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Sitting Out the Election

By Mary Pitt

It is reminiscent of the summer months in television entertainment. All that we have to anticipate is a choice among reruns. On the Republican side, we are left with a Southern Baptist preacher who would prefer that we return to the dark ages, with witch-burning and stocks in the public square. Then there is John McCain who has nothing more to offer than the old men on Memorial Day, stuffed into their uniforms and trying to look as if they are ready to take the next hill.

In Opposition To The Protect America Act

By Rep. Ron Paul, M.D.

The mis-named Protect America Act allows the US government to monitor telephone calls and other electronic communications of American citizens without a warrant. This clearly violates the Fourth Amendment the US Constitution.

Iraqis Are People, Too


Arrogance, Racism Or American Exceptionalism? You decide.

The Evolution of Evil

By Joel S. Hirschhorn

Activists and dissidents should understand that evil forces and tyrannical governments have evolved. Just as human knowledge and science expand, so do the strategies and instruments used by rulers, elites and plutocrats. By learning from history and using new technology they have smarter tools of tyranny.

British Soldiers 'Tortured and Killed' 22 Iraqis


Out of the 31 people detained only nine survived and they claim they were subjected to torture.

American Justice: To the Dark Side

We are all torturers now


This is the America that our leaders want us to be proud of? This is the America we have built? This is who we are?


At Last, Australia Takes a Stand Against the Dark Side and the Bush Administration

Berkeley Finds a New Way to Make War Politics Local

Jesse McKinley, of The New York Times, reports: "while the City Council here has little - read, no - sway over foreign policy and distant wars, local parking is a different matter. And so it was that a parking space directly in front of the recruiting station here for the Marine Corps was awarded on Tuesday night to an antiwar group in the hope of running the Marines out of town. Having failed in recent years to impeach President Bush and stop the war in Afghanistan, members of the City Council approved a resolution that encourages people to nonviolently 'impede, passively or actively,' the work of the recruiters."

Bush's Budget Lean on Domestic Programs

Kevin Freking, of The Associated Press, writes: "President Bush's 2009 budget will virtually freeze most domestic programs and seek nearly $200 billion in savings from federal health care programs, a senior administration official said Thursday. Overall, the Bush budget will exceed $3 trillion, this official said. The deficit is expected to reach about $400 billion for this year and next."

Fix or Ditch the Lieberman-Warner Global Warming Bill

Report Says 88 Percent of National Guard Units Unprepared

William H. McMichael reports for Air Force Times on the final report of the Commission on the National Guard and Reserve, "which went beyond its original charter to review the structure and management of the reserve components by also recommending an overhaul of personnel policies for active members." Meanwhile, Erin Kelly, writing for Gannett News Service, reports, "President Bush signed legislation pushed by Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont this week repealing a controversial law that had made it easier for the White House to take over control of the National Guard from governors."

The economy is in danger of stalling

Economy Sheds Jobs, Unemployment Stable

Dean Baker reports for Truthout, "For the first time since data has been kept, manufacturing is less than 10 percent of employment."

Payrolls Drop for First Time Since 2003

Jeannine Aversa, writing for The Associated Press, reports, "Nervous employers cut 17,000 jobs in January -- the first such reduction in more than four years and a fresh sign that the economy is in danger of stalling."

Keith Olbermann: Special Comment Regarding FISA

Keith Olbermann, on MSNBC Countdown, comments: "And finally, as promised, a Special Comment - of FISA and the telecoms. In a presidency of hypocrisy - an administration of exploitation - a labyrinth of leadership - in which every vital fact is a puzzle inside a riddle wrapped in an enigma hidden under a claim of executive privilege...this one ... is surprisingly easy."

