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No Future for Nuclear Energy

Earmarking the War Machine

America's Next Big Blunder

Under the Radar: Ten Warning Signs for Today

Activists 'Shocked' As Pelosi OKs Corporate Farm Bill

With Iraq on Fire, Rest of World on Hold

Tell Congress to Impeach Cheney First

Informant: Cal

Tell Congress to Impeach Cheney First

Informant: Cal

Polen und Tschechien forcieren den Aufbau des US-Raketenabwehrsystem unbeirrt von einer breiten Ablehnung in der Bevölkerung

Eine beschlossene Sache

Report Shows Revolving Doors Between Gov't, Business

Informant: Cal

FEMA Runs for Cover

The New York Times editorial board asks, "How many times can the federal government let down the victims of the hurricanes that ravaged the Gulf Coast two years ago?"

Governors Address Climate Change

The Associated Press reports: "States should develop creative approaches to climate change, just as they have with challenges such as health care, despite their different economic interests, governors said Saturday."

The Iraq War Debate: The Great Denier

"If ever there were a moment for serious discussion about the Iraq war," says The New York Times, "this is it. Americans want President Bush to explain how he will extract the troops and contain the bloodletting and chaos the war has unleashed. Washington's dwindling band of allies and Iraq's neighbors are also waiting to hear. Pretty much everyone in the world wants answers except the president."

The Rest Is Marketing

Sidney Blumenthal, writing in The Guardian UK, says, "One of the more memorable and revealing statements explaining the nature of the Bush administration build-up to the invasion of Iraq was offered in September 2002 by then White House chief of staff Andrew Card. 'From a marketing point of view,' he said, 'you don't introduce new products in August.' Five years later, a period longer than the Civil War and World War II, the administration is preparing to present its case for continuing the surge in Iraq."

DOJ All But "Operating on Autopilot"

The Financial Times UK's Brooke Masters writes: "Resignations and the ongoing furor over allegedly politicized hiring and firing at the US justice department have left so many top positions vacant that the department is all but operating on autopilot."

USA: Putsch zur Errichtung einer Diktatur in Vorbereitung

Früheres Regierungsmitglied fordert Impeachment

DOJ Inspector General Probes FBI Anti-Terror Office

Ryan Singel of reports that the Justice Department's Inspector General is investigating an FBI office "that sent fake, emergency letters to telecoms requesting phone records," and whether agents violated the Patriot Act in its zeal to obtain records of private individuals without a subpoena.

Senate Work Held Up by Republican Filibusters

Margaret Talev of McClatchy Newspapers reports that "Senate Republicans are threatening filibusters to block more legislation than ever before, a pattern that's rooted in - and could increase - the pettiness and dysfunction in Congress."

Rep. Mel Watt Talks Impeachment on The Urban Journal with Keith Murphy

Informant: David Swanson

From ufpj-news


The Logic of Impeachment

Informant: Supreme Law Firm

Introduction of two censure resolutions aimed at President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and other administration officials

On 'Meet the Press' this morning, I announced that I will introduce two censure resolutions aimed at holding President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and other administration officials responsible for the destructive path down which they've taken our country. It's clear to me, and millions of Americans, that the time has come for accountability – on everything from the disastrous war in Iraq, to refusing, time and time again, to follow the rule of law. Members of Congress can no longer stand by and allow the White House to shred the Constitution, and thumb their noses at the American people.

Over recent months and years, we've learned that this President, and his administration, have used mistruths, spin, lofty-rhetoric, hyped-up intelligence reports, and scare tactics to drag this country into a war that can only be described as the worst foreign policy mistake in our nation's history. In addition, the administration, in an attempt to justify this mistake, has repeatedly distorted the situation on the ground in Iraq. As a result, the administration has dangerously weakened us in our efforts to fight those who attacked us on 9/11.

What's equally dangerous is the blatant disregard President Bush has shown for the rule of law on which our country was founded. Last year I introduced a resolution to censure President Bush for his failure to abide by the Constitution when he implemented his illegal domestic wiretapping program and for misleading the public about whether his administration was following the law. With your help, public scrutiny in this program was raised and the administration couldn't ignore it any longer. Earlier this year, the program was finally terminated and brought under the jurisdiction of the FISA statute.

Unfortunately, failing to abide by the law is a pattern for this President. From illegal domestic wiretapping, to the President's dubious signing statements, to redefining torture, to the current U.S. Attorney scandal, the list goes on and on. There are so many good reasons for the deep frustration so many of you and I feel about the direction of our country.

