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Yoo, Rumsfeld and the Systematic Torture of Prisoners

Jason Leopold, Truthout: "On January 17, 2003, Mary Walker, the Air Force general counsel, received an urgent memo from the Pentagon's top attorney. Attached to the classified document was a set of directives drafted two days earlier by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. 'Establish a working group within the Department of Defense to assess the legal, policy and operational issues relating to the interrogations of detainees held by the US Armed Forces in the war on terrorism,' the directives said."

Murdoch CEO Labels Bloggers "Political Extremists"

John Hartigan laments how bloggers are not sent to jail like in China or Burma

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A stinging attack by John Hartigan, the CEO of Rupert Murdoch’s News Limited, labels bloggers and alternative media outlets as “political extremists”. Hartigan implies that bloggers should be jailed as they are in oppressive police states like China and Burma.

Refusing to Comply: The Tactics of Resistance in an All-Volunteer Military

Dahr Jamail, "On May 1st at Fort Hood in central Texas, Specialist Victor Agosto wrote on a counseling statement, which is actually a punitive US Army memo: 'There is no way I will deploy to Afghanistan. The occupation is immoral and unjust. It does not make the American people any safer. It has the opposite effect.'"

Afghanistan War Resister to "Put the War on Trial"

Dahr Jamail, Truthout: "US Army Specialist Victor Agosto served a 13-month deployment in Iraq with the 57th Expeditionary Signal Battalion ... His experience in Iraq, coupled with educating himself about US foreign policy and international law, has led Agosto to refuse to deploy to Afghanistan. 'It's a matter of what I'm willing to live with,' he said of his recent decision, 'I'm not willing to participate in this occupation, knowing it is completely wrong.'"

Making Fuel from Water

ISIS Report 01/07/09

An efficient and robust catalyst for oxidizing water brings us closer to converting sunlight into fuel Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

The holy grail of artificial photosynthesis is to mimic and improve on the green plant’s ability to turn sunlight directly into electrochemical energy that can be used as fuel [1] (Harvesting Energy from Sun with Artificial Photosynthesis, SiS 43). Research and development in this area within the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries date back to the 1970s; and major efforts have been renewed by the United States Department of Energy (DoE) since 2007 [2].

These efforts are paying off. Important progress has been made by researchers Heinz Frei and Feng Jiao at DoE’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory recently, bringing the dream of making fuel from water a closer to market. They’ve found that nano-sized crystals of cobalt oxide improves the status of the art by 1 550-fold

Effective photo-oxidation requires a catalyst that is both efficient in using solar photons and fast enough to keep up with the solar flux to avoid wasting those photons. Clusters of cobalt oxide nanocrystals are sufficiently efficient and fast, and also robust and abundant,” said Frei [3]. “They perfectly fit the bill.”

Efficient and robust catalysts required

The direct conversion of carbon dioxide and water to fuel depends on the availability of efficient and robust catalysts for the photochemical transformations [4] (see Splitting Water with Ease, SiS 43). Catalysts need to have high turnover frequency (TOF) and density to keep up with the solar flux at ground level (1 000 Wm-2) to avoid wasting incident solar photons. For example, a catalyst with a TOF of 100 s-1 requires a density of one catalytic site per square nanometre.

Catalysts with lower rates or taking up a larger space will require a high surface area nanostructure support that provides tens to hundreds of catalytic sites per square nanometre. Furthermore, catalysts need to work close to the thermodynamic potential of the redox reaction [1] so that a maximum fraction of the solar photon energy is converted to chemical energy. Stability considerations favour all- inorganic materials, as does the ability to withstand harsh reaction conditions of pH or temperature.

For the water oxidation half reaction, Jiang and Frei had found that iridium oxide fulfils these requirements in robustness, and has a reported TOF of 40 s-1 for IrO2 colloidal particles suspended in water. The catalyst was driven by a [Ru3+ (bpy)3] unit (bpy, 2,2-bipyridine), generated photochemically with visible light using the established [Ru2+(bpy)3]/persulphate (electron donor/acceptor) system and a modest overpotential of 0.37V. (The overpotential is the potential in excess of the theoretical electrochemical potential of 1.23V required [1] due to inefficiencies in the system.)

The researchers have previously demonstrated that the all- inorganic IrO2 nanoclusters (~ 2nm) directly coupled to a single centre chromium(VI) or a binuclear TiCrIII charge- transfer chromophore (a chemical group that gives colour to the molecule) [4] gave oxygen evolution under visible light with good quantum yield. While iridium oxide closely approaches the efficiency and stability required as catalyst for water oxidation, iridium is the least abundant metal on earth and is therefore not suitable for use on a very large scale. So Jiao and Frei explored more abundant metals, inspired by nature’s MnCa cluster of photosystem II; nature tends to use the most abundant materials [5] (Living with Oxygen, SiS 43). So they focussed on Co3O4 nanoclusters, and struck gold [6].

