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For Sale: West's Deadly Nuclear Secrets

The Sunday Times

A WHISTLEBLOWER has made a series of extraordinary claims about how corrupt government officials allowed Pakistan and other states to steal nuclear weapons secrets. Sibel Edmonds, a 37-year-old former Turkish language translator for the FBI, listened into hundreds of sensitive intercepted conversations while based at the agency's Washington field office.

Israel to Brief George Bush on Options for Iran strike

Uzi Mahnaimi, Tel Aviv

ISRAELI security officials are to brief President George W Bush on their latest intelligence about Iran's nuclear programme - and how it could be destroyed - when he begins a tour of the Middle East in Jerusalem this week.

Iran still a threat, Bush tells Israeli TV

An Iranian attack on Israel isn't imminent but Iran remains dangerous, U.S. President George Bush said in an interview with an Israeli TV station broadcast Saturday, days before Bush is slated to begin a Mideast visit.

Bush to propose ME plan to "combat" Iran

In his weekly radio address, Bush said that curtailing Iran's "aggressive ambitions" will be one of the key aims of his trip to the region this week.

Iran Ready to Repel Any Invasion

"This peace-loving nation would humiliate any aggressor, regardless of its size and level so that it won't even think of aggression again," Khamenei was quoted as saying by state media during a visit to the central city of Yazd.

Why U.S. strategy on Iran is crumbling

The Gulf has moved away from American arguments for isolating Iran. American policymakers need to do the same.

From Information Clearing House


President Bush To Travel to Middle East



London Times breaks Sibel Edmonds Story

U.S. Considers New Covert Push Within Pakistan

By Steven Lee Myers, David E. Sanger and Eric Schmitt

President Bush's senior national security advisers are debating whether to expand the authority of the Central Intelligence Agency and the military to conduct far more aggressive covert operations in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

US military 'not welcome in Pakistan'

PAKISTAN reacted angrily today to reports that US President George W Bush is considering covert military operations in the country's volatile tribal areas bordering Afghanistan.

From Information Clearing House


US Military Escalation Gets Underway In Pakistan


Top-level White House meeting on Friday discussed Pakistan covert
action plan (NYT)

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

The surveillance continues largely unabated

About Facebook

In The Nation, Ari Melber says, "When one of America's largest electronic surveillance systems was launched in Palo Alto a year ago, it sparked an immediate national uproar. The new system tracked roughly nine million Americans, broadcasting their photographs and personal information on the Internet; 700,000 web-savvy young people organized online protests in just days. Time declared it 'Generation Y's first official revolution,' while a Nation blogger lauded students for taking privacy activism to 'a mass scale.' Yet today, the activism has waned, and the surveillance continues largely unabated."

George McGovern: "Why I Believe Bush Must Go"

Writing for The Washington Post, George McGovern says, "As we enter the eighth year of the Bush-Cheney administration, I have belatedly and painfully concluded that the only honorable course for me is to urge the impeachment of the president and the vice president."

Write to Hillary Clinton to warn her of the dangers of going down the wireless electricity route

Schmutziger Krieg in Somalia

Der Bürgerkrieg in dem ostafrikanischen Land verschärft sich wieder. Ausländische Interessen heizen die Auseinandersetzung an.

Energiesparlampen: Risiko für Menschen, die unter Migräne oder Hautkrankheiten leiden

In Großbritannien verlangen Ärzte und Patientenvereinigungen Ausnahmen vom Plan, Glühbirnen bis 2011 durch Energiesparlampen zu ersetzen.

Was zählt ist Freiheit

Bürgerrechtler setzten Vorratsdatenspeicherung und Bundestrojaner Aktionen wie den "Bundessarg" entgegen. Interview mit Simon Jung und Uwe Schulte vom Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung.

Undisputed Facts Point to the Controlled Demolition of WTC 7

L’antenne relais de téléphonie mobile de Fatima sera retirée suite aux plaintes des Riverains

- HOY 05 01 2008: "L’antenne relais de téléphonie mobile de Fatima
sera retirée suite aux plaintes des Riverains".

Technology in Wartime

Informant: Dorothee Krien

We Agreed to Agree, and Forgot to Notice

In an editorial for The New York Times, Kirk Johnson writes: "Politics might be stuck in the slow lane, but science, capitalism and American culture and society are decidedly not, and all are making creative end runs around the gridlock. Mr. Obama's call in his Iowa victory speech - for 'a coalition for change that stretches through red states and blue states' - evokes an earlier time in America, but it also suggests a future that may be unfolding no matter what politicians like him say or do."

Where's Osama? Bush: "I don't care"

Open Letter to the Press Complaints Commission

Hohe Preise und Temperaturen senken Energieverbrauch kräftig

Verbrauch so hoch wie vor 30 Jahren. Erneuerbare Energien bauen Anteil aus.

Rückblick 2007: Keine Aussichten auf ein besseres Klima

Energie- und Lebensmittelpreise auf Höchstniveau.

Jahr 2007 stellt deutschen Wärmerekord ein

Der anhaltende Trend zu wärmerem Wetter hat sich auch 2007 fortgesetzt.

Peak Oil schon erreicht?

2007 wurden in Deutschland zehn Prozent weniger Erdöl verbraucht als noch im Jahr zuvor. Das hängt sicherlich auch mit dem hohen Ölpreis und dem warmen Jahr 2007 zusammen.

Greenpeace: Merkels Klimapolitik 2007 - inkonsequent und unglaubwürdig

"Politik nach dem Motto ‚Wasch mich – aber mach mich nicht nass’", so bilanziert Greenpeace-Kampagnengeschäftsführer Roland Hipp die Politik der Bundesregierung im Klimajahr 2007.

Unangemessene Energiepreise können von den Kartellbehörden wirksam angegangen werden

WRAN Calls for Moratorium on Cellular Antennas and WiFi in Santa Cruz County


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