Iraq: Troop Movements Are not a 'Withdrawal'

By Dennis Kucinich

This is not a great victory for peace. On May 19, the Christian Science Monitor reported that Iraqi and U.S. military officials virtually redrew the city limits of Baghdad in order to consider the Army's Forward Operating Base Falcon as outside the city, despite every map of Baghdad clearly showing it with in city limits.

Neocons Agree: Report Projects Continued U.S. Military Presence in Iraq

By Michael Novinson

When former Republican presidential candidate John McCain said in January 2008 that he would be OK with United States troops in Iraq for another 100 years, Democrats ridiculed him as a warmonger. Now, a report from a "centrist" political think tank predicts that U.S. troops will remain in Iraq well after the current December 2011 withdrawal deadline.

Iraqis are too shrewd to fall for an 'invisible' occupation

US operations will be suspended for a few days to promote the perception that Iraqi forces are actually in control; Ali al-Adeeb, a senior leader of Mr al-Maliki's Dawa party, says the Americans will become "invisible".

From Information Clearing House


Veterans for Peace: Veterans Press for Complete Withdrawal of Troops from Iraq

UFPJ: Nation's Largest Antiwar Coalition Calls for Rapid and Total End to U.S. Occupation of Iraq


Iraq Vote Could Oust US Troops Early

Maya Schenwar, Truthout: "As US combat troops retreated from Iraqi urban centers on Tuesday, signs of an incomplete withdrawal abounded. Some soldiers remained in cities, their labels changed from 'combat troops' to 'trainers' or 'advisers,' while others relocated to bases close outside city borders. However, the US-Iraq security pact approved last December requires that every single US troop withdraw from the country by December 31, 2011, and an upcoming referendum vote in Iraq may demand an even quicker deadline."


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