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History as an Alibi

Maureen Dowd writes in The New York Times: "The homeland security chief, Michael Chertoff, has a gut feeling that a Qaeda cell might be coming or already be here. 'Summertime seems to be appealing to them,' he said, sounding more like a meteorologist than the man charged with keeping us safe."

German Officials Approved Hundreds of CIA Rendition Flights

John Goetz, Marcel Rosenbach and Andreas Wassermann writing in Der Spiegel report that approximately 390 CIA secret rendition flights have run through German airspace in violation of German law.

Former Bush Aide Declines to Answer Senate Questions

Paul Kane and Peter Baker reporting for The Washington Post write, "Former White House aide Sara M. Taylor refused to testify today about White House discussions surrounding the firing of nine US attorneys last year, but, treading carefully around a White House claim of executive privilege, did offer some details about the episode."

GOP Sen. Snowe to Sponsor Bill to Start Iraq Exit

Anne Flaherty, reporting for the Associated Press writes: "Sen. Olympia Snowe on Wednesday became the second Republican to embrace a bill ordering troops out of Iraq as President Bush's national security adviser tried to stop defections from the White House war policy. Snowe (R-Maine) joined Sen. Gordon Smith (R-Ore.) in co-sponsoring a bill that would require troops to start leaving in 120 days. The bill also would end combat by April 30, 2008.


Senators push anew to force troop pullout

Boston Globe


Senator Olympia J. Snowe of Maine declared yesterday that ‘the tide has turned’ against President Bush’s Iraq war strategy among her fellow Republicans, as Bush fought to control growing disenchantment on Capitol Hill. While the president told a friendly audience in Cleveland that Congress must give his security plan a chance to work, senators in both parties yesterday began a new push to force a troop withdrawal or to sharply limit the US mission in Iraq. Vice President Dick Cheney and other high-ranking administration officials talked to lawmakers to try to stave off new defections...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Gericht beanstandet Qualitätssicherungssystem

Das Verwaltungsgericht Zürich hat den Entscheid im Wesentlichen mit dem ungenügenden Qualitätssicherungssystem der Orange Communications SA begründet. Der Entscheid ist somit wegweisend für sämtliche Baubewilligungs- und...

Totalüberwachung: Schaar warnt vor Gesichtserkennungssystemen des Bundeskriminalamts

Anlässlich der Veröffentlichung des Abschlussberichts zum Forschungsvorhaben "Fotofahndung" des Bundeskriminalamts kritisierte der Bundesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz, Peter Schaar, den möglichen Einsatz einer "unausgereiften Technik". Er "halte den Einsatz der im Versuch getesteten Gesichtserkennungssysteme in Fahndungsmaßnahmen für sehr problematisch, vor allem im Hinblick auf ihre niedrige Erkennungsleistung. Besonders kritisch sind Falscherkennungen, die bei einem echten Einsatz unverdächtige Bürger zunächst einem Anfangsverdacht aussetzen, Rechtfertigungszwänge auslösen und weitere Überprüfungen notwendig machen würden", so Schaar. Der Datenschutzbeauftragte sieht grundsätzlich die Gefahr der "Totalüberwachung".überwachung

Snowmobiles Are Polluting Yellowstone

Gonzales Misled Senate While Under Oath

Poll on Cheney: Critical Mass on Impeachment?

Bush vs. America

Bush's Pakistan Paradox

Urge your Representative to support the Global Warming Wildlife Survival Act

We must Spread the Truth

Informant: Cal

1 Senator and 15 House Members for Impeachment

Informant: David Swanson

From ufpj-news

Bush orders Miers not to testify

Informant: Cal

Das Pentagon schickt den dritten Flugzeugträgerverband in den Persischen Golf

Big Brother Street

Die Holloway Road ist die am dichtesten mit Überwachungskameras ausgestattete Straße, aber Kriminalität ist nicht aus ihr verschwunden.

The Foreclosing Of America


U.S. Foreclosure Filings Jump to Record in First Half

Almost 926,000 foreclosure notices were filed, 56 percent more than a year earlier and the most since Irvine, California- based RealtyTrac started tracking the data in 2005.

From Information Clearing House

Are the weapons being built for the war or just for the profits?

