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Swiss Francs Threaten Indonesian Rainforest



By Ecological Internet's Rainforest Portal with Rainforest Rescue & July 9, 2009


Major Swiss banks Credit Suisse and UBS are to further fund Golden Agri-Resources (GAR), the world's largest listed palm oil company, which currently produces 10 percent of Indonesia's palm oil. A further 1.3 million hectares of land are to be developed for palm oil plantations with Swiss finance on the island of Indonesia Kalimantan (Borneo) and in Papua on the Western half of the island of New Guinea. Let these banks and the Swiss government know that their financing of rainforest destruction and climate change is completely unacceptable and will be protested until it ends.



Say NO to Commercial Fishing in the Arctic

Congress's $1.2 Million a Day Drug Habit

By Unsilent Generation

Last year alone the drug industry spent $234 million on lobbying. In the first three months of this year, it spent more than $66.5 million-$1.2 million a day.

Tehran and Tegucigalpa: A Tale of Two Capitals

By Barry Grey

Nothing so clearly demonstrates the decay of American democracy and the "free press" in the United States than the manner in which it lines up behind phony "color revolutions" against regimes deemed inimical to US interests and ignores flagrantly antidemocratic measures by regimes backed by the CIA, the military and the State Department.

Obama's Rollback Strategy

Honduras, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan (and the Boomerang Effect)

By James Petras

The recent events in Honduras and Iran, which pit democratically elected regimes against pro-US military and civilian actors intent on overthrowing them can best be understood as part of a larger White House strategy designed to rollback the gains achieved by opposition government and movements during the Bush years.

Mourn On The 4th of July

By John Pilger

Liberals say that the United States is once again a "nation of moral ideals", but behind the façade little has changed. With his government of warmongers, Wall Street cronies and polluters from the Bush and Clinton eras, Barack Obama is merely upholding the myths of a divine America.

News of the World 'bugging' claim

News of the World masthead

Thousands of politicians and celebrities were allegedly targeted

The publisher of the News of the World paid £1m in court costs after its journalists were accused of involvement in phone tapping, it has been claimed.


Murdoch and '£1m bill for bugged telephones'

Phone tap private eye had £104k contract with News of the World

Informant: CGamba


Pulp 2009: Detektive, die Handys hacken für Murdoch

Telepolis - Berlin, Germany

The Scotland Yard paperwork also provided evidence that the News of the World had been involved with Mulcaire in his hacking of the mobile phones of at ...


Murdoch-Gate bringt Tory-Chef in Bedrängnis

Spiegel Online - Hamburg, national, Germany

Von Carsten Volkery, London

Der Skandal um die Handy-Schnüffelei britischer Boulevardreporter erschüttert Londons höchste Machtzirkel. ...,1518,635391,00.html

Ron Paul On Fed Audit: We Will Not Be Stopped

Congressman says investigating private Federal Reserve would reveal where missing TARP funds went

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, July 9, 2009

Congressman Ron Paul has vowed that he will not be stopped in his effort to audit the Federal Reserve, as he slammed Senate authorities for blocking the bill earlier this week.

House Intel Chair: CIA Has Misled Us for Years

Pamela Hess, The Associated Press: "Democrats are accusing senior CIA officials of repeatedly misleading Congress, but Republicans say the allegations are just political maneuvering to protect House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The accusations come as lawmakers prepare to debate intelligence legislation - a bill President Barack Obama has threatened to veto."

CIA's History of Lying to Congress

Lisa Pease, Consortium News: "On TV this week, with a measure of disbelief in their voices, the pundits ask, did the CIA lie to or deliberately mislead Congress? How is that not a rhetorical question?"


Democrats Say Panetta Admits CIA Misled Them

Central Intelligence Agency Director Leon E. Panetta has told lawmakers that the agency "concealed significant actions" from Congress, according to a letter released Wednesday from seven Democratic lawmakers.