Read the rest of this article here

Swine Flu: Lab Accident Causes 'Pandemic' Claims NEJM

John Bingham, Daily Telegraph

The swine flu pandemic sweeping the world might not have happened without a laboratory accident in the 1970s, a new study claims. Scientists believe that the H1N1 form of influenza "A" might not be circulating among humans had it not been for a leak, possibly somewhere in Asia or the Soviet Union, around 1977. A new study of the historical origins of the current outbreak published in the New England Journal of Medicine, suggests that it may only have re-emerged by accident. This finding suggested that the 1977 outbreak strain had been preserved since 1950. Almost 6,000 people have now been infected with swine flu since the outbreak reached Britain two months ago.

Independence Now And Forever

by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

As we approach Independence Day, it behooves us to recall the principles of America's founding, especially in light of the ongoing attempt by today's political and commercial leaders to merge the United States into a hemispheric government. In fact, the clarion call for independence is just as fundamental, just as revolutionary as it was 233 years ago.Regarding the signing of the Declaration of Independence, John Adams said.....

Grünes Mäntelchen für Regenwaldvernichtung durch Strom aus Palmöl

Für Palmölplantagen wird abgefackelt

Dank üppiger Subventionierung „grünen“ Stroms sind in den letzten Jahren in Deutschland 2.800 mit Palmöl befeuerte Blockheizkraftwerke wie Pilze aus dem Boden geschossen. Im Regenwald von Indonesien und Malaysia regieren dagegen Motorsäge und Planierraupe. Für die Ölpalmplantagen werden die Urwälder vernichtet. Diese Woche will Bundestag der Regenwaldzerstörung ein grünes Mäntelchen umhängen: die Biomassestrom-Nachhaltigkeitsverordnung. Doch Palmöl bleibt auch weiterhin ein Regenwaldkiller. (Start: 01.07.2009)


AWACS verschärft Krieg in Afghanistan

1. Juli 2009

Zur morgigen Abstimmung im Deutschen Bundestag über die Entsendung von AWACS-Aufklärungsflugzeugen der NATO erklärt das Mitglied des geschäftsführenden Parteivorstandes Christine Buchholz:

CDU und SPD lügen, wenn sie den Eindruck erwecken, die Entsendung der AWACS-Aufklärungsflugzeuge diene vor allem der Überwachung des zivilen Luftverkehrs in Afghanistan. Die Bundesregierung manövriert Deutschland vielmehr immer tiefer in den schmutzigen Krieg. AWACS-Flugzeuge verschärfen den Krieg, weil sie zu weiteren Bombardements beitragen. Diese treffen oft auch Zivilisten, so starben über 140 Zivilisten Anfang Mai bei einem US-Bombardement im Distrikt Bala Baluk. Wie die Bundesregierung in ihrem Antrag selbst schreibt, geht es darum, mit AWACS den gesamten militärischen Flugverkehr zu koordinieren und Aufgaben zur Unterstützung von Luftoperationen zu übernehmen. AWACS-Flugzeuge können Aufgaben der taktischen Gefechtsführung übernehmen, indem sie Zielanflugkorridore für Bomber, Kampfhubschrauber und Drohnen freihalten. Sie können Feuerleitfunktion übernehmen, indem sie die Verbindung zwischen Kampfflugzeugen, der Kommandostation und Bodentruppen herstellen. DIE LINKE fordert, die AWACS-Flugzeuge im Hangar zu lassen und die Bundeswehr samt den Tornado-Kampfflugzeugen aus Afghanistan abzuziehen. Damit artikuliert sie den Wunsch der Mehrheit der Bevölkerung. Laut einer aktuellen Forsa-Umfrage schwindet der Rückhalt in der Bevölkerung für den Afghanistan-Einsatz immer mehr. 61 Prozent vertreten die Auffassung, die Bundeswehr solle sich aus dem Land zurückziehen. 2002 forderte dies nur ein Drittel der Befragten.

Residents celebrate phone mast rejection

Published Date: 01 July 2009

Residents are celebrating after winning their fight against a planned mobile phone yards from their homes.

People living close to the Broadfield Arms on Leyland Lane, Leyland, including the landlord Sandra Chester, were furious that Vodafone had applied to put up the communications mast in front of the pub.