Military Suicides Are Unacceptable Casualties of An Unjustifiable War

Suspected Use of Torture Undermines Credibility of 9/11 Report

Bush Plans to Leave a Lot of Unfinished Business

Something Had to Give: How Oil Burst the American Bubble

Stepford Republicans: All Caught on Tape

The Tenacity of American Militarism

William J. Astore, writing for, says: "Recent polls suggest that Americans trust the military roughly three times as much as the president and five times as much as their elected representatives in Congress. The tenacity of this trust is both striking and disturbing. It's striking because it comes despite widespread media coverage of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib, the friendly-fire cover-up in the case of Pat Tillman's death, and alleged retribution killings by Marines at Haditha. It's disturbing because our country is founded on civilian control of the military."

Domestic Spying Program Could Aid Terrorists, Experts Say

War Spending Dwarfs Climate Change Measures


Wars Dwarf Warming in US Budget

Jim Lobe for the Inter Press Service reports, "Despite growing recognition in the Pentagon and the intelligence community that global warming poses serious national security threats to the United States, Washington is spending $88 on the military for every dollar it spends this year on climate-related programs, according to a new study released Thursday by the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS)."

Klimawandel: Wer 2030 hungern wird

Wie wirkt sich die Klimaerwärmung auf die Ernährungssituation weltweit aus? Forscher haben berechnet, wo die Nahrungsversorgung bis 2030 am gefährdetsten ist.

Irak-Krieg: Hunderttausend oder eine Million Todesopfer?

Nicht nur politisch, sondern auch wissenschaftlich streitet man über die Zahl der Opfer seit der Invasion im Jahr 2003.

Tornados gegen Demonstranten: Polizeiaktionen und G8-Proteste in Rostock

Omaha: Root of All Evil?

Informant: David Swanson

From Next-up

Exxon: Das beste Jahr in der US-Geschichte

Exxon Posts Record U.S. Profit

Informant: Teresa Binstock


Chevron 4th-Quarter Profit Rises on Record Oil Prices

Fourth-quarter revenue climbed 29 percent to $61.4 billion, Chevron said. Price gains more than made up for a 1.6 percent decline in oil and natural-gas production.

Shell Rakes in $8.5 Billion in Three Months

Royal Dutch Shell, the world's second-largest publicly traded oil company, today reported net income up 60 percent last quarter to a record $8.47 billion.

From Information Clearing House

Bar Harbor: Council reviews cell tower proposal

One issue towered above the rest at the local Town Council meeting Tuesday: What should the town do about cell phone network infrastructure?

Prompted by interest expressed by Verizon Wireless in expanding its network to Bar Harbor, town planners have come up with a proposal on how to regulate the placement and operation of cell phone towers and facilities that would be erected within the town limits.


People power beats phone firm

Malvern Gazette - Worcester, UK
By Tarik Al Rasheed

PEOPLE power has won the day after a mobile phone company cancelled its plans to build a 40ft mast outside homes in Pickersleigh Road.


Residents set for new mobile mast battle

By Rob Devey

MAST PROTEST: Residents of Little Lever are set for a new battle

RESIDENTS are preparing for a new battle in their bid to have a phone mast taken down.

A public inquiry will decide if the T-Mobile mast in Market Street, Little Lever, should be allowed to remain.

The inquiry has been scheduled to take place at Bolton Town Hall on June 11.


We Will Change the State of our Union!

Die totale Überwachung zuhauseÜberwachung

Dulled American dreams at home and debilitated American influence abroad

Ten months too long

by Marie Cocco


I watch the constitutional and media curiosity that is a president’s State of the Union address as a journalistic and civic duty. Every year it is enlivened a bit by some small tingle of anticipation about how the made-for-TV moment of the night will come across on screen. Last year, it was the historic image of Nancy Pelosi, the first woman speaker of the House, standing behind the president at the rostrum. On Monday, it was the political pairing of Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama, mesmerizing both sides of the aisle in the notoriously partisan House chamber — just as George W. Bush was supposed to be taking command of it. Command Bush did not. The feebleness of a lame-duck president with abysmal public approval ratings has pathos to it. It is all the more dreary today because Bush’s decline has been brought on by his own policies. His is a legacy of dulled American dreams at home and debilitated American influence abroad...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Political stimulus