The Military-Industrial Price Tag

Cindy Sheehan brings new campaign through Houston

Informant: Michael Pugliese

From ufpj-news


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Send an e-card to President Bush and Vice President Cheney, telling them no more ‘get out of jail free’ cards for their cronies

Tell the Candidates: Keep America's Promise to the Gulf Coast

Senate to Vote on Restoring Rights to Guantanamo Detainees

"Two top US Senators on Tuesday urged lawmakers to back their drive to restore basic legal rights to inmates of the US 'war on terror' camp at Guantanamo Bay. The bill, an amendment to a defense funding measure being debated in the Senate, would restore the writ of Habeas Corpus to camp inmates - which would allow the accused to challenge their detention in a US court," reports Agence France-Presse.

Bush Suppressed Health Reports for Political Gain

"Former Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona told a Congressional panel Tuesday that top Bush administration officials repeatedly tried to weaken or suppress important public health reports because of political considerations," reports Gardiner Harris of The New York Times. "The administration, Dr. Carmona said, would not allow him to speak or issue reports about stem cells, emergency contraception, sex education, or prison, mental and global health issues."


Ex-Surgeon General Accuses Bush Officials of Censorship


Surgeon General Nominee Defends Himself

Bush's nominee for surgeon general, Dr. James W. Holsinger Jr., whose predecessor said he was handcuffed by political pressure, testified at his confirmation hearing that he would resign if he were asked to put politics over science in dealing with an important issue, reports Gardiner Harris of The New York Times.

Overprivileged Executive

The New York Times writes: "Mr. Gonzales and his aides have twisted and mutilated the truth beyond recognition. Congress and the American public need to know all that has gone on at the Justice Department ... Ms. Taylor is scheduled to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee today, and Ms. Miers before the House committee tomorrow. They are expected to claim executive privilege. If they do, Congress should use the powers at its disposal, including holding them in contempt, to compel their testimony."

Do mobile masts affect bees' sense of direction?

I HAVE just read Eric Brown's article entitled 'Bumble bees are busy buzzing off' and was intrigued by his comment that the electro-magnetic radiation from mobile phone masts can affect the homing (radar) mechanism which guides bees back to their home hives.


AWOL: The Unexcused Absence of America's Upper Classes from Military Service and How It Hurts Our Country

Informant: Corey

Mobilfunk, Gesundheit und die Politik

Einladung und Programm

München strahlt

Nachricht von
Hans Ulrich-Raithel, Dipl.- Ing. (FH)
Umweltinstitut München e.V.


Pressemitteilung zu Anhörung zum Thema "Mobilfunk, Gesundheit und die Politik" im bayerischen Landtag

Rachel's News #914

Rachel's News #913

Those rebellious Republicans

Guardian [UK]
by Matthew Yglesias


When Republican Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana started making noises about breaking with the Bush administration on Iraq two weeks ago, I was deeply skeptical that he or anyone else in the GOP would actually do anything about it. Still, the political pressure facing Republican members is intense. Now Lugar is being joined by a growing chorus of Republican critics, including Lamar Alexander, Judd Gregg and Bob Bennett in the Senate, and various members in the House. Bush himself is a lame duck, off the ballot in 2008 and forever after. Iraq will almost certainly leave Bush with a terrible legacy — marking him as one of the biggest presidential failure in American history...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush veto may put Democrat in White House

Fox News
by Martin Frost


Seven years into his term President Bush has just now started to use his veto pen. He wants to demonstrate he is standing up to a Democratically-controlled Congress. However, his use of the veto may turn out to be a critical part of putting a Democrat in the White House in 2009. President Bush did not veto any legislation during his first six years in office because he had a compliant Republican-controlled Congress for most of that time. Democrats controlled the Senate only briefly and controlled both houses for the great bulk of Bush’s first six years as president. Now that Democrats control both houses, the veto pen has been unleashed. In the words of Brer Rabbit from the Uncle Remus stories, this may be a classic case of ‘don’t throw me in the briar patch.’ Democrats may be getting exactly what they want to demonstrate why voters should put a Democrat in the White House in the next election...,2933,288723,00.html

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Four McCain campaign aides resign

The McCain mutiny

by John Dickerson


Why the collapse now? Before McCain left for Iraq over the July Fourth weekend, he was angry with his leadership team, accusing them of wasting millions in campaign funds. (One source told me he outright accused his staff of swindling him.) He had been under pressure from donors and advisers to fire campaign manager Terry Nelson for the campaign’s dismal fund-raising results and inability to keep costs under control. When McCain returned from Iraq, he met with Nelson and strategist John Weaver Monday morning. After a heated exchange, Nelson offered his resignation. When McCain accepted it, Weaver resigned. Those who remain are trying to argue that McCain is showing leadership by holding his top brass accountable, but the episode looks more like the last scene in Hamlet — a stack of bodies piled up just before the curtain...

