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US Sends Third Aircraft Carrier to Gulf

RTE Ireland reports that a third US aircraft carrier is being sent to the Gulf.

Why Bush Gave Scooter Libby a Pass

Michael Isikoff, reporting for Newsweek writes: "Bush may have stopped short of a full pardon precisely to keep Libby and other White House aides away from Democrats on Capitol Hill. Investigators in Congress are eager to call Libby to testify about the Plame case and prewar Iraq intel - an invitation Libby can continue to resist by claiming he can't talk as long as his appeal remains alive in the courts."



Abusing Iraqi Civilians

Bob Herbert of The New York Times writes: "With no end yet in sight for the long dark night of the Iraq war, The Nation magazine is coming out this week with an article that goes into great and disturbing detail about the brutal treatment of Iraqi civilians by some US soldiers and marines. Based on interviews conducted on the record with dozens of American combat veterans of the war, the authors address what they describe as frequent acts of violence in which US forces have abused or killed Iraqi civilians - men, women and children - with impunity."



Pelosi Lines Up Iraq Votes

Mike Soraghan and Jackie Kucinich writing for The Hill report, "House Democrats are planning a series of votes this month on Iraq that they hope will ratchet up pressure on the White House and Congressional Republicans to change course on the unpopular war or suffer political consequences."



White House in "Panic Mode" Over GOP Revolt on Iraq

Martha Raddatz of ABC News has been told the White House is "in panic mode" over the recent defections of Republican senators on the President's stay-the-course policy in Iraq.



Take the Climate Pledge


Greenpeace kritisiert Patente für Sonnenblumen und Brokkoli

Die Umweltschutzorganisation Greenpeace hat beim Europäischen Patentamt in München Einspruch gegen ein Patent auf Sonnenblumen eingelegt. Der US-Konzern Pioneer hatte im Oktober 2006 latu Greenpeace ein Patent auf "normale" Sonnenblumen erhalten, die nicht gentechnisch verändert worden seien (EP 1465 475 B1). Die Pflanzen würden aufgrund natürlicher Erbanlagen eine Resistenz gegenüber Wurzelschädlingen aufweisen. Der Einspruch von Greenpeace erfolge "vor dem Hintergrund einer geplanten Grundsatzentscheidung darüber, ob normale nicht gentechnisch veränderte Tier- oder Pflanzenarten patentiert werden dürfen", so die Organisation. "Wenn ganz normale Pflanzen wie Sonnenblumen oder Brokkoli zu einer Erfindung erklärt werden, kann in Zukunft jedes Tier oder jede beliebige Pflanze patentiert werden. Die Agrokonzerne werden sich dann über ihre Patentanwälte die komplette Kontrolle über alle Stufen der Nahrungsmittelerzeugung verschaffen", kritisiert Christoph Then, Patentexperte von Greenpeace.


Private Spies: Who Runs the CIA? Outsiders for Hire

The most intriguing secrets of the "war on terror" have nothing to do with al-Qaeda and its fellow travelers. They're about the mammoth private spying industry that all but runs U.S. intelligence operations today.


From Information Clearing House


Iraq war 'to last for decades', warns Petraeus

The fight against rebels in Iraq could carry on for decades, the head of U.S. forces there has warned.


From Information Clearing House


Short Bedtime Stories From Iraq

Half of Badiaa's house is now burned down."We will send you a cheque." They laughed and walked away in the night.


From Information Clearing House

Neocons, theocons, Demcons, excons, and future cons

By William Blum

Think of why you are opposed to the war. Is it not largely because of all the unspeakable suffering brought down upon the heads and souls of the poor people of Iraq by the American military? Hillary Clinton couldn't care less about that, literally. She thinks the American military has "succeeded". Has she ever unequivocally labeled the war "illegal" or "immoral"?



Nobody Marched to Impeach Bill Clinton



Soldiers Share the Devastating Tales of War

By Emily DePrang

These are the stories of three veterans of this war, told in their voices, edited for flow and efficiency but otherwise unchanged. They bear out the statistics and suggest that even those who are not diagnosably impaired return burdened by experiences they can neither forget nor integrate into their postwar lives.



Powell tried to talk Bush out of war

Sarah Baxter

THE former American secretary of state Colin Powell has revealed that he spent 2½ hours vainly trying to persuade President George W Bush not to invade Iraq and believes today's conflict cannot be resolved by US forces.



Gerhart Baum: "Terror-Angst vergiftet unser Denken"

Online-Durchsuchung? Finaler Todesschuss im Anti-Terror-Kampf? Im stern.de-Interview bezichtigt Ex-Innenminister Gerhart Baum seinen Nachfolger Wolfgang Schäuble, an den Grundfesten der Verfassung zu rütteln. Gleichzeitig rügt der FDP-Mann die Strategie von Parteichef Guido Westerwelle.