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Sheldon Richman


Not understanding basic economics is dangerous because you’re vulnerable to political con games foisted by unscrupulous politicians. Economics properly conceived is just common sense about human activity. An examination of the proposed economic stimulus will make this clear. Nearly all politicians claim that the economy needs a stimulus that only they can provide. That is odd right off the bat...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The “change” campaign slogan

Nolan Chart
by R.K. Chase


Talking about change in U.S. politics is like trying to stop global warming by covering your roof with tin foil. These calls for breaking away from the status quo are part of the status quo — a candidate running for an empty seat in the middle of an unpopular war and in the midst of an economic downturn is going to run on change...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Defeat without end

Common Wonders
by Robert Koehler


‘Many in this chamber understand that America must not fail in Iraq, because you understand that the consequences of failure would be grievous and far-reaching …’ There it is again, that choking lie, so smoothly administered — with just enough fear to help America gag down all that righteousness. President Bush told it again in his final State of the Union address the other night, of course. What choice did he have? The truth, coming from him at this point, would be … too weird, too offensive, impossible to comprehend...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Iniquities of war, inequities of life

Consortium News
by Ray McGovern


Finally, the truth is seeping out. Contrary to how President George W. Bush has tried to justify the Iraq war in the past, he has now clumsily — if inadvertently — admitted that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was aimed primarily at seizing predominant influence over its oil by establishing permanent (the administration favors ‘enduring’) military bases. He made this transparently clear by adding a signing statement to the defense appropriation bill, indicating that he would not be bound by the law’s prohibition against expending funds ‘(1) To establish any military installation or base for the purpose of providing for the permanent stationing of United States Armed Forces in Iraq,’ or ‘(2) To exercise United States control of the oil resources of Iraq’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Is Bush A Failure?

Bush’s catalog of failure

by Steve Chapman


Listening to presidents reporting on the State of the Union, you would conclude that they came from Lake Wobegon, since every one of them, by his account, is well above average. Just once, I’d like to hear one say what would be true of many: ‘Because of my mistakes, the state of the union has gotten worse.’ But none ever does. Even the worst presidents prefer to focus on their successes and ignore their failures. The striking thing about President Bush’s final State of the Union address is that even the successes he claims are largely fictional...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Is Bush A Failure?


Michael Parenti is one of America's most astute and engaging political analysts. Here is a rich buffet of his deep but lucid writings on real history, political life, empire, wealth, class power, technology, culture, ideology, media, environment, gender, and ethnicity - along with a few choice selections drawn from his own life experiences and political awakening.

The unlikely comeback of John McCain, maverick warmonger

LA Weekly
by Matt Welch


If John McCain bounces from his victory in Florida this week to a nomination-clinching Super-Duper Tuesday in California and the 23 Dwarves, there are three main categories of humans he’ll have to thank for the biggest worst-to-first primary performance since George McGovern’s in 1972. They are: his pratfalling competitors, his gullible independent supporters and his always-willing enablers in the media...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


John McCain is Dr. Strangelove

Video By Robert Greenwald

"There will be other wars"

Click to view



Bush prods Congress on eavesdropping law

USA Today


Sternly prodding Congress, President Bush said Thursday that lawmakers are jeopardizing the nation’s safety by failing to lock in a government eavesdropping law. The president signed what Congress has given him so far — a 15-day extension of the law that allows government surveillance of suspected terrorists. But he said Congress should urgently pass a permanent law, on his terms, to safeguard the country...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Jobless Claims Surge, Spending Softens

Joanne Morrison for Reuters reports, "The number of workers filing new claims for jobless aid surged last week to the highest since October 2005, and consumer spending softened at the end of last year, according to reports on Thursday that heightened worries about a possible recession."

Secret CIA Flights to Greenland Reported

The Associated Press reports: "Denmark will investigate claims that the CIA secretly used an airport on the Nordic country's remote Arctic territory of Greenland to transport prisoners in the US war on terror, the prime minister said Thursday."