As I have said before, I believe the President and Vice President have likely committed what our Founding Fathers would have thought of as "high crimes and misdemeanors." However, at this time I do not believe it is in our nation's best interest to put important issues facing our country on the back burner to go through months and months of a divisive impeachment process. Some may disagree with that, but at a minimum we can agree that censure resolutions, holding the President and his administration accountable for the actions I've outlined above, are needed.

History must show that when confronted with an administration which does not recognize the separation of powers, which continually acts as if the executive branch is above the laws of our land, the American people and their elected officials stood up, in one voice, and demanded accountability.

I've heard from people in Wisconsin and across the country in recent months on what we can do to hold this administration accountable for its actions surrounding the Iraq war and its deliberate disregard for the law. Please click here to read more about my two censure proposals, tackling both issues, and give me feedback on both topics. I need your help to develop these resolutions so all of our voices are heard. I look forward to reading your thoughts and I'll be sure to keep everyone posted in the coming days. I'm going to be looking to each and every one of you for help in developing these resolutions and in pushing them forward.


Russ Feingold
United States Senator Honorary Chair, Progressive Patriots Fund



Since Sunday, when I announced that I am drafting two censure proposals condemning the President, Vice President, and the administration for their misguided actions in Iraq and for their disregard for the rule of law, I've received thousands of emails and phone calls from people in Wisconsin and around the country. I've also read and watched what 'pundits' and the 'D.C consultant class' have had to say about my proposals. And, while it's really no surprise, the two couldn't be farther away from one another.

I've heard some pundits characterize censure as 'piling on' an unpopular president that could, in the end, hurt Democrats in 2008. Some have said it's a 'big tactical mistake. I could go on, but I'm sure you get the point.

Meanwhile, outside of Washington, D.C., it's clear from the thousands of responses I've received, from people on both sides of the aisle, that the American people as a whole are sick and tired of the notion of an imperial presidency. Americans are demanding accountability.

From illegal domestic wiretapping, to the President's dubious signing statements, to the current U.S. Attorney scandal; from manipulating intelligence data to suit their ideology, to their dishonesty about weapons of mass destruction, to their disgraceful efforts to convince Americans that Iraq was directly involved with the attacks of 9/11, the Bush White House has failed this country in a catastrophic manner.

We have a duty and responsibility to make sure that this President, and future presidents, understand clearly that Americans value the rule of law and will not stand by while an administration ignores our laws and our Constitution.

I'm continuing to work on both censure resolutions and will formally introduce them in the coming days, but I still need your feedback. Please click here to send me your thoughts.

It's time to get our country moving in a new direction. But that new direction must start by acknowledging that the Bush Administration must be held to account and compelled to follow the laws of our country.


Russ Feingold
United States Senator Honorary Chair, Progressive Patriots Fund

Caffier: Keine Informationen über weitere Tornado-Flüge

'Dead zone' in the Gulf could expand exponentially this year

Scientists have warned that the "dead zone" in the Gulf of Mexico could expand to its largest ever proportion this year.

Zerbrechliche Erde

Ein neuer Bildband zeigt spektakuläre Vorher-Nachher-Bilder, die die dramatischen Folgen von Naturkatastrophen und menschlicher Einflussnahme auf unserem Planeten dokumentieren.

Massensterben im Golf von Mexiko

Die Todeszone im Golf von Mexiko hat neue Mega-Ausmaße erreicht.

China: 750.000 Tote jährlich durch Umweltverschmutzung
In China sterben nach Informationen der "Financial Times" jährlich 750 000 Menschen vorzeitig an den Folgen der massiven Umweltverschmutzung.

Vattenfall: Wat ein Fall für alle AKW-Betreiber!

Vattenfall hat jetzt 19 Tage verschwiegen, vertuscht und Kunden getäuscht. Darf ein solches Unternehmen überhaupt noch Atomkraftwerke, also die gefährlichste Technik, betreiben? Reicht es, wenn die Köpfe zweier Bosse rollen, aber das gesamte System bleibt wie es ist?

The Rockefellers, Funding Fathers of the New World Order

by Deanna Spingola

Ordinary people are content with providing the basic necessities and perhaps a few luxuries for their families. But, for some individuals, the ultimate ego trip, always taken on another's expense account, is the pursuit of pertinacious power. "In bygone days the rare individual with a manic desire for power seized a throne, or led conquering armies. Now that is all passé. Today, more worlds are conquered in board rooms than on battle fields. And what happens on bloody battle fields is often the result of decisions made in board rooms." The ultimate price is paid by those who are squandered in battle without a moments thought by the elite purveyors of war and bloodshed......

