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At Florida Polls, Touch Screens and Crossed Fingers

Peter Whoriskey, writing for The Washington Post, reports: "There will be no 'hanging chads' this time around in Florida. The punch-card voting that plagued the 2000 presidential election in the state is long gone. But with Florida's primary on Tuesday, some in the state are bracing for more potential ballot trouble because the new electronic touch-screen machines in much of the state have aroused doubts of their own."

Veto of Wiretap Measure Is Threatened

The Washington Post's Dan Eggen says, "The White House warned Democratic leaders yesterday that President Bush would veto a proposal to extend an expiring surveillance law by 30 days, saying that Congress should quickly approve a Senate bill favored by the Bush administration."

'Torture and Democracy' is Definitive

Judiciary Committee Should Move to Impeach Bush and Cheney

Vermont Town to Vote on Arresting Bush, Cheney


Brattleboro to vote on arresting Bush, Cheney

Rutland Herald

Brattleboro residents will vote at town meeting on whether President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney should be indicted and arrested for war crimes, perjury or obstruction of justice if they ever step foot in Vermont. The Brattleboro Select Board voted 3-2 Friday to put the controversial item on the Town Meeting Day warning. According to Town Clerk Annette Cappy, organizers of the Bush-Cheney issue gathered enough signatures, and it was up to the Select Board whether Brattleboro voters would consider the issue in March. Cappy said residents will get to vote on the matter by paper balloting March 4...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

One Man's Impeachment March To Washington

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The FISA Follies, Redux

The New York Times's editorial board, on the debate over re-authorization of the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, writes: "The Senate (reportedly still under Democratic control) seems determined to help President Bush violate Americans' civil liberties and undermine the constitutional separation of powers."

Phone mast delayed after protest

Many of the parents are worried that the mast might harm their children

A blockade by parents has prevented a mobile phone mast being erected on school grounds.

The T-mobile mast was supposed to go up at Chipstead Valley Primary school in Coulsdon near Croydon.


Tell the FCC and Congress You Support Net Neutrality

We got the heads up from John Laesch, Democratic candidate in the
special election to replace Dennis Hastert in IL-14. The FCC has made
provision for comments from the public on net neutrality, and on
John's request we created a special action page that pipes your
personal comments into the FCC electronic filing system, AND sends
your messages to all your members of Congress at the same time.

Net Neutrality FCC Comments: (anyone can use this link)

Facebook Version: (to use
this you must be a member of Facebook and logged in)

We have already seen blatant moves towards making a two tier toll
road out of our wide open democratic internet, as when Comcast
started discriminating against particular users recently. And you
remember when the AT&T censored Pearl Jam's criticism of Bush, and
when Verizon censored NARAL's pro choice text messages. This is our
chance to speak out and make our voices heard to defend our free

John Laesch's special primary election is coming up in just 1 week on
Feb 5th, which can help set the tone for the entire primary season to
come. Please submit the action page sponsored by John above, and
please also consider making a donation to encourage him to keep
standing strong on the issues you care about.

John Laesch Donations:

As the Democratic nominee in 2006, John Laesch pulled 40 percent
against the powerful incumbent Hastert in the general election, and
John is in the running again. With numbers like that, and especially
given the shift in public sentiment in the last two years, this is a
very winnable race.

Here is John's message to you on the importance of acting now to
ensure network neutrality:


The FCC has bowed to pressure and is investigating complaints that a
major internet service provider is selectively blocking traffic. We
need to let the FCC and Congress know that we are willing to defend
net neutrality from big corporate interests.

The FCC is asking for public comments. Let the FCC know that you
support true net neutrality, and you oppose any attempts by giant
telecoms to weaken or dismantle it.

Paid for by Friends of John Laesch

*** End John Laesch Message ***

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


Powered by The People's Email Network Copyright 2007, Patent pending,
All rights reserved

The Ocean's Biological Deserts Are Expanding

Informant: Teresa Binstock

Resident barricade halts phone mast

By Daniel Knowles

Construction of a phone mast in South Norwood has been halted after more than 100 angry protesters barricaded the site.

Residents and parents blocked two trucks and two cranes from accessing the proposed mast site on Sandown Road this morning in a bid to stop the transmitter being fixed to a building opposite Chipstead Valley Primary School.


An Overview on the Polio Vaccine

by Mary Tocco

Our government is trying to hide behind “junk science” riddled with conflict of interest. Our Institute of Medicine, Federal Drug Administration and the Center for Disease Control all refuse to acknowledge the injuries caused by vaccination. The time is coming when they will not be able to deny their responsibility in the catastrophic rise in illness due to toxic vaccines.......