Real ID: A real warning on the danger of government

Campaign For Liberty
by James Bovard


The REAL ID Act may be on the verge of receiving its final coffin nails. Unfortunately, the Obama administration is pushing a replacement bill that poses many of the same threats as REAL ID. The history of REAL ID should inspire friends of freedom to once again vigorously oppose any and every federal grab for their personal information. The feds had sought legislation to create national ID cards in the 1990s but were rebuffed by a Republican Congress...

Groupthink as a political mental illness, part 2

Last Free Voice
by Rhys M. Blavier


An awareness of what groupthink is, by political scientist, political analysts and commentators, and by ethical political leaders might help them to, if not prevent, then to make the public aware of occurrences of groupthink within political parties and ideologies, as well as in our various branches and levels of government. Those who actively work to prevent or publicize groupthink and groupthink tendencies within their spheres of influence, interest or study might also find our political world becoming more responsive to the average citizens, as a result...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Obamacare: Do or die for America

Hawaii Reporter
by Christopher G. Adamo


With so much coverage of the current debate on Barack Obama’s attempt to impose nationalized healthcare on America, it may seem that little else can be said on the subject. Yet it needs to be discussed, and its manifold dangers explained to the American people. It is impossible to overstate the significance of this battle. If successful in establishing this pinnacle of his socialist agenda, Obama will unleash a ‘change’ on the country from which it may never recover. Clearly, he is aware of the governmental power he has the potential to accrue with the passage of this single atrocious new entitlement...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Detainees from 20+ nations still at Gitmo

Agence France-Presse


Approximately 229 detainees from ‘about two dozen countries’ are still held in Guantanamo, according to the latest Pentagon figures, provided to AFP. Of the remaining detainees, the largest group — about 100 men — is from Yemen. The next most represented nationals are Afghans and Algerians, with about 20 from each country, according to the US Department of Defense. In addition, the Pentagon said there are roughly 10 Saudi detainees and 13 Chinese Muslim ethnic Uighurs left at the detention facility in the US naval base at Guantanamo Bay in southeastern Cuba. There are between five and 10 detainees each from Libya, Pakistan, Syria and Tunisia, according to the figures...

Guantanamo: Charge or release prisoners

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Andy Worthington


So what’s happening now? According to a joint Washington Post/ProPublica article on Friday, ‘The Obama administration, fearing a battle with Congress that could stall plans to close Guantanamo, has drafted an executive order that would reassert presidential authority to incarcerate terrorism suspects indefinitely,’ according to ‘three senior government officials.’ The administration moved swiftly to refute the story, with the Justice Department maintaining that it would not comment on specific plans until after July 21, when the administration’s inter-departmental Guantanamo Task Force is scheduled to complete its review of all the Guantanamo cases, and an unnamed official telling AFP that ‘no such draft order existed, though internal deliberations were taking place on how to deal with those inmates who could not be released or tried in civilian courts’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Wikipedia edited by drug industry camp followers

Informant: Dorothee Krien

Übernahme privater Schulden durch die geplante BAD Bank

Bad Bank oder Bankenverschrottung

Gesetz für "Bad Banks" beschlossen

„Der Deutsche Bundestag hat die gesetzlichen Regelungen für zwei Bad Bank-Modelle für private Banken und Landesbanken beschlossen. Damit können Banken ihre Bilanzen von faulen Wertpapieren bereinigen. Dies ist notwendig, damit die Banken wieder Kredite an die Realwirtschaft vergeben können…“ Pressemitteilung der Bundesregierung vom 03.07.2009

Siehe dazu:

Bad-Bank-Gesetz – die Beschlussempfehlung (pdf)

Matecki: Bad-Bank kann zur "Zeitbombe" für Steuerzahler werden

„Als „Zeitbombe für die Steuerzahler“ bezeichnete DGB-Vorstandsmitglied Claus Matecki am Freitag in Berlin das Bad-Bank-Gesetz. „Die Vorverlegung des Stichtages zur Auslagerung der giftigen Papiere erhöht das Risiko gigantischer Verluste für den Steuerzahler, denn die Schrottpapiere waren im Sommer 2008 – vor dem Lehman Brothers-Crash – natürlich deutlich mehr wert als im Frühjahr 2009“, sagte Matecki. Es sei völlig inakzeptabel, die Banken durch den Steuerzahler derart umfassend subventionieren zu lassen. „Für uns gelten die Maßstäbe: Keine Leistung ohne Gegenleistung, keine Sozialisierung der Verluste und Privatisierung der Gewinne. Doch dieser Grundsatz wird nicht annähernd ausreichend berücksichtigt.“..“ DGB-Pressemitteilung vom 03.07.2009