Presidential candidates from both parties are ignoring some important facts regarding the Iraq war

U.S. loses its status as economic world power

The World Economic Forum has proved to be an uncanny barometer of global trends. Over the past decade, the United States has been lionized as world leader, economic giant and home of high-tech wizards such as Bill Gates.

From Information Clearing House

Bush increased use of state secrets privilege

The U.S. government has been increasing its use of the state secrets privilege to avoid disclosing classified information in civil lawsuits, prompting legislation in the Senate that would provide more congressional oversight of the practice.

From Information Clearing House

Clinton Remained Silent As Wal-Mart Fought Unions

In six years as a member of the Wal-Mart board of directors, between 1986 and 1992, Hillary Clinton remained silent as the world's largest retailer waged a major campaign against labor unions seeking to represent store worker.

From Information Clearing House

Turkey rejects US bank request on Iran

US officials have told bankers around the world that Iran is funding terrorists and seeking nuclear technology. Banks such as UBS AG and Deutsche Bank AG have responded by ending - or severely reducing - their business with Iran.

From Information Clearing House

European Parliament calls on US to renounce military threats against Iran

The Euro deputies called on the US Administration and all other represantatives involved "to renounce all rhetoric on military options and regime change policies against Iran," and called on the US to "participate directly in negotiations with Iran.

From Information Clearing House

Weapons for Iraqi forces might land with insurgents

Weapons the U.S. provides to Iraqi security forces still might be ending up in the hands of terrorists, insurgents and criminals, the Defense Department inspector general told Congress on Tuesday.

From Information Clearing House

Judge allows Iraq 'abuse' reports

A legal order which had stopped the media from reporting allegations of torture by British troops in Iraq has been lifted by the High Court.

From Information Clearing House

Survey shows US invasion and occupation of Iraq has killed more than a million

The last complete census in Iraq conducted in 1997 found 4.05 million households in the country, a figure ORB used to calculate that approximately 1.03 million people been killed as a result of the US war, the researchers found.

From Information Clearing House


Deadly hubris

by Justin Raimondo


A million dead — and for what? So that the neoconservatives could strand astride Washington and the world, bellowing threats and beating their chests in the wake of 9/11, braying that everything — everything — had changed, especially the basic rules of human decency. Because it was ‘doable,’ as Paul Wolfowitz put it. Because our foreign policy is in large part built around the concept of making the Middle East safe for Israel. And, most of all, because of the sheer hubris of those who thought themselves above the laws of God and man — who thought they were gods, and let loose American thunderbolts with reckless abandon, with deadly consequences...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

America's Teetering Banking System

"Where Did All Our Deposits Go?"

By Mike Whitney

Why did Bernanke cut rates when he knew it would just add to the housing woes?

Testimony of a US ex-marine Who Served In Iraq

By Rosa Miriam Elizalde

"I'm 32 and I am a trained psychopathic murderer. The only things I can do are to sell youths the idea of joining the marines and kill. I am not able to keep a job. For me civilians are despicable people, mentally retarded and weak persons, a flock of sheep. I am their sheepdog. I am a predator. In the army they used to call me Jimmy, the Shark".

The Threat of Section 1222

By James Rothenberg

The President is claiming that Section 1222 could inhibit his ability to defend the Constitution, so he claims the right to ignore it. The drafters of the bill were also sworn to defend the Constitution. What are the requirements in 1222 that the White House finds so inhibiting?

US Oil Companies Offered Five Million Dollar Bribes To Iraqi MP's?

Reported today on Akhbar Alkhaleej newspaper

An Iraqi MP preferred to remain anonymous told the newspaper that highly confidential negotiations took place by representatives from American oil companies, offering $5 million to each MP who votes in favor of the Oil and Gas law.

Bush Won't Ban Permanent Bases Pushes For Iraqi Oil Law

By Aaron Glantz

"We've got the Bush administration pushing aggressively for an (Iraqi) law that would give oil companies 20- to 25-year contracts for oil in Iraq and if they were to be at work for an extended length of time, they would need security," she said.

