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Pay to Play Is Washington's Sport of Kings

Michael Winship, Truthout: "This week, the Center for Responsive Politics reported that in the second quarter of this year alone, the pharmaceuticals and health product industries spent $67,959,095 on lobbying, and the insurance industry $39,760,477. Another $25,552,088 was spent by lobbyists for hospitals and nursing homes. That's a total of $133,271,660 in just three months, and that's not even counting the lobbying money spent to fight health care reform by professional associations like the US Chamber of Commerce."

"The Cove": A Documentary of Dolphin Slaughter

Kenneth Turan, The Los Angeles Times: "'The Cove's' story of a quiet village in Japan that specializes in clandestine dolphin slaughter is quite consciously structured as a thriller by director Louie Psihoyos who won an audience award for it at Sundance."

Aus Verzweiflung im Hartz IV Hungerstreik

Die Arbeitsagentur Görlitz drängte Vater und Sohn in die Selbstständigkeit. Doch getroffene Vereinbarungen wurden von Seiten der Behörden nicht eingehalten. Aus Verzweiflung befinden sich beide nun im Hungerstreik, obwohl der Vater schon 60 Jahre alt ist und der Sohn an Krebs erkrankt ist..

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789.000 ALG II Leistungskürzungen im Jahre 2008

Laut einer kleinen Anfrage im Deutschen Bundestag durch die Fraktion "Die Linke" wurden im vergangenen Jahr rund 789.000 Leistungskürzungen bei Empfängern des Arbeitslosengeldes II vorgenommen. In etwa ein Viertel der Sanktionen (256.000 Fälle) waren die Betroffene unter 25 Jahre alt. In 533.000 waren die Betroffenen über 25 Jahre alt. In etwas mehr als der Hälfte der Leistungskürzungen (61 Prozent bei U25 und 51,6 Prozent bei Älteren) waren sogenannte "Meldeversäumnisse" dafür verantwortlich, dass die ALG II Leistungen gekürzt wurden.

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Skandal der Woche:

CDU Bürgermeisterkandidat Lutz Urbach läßt Ein-Euro-Jobber Wahlplakate kleben

DIE LINKE. kritisiert unsoziales Verhalten bei CDU/FDP als unanständig und prüft juristische Schritte gegen die Stadt.

BERGISCH GLADBACH - Die stadteigene GL Service gGmbH (City-Service) bietet Plakatierservice durch 1-Euro-Jobber zum Dumpingpreis ein. Lutz Urbach (Bürgermeisterkandidat von CDU und FDP) hat zugegriffen und lässt seit Tagen Wahlplakate mit seiner Internetadresse von 1-Euro-Jobbern der GL Service gGmbH in den Straßen aufhängen. Nach Ansicht der LINKEN werden bei der GL Service gGmbH Arbeitslose ausgebeutet und reguläre Arbeitsplätze vernichtet.

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CREW Sues Dept of Army for Refusing to Disclose Records of Guidance Discouraging PTSD Diagnosis

Why Obama's Peace Process is Still Going Nowhere

Rove: Nothing Wrong With US Attorney Firings

Recession Worse Than Prior Estimates, Revisions Show

The first 12 months of the U.S. recession saw the economy shrink more than twice as much as previously estimated, reflecting even bigger declines in consumer spending and housing, revised figures showed.

NAFTA Trade Takes Record 35.4 Percent Dive

Trade using surface transportation between the United States, Canada and Mexico dropped 35.4 percent in May, the largest year-over-year decline on record.In the eighth consecutive month of falling trade, imports from Canada and Mexico to the United States in May were down 38.1 percent from May 2008 while exports from the United States declined 32 percent.

Industrial Capacity Use Hits Record Low

Use of industrial capacity fell to its lowest point ever in May as output of factories, mines and utilities slipped another 1.1 percent from April and fell 13.4 percent below last May's level.

From Information Clearing House


On A World without Growth

UN: Civilian deaths up 24 percent in Afghanistan

The United Nations said Friday the number of civilians killed in conflict in Afghanistan has jumped 24 percent so far this year, with bombings by insurgent and airstrikes by international forces the biggest single killers.

From Information Clearing House

ACLU: Obama Administration Must Abandon Force-Feeding at Gitmo

By Nahal Zamani

The harsh force-feeding of hunger strikers is a form of cruelty and mistreatment that continues to this day at Guantanamo.

Of the Criminals, by the Criminals and for the Criminals

Suicide and the Insanity of War

Why fret about growing unemployment lines when banks are paying big-time bonuses again?

Why Bernanke Is in Panic Mode


An announced recovery

Ayn R. Key
by Ayn R. Key


The economy continues to decay, but people in various media and government outlets were cheering the fact that the economy only shrank by one percent in the prior quarter, unlike the over six percent shrinkage in previous quarters. That the economy continued to get worse is considered good news because it got less worse instead of more worse. Some, such as Bernanke, conclude that the economy will recover by the end of the year. Bernanke was saying the same thing back at the beginning of the year though, so the only real strong point he has is consistency. While unable to foresee the recession he sees that it will soon be over. Naturally anyone familiar with Austrian Economics can poke holes in the pronouncements of recovery...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Ron Paul Corrects Bernanke's Doublespeak

Obama’s secret police

by Justin Raimondo


The indispensable Amy Goodman has the scoop: The Seattle Port Militarization Resistance (SPMR) group Washington state thought that their listserv coordinator, who went by the name ‘John Jacob,’ was one of them: a dedicated antiwar activist and self-described anarchist. They trusted him, they put him in a key position, they befriended him — and then they found out that he was a government informant. His real name: John Towery …. He claimed to be a civilian employee at Washington state’s Ft. Lewis: in reality, he was and is a functionary of the force protection unit, i.e. military personnel. His job: spying on the antiwar movement...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Torture report a “security risk”

Independent [UK]


Britain’s national security and the lives of its citizens will be put at risk if the High Court publishes its findings on what happened to former terror detainee Binyam Mohamed at the hands of the CIA. That was the effect of letters from the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and CIA officials, two judges were told in London yesterday. The letters warned that the US, even under the new Obama administration, will review its intelligence-sharing agreement with the UK if the court releases seven brief paragraphs about Mr Mohamed’s treatment into the public domain. They are central to the former Guantanamo Bay detainee’s claim that he was subjected to torture with the consent of UK authorities...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Nun soll der Staat auch noch die HRE-Aktionäre entschädigen

Nach 100 Milliarden Euro zur staatlichen Rettung halten nun auch die Aktionäre die Hand für Entschädigungen auf.

Banks Paid $32.6 Billion in Bonuses Amid US Bailout

Karen Freifeld, Bloomberg News: "Citigroup Inc., Merrill Lynch & Co. and seven other US banks paid $32.6 billion in bonuses in 2008 while receiving $175 billion in taxpayer funds under the Troubled Asset Relief Program, according to a report by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo."


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