‚Bad-Banks‘-Gesetz: untaugliches Instrument zur Krisenbewältigung

„Die Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft (ver.di) hält die heute zur Entscheidung anstehende Änderung des Finanzmarktstabilisierungsgesetzes zur Einrichtung sogenannter ‚Bad Banks‘ für „halbwegs unbrauchbar“: „Damit lassen sich weder die Sorgen und Nöte der betroffenen Beschäftigten lösen, noch können die Steuerzahler wirklich sicher sein“, kritisierte ver.di-Bundesvorstandsmitglied Uwe Foullong…“ ver.di-Pressemitteilung vom 03.07.2009

Das Schwafeln der Lämmer. Gerade wurde das Bad-Bank-Gesetz verabschiedet, da gehen die Macher schon wieder auf Distanz dazu

„Die Banken werden auf Kosten der Steuerzahler saniert, doch das angeblich angestrebte Ziel, dass sie die Unternehmen und Verbraucher mit Krediten versorgen, stellt sich nicht ein. Inzwischen sehen sich unzählige Firmen in einer Kreditklemme und deshalb poltern Politiker aller Couleur los, sie wollten energisch mit Maßnahmen eingreifen, "die es noch nicht gegeben hat". Allerdings erst nach den Wahlen, falls sie erneut gewählt werden. Derweil wurde mit dem Bad-Bank-Gesetz eine Möglichkeit zum Gegensteuern versäumt…“ Artikel von Ralf Streck in telepolis vom 06.07.2009

Aus dem Text: „… Die Bad Banks ist nur für Banken, die selbst schon Bad Banks sind. Nach dem neuen Gesetz können Privatbanken strukturierte Papiere an die Zweckgesellschaft abgeben und die Landesbanken können sogar ganze Geschäftsbereiche auslagern. Insgesamt wird ein Wertabschlag von 10 % auf den Buchwert abgezogen und dafür erhält die Bank gegen eine Gebühr staatlich gesicherte Anleihen. Als Stichtag wird nicht wie geplant der 31. März 2009 angesetzt, sondern der 30. Juni 2008. Die Vorverlegung nutzt den Banken, da der Termin nun vor der Lehman-Brothers-Pleite liegt, als die Papiere noch etwas mehr wert waren. So können deren Bilanzen noch stärker entlastet werden. Nach der Auslagerung sollen die Unwertpapiere von Experten "realistisch" bewertet werden und die Differenz zwischen den um 10 % gesenkten Buchwert und einem neu ermittelten "Fundamentalwert" darf die Bank über 20 Jahre abstottern. Dass muss sie aber nur, wenn sie Gewinne macht und Dividenden ausschütten will. Geht eine Bank Pleite, haftet der Steuerzahler voll…“

"Unterm Strich zahl ich". Mit Anträgen auf die Übernahme privater Schulden durch die geplante BAD Bank sollen Bürger gegen eine "Belohnung der Täter" protestieren

„Der Bund mündiger Bürger (BmB) ruft derzeit dazu auf, ein Antragsformular für die Eröffnung eines Kontos bei der von der Regierung geplanten "Bad Bank" herunterzuladen: "Wer seine Miesen auf dem Konto schon immer loshaben wollte", so der Appell, "oder wer einen lästigen Kredit und sonstige Verpflichtungen am Hals hat, die er gerne jemand anderen aufbürden würde, hat für die Dauer der Aktion die einmalige Gelegenheit dazu". Das ausgefüllte und unterschriebene Formular soll entweder direkt an das Bundeskanzleramt oder an den BmB geschickt werden, der es dorthin weiterleiten will…“ Meldung von Peter Muehlbauer in heise news vom

Zitat zum Thema


Die erste Welt bedauert nach eingehender Sachprüfung aufrichtig, der dritten Welt auf diesem Weg mitteilen zu müssen, daß die dort lebende eine Milliarde Hungernder nicht als systemrelevant eingestuft werden können. Gleichzeitig bedankt sich die erste Welt abschließend, daß die Menschen in der dritten Welt einen erheblichen Beitrag durch ihren Hunger geleistet haben, damit die Banken in der ersten Welt als systemrelevant eingestuft und erhalten werden konnten.“

Aus: Deutscher Einheit(z)-Textdienst von Werner Lutz 7-09

"Es ist alles noch viel schlimmer geworden". Gewerkschafter kritisiert Verhalten der Banken in der Krise

