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Banks Get Back To Lobbying, Under TARP

JEANNE CUMMINGS - When the Treasury Department started bailing out banks, the Obama administration told them to curtail their lobbying activities on the issue. It was an edict aimed at easing public outrage and sending a signal that the government wasn't going to be pushed around by the big bank lobby. In hindsight, it also turns out to be largely irrelevant, given that none of the promises and orders included action on Capitol Hill.

Phone company pulls plug on mast extension

Published Date: 29 July 2009

By Liam Cosgrove
A mobile telecommunications giant has pulled out of controversial plans to extend a mast in one of County Longford's most densely populated areas, the Leader can reveal.

Top officials with Telefonica O2 Ireland opted against following up planning submissions lodged with Longford County Council last year to extend an existing 18 metre high structure by a further six metres citing the additional height to be unnecessary.


Military To Work With FEMA During Swine Flu Pandemic

CNN report stokes fears of martial law, mandatory vaccination program

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, July 29, 2009

According to a CNN report, the military will assist civilian authorities in the event of a significant swine flu outbreak in the U.S. this fall, stoking fears that the pandemic, which has claimed relatively few lives so far, will be used as an excuse to implement martial law and a mandatory vaccination program.



Why Civilisations Collapse

ISIS Commentary 29/07/09

A Lesson for Climate Change

Modern society is technologically far superior to any that has gone before, we have all the means to head off the worst effects of climate change and adapt to those we cannot avoid. History tells us however that the most common reason societies collapse is not inadequate science or technology but failure to take the difficult decisions necessary for survival Prof. Peter Saunders

Surviving environmental disasters

As the world faces the challenge of climate change, it is instructive to recall that this is by no means the first time humans have had to cope with similar problems. Many societies have found themselves in serious trouble because of an unwelcome change in their environment. It may have been something over which they had no control, like the onset of the Little Ice Age in the 15th century, or they may have brought it upon themselves, all too often by clearing forests, or perhaps a combination of the two. Some societies survived, others did not.

Long before the Spanish arrived, the Mayans of Central America had already abandoned their magnificent cities because of drought. Deforestation destroyed the Easter Island society that erected the famous statues, though a very much reduced population continued to live on the island. Others, like the Norwegian settlers in Greenland, and the original inhabitants of Pitcairn Island, died out completely.

On the other hand, the Inuit who arrived in Greenland while the Norse settlements were flourishing are still there. The 18th century Tokugawa Japanese reversed the deforestation that had threatened their way of life. The inhabitants of Tikopia, a tiny island in the Pacific, have adopted a whole series of measures that allow them to survive in a difficult environment; one of the most striking 400 years ago was to kill all their pigs - high status animals in Melanesia and at one time a major source of protein on Tikopia - because they were too inefficient for feeding humans.

Societies collapse through failing to take decisive action

In his fascinating book Collapse [1] Jared Diamond describes and analyses these and other examples and looks for common features that would help explain why some civilisations survived environmental challenges and others did not.

There are many reasons why societies have failed to cope. They may not have anticipated the problem, and so neither tried to head it off, nor made sure they were ready when it came. The Mayans might have been better able to deal with the great drought of the 9th century if they had known such things could happen in their part of the world. Unfortunately, the last great drought was in the 3rd century, and had been forgotten. The Mayans did keep careful records, but only of things they considered important such as the exploits of their kings, not trivia like climate data.

A society may not even be aware of a serious problem when it is actually upon them, especially if the effect is slow. An increase in mean temperature of a degree or two per century can easily be masked by annual fluctuations or dismissed as part of some cycle.

It may also be that the problem is just too difficult. If you live an already marginal existence on an isolated island in the South Pacific and the rainfall decreases even further, there is not much you can do.

Diamond found that in the many societies he studied, the most common reason for their collapse was none of the above, but the failure to take decisive action that could have saved them. Surprisingly, even when it had become obvious that there was a serious problem, little or nothing was done to address it.

Read the rest of this article here

Speculators Blamed for Oil Price Spikes

Kevin G. Hall, McClatchy Newspapers: "The chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission signaled Tuesday that his agency is likely to limit financial speculators' ability to drive up prices for oil and other fuels." Hall

Iraq as "Actor and Stakeholder"

Dahr Jamail, Truthout: "Just like the myth of Iraq's 'sovereignty,' the myth of US withdrawal is just that. Until the latter occurs, the former does not stand a chance. This is particularly so, as long as Iraq, like Afghanistan, are arenas where the US military is being used to 'ensure that all major and emerging powers are integrated as constructive actors and stakeholders into the international system.'"

What Enron and WorldCom Can Teach Us About Goldman and AIG

Arianna Huffington, The Huffington Post: "America, it seems, can't wait to get back to business - risky business - as usual. No matter how atrocious business has been. Newsweek's latest cover story declares that The Great Recession is over."

