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National Religious Campaign against Torture

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From ufpj-news

More Disruptions to The Cheney/Rockefeller FISA Plan

It's Time to Hold Democratic House Leaders in Contempt

Biofuels a Lose-Lose Strategy, Critics Say

Antarctic Glaciers Melting More Quickly

So Is Waterboarding Torture? Mukasey May Never Say

Annual War Cost at $171B and Rising

Reuters reports: "The Iraq war may not dominate US news reports as the carnage drops, but a new report underscores the financial burden of persistent combat that is helping run up the government's credit card."

What about EMF's re the Controlling Cell Behavior with Magnets?

Globalisierung der sozialen Kämpfe: Kämpft zusammen für eine andere Welt

26. Januar 2008

Heute findet der von Sozialforen beschlossene Global Action Day statt. Unter dem Motto "Kämpft zusammen für eine andere Welt" werden überall auf der Welt Aktionen stattfinden. Lokale Initiativen, internationale NGO's, Gewerkschaften und soziale Bewegungen beteiligen sich, damit der Widerstand gegen neoliberale Politikstrategien rund um die Welt sicht- und hörbar wird. Aus Anlass dieses Aktionstages erklärt die stellvertretende Parteivorsitzende Katja Kipping:

Weltweite Aktionstage wie dieser und weltweite Treffen der globalisierungskritischen Kräfte wie das Weltsozialforum sind von enormer Bedeutung. Denn auf die Globalisierung der Wirtschaft kann es nur eine Antwort geben: die Globalisierung der sozialen Kämpfe. Einen Rückfall hinter den nationalstaatlichen Tellerrand darf es nicht geben. Je engagierter der globale Kampf für bessere Arbeitsbedingungen sowie für höhere Sozial- und Umweltstandards ist, umso geringer ist die Erpressbarkeit der Beschäftigten auch in diesem Land. Der globale Aktionstag ist für uns auch Anlass, um an die Forderungen der Internationalen Arbeitsorganisation (ILO) für bessere Arbeitsbedingungen zu erinnern. Dazu gehört u.a. das Verbot von Zwangsarbeit. So heißt es im Übereinkommen über Zwangs- und Pflichtarbeit aus dem Jahre 1930: "Als 'Zwangs- oder Pflichtarbeit' gilt jede Arbeit oder Dienstleistung, die von einer Person unter Androhung irgendeiner Strafe verlangt wird und für die sie sich nicht freiwillig zur Verfügung gestellt hat." Gegen dieses Übereinkommen wird weltweit verstoßen – auch in Deutschland. So gilt seit Hartz IV der Zwang, jedes, aber auch jedes Arbeitsangebot annehmen zu müssen, ansonsten droht die radikale Kürzung oder der Entzug des ohnehin schon niedrigen Arbeitslosengeldes II. Sanktionen, die zur Annahme eines Arbeitsangebotes zwingen, widersprechen dem Übereinkommen der Internationalen Arbeitsorganisation. Deswegen erhebt DIE LINKE auch an diesem Tag die Forderung, die Sanktionen des Hartz-IV-Zwangssystems abzuschaffen und eine repressionsfreie soziale Grundsicherung einzuführen.

Bush Opens Roadless Tongass National Forest to Logging

New Plan for Logging in Alaska Forest

Informant: Teresa Binstock


Bush Opens Roadless Tongass National Forest to Logging

Just Say No to Oil Shale, Leave the Carbon in the Ground



Just Say No to Oil Shale, Leave the Carbon in the Ground

Climate Ark a project of Ecological Internet January 26, 2008

TAKE ACTION Oil shale production in Western U.S. with Department of Energy subsidies will prolong dependence upon filthy fossil fuels while destroying the climate, water and land

Oil shale deposits across 17,000 square miles of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming hold an estimated 800 billion barrels of oil, more than three times Saudi Arabia's stated reserves. Mining, processing and final use of oil shale involve a variety of environmental impacts. The process produces four times the amount of greenhouse gas emissions compared to normal oil production. Vast amounts of water are required in the mining process, up to 4 barrels of water for every barrel of oil. It would be a reckless and short-sighted to allow full-scale commercial production of synthetic crude oils from oil shale and other non-conventional sources. Wide scale use of such oil will result in decades of further carbon emissions from dependence upon fossil fuels, making it impossible to stop climate change. Please send a message today to the U.S. Department of Energy noting that a sustainable energy future does not include oil shale.



Number of genital defects on rise

Navy Resumes Use of Sonar off California

The Christian Science Monitor's Gordon Lubold reports "The Navy aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and its accompanying ships began an exercise Wednesday that allows the aircraft carrier's strike group to use sonar to practice detecting submarines in the waters near San Diego before the ships deploy overseas.... Environmental groups expect a federal judge to rule against the Navy in the coming days, nullifying an exemption signed by Bush last week that environmentalists believe was unconstitutional."

Attorney General Nixes Special Prosecutor in CIA Case

Associate Press reporter Lara Jakes Jordan writes, "Attorney General Michael Mukasey said Friday he doesn't plan for a special prosecutor to investigate whether the CIA broke the law when it destroyed videotapes of terror interrogations, defying some in Congress who want an independent look at the politically charged case."

A soldier's view

FISA 2.0 Called 'Atrocious' Privacy Violation

Privacy advocates say the proposal being offered by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is "atrocious."

