In reacting to testimony of Alberto Gonzales this week under oath, Time magazine was moved to write the headline "Gonzales Digs a Deeper Hole". It would appear the game plan is to try to lie their way through the next 18 months, to run out the clock until they can all pardon themselves on the way out the door. But the one revelation that DID come out of the Senate hearing was that Vice President Cheney, on top of everything else, had been given unprecedented authority to intervene in justice department probes. Isn't it time to express your opinion on whether Vice President Cheney should be impeached or not?


This is a justice department that is already under a giant shadow for pursuing a partisan political agenda, selectively prosecuting members of the other party while quashing investigations of loyal Bushies. The attorney firing scandal was all about installing political operatives in place of fair prosecutors with integrity. And now we find that Cheney has his hands in that too.

Gonzales said under oath that he found this troubling. We don't know what's more troubling, that Gonzales claims to know nothing about what was going on in his own department, or that he did know and just can't stop lying. But all we are asking you to do is either to vote Yes, or to vote No, on whether Cheney should be impeached. It's your choice. That is what a democracy is all about.

When Bush "commuted" Scooter Libby's prison sentence, and would not even rule out a further full pardon for him, was it to ensure his silence, to keep from implicating his boss Cheney. It was reported that Cheney had pressured Bush to do this. Was this an obstruction of justice and an impeachable offense by itself? It's your call.

When Cheney stood before the American people talking about their intelligence on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, and they had no such evidence, and they knew it, was that a high crime against the American people, lying us into a war, or not? It's your call.

When Cheney pushed to make torture official U.S. foreign policy, in defiance of the Geneva conventions, was that a good thing for our national security, or did it cost us our moral authority as a superpower? Do we defeat international terrorists by turning ourselves into monsters like they are? Is that not a violation of our own Constitutional prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment? It's your call.

When Cheney worked in the shadows to eavesdrop on American citizens without warrant, despite the fact that a special court had already been established to PERMIT such activity if justified on good cause, was that not a violation of the 4th amendment to our Constitution? Who is it who really hates our freedom? It's your call.

And what will it take to get Congress to debate these things, and actually confront a White House that is now issuing royal decrees at a record pace in the form of sweeping executive orders that presume to have legislative weight? Just this last Friday the Cheney White House REFUSED to give a member of Congress access to the classified portions of two of these recent presidential directives. They won't even let our representatives SEE the complete terms of SECRET unconstitutional orders they are rushing to put in place now.


The last question we CAN answer. What it will take for Congress to act is for you to speak out, just as more than 90,000 of your fellow citizens have already in the National Cheney Impeachment Poll. Congress will not defy the will of the American people, but first that will must be expressed. Should the Constitution of the United States get a fair up or down vote? It's your call.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.


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