. Nowhere has this critical failure been more evident than in their acceptance of the premise that there really is something called a "war on terror" or "terrorism".

Emergency Paper Ballot Bill If You Will Speak Out Now

The election season is just getting started, and already the recount in New Hamphire, where they DO have paper ballots, has exposed missing memory cards and other machine related breakdowns. As if we did not have enough proof already, we simply cannot trust our sacred right to vote in this critical upcoming election to secret proprietary machines owned by radically partisan private corporations.

For this reason there is renewed urgency to assist any jurisdiction that has had it with those infernal problematic machines, and wants to switch back to tried, true and AUDITABLE paper ballots. Rush Holt has introduced a stop gap bill, and once again, John Laesch, candidate for the old Hastert seat in IL-14 is demonstrating his own leadership on this issue.

Emergency Paper Ballot Action Page: (anyone can use this link)

Facebook Version: (to use this you must be a member of Facebook and logged in)

John Laesch is running in a special primary election coming up in just 2 weeks on Feb 5th, that can help set the tone for the entire primary season to come. Please submit the action page sponsored by John above, and please also consider making a donation to encourage him to keep standing strong on the issues you care about.

John Laesch Donations:

As the Democratic nominee in 2006, John Laesch pulled 40 percent against the powerful incumbent Hastert in the general election, and John is in the running again. With numbers like that, and especially given the shift in public sentiment in the last two years, this is a very winnable race.

Here is John's message to you on the importance of acting now to bring back paper ballots everywhere:


Protect the Integrity of Our Democracy!

Representative Rush Holt (D-NJ) has introduced the "Emergency Assistance for Secure Elections Act of 2008". This act will help election authorities using e-voting to convert to paper ballots, offer emergency paper ballots or convert audits by hand counts. We want to make sure that every vote is counted, that every election result is verifiable.

Accoring to Holt, there are six states that have no verifiable paper trail and counties in 16 other states have the same problem. That means 20 states cannot fully verify their votes in the primaries or the November Presidential election.

This is no way to run a Democracy. This legislation needs to be passed immediately to protect our elections! Our democracy can only be as strong as the integrity of our elections. It is critical that we support Rep. Holt’s legislation. Citizens need to know that their vote will be counted, and that they can trust our electoral process.

Help us ensure our elections are transparent and verifiable, and protect the integrity of our democracy!

Let your representative know that We the People want all our votes tocount.

Paid for by Friends of John Laesch

*** End John Laesch Message ***

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


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Meet the real boss

Warum soll ich überhaupt meine Privatsphäre schützen?

Informant: Knut W. Schlanert

McConnell wants right to examine every 'e-mail, file transfer, or Web search'

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

KU professor has nightmare vision of global positioning technology

Informant: Susan Clarke

Coming Soon An X-ray Vision Gun

Montana Governor Foments Real ID Rebellion

Informant: freespeaknow

Nuclear blow to UK climate policy

Any new nuclear plants will leave a deadly radioactive legacy for future generations who will be those who pay the colossal clean up costs.

Kinderkrebs um Atomkraftwerke: Ärzte fordern sofortige Maßnahmen

Kleinkinder, die näher an deutschen Atomkraftwerken wohnen, erkranken häufiger an Krebs und an Leukämie, als Kleinkinder, die weiter von Atomkraftwerken entfernt wohnen.ämie

EU-Umweltkommissar kritisiert Agrar-Sprit

Dimas verspricht „scharfes Vorgehen“ gegen Diesel aus Palmöl.öl

Tierische Lebensmittel "ohne Gentechnik": Wahlfreiheit für Verbraucher

Verbraucher- und Umweltverbände, ökologische Lebensmittelwirtschaft und Handel unterstützen verbesserte Kennzeichnung.

Durst nach Palmöl bedroht seltene Tropen-Fauna

Die EU will offenbar über die Richtlinien bei der verpflichtenden Beimengung von Agrotreibstoffen neu entscheiden, berichtet BBC-Online.öl

Menschenrechtsverletzungen sind in Tibet ein alltägliches Geschehen

Ein neuer Bericht von TibetWatch verleiht im Exil lebenden tibetischen Mönchen und Nonnen eine Stimme.

Dalai Lama übt scharfe Kritik an China

Der Dalai Lama hat die chinesische Besiedelungspolitik in Tibet scharf kritisiert.

Steinkohlekraftwerke sind unwirtschaftlich

Eine aktuelle Studie zeigt: Steinkohlekraftwerke sind nicht wirtschaftlich, wenn die CO2-Emissionsrechte ab 2013 vollständig versteigert werden.

Agrosprit: Wunschdenken und Wirklichkeit

Zehn Prozent Agrosprit im Tank bis 2020, lautet die Zielvorgabe der EU-Kommission. Ob es dabei bleibt, ist fraglich. Ein EU-interner Bericht, der Greenpeace zugespielt wurde, bestätigt: Die Schäden wären enorm. Auch die Bundesregierung mit ihrem 20-Prozent-Ziel muss sich dieser Realität stellen.

Biodiesel: Markt bricht ein

Ein großer Teil der deutschen Biodieselhersteller fürchtet sich nach der zum Jahreswechsel eingeführten Steuererhöhung vor der Insolvenz.

Vertraulicher Bericht zu AKW Brunsbüttel

Der Bericht stammt von November 2006 und wurde auch der obersten Aufsichtsbehörde, dem Bundesumweltministerium vorenthalten.üttel

Internationales Jahr des Planeten Erde

Vier Berichte zur Lage. Die hier vorgestellten Berichte zur Lage des Planeten Erde sind so inhaltsschwer und faktenreich, so anregend und zukunftsträchtig, dass sie auch Anlass und Gelegenheit zur Reform unseres Bildungswesens bieten. Von Udo E. Simonis

Klimaschutz made in Austria

Andreas Wabl: "Spätestens in dreißig Jahren wird es auch im Fall der Schneegrenzen zu dramatischen Änderungen gekommen sein. Die Krise des Wintertourismus ist aber auch eine Chance - weg vom harten Massentourismus hin zum sanften Qualitätstourismus."

Berichte über eine aufhaltsame Katastrophe

Kompakt und übersichtlich: Das Wichtigste aus dem IPCC-Report über den Klimawandel und seine Folgen.

Ungewisse Zukunft für Europas Vögel

Der Klimaatlas der europäischen Brutvögel ist ein Meilenstein für das Verständnis potenzieller Auswirkungen des Klimawandels auf die Natur.

Internationale Grüne Woche: Mehr Klimaschutz auf Acker, Ladentheke und Küchentisch

Zum Auftakt der Internationalen Grünen Woche fordert der Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (vzbv) mehr Einsatz der deutschen Land- und Ernährungswirtschaft beim Klimaschutz.


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