Quelle: Stern


Bouffier für gezielte Tötung

Bosbach findet gezielte Tötung von Terroristen mehr als problematisch

Unions-Fraktionsvize Wolfgang Bosbach (CDU) hat die neuen "Anti-Terror-Vorschläge" von Bundesinnenminister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) kritisiert. Eine gezielte Tötung von Terroristen halte er für mehr als problematisch, sagte Bosbach am 10. Juli im Deutschlandradio Kultur. Dafür gebe es im innerstaatlichen Recht keine Grundlage. Auch bei einem Terroristen wie Osama bin Laden müssten die rechtsstaatlichen Grundsätze mit Anklage und Aburteilung eingehalten werden. Die Todesstrafe sei schließlich aus guten Gründen abgeschafft worden.



ARGE kürzt Hartz IV wegen Krankenhausaufenthalt


Gegen Hartz IV, befristete Verträge und Ein-Euro-Jobs

Gewerkschafter fordern Kampagne gegen Verarmung breiter Bevölkerungsschichten


Better Planet: Beepocalypse


Informant: Teresa Binstock



Dear Editor,

On your website at this address : //discovermagazine.com/2007/jul/better-planet/article_view?b_start:int=0&-C= On 06.28.2007, you have published an article by Josie Glausiusz titled : Can we save honey bees from Colony Collapse Disorder?

My answer is no. But there is worst : if bees disappear, humanity will follow in the next 4 years (Einstein dixit). The problem is that scientifics are looking at the wrong way. It's clear that diseases, wax moths, fungus, insecticides or other chemical cause even GMO have an action on CCD. But the worst is the EMF (electromagnetic fields) proliferation all around the world. Some studies prove it, like the Koblenz one in attached file [ //omega.twoday.net/stories/1493541/ ]. Now, other studies show that this is the same problem for the disappearance of : Sparrows (attached [ //omega.twoday.net/stories/1147135/ ]), starlings, house-swallows, pigeons, white storks (attached [ //omega.twoday.net/stories/2003421/ ]), butterflies, moths, insects, etc. On an other hand, EMF has affected human health since the EMF crazy increase from the fifties. All forms of Cancer, Alzheimer, Parkinson, Autism between hundred of other symptoms. And it's coming every day worst with new applications and installations for wireless technologies. WE ARE IN A GLOBAL PROCESS OF ALL LIFE DISAPPEARANCE. Refusing the evidence that facts coincide with the EMF increase reveal either a total ignorance or a criminal spirit. As journalists, you should investigate urgently to inform the public with the truth which could have the necessary impact for authorities to take measures right now. Hope the present letter will pay your best attention.

Best Regards.
Philippe Hug
Chairman of ARA CP 17
1454 L Auberson


62 Immigrants Die in US Jails

"Sixty-two immigrants have died in US jails since 2004 for lack of medical care, human rights groups told members of the US Congress Monday. 'Deficient medical care in immigration detention is a systematic problem and needs to be addressed,' said Tom Jawetz, of the American Civil Liberties Union, the largest US group defending civil rights," reports Agence France-Presse.



Gonzales Was Told of FBI Violations

John Solomon of the Washington Post reports: "As he sought to renew the USA Patriot Act two years ago, Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales assured lawmakers that the FBI had not abused its potent new terrorism-fighting powers. 'There has not been one verified case of civil liberties abuse,' Gonzales told senators on April 27, 2005. Six days earlier, the FBI sent Gonzales a copy of a report that said its agents had obtained personal information that they were not entitled to have. It was one of at least half a dozen reports of legal or procedural violations that Gonzales received in the three months before he made his statement to the Senate intelligence committee, according to internal FBI documents released under the Freedom of Information Act."



How to Beat Climate Change & Be Food and Energy Rich


Help Your Senators Find 'The Road Home'



Profiting from illness and death

Frontiers of Freedom
by Lucas Catton


The trail of psychiatric drugs is littered with dollar signs. The truth regarding the connection between pharmaceutical companies and doctors, especially psychiatrists, seems to be coming out with increasing frequency of late. Millions of otherwise unsuspecting people are slowly beginning to learn that the drugs they’ve been prescribed are the result of a multi-billion dollar advertising and marketing campaign, not necessarily because they will help them...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Iraq showdown set in Senate