Facing the Truth

By Monica Benderman

A marine not only convicted of conspiring to commit kidnapping, larceny, and making false statements; but the murder - MURDER - of an innocent Iraqi man, was given his sentence. He is to receive a reduction in rank and a bad conduct discharge. THIS is what America has become.

No Wonder The Bloggers Are Winning

By Robert Fisk

These gutless papers explain why more people are Googling than turning pages.

Secret Report: No Iraq Oil Deal by September

The report, obtained by the Blotter on, says the issues the three sides are too far apart to agree on are the "role of foreign companies in the oil sector" and the division of the oil profits.

Iraqi PM urges parliament to cancel or limit summer break to pass laws seen as crucial by US

One on the distribution of oil and another on how to handle former members of Saddam Hussein's Baath party.

Iraq unions vow 'mutiny' over oil law

"This law cancels the great achievements of the Iraq people," Subhi al-Badri, head of the Iraqi Federation of Union Councils, told the al-Sharqiyah TV station. He referred specifically to laws that nationalized Iraq's oil sector.

Hassan Jumaa, President of Iraqi Federation of Oil Union


Hassan describes the Union's campaign against the proposed Hydrocarbon Law, which will see much of Iraq's oil wealth fall into the hands of foreign oil companies.

From Information Clearing House

Manufacturing Consent For Continuing Occupation Of Iraq

Early troop pullout could force return to Iraq: US military

Several high-ranking military chiefs have asked for more time in Iraq, as Congress and US public opinion grow impatient with the war, but Conway insisted that a US retreat without some show of success will be viewed as a victory for Al-Qaeda.

From Information Clearing House

Bribery Network to Bloat War Costs Is Alleged

At the core of the case is a contract that KBR, previously known as Kellogg, Brown & Root, won before the war to supply the American military with food, fuel, housing and other necessities. The value of the contract soared with the Iraq invasion, and has so far paid KBR some $20 billion.

Government awards contracts despite firms' misconduct

The Project on Government Oversight (POGO) yesterday released a revamped database detailing misconduct by the top 50 government contractors, including some of the world's largest military hardware, information technology, construction and energy companies.

From Information Clearing House

Manufacturing Consent For An Attack In Pakistan

Pakistan warns US on unilateral 'strike'

Pakistan on Friday called White House comments that US forces could unilaterally strike militant targets inside the country "irresponsible and dangerous."

Standing US offer of air support, "supporting fires" to Pakistan

The US military has offered to provide air support and "supporting fires" for Pakistani military operations against Al-Qaeda but in the past has been rebuffed, US defense officials said Monday.

Pakistan Says Any US Strike Against Militants on Its Soil 'Unacceptable'

Pakistan's foreign ministry spokeswoman Tasnim Aslam said Monday any such action will be irresponsible and dangerous.

Bin Laden alive in Pakistan: US spy chief

AL-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden is alive and sheltering in lawless parts of Pakistan on the border with Afghanistan, US intelligence chief Mike McConnell said yesterday.,23599,22117901-38197,00.html

From Information Clearing House

How to Sell an Endless War

Many of the elements used to sell that attack on Iraq--the intelligence dossiers, the unsourced revelations, the denigration of hard evidence, the cosying-up to prominent exiles--are now being used to sell an attack on Iran. With some 22 minutes out of every hour on US TV given over.

From Information Clearing House

Bush Executive Order: Criminalizing the Antiwar Movement

A presidential Executive Order issued on July 17th, repeals with the stroke of a pen the right to dissent and oppose the Iraq war.

From Information Clearing House


Bush Executive Order Targets Domestic Assets

The White House Office of the Press Secretary recently released a new executive order that, according to Truthout Editor Marc Ash, "seeks to circumvent both judicial and Congressional oversight, render[ing] unto the executive branch, and ultimately Mr. Bush, absolute power of law."


New Executive Order Stomps on the Fifth Amendment

Informant: Lloyd Kinder

A Reform to Restore the People’s Power

Informant: Gomez

Conyers Ready to Impeach

Impeach the President

From ufpj-news

Cynthia McKinney on American Blackout, stolen elections, the Green Party

Cynthia McKinney talks about American Blackout, who really stole the 2000 and 2004 elections (it wasn't Nader) as well as her 2002 and 2006 congressional races. She thanks the Green Party for their efforts in Ohio 2004 recount attempt.

From Information Clearing House


American Blackout

Informant: Cal

Bush's Next War of Aggression

Informant: Kev Hall


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