The placebo president


by Missie Beattie


Barack Obama entered DC, riding a hope train. Spirits soared all over the globe. Supporters were high with the drug of anticipation, an injection to heal a sick country. Almost immediately after taking the oath, Obama began to reject his promises. Clearly, the Obama cure is just a placebo...

Many predict US financial collapse in September

Heny Makow.Com
by Charles


Let us contemplate the day in the near future when the consequences of financial chicanery finally outpace the ability of the governments, central banks and big media to cover up and obfuscate the truth. Many respected voices have now gone on record that September 30 or thereabouts will be that day...

Government monopolies really “stink!”

Strike the Root
by Patrick Ryan O'Neill


After centuries of man’s need to control individuals that they group into packs, society still insists on the draconian method of force and subsidizing unproductive institutions in order to solve economic or social problems — solutions that do not solve the problems and cause greater social and economic problems in return...

What can failures teach us?

Boston Globe
by Andrew Lippman


Our institutions are cracking at the edges. Each day, we hear about another failure that causes us to question the role and efficacy of government, industry, and social structures. But all too often the debate focuses on the specific problems of a particular sector … On closer examination, we can identify a consistent set of causes that apply across the board. The first systemic problem is simply a matter of scale. Too many organizations have grown without limit … and no correction has been made to accommodate their size. This is a common problem in engineering: We design things with some implicit size in mind, and then are expected to extend that design bit by bit until the parameters are so out of whack that the whole enterprise collapses...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Obama and the Bush Years

Doyle McManus, The Los Angeles Times: "Whenever he's asked about the scandals of America's war on terror - the torture, the wrongful detentions, the legal corners cut - President Obama has responded with some version of this statement: 'We have to focus on getting things right in the future as opposed to looking at what we got wrong in the past.'"'Neill


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