Artensterben: Tod im Paradies

Tod im Paradies

Weltweit sind mehr als ein Drittel aller Tier- und Pflanzenarten vom Aussterben bedroht, viele davon in Ozeanien. Woran das liegt und welche Rolle der Mensch dabei spielt, zeigt eine neue Studie.

Am Ende des Artikels können Sie den Artikel bewerten und Kommentare an den Focus senden. Die Zeitschrift berichtet dann in Zukunft hoffentlich öfter über solche Themen.


Auf Phoenix gibt es heute am Donnerstag den 29. 7.

Alles Bio? Das Geschäft mit den Öko-Lebensmitteln

Film von Hanspeter Michel


Hunger und Wut

Warum die Welternährungskrise kein Zufall ist

Film von Petra Schulz

23 Uhr

Das Drama um das globale Huhn

Film von Marion von Haaren

23. 45 Uhr

Reinhard Behrend
Rettet den Regenwald e. V.


Artensterben weiter ungebremst

Bund und Länder stehen in der Pflicht. Röttgen: Weichen für wirksamen internationalen Artenschutz neu stellen.öttgen

The “superpower” conceit

by Justin Raimondo


The worst outcome of Obama’s Middle Eastern ‘peace’ project would be for it to succeed, because, in that event, we would engender growing hostility from both sides, as the impracticality of the arrangements caused the Grand Accord to fall apart at the seams. The desire by the U.S. to take on this thankless task is based in the same sort of hubris that drove us to invade Iraq (twice). It continues to burden the rest of the region — and the world — with the costs of a seemingly endless war. Who are we, anyway, to be ‘brokering’ anything? Why, we’re the world’s only ’superpower’ — or, as the French would have it, ‘hyperpower’ — and it’s our obligation (yes, a moral obligation!) to lead. Right? Now we’re getting at the core of the folly that drives U.S. presidents to attempt the impossible, all without a thought for the costs...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Die EU will Bankdaten weiter den US-Geheimdiensten zur Verfügung stellen

Dass auch das EU-Parlament ausgehebelt werden soll, erzürnt Parlamentarier in Straßburg.


Abkommen mit USA: EU will Bankdaten preisgeben

„Geht es nach dem schwedischen EU-Vorsitz, dürfen amerikanische Behörden künftig die Daten europäischer Bankkunden fast unbegrenzt einsehen. Nicht nur Europaparlamentarier sind empört. Die Europäische Union will den USA nahezu unbegrenzten Zugriff auf Daten europäischer Bankkunden ermöglichen. Ein Entwurf der schwedischen EU-Ratspräsidentschaft für ein Abkommen mit Washington sieht vor, dass amerikanische Terrorfahnder künftig legal Daten zu grenzüberschreitenden und inländischen Überweisungen in Europa auswerten können. Das Papier liegt der FTD vor…“ Artikel von Reinhard Hönighaus in FDT online vom 11.11.2009

Aus: LabourNet, 12. November 2009

Help Stop The Dangerously Phony Food Safety Bill

The word we are getting is that our "good for nothing but photo-ops and grandstanding" Congress may try to sneak through HR 2749 real fast, the latest phony food safety bill on a suspension of rules any day. Yes, we do need to take action to protect our food safety. But, no, this bill does absolutely nothing to identify or address the real problems. And by NOT addressing the real problems it can only do more harm than good.

But we now launching an incredibly powerful new advocacy tool, especially for the fight against HR 2749, and to stop all such future lunacy in its tracks, the People's Phone Lobby interface. It's so simple to use, just go to the page below and call your members of Congress and there is even a link to give you all their direct congressional and local district office phone numbers.

HR 2749 People's Phone Lobby:

Then when you speak to the staffers in your congressional offices, you don't JUST tell them your position, first you ASK them for their position. Are they supporting HR 2749 or not? And THEN you give them your position and MAKE them defend theirs if they do not agree with us, that HR 2749 is just more very bad news, another deceptively titled bill that in fact does the opposite of what it purports to be about, assuming it is anything besides totally worthless.

Why is this such a powerful new approach?? Because when you go to the link above and record your notes of your phone calls with your members of Congress, it becomes a permanent public record of just how many of us are calling, and just how many of them are trying to completely ignore the voice of the people, that any of their constituents can go out and read for themselves.

To protect your privacy, the record you make of your conversations with them will only display your initials and your city and state on this new blogging site. But then ANYONE can see for themselves the real numbers as to how many of us are demanding real change, and which members of Congress think our calls can just go in one ear and out the other. Go to the page below and put it to work for you and your family now.