„Bankberater stehen nach Einschätzung der Gewerkschaft ver.di seit der Finanzkrise noch viel stärker unter Verkaufsdruck. Das führe in vielen Fällen dazu, dass nach wie vor nicht im Interesse der Kunden, sondern der Bank beraten werde, kritisiert Roman Eberle. Der Gewerkschafter aus Nordrhein-Westfalen hat eine Internetseite eingerichtet, über die Banker anonym über ihre Arbeit berichten können…“ Text der Frontal21-Sendung vom

Aus: LabourNet, 6. Juli 2009

Bullying Congressional Progressives: Creepy, Revealing Quote from White House Staffer

Fordlandia and US Imperialism

Scrambling for the Big Prize: Iraq's Sweet Oil

MTV Star Heidi Montag: Over My Dead Body Would I Take A Microchip

The Hills actor tells The Alex Jones Show why the implantable microchip represents the "mark of the beast"

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Star of MTV’s The Hills Heidi Montag appeared on The Alex Jones Show today with her fellow co-star husband Spencer Pratt to discuss how some nightclubs are introducing implantable identification microchips to allow customers to access VIP areas. Montag told Jones, “You would have to kill me before I get a chip.”

Stop Indefinite Detention

The U.S. and the U.K. Will Both Default on Their Debt by the End of Summer 2009?

This evolution is likely to catch large numbers of economic and financial players on the wrong foot who decided to believe in today’s mainstream media operation of “euphorisation”.!-Global-systemic-crisis-in-summer-2009-The-cumulative-impact-of-three-rogue-waves_a3359.html

Economy shrinks at fastest pace in 50 years

Britain's recession-battered economy shrank at its fastest pace in more than 50 years in the first quarter of 2009 in the worst global slowdown in decades, revised official data showed on Tuesday.

U.S. housing misery poised to enter new phase

Big risk factors that could spur more foreclosures include expectations of rising unemployment and the forecast resetting of interest rates on 2.8 million subprime and Alt-A mortgages in the next two years.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. Economic Stats Lie

True or False

By Jack Hough

Surveyors collect the nation’s data and statisticians compile and report it. Politicians naturally want the numbers to show improvement. Not being able to change the facts, they focus on the handling of facts, pressuring statisticians to change their measurements. It’s not quite one grand conspiracy but decades of minor ones compiled. Today’s reports are so perverted, the theory holds, that the numbers have detached from common experience.

Iraq's "National Sovereignty Day" is U.S.-Style Hallmark Hype

By Jeremy Scahill

The puppet government in Iraq has named June 30 as "National Sovereignty Day," and-without mentioning the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis maimed, killed, tortured or made refugees by the U.S. invasion and occupation-thanked the occupiers for placing them in power.


Made of Lies

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: "It began more than six years ago with a lie, followed by another lie, and another lie, and then two more, ten more, a hundred, a thousand, an avalanche of lies from heads of state and hatchet men and well-fed media types more interested in getting the interview than in getting the facts."


Iraq: What We Leave As We Withdraw


Vietnamization in Iraq

The Libertarian Enterprise
by Jim Davidson


The retreat from the cities has begun, according to CNN. Their reporter on the scene in Iraq did not use the term ‘withdrawal’ or ’strategic retrograde motion,’ but ‘retreat.’ … We are not encountering the first USA military occupation of a foreign country that has become completely unworkable financially and militarily. Another example would be Vietnam...

Iraq: Another of its famous turning points?

by Marie Cocco


As the media trumpets sound for the pullback of American troops from urban areas in Iraq, the essential lesson of our involvement must be recalled: Nothing about our entanglement in Iraq has ever been as it seemed. We did not invade because Saddam Hussein was behind the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, as Bush administration officials repeatedly suggested, or even because Iraq threatened the United States with stores of chemical and biological weapons. The 2005 Iraqi election symbolized with images of purple ink stains on voters’ fingertips … did not result in a flourishing democracy or an end to the U.S. military occupation. The bloody insurgency intensified and Bush belatedly deployed additional troops to quell it...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

$2,000 for a Dead Afghan Child

$100,000 for Any American Who Died Killing it.

By Jay Janson

Shocking? Shame provoking? Embarrassing that no Afghani or Pakistani child or parent has any human right at all, including the right not to be blown to pieces in a US drone air strike? - the final insult being the value of their lives put at a mere $2,000 by the wealthiest nation in history?

Next-up News Nr 1016

- Eau et Champs ÉlectroMagnétiques artificiels "le pire et le meilleur"

Meltdown Reveals Causes of Housing Bust

Ron Paul Wins Support to Audit Fed Reserve

Shredding Your Safety Nets


Congress Pushing for Federal Reserve Audit

Obamageddon 2012


Obamageddon is Coming


Food riots, tax protests, strikes and high unemployment all will characterize our economic future according to Gerald Celente.


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