From Information Clearing House

US Democrats challenge Bush to renounce waterboarding

Congressional Democrats, trying to get the jump on President George W. Bush's State of the Union speech, challenged him Friday to renounce the use of waterboarding in interrogations, announce he will close Guantanamo Bay to detainees and outline new policies toward Pakistan and Iran.

From Information Clearing House

US Willing to Send Troops to Pakistan

The Bush administration is willing to send a small number of U.S. combat troops to Pakistan to help fight the insurgency there if Pakistani authorities ask for such help, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday.

Pakistan's Musharraf Says No US Troops

Pakistan's president said Friday U.S. troops cannot do a better job than his forces in routing the Taliban and al-Qaida, and the United States should increase its presence in Afghanistan instead to deal with the growing insurgency there.

Pakistani president says U.S. should beef up presence in Afghanistan, not Pakistan

Pervez Musharraf reiterated that Pakistan opposes any foreign forces on its soil and said "the man in the street will not allow this - he will come out and agitate."

From Information Clearing House

Scott Ritter: The Sanctions Trap

Like Security Council resolution 1441, which was passed by the Council in November 2002, on the eve of the US invasion of Iraq, the new Security Council resolution on Iran creates a scenario where one can make the case for or against action against Tehran with equal alacrity, dependent solely on the interpretation of the document's "intent."

From Information Clearing House

Don't Be Fooled By The Myth of John McCain

By Johann Hari

Right up to his twenties, he remained a strikingly violent man, "ready to fight at the drop of a hat", according to his biographer Robert Timberg. This rage seems to be at the core of his personality: describing his own childhood, McCain has written: "At the smallest provocation I would go off into a mad frenzy, and then suddenly crash to the floor unconscious. When I got angry I held my breath until I blacked out."

Chalmers Johnson on the Myth of Free Trade

By Chalmers Johnson

In the 1970s, scared that its position as global hegemon was being undermined, the United States turned decisively toward neoliberalism. It ordered the unholy trinity to bring the developing countries to heel. Through draconian interventions into the most intimate details of the lives of their clients, including birth control, ethnic integration, and gender equality as well as tariffs, foreign investment, privatization decisions, national budgets, and intellectual property protection, the IMF, World Bank, and WTO managed drastically to slow down economic growth in the Third World.

Message From Davos: The Recession Is Coming

By Gary Duncan, Economics Editor in Davos

A full-blown, prolonged recession in America is now inescapable, with the rest of the world set to be dragged into a severe global slowdown despite yesterday's emergency US interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve, leading economists said in Davos this morning.

Chomsky On World Ownership

By Michael Shank

Chomsky on how the U.S. government's belief in its ownership of the world shapes its foreign policy.

How far and entrenched is the retreat from logic in the pursuit and practice of US and UK foreign policy?

The Acid Test

By Claire Spencer

As we face yet more ideologically-driven debate about Iran, the central question is how far and entrenched is this retreat from logic in the pursuit and practice of US and UK foreign policy? Are we all going to stand by while another set of Manechean visions is paraded before us in the form of the struggles between freedom and despotism, moderates and radicals, global jihadi-terrorist networks and pro-Western freedom fighters?

U.S. War Costs In Iraq Up: Report

By Richard Cowan

The Iraq war may not dominate U.S. news reports as the carnage drops, but a new report underscores the financial burden of persistent combat that is helping run up the government's credit card.

How to create Iraqi orphans and then how to make life worse for them

By Robert Fisk

Western mercenaries killed their 48-year-old Iraqi Armenian mother, Marou Awanis, and her best friend - firing 40 bullets into her body as she drove her taxi near their four-vehicle convoy in Baghdad.

Why Bush Wants to Legalize the Nuke Trade with Turkey

Informant: Lew Rockwell

They Knew They Were Right: The Rise of the Neocons

The Long Fuse to the Iraq War

Informant: Lew Rockwell

Hold on to your hat, the bad economic news is just beginning

At the Edge of the Abyss

Harbin residents petition cell tower

By Elizabeth Wilson--Record-Bee staff
Article Last Updated: 01/25/2008 09:02:55 PM PST

LAKE COUNTY -- A decision was made to deny a Jan. 10 appeal filed with the Lake County Planning Commission that would have quashed plans for a proposed cell phone tower in Middletown. A public hearing was held Wednesday during which many residents voiced their opposition to the tower.

More than 1,000 signatures were collected by opponents to stop the project, a US Cellular tower that would be located on Diamond D Ranch near Harbin Springs Road, disguised as a 64-foot tall pine tree. Opponents say electromagnetic radiation emitted from the towers poses health risks, including causing DNA and neurological damage.


New Hampshire Ballot Box Fraud Caught On Video

youtube January 24, 2008

New Hampshire Primary - Sham Chain of Custody

They decided NOT to put the ballots in the vault and the "Seal" does NOT seal the box. Smoke and mirrors in New Hampshire recount.

Informant: shane_digital

Florida's Vanishing Votes: A Comprehensive New Study Faults iVotronic Flaws

Dr. Roi Ankhkara Kwabena has past away

Mobilfunkantenne abgebaut

Gmünder Tagespost (Abonnement) - Baden-Württemberg, Germany

In der Gmünder Weststadt ist gestern die Mobilfunkantenne auf dem Hochhaus in der Römerstraße 20/21 abgebaut worden. Damit geht ein jahrelanger Streit um ...


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