HR 2749 People's Phone Lobby:

In fact, this is basically just what the corporate lobbyists do behind our backs day in and day out and all night too. They jam members of Congress about their positions on bills. And if they aren't falling in line they apply pressure. But now with this revolutionary logging tool, we can jam them right back. Why, we can see them huddled in small groups in their cloakrooms even now, talking about, "OMG, the people are on to us!!"

The fact is that a REAL food safety bill would be easy to write. Provision one, force the filthy factory farms, which are breeding all the antibiotic resistant bacteria and mutating viruses now, to clean up their act. And JUST the big factory farms, not the small, healthy organic farms that are the backbone of our real food safety.

Provision two, ban all ban GMOs until AFFIRMATIVELY proven safe and require full disclosure labeling of all such products, cows shot up with bovine growth hormone, etc. Of course, GMOs can never be proven safe because they AREN'T. Rats fed GMO soybeans get sick and die! That's right, they wouldn't feed this stuff to rats, but they want to give it to our children.

So Congress having gotten the directive from the corporate special interests that put profit ahead of our real food safety, a directive to IGNORE the real problems and look somewhere else, along comes HR
2749, which lacks even a preamble to identify why the bill even needed to be written in the first place, or what exactly it is intended to correct.

Instead, ALL HR 2749 does is grant the FDA expansive and unprecedented new POLICE powers to the FDA with no guidance of congresional intent as to how that power should be exercised. And who will be the administrators wielding this awesome new and truly frightening power, you ask? Why, President Obama just appointed a former Monsanto VP to oversee the FDA food safety group. There's a example for you. What a coinky-dink!!

Remember when Obama told us not to worry (because HE was the "decider") about all the drop dead creeps he was appointing to government administrative positions, the worst of the worst, the SAME people who were under all the rocks in the Bush administration? So what happens when THOSE same people are making all the real policy decisions because Congress has totally abdicated it's policy making function? Well ... we get wolves in sheep's clothing legislation put forward like HR 2749. It MUST be stopped.

And by getting on the phones now and making a public record of all our calls at the page below, we can generate so much bad PR for members of Congress who won't listen to the people, that even the most tone deaf of them will have to start dancing eventually. So let's get it started, and show the whole country how many tens and hundreds of thousands of us are on to them.

HR 2749 People's Phone Lobby:

The problem with food safety is NOT that the FDA doesn't have enough Gestapo like police power to harass small farming operations. The problem is that the FDA is perversely determined not to look at the real source of all the filth in our food supply, and Congress is doing nothing by way oversight to make them do it. And HR 2749 just gives more powerful weapons to people who can't be trusted to use responsibly the ones they already have.

And yes, you can also respond to this action through the new Twitter gateway. Just send the following Twitter reply, and add any personal comment you like.

@cxs #p996

And if you want a step by step explanation of how to set up the Twitter thing here is the link for that.

Twitter Activism Step-By-Step:

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


Sticklepath phone mast victory

29 July 2009

PEOPLE power has won the day in a battle against the installation of a mobile phone mast in Barnstaple.

In February this year, Sticklepath Hill residents rallied to oppose plans to erect a 40ft communication mast on the roadside verge by High Wall and in front of their bedroom windows.


$23.7 Trillion Bailout?

Sticker Shock: $23.7 Trillion Bailout?

"The total potential federal government support could reach up to $23.7 trillion," says Neil Barofsky, the special inspector general for the Troubled Asset Relief Program, in a report released today on the government's efforts to fix the financial system. Yes, $23.7 trillion.

Report: FDIC Bailout Will Save Banks $24 Billion

The Wall Street Journal ran the numbers on a federal bailout program, this one run by the FDIC, and found it will save eight big U.S. banks "about $24 billion in borrowing costs during the next three years."

From Information Clearing House

Citigroup is considering paying a $100 million bonus to one guy

This is the same Citigroup that received $45 billion in bailout money. The same Citigroup that will soon be 34% owned by the U.S. government. The same Citigroup that has lost 95% of its share value since 2007.

From Information Clearing House

Business as usual: Vedanta mine plans threaten India's poorest

And we call this progress?

From Information Clearing House

Poll: Brits Say Afghan War "Unwinnable"

A majority of the British public believes the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan cannot be won and British troops should be withdrawn immediately, according to a poll commissioned by The Independent.

From Information Clearing House

ACLU: Gitmo Detainee Should Be Sent Home After Torture And Illegal Detention

Obama Ignores Torture

The 'Bipartisan Compromise' Scam

Afghan War Questioned as More Bodies Flown Home

Human Activity Is Driving Earth's 'Sixth Great Extinction Event'


Earth experiencing sixth great mass extinction; this one may be caused by humans


Humans Driving Extinction Faster Than Species Can Evolve, Say Experts

Martial Law and the War on Terrorism

Overuse of Vaccines, Anti-Flu Drugs May Result in Human Calamity


Independent Media Source

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