Secret Program Fuels CIA-Congress Dispute

Four months after he was sworn in, CIA Director Leon E. Panetta learned of an intelligence program that had been hidden from Congress since 2001, a revelation that prompted him to immediately cancel the initiative and schedule a pair of closed-door meetings on Capitol Hill.

From Information Clearing House

Politischer PR-Journalismus - Pay for Play-Journalism

25m high phone mast in Pinner suggested to fix Rayners Lane blunder

11:26am Thursday 9th July 2009

By Tristan Kirk

PLANS for a controversial 11.5m phone mast in Pinner allowed after a Harrow Council blunder could be shelved, and replaced with a mast more than twice its size.

Desperate council officers have been bargaining with phone company Orange to stop the phone mast being erected on a treasured patch of grass at the junction of Rayners Lane and Grove Road.

It would have been built after planning permission was accidentally granted because officers failed to notify Orange its application had been refused.


Aired in March of 2001

The fallacy of pre-emptive violence

Strike the Root
by Daniel Lakemacher


Do people go to war because it is part of human nature? If so, then we might consider it impossible to do away with war. But there is no evidence, in biology, or psychology, or anthropology, of a natural instinct for war. If that were so, we would find a spontaneous rush to war by masses of people. What we find is something very different: we find that governments must make enormous efforts to mobilize populations for war. They must entice young people with promises of money, land, education, skills. Immigrants are lured with promises of green cards and citizenship. And if those enticements don’t work, government must coerce. It must conscript young people, force them into military service, threaten them with prison if they do not comply...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The rise of the surveillance society

Adam Smith Institute
by Daniel Button


Following the 9/11 and 7/7 terrorist attacks, there has been an exponential increase in Britain’s surveillance: currently, Britain has a quarter of the world’s security surveillance cameras with around four million cameras in use and we are currently the world’s most watched nation — something which is very unnerving and reflective of the surveillance dystopia envisaged by George Orwell in his fictional work ‘Nineteen Eighty Four.’ The steady expansion and the overuse of the surveillance in Britain risks undermining the right to privacy; it poses a huge risk to individual liberty; and one more step towards a police state in the United Kingdom...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Taking a stand against the hyper-regulation of life

by Josie Appleton


There is no doubt that, over the past few years, there has been a fundamental shift in the relationship between state and civil society in Britain. But this shift has a peculiar quality. It is not that the state is oppressing society, or remoulding society in line with a political ideology. There are no New Labour boot camps; no smashing of newspapers that criticise the government. … It is not so much that the state is remoulding civil society. Instead, the state is demanding that we live our everyday lives through it. We are invited for a walk with the state; we are invited to eat with the state. More and more of social life is now lived through the state as an intermediary. Our everyday actions are supervised — and authorised — by an official bureaucracy. The emblem of this peculiar situation is the licence...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Why torture is evil

by Will Van Wagenen


Most defenders of torture rely on the argument that torture saves (American) lives, and that torture is therefore justified and moral. Such defenders often cite fantastic scenarios similar to the following: Imagine a terrorist group is planning to detonate a nuclear bomb in the middle of a major US city. Now imagine that one of the terrorists is captured by the CIA. The terrorist won’t reveal the information needed to stop the attack so he must be tortured until he gives up the information, allowing the CIA to stop the attack and save hundreds of thousands of lives. Such defenders then pose the question, ‘How could it be wrong to torture one evil person in order to save hundreds of thousands of lives?’ In other words such defenders cite as their ‘proof’ that torture is moral an imaginary scenario which has never occurred and which has no basis in reality...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

ACLU Testifies Against Fatally Flawed Military Commissions

What Will the G8 Summit Accomplish: Feed the Hungry or Fuel Hunger?

Rethink Afghanistan: Women of Afghanistan

Brave New Foundation Releases Its Fifth Rethink Afghanistan Installment and Focuses on How Bombs Are Not Solving Women's Issues in the Region

States Aren't Using Stimulus Funds as Intended

Energy Industry Sways Congress With Misleading Data

Major Polluters Water Down Climate Warming Ambitions

Hypo Real Estate Rettung oder "Tod des deutschen Bankensystems"?

