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Uphold the rule of law on torture



A Rebound Without Recovery - Wall Street On Speed


A Rebound Without Recovery

truthdig.com - Nothing deflates irrational exuberance like retailers who are practically giving stuff away to get people into their stores. This is how things look in the real economy, the one in which unemployment is 9.5 percent - the highest in 26 years - and is expected to rise. This is the economy of pay cuts and freezes, reduced hours and workers whose employers who have stopped contributing to 401(k) retirement plans.



Wall Street On Speed

huffingtonpost.com - The New York Times recently reported that the latest scheme - or scam - on Wall Street is something called High Frequency Trading. There are a couple of possibilities of what is at work here. One is that Goldman and others are literally using privileged information to make trades ahead of markets, in which case they are committing a felony. The other possibility is that the Goldmans of the world have found themselves a nice loophole. But suppose that High Frequency Trading doesn't violate any law. It still is the essence of what's wrong with the recent metastasis of money markets into private game preserves for insider-traders.



Rechtliche Immunität für die Hersteller von Schweinegrippe-Impfstoffen


Nachricht von Gerd Zesar


Hg in swine-flu-vaccines/ Quecksilber in Schweinegrippe-Impfstoff

There are Thiomersal in vaccine against "swine influenza" in Norway and Sweden. Perhaps, also in other countries....

Thiomersal (Ethyl-Quecksilber) ist im Schweingrippe-Impfstoff für Schweden und Norwegen. Wahrscheinlich auch in anderen Ländern....

More information:

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Dr. Joachim Mutter


WHO: Swine Flu Vaccine May Be Unsafe



Obama Administration Cooks Up New Legal Argument for Detaining Guantanamo Prisoner

Jason Leopold, Truthout: "Faced with impending defeat in a US District Court habeas corpus case, the Obama administration devised a new strategy for continuing the detention of Mohammed Jawad, an Afghani who may have been as young as 12 in 2002 when he allegedly wounded two US soldiers with a grenade. Justice Department lawyers announced Friday that they would transform Jawad's indefinite detention as an enemy combatant at Guantanamo Bay into a criminal case, thus negating the habeas corpus hearing in Washington, DC, where Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle had accused the government of 'dragging [the case] out for no good reason.'"



MSNBC Implies People Skeptical Of Government Are Psychologically Insane

Chris Matthews and guests characterize concerns about Obama, gun control, open borders, 9/11 and the Bilderberg Group as a mental illness

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Tuesday, July 28, 2009

During a discussion of the Obama birth certificate controversy, MSNBC host Chris Matthews and his guests implied that anyone who questions the official 9/11 story, thinks the Bilderberg group are exercising power to create a world government, people who are worried about gun control and immigration, or even people who are merely skeptical of government, are psychologically insane.




The Weekly Standard
by Fred Barnes

Is President Obama an economic illiterate? Harsh as that sounds, there’s growing evidence he understands little about economics and even less about economic growth or job creation. Yet, as we saw at last week’s presidential press conference, he’s undeterred from holding forth, with seeming confidence, on economic issues. Obama professes to believe in free market economics. But no one expects his policies to reflect the unfettered capitalism of a Milton Friedman. That’s too much to ask. Demonstrating a passing acquaintance with free market ideas and how they might be used to fight the recession — that’s not too much to ask. But the president talks as if free market solutions are nonexistent, and in his mind they may be... (for publication 08/03/09)


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Obama administration bars torture investigators from Guantánamo Bay

The Obama administration is now blocking efforts by human rights investigators from the United Nations to interview detainees at the Guantánamo Bay prison.


From Information Clearing House


Profiling CEOs and Their Sociopathic Paychecks



Washington Post calls for prosecution of US torturers


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


Privates Investorenkomitee für New Yorker Fed

Die Federal Reserve Bank of New York, die dafür verantwortlich ist, die US-Geldpolitik an den Finanzmärkten umzusetzen, hat sich ein offizielles Beraterteam aus Wall Street-Finanzmanagern organisiert.



Der kurze Weg zur kollektiven Zwangsentmündigung


Krieg in Serie als American Way of Life


Don't panic Flu terror is a con



Next-up News Nr 1041

- 27 07 2009 EHS Zone Refuge : reportage Rufus, Cindy (USA) et eau hexagonale.

- 02 08 2009 Rufus Conférence-débat à Roussillon : Antennes de téléphonie.


'National Security' Through 'Spreading Democracy'?



Bill Kristol and the 'Noble Lie'



On US war criminals



Mousavi Calls for More Iran Protests

Borzou Daragahi and Ramin Mostaghim, The Los Angeles Times: "Iran's leading opposition figure today called on his supporters to head into the streets 'each day' during an upcoming series of religious festivals surrounding the birthday of the Imam Mahdi, the 12th saint in the Shiite faith, potentially escalating tensions between a burgeoning protest movement and authorities amid an ongoing crackdown."



US Eyes Private Guards for Bases in Afghanistan

Richard Lardner, The Associated Press: "US military authorities in Afghanistan may hire a private contractor to provide around-the-clock security at dozens of bases and protect vehicle convoys moving throughout the country."



Foreclosed and Evicted in Oakland

David Bacon, Truthout: "Oakland - At eight in the morning on Monday, ten Alameda County sheriffs arrived in their patrol cars in front of the tan house on the corner of Tenth and Willow in west Oakland, the oldest African-American neighborhood in the city and one of the oldest on the west coast. The renovated home is surrounded by an iron fence, and the sheriffs poured through its open gate and up the stairs."




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