Iraq failure equals success for neocons

The Americans have an excuse to have permanent bases as long as the insurgency lasts; a largely state-run economy has been opened to foreign capital; America has control of large oil reserves; the Middle East has a wedge of US military to control and threaten any uppity Islamic state that dares threaten its interests...,,2249454,00.html

From Information Clearing House


Keith Olbermann: Bush wants protection for telecoms

The video of Keith Oldermann's fantastic, "outtasight", MUST SEE commentary about the Bush Regime and the telecoms is at

You have to listen to "Oddball" first, but the commentary is worth it, even if you think Oddball isn't.

MSNBC TV > MSNBC TV > Countdown > Countdown (35 videos)

Hajja Romi

Antenne relais sur ecole primaire Victor Hugo, Lyon, la Ville fait couper l'émetteur

Ecole primaire Lyon reportages 31 01 2008: France 3 (TV), M6 (TV), TML (TV)

Flash info Next-up news Lyon Ecoles Schools

- Info Flash Lyon Ecoles Edition Spéciale en cours:
- Démantèlement Antennes relais école Victor Hugo et arrêt des installations dans plusieurs autres écoles de la ville. (Dossier en cours)

- Information Flash Lyon Schools Special Edition in progress:
- Dismantling antennas relay school Victor Hugo and stop of the installations in several other schools of the city. (File in progress).

The New American Crisis

An open letter to traditional Christians to quit the Flatworldview Society immediately and to re-animate the Constitution of the United States with the big ideas of Christianity and Dr. Ron Paul.

The Dangerous Stimulus

On Neocons and US Foreign Policy

Ron Paul's Revolutionary Manifesto

Die Pädagogik der Handschellen

Die Heimat der "zero tolerance" Politik ist New York, und die öffentlichen Schulen stehen oft unter dem Regime von Polizei und privaten Sicherheitsdiensten. Da werden dann Fünfjährige mit Handschellen an den Stuhl gefesselt, Zehnjährige im Schulbus, es herrscht eben Ordnung im Land. Einzige Voraussetzung: Die Kinder müssten schon schwarz oder Latinos sein. Für die deutsche Debatte um Erziehungscamps (erzogen sind sie ja schon, also ist es eine Umerziehung, und Camp heisst auf deutsch schlicht Lager - man debattiert also über Umerziehungslager, nachdem man mit Schuluniformen begonnen hat) sind diese Erfahrungen aus fortgeschritteneren demokratischen Zuständen ausgesprochen lesenswert: "Children handcuffed in school; what is going on?" im Blog der NYC Public School Parents von Leonie Hamson am 27. Januar 2008 gepostet und mit bissigen Kommentaren versehen..:

Aus: LabourNet, 1. Februar 2008

In Großbritannien werden täglich 1000 Abhöraktionen gestartetÜberwachung

The failure of neo-liberalism

US media not reporting new survey saying 1,033,000 Iraqis have died

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

New Orleans: Left for dead

Afghanistan: The Next Disaster

Saul Landau writes in Progresso Weekly: "After six plus years, the war in Afghanistan drags on. The media occasionally cites casualties, but if it doesn't involve National Football League veteran Pat Tillman's execution by his own comrades, Afghanistan gets sparse attention. A few stories feature the growing number of Afghan and Iraq War vets on American streets. But the aspiring candidates ignore such 'blowback.' Instead, they demonstrate verbal aggression, a characteristic thought necessary for victory. 'We've got to get the job done there [Afghanistan],' Barack Obama asserted without specifying what the 'job' is."

Battle Concussions Tied to Stress Disorder

Benedict Carey reports for The New York Times, "About one in six combat troops returning from Iraq have suffered at least one concussion in the war, injuries that, while temporary, could heighten their risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder, researchers are reporting."

Marc Ash: My Interview With Rep. Henry Waxman

Marc Ash, Truthout's executive director, talks with House Oversight Committee chair, Rep. Henry Waxman (D-California), about ongoing government investigations and violations of federal law by the Bush administration.


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