New York Daily News


Debate starts today in the Senate on a defense bill that will show whether the Republican Party is in full revolt against President Bush over the Iraq war. Key members of the GOP have already broken with the President over the war. More than a dozen others have signaled they could demand a new plan after a September status report from the top U.S. commander in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus. … Six Republicans — many facing reelection in 2008 — also have signed on to a bill that does not set a deadline for withdrawal, as Democrats would like, but aims to lay the groundwork for leaving by March next year. That bill and others are expected to be offered as amendments to the $670 billion defense spending bill the Senate plans to start debating this afternoon...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Bush denies Congress access to aides

Chippewa Herald


President Bush directed former aides to defy congressional subpoenas on Monday, claiming executive privilege and prodding lawmakers closer to their first contempt citations against administration officials since Ronald Reagan was president. It was the second time in as many weeks that Bush had cited executive privilege in resisting Congress’ investigation into the firings of U.S. attorneys...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Army misses recruiting goal for second month



The Army failed to meet its recruiting goal in June, raising concern that the unpopular Iraq war and strong economy could wreak even more havoc on enlistments. Army officials acknowledged Monday that the service missed its recruiting target for the second month in a row, but would not provide exact numbers...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Our WiFi was making our son sick

An Interesting Letter to B. Blake Levitt


Troubled Soldier Gets Demoted, Not Treated

A US Marine was refused treatment for post-combat stress, and then demoted and detained, according to a report by Aaron Glantz of Inter Press Service.



Using Income, Instead of Race, to Identify Disadvantaged Students

Writing in Crosscut, Dick Lilly says, "The US Supreme Court has ruled against Seattle Public Schools' use of race to determine assignments to oversubscribed high schools. But by setting race aside, the court's decision may serve to focus educators on the common denominator among children our public schools are failing to serve: poverty."



Iraqi Oil Workers Union Founder: US-Backed Oil Law Is "Robbery"

In the wake of the Iraqi cabinet's approval of part of a controversial oil law, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! interviews Faleh Abood Umara, general secretary of the Federation of Oil Unions and a founding member of the oil workers union in Iraq, and Hashmeya Muhsin Hussein, president of the Electrical Utility Workers Union and the first woman to head a national union in Iraq.



Radical Vision to Halt Climate Change

Calum MacDonald of The Herald UK writes: "The UK could cut carbon emissions to zero in 20 years, but only if people accept a virtual end to air travel and stop using fuel-driven cars, a report claimed yesterday."


Wars Costing $12 Billion a Month

The Associated Press's Andrew Taylor writes, "The boost in troop levels in Iraq has increased the cost of war there and in Afghanistan to $12 billion a month, and the total for Iraq alone is nearing a half-trillion dollars, Congressional analysts say."


How We Killed the Declaration of Independence


Informant: Corey

Soldiers Keep Dying


Utah Wilderness at Risk


New York Plans Surveillance Veil for Downtown


Informant: Neo Mulder


Tell Congress to BAN Touch Screen Voting Now

Florida the site of so many national election debacles already has moved to ban touch screen voting (Direct Record Electronic or DRE). Without an actual paper ballot record we can never be secure in our votes.

ACTION PAGE: //www.usalone.com/ban_dre.php

You can't audit a memory chip, especially where its contents can be secretly changed at any time. Congress should follow Florida's lead and outlaw this fundamentally flawed technology.

The proposed Holt bill H.R. 811 [text of bill], does not go nearly far enough, and in fact as it currently stands would endorse the worst of the current problems. It is not just the open invitation to fraud. Election after election, thousands of reports show that DRE voting machines are disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of voters across the country. Voters are confused over how to use them. They stand in line for hours because the machines are broken down, or they leave because they don't have time to wait. Poll workers, even with careful training, don't know how to help when something goes wrong, and something often does.

There will be a critical vote on this bill this week. Please write your members of Congress and tell them to fix H.R. 811 now.


Dennis Kucinich, our hero on so many issues, maintains his declared position that he cannot support H.R. 811 unless it does something to address the real problems with electronic voting. Please consider making a donation to encourage him to continue standing strong.


Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.


Powered by The People's Email Network Copyright 2007, Patent pending, All rights reserved


Emergency Alert: House Democrats Selling Out Dietary Supplements

Byron Richards, CCN

On Tuesday, July 10, the house plans 40 minutes of testimony on HR.2900 (the companion to S.1082 which has already passed the Senate), followed by a forced vote. House democrats are seeking to ramrod this legislation through without allowing any debate or amendments. Immediate consumer action must be taken on or before the morning of July 10 to stop this bill from moving forward with its attack on your right to have access to a wide variety of dietary supplements......



The Untouchable, Unstoppable Ron Paul


Informant: Neo Mulder


Report warns of possible health risks of Google/Earthlink WiFi Network


Notice from the Council on Wireless Technology Impacts


Bad Reception: The Wireless Revolution in San Francisco



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