Grüne Gentechnik: Wir wissen was in jenen Ländern damit passiert ist, wo sie bereits angewandt wird

Bush maneuvering to obtain treaty with Iraq without Senate

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Ministerpräsident Koch will weniger Naturschutz

Hessen will zahnloses Umweltgesetzbuch.

Ölpest-Risiko im Eisbär-Paradies

WWF-Report: Ölkonzerne sind für Katastrophen nicht gerüstet. WWF fordert Moratorium.

Greenpeace und WWF gegen Ölbohrungen Im Wattenmeer

Ölbohrungen im Naturschutzgebiet sind ein Widerspruch in sich!

Zerstörung des Regenwaldes schreitet weiter voran

Die Zerstörung des brasilianischen Amazonas-Regenwaldes hat in den vergangenen Monaten wieder drastisch zugenommen.

EU-Klima-und Energiepaket löst keine Probleme

Nord- und Ostsee erwärmen sich extrem

Temperaturvergleiche seit 1861 belegen Klimawandel.

Meeresspiegelanstieg im Mittelmeer und extreme Erwärmung der Ostsee

Umweltorganisation kritisiert unzureichende Klimaziele der EU.

EU-Klima-und Energiepaket löst keine Probleme

Sowohl die Einsparziele für Klimagase als auch die Ausbauziele für Erneuerbare Energien in Höhe von jeweils 20 Prozent gehen nicht weit genug.ärmung

Renaissance der Atomenergie?

Jetzt – nachdem die englische Regierung neue AKWs bauen will – träumt auch die hiesige Atomlobby wieder von der „Renaissance der Atomkraft“. Schon 1981 hat US-Präsident Ronald Reagan von der“ Renaissance der Atomenergie“ gesprochen – doch seither wurde in den USA kein einziges AKW gebaut – genauer: seit 1973 nicht mehr, seit dem Beinah-Unfall von Harrisburg.

Ron Paul Will Bring Them Home

Sibel Edmonds: "Kill The Messenger"




Kill The Messenger

By Sibel Edmonds - Video Documentary

Most Americans have never heard of Sibel Edmonds, and if the U.S. government has its way, they never will. The former FBI translator turned whistleblower tells a chilling story of corruption at Washington's highest levels-sale of nuclear secrets, shielding of terrorist suspects, illegal arms transfers, narcotics trafficking, money laundering, espionage.

A Real Washington Scandal

Pathetic Arguments for Foreign Intervention

Republican presidential contender Ron Paul certainly deserves credit for putting the foreign policy of noninterventionism into the public debate. It's about time.

From Information Clearing House

Bill Moyers: Old story but with new math

On at least 532 separate occasions those officials told us unequivocally that Iraq had links to Al Quaeda or weapons of mass destruction, or both. Remember when this alarm went off?

From Information Clearing House

More than 72,043 battlefield casualties from Iraq and Afghanistan

The Pentagon officially reported 72,043 battlefield casualties from Iraq and Afghanistan through Jan. 5, 2008. In addition, VA hospitals and clinics have treated 263,909 unplanned patients from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

From Information Clearing House

Karzai: You can call me US puppet

On his perceived image as an impotent leader in thrall to the U.S. administration, Karzai, said he was willing to shoulder insults in return for U.S. assistance.

From Information Clearing House

Critics Fear Pact Will Tie Next President's Hands

As President George W. Bush seeks to deeply entrench U.S. military forces in Iraq, the Congress and foreign policy pundits are looking beyond his term and debating the future of U.S. foreign policy there.

From Information Clearing House

Return to Triangulation: Ambition, Power and the Clintons

By Ralph Nader

For Bill and Hillary Clinton, the ultimate American dream is eight more years. Yet how do you think they would react to having dozens of partisans at their rallies sporting large signs calling for EIGHT MORE YEARS, EIGHT MORE YEARS?

The Profile of a Third World Country: How Bush Destroyed the Dollar

By Paul Craig Roberts

It is difficult to know where Bush has accomplished the most destruction, the Iraqi economy or the US economy.

Iraq: The Forever Treaty

By Seattle PI Editorial

With the clock ticking on our "commitments" in Iraq - the international mandate expires in less than a year - the Bush administration is left in an interesting position. It could create a plan for a troop withdrawal; instead, the plan being negotiated with the Iraqi government focuses on reasons to stay there.

An Unstable Marriage

By Jonathan Steele

Defeat in Iraq? The paradox of Baghdad is that a fundamentally anti-western government is umbilically linked to US occupation.

When young American men and women sign up to serve in US military, the government makes a basic promise to them

By Aaron Glantz

When young American men and women sign up to serve in US military, our government makes a basic promise to them: that if they are wounded in the line of duty they will get the care they need. Unfortunately, for tens of thousands of veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, that's a promise that only exists on paper.


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