Swine flu born on US factory farms



Scientists have traced the genetic lineage of the new H1N1 swine flu to a strain that emerged in 1998 in U.S. factory farms, where it spread and mutated at an alarming rate. Experts warned then that a pocket of the virus would someday evolve to infect humans, perhaps setting off a global pandemic. The new findings challenge recent protests by pork industry leaders and U.S., Mexican and United Nations agriculture officials that industrial farms shouldn’t be implicated in the new swine flu, which has killed up to 176 people and on Thursday was declared an imminent pandemic by the World Health Organization. … [G]eneticists studying the composition of viruses taken from swine flu victims described it as the product of a DNA swap between North American and Eurasian swine flu strains...


Perez before swine

Freedom's Phoenix
by Powell Gammill


Most people don’t really realize it but influenza or (aka) flu kills an estimated 36,000 people a year in the USA. The vast majority are either under 5 years of age or over 55 years old. Cause of death is almost always pneumonia. The current swine flu’s mortality rate of 7% is not much higher that any other flu we have recently experienced. So why the media generated scare? Ahhhh, that is a good question. Yes it is unusual to get flu this late in the year...


Flu: You’re soaking in it (but you probably shouldn’t worry)

Disloyal Opposition
by JD Tuccille


First, a little worrying news. You know those amazingly sparse ‘confirmed cases’ figures? They’re garbage. It takes 3-7 days to get results back from swine flu, so if the whole country had been tested on Wednesday, we still wouldn’t know how prevalent it was. But to test, you’d need proper test media for taking and transmitting samples. And that’s in short supply. … my wife has been seeing 50 patients each day. That’s a record for her. Her colleagues are also swamped. The kids coming in are all … Well, you know where this is going. Just assume that this bug is already widespread. Now, the good news. The swine flu, so far, looks like … flu. That’s not to say you want to catch it, but it doesn’t appear to be anything like the killer bug that people have been fretting about. Chances are that if you catch it, you’ll have a few lousy days. Then you’ll get better. That’s it. No doomsday, no bodies stacked in the streets...


Swine flu? Government is more dangerous

Freedom Politics
by Tom Lucente


The ability of human beings to overreact never ceases to amaze me. Of course, I am referring to the unwarranted and silly reactions to the swine flu outbreak. People, get a grip! This minor outbreak has the Egyptian government slaughtering hundreds of thousands of pigs, even though no cases of swine flu have been reported there. Other countries, such as China, Russia and Indonesia, have banned the importation of pork products, despite the fact that you cannot catch the flu from bacon, pork or any other food product...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Swine Flu A Hoax, But Martial Law All Too Real

As officials all but guarantee deadlier form of H1N1 will return later this year, draconian response measures have been established with the aid of deceptive scaremongering and hype

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Monday, May 4, 2009

The H1N1 virus itself has claimed less lives than a normal flu outbreak would be expected to kill, but the architecture of martial law in the form of draconian measures readied to combat a pandemic has been firmly locked into place.



Factory Farms, the Environment, and Communities

Government Accountability Project: Slaughterhouse Whistleblower Reveals Inhumane Animal Treatment, Food Integrity Violations



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