Ein geheimes Protokoll der Finanzaufsicht zeigt, mit welcher Panikmache die Banken die Regierung zur Rettung der Hypo Real Estate brachten.

Unemployment, Not the Stock Market, Distinguishes a Recession From a Depression

What are the most important and enduring characteristics of the Great Depression? And what should we monitor to determine how severe today's situation really is?

True unemployment rate already at 20%

Not to scare you, but the situation is actually worse than it seems.

Apartment Vacancy at 22-Year High in U.S., Says Reis

Job losses and falling wages are shrinking the pool of potential renters, defying forecasts that prospective homebuyers would rent rather that purchase as house prices decline.

From Information Clearing House

'This Is How They Tortured Me'

By Christine McLaren

The stories force the reader to imagine what it would be like to learn about suicide for the first time when a 10-year-old boy hangs himself in the basement of your school. Or for nuns to come into your room at night to rape you, or to strangle you and the other kids until you black out, just for entertainment.

Where's Pentagon 'terrorism suspect'? Talking to Karzai

The Pentagon says that Wakil is among 74 former Guantanamo Bay detainees who've returned to or are suspected of returning to terrorism after their release from the island prison camp. Wakil scoffs at the suggestion. So do those who know him.

Were Iraqis tortured and killed by UK occupation force soldiers?

Five years after Tony Blair was informed of damaging evidence of abuse, Government finally agrees to inquiry into the alleged massacre of 20 civilians.

Detainees, Even if Acquitted, Might Not Go Free

The Obama administration said Tuesday it could continue to imprison non-U.S. citizens indefinitely even if they have been acquitted of terrorism charges by a U.S. military commission.

From Information Clearing House

Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order

Video interview

William Engdahl on his book Full Spectrum Dominance:

So This Is What Victory Looks Like?

By Scott Ritter

America will have to deal with the reality that, no matter how we spin facts, President Bush's ill-advised Iraqi adventure has ended in defeat.

Next-up News Nr 1028

- "Michael Jackson EHS et MCS ? . . . il en est mort: l'analyse des faits"

Profits Before Patients

Bill Moyers Journal: "With almost 20 years inside the health insurance industry, Wendell Potter saw for-profit insurers hijack our health care system and put profits before patients. Now, he speaks with Bill Moyers about how those companies are standing in the way of health care reform. Potter spoke out against the industry for the first time last month."

Two Suspected US Missile Attacks Kill 45 in Pakistan

Ishtiaq Mahsud, The Associated Press: "Suspected US drones launched two missile attacks on Taliban targets in the South Waziristan tribal region on Wednesday, killing at least 45 militants in the latest in a barrage of strikes close to the Afghan border, intelligence officials said."

Joe Biden: 'We Misread the Economy' and Other Lies

Get Out of Afghanistan, Too

How U.S. Federal Criminal Law Has Reincarnated Beria

CATFORD: Residents fuming over 'ugly' phone mast

7:00am Thursday 9th July 2009

By Matthew Jenkin

RESIDENTS are fuming after council planners missed the deadline to challenge proposals for an “ugly” phone mast for the second time.

Lewisham Council had 56 days to object to an application by phone company Vodafone to build a mast disguised as a lamppost next to Forster Park, in Whitefoot Lane, Catford.

But despite local opposition to the plans, the council missed the deadline to challenge the plans by one day.

Residents are furious because the 12-metre mast will be built next another one, built in 2006, which the council also failed to block within the required time period.


Group presses for action over cell towers


Last updated 08:35 08/07/2009

CALLING FOR CONSULTATION: Surfdale residents Stephanie Honeychurch, Dr Stuart Reuben, Andrew Crawford and children Archie and Maddie

The Waiheke Community Board is being urged to help get consultation over cell phone towers in the light of protests elsewhere as health concerns grow.

The renewed plea comes from resident Andrew Crawford following a resource consent application lodged last year for a cell phone tower on the Surfdale Bowling Club.

The application sparked concerns among more than 400 residents.


Informant: Martin Weatherall


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