John McCain goes off the rails

by Michael Scherer and Walter Shapiro


As recently as this spring, the McCain campaign was still running as the inevitable inheritor of the party mantle, with an enormous campaign operation that spanned all the early voting states burning up more than $22 million in just six months. Every time he spoke to the press, John Weaver, McCain’s senior political strategist, tried to create an aura of inevitability around the candidate. ‘We wouldn’t trade places with anybody,’ he told reporters, over and over again. But that strategy — to cast McCain as the unassailable front-runner — only highlighted McCain’s weaknesses, by setting expectations wildly high. Even before the campaign began, the Arizona senator had alienated many of the Republican Party’s bankrollers by supporting campaign finance reform and aggressive investigations into corporate wrongdoing and the convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Despite the occasional olive branch to pastors like the late Jerry Falwell, he refused to kowtow to the Republican Party’s evangelical base. And, perhaps most important, he found himself on the wrong side of a midsummer grass-roots revolt by Republicans who were infuriated by the immigration reform bill, which McCain helped author...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Four McCain campaign aides resign

Sen. John McCain's campaign for the Republican presidential nomination hit what may be its breaking point Tuesday, as he accepted the resignations of four top aides while vowing to continue his struggling quest.

From Information Clearing House

Bush tries to bluff Congress in US attorneys coverup

Chippewa Herald


President Bush directed former aides to defy congressional subpoenas on Monday, claiming executive privilege and prodding lawmakers closer to their first contempt citations against administration officials since Ronald Reagan was president. It was the second time in as many weeks that Bush had cited executive privilege in resisting Congress’ investigation into the firings of U.S. attorneys...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush says no Iraq shift; criticism rises

Woonsocket Call


President Bush threatened to veto legislation setting a date for a troop withdrawal from Iraq on Tuesday despite growing bipartisan calls in Congress for an end to U.S. participation in the war and sharp criticism of the Iraqi government. As the Senate opened a new debate on the conflict, one of the president’s staunchest supporters bluntly said the administration had pursued the wrong policy for years after toppling Saddam Hussein...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Panel moves to cut off funds to Cheney

USA Today


Senate Democrats moved Tuesday to cut off funding for Vice President Dick Cheney’s office in a continuing battle over whether he must comply with national security disclosure rules. A Senate appropriations panel chaired by Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., refused to fund $4.8 million in the vice president’s budget until Cheney’s office complies with parts of an executive order governing its handling of classified information...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush Administration Turns Its Back on Uninsured Kids

Grassroots Coalition Launches Campaign to Expose Fox Network's Consistent Pattern of Misinformation on Global Warming

Senator Russ Feingold: Reacting to the President's Remarks on Iraq

Bush Erects Another Stonewall Against Accountability

Democrats Can't Wait Around for GOP Defectors to End the War

Nonsense About Terrorism

Iraq Awakenings, Four Years Late

Unpopular Congress Enduring Tough Times

US Opposition to Iraq War Hits New High: Poll

We spend Far More, but Our Health Care is Falling Behind

Preaching the Anti-Shopping Gospel

Neo-Cons Try to Rally, Bully Republicans

BLM Gets OK for New North Slope Drilling

The Associated Press reports: "The Bureau of Land Management could go ahead with plans to allow drilling in a sensitive area near Teshekpuk Lake on the North Slope, an agency spokeswoman said."

US-China Trade Gap Hits New Record

The New York Times's Joseph Kahn says: "The politically sensitive Chinese trade surplus surged to a record $26.9 billion in June, potentially heightening tensions with the United States and increasing pressure on Beijing to allow its currency to appreciate."

FBI Would Skirt the Law With Phone Records Program

Justin Rood, ABC News, writes: "A proposed new FBI program would skirt federal laws by paying private companies to hold millions of phone and Internet records which the bureau is barred from keeping itself, experts say."

Democrats propose to order Bush out of Iraq: Congress has more power than that!

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

In fünf Jahren ist die Ölkrise da - Energy Watchdog Warns of Supply Crunch Within Five Years


Energy Watchdog Warns of Supply Crunch Within Five Years

James Moore of The Independent UK writes: "The world faces an oil supply crunch with prices poised to soar to new all-time highs over the next five years, a report from the International Energy Agency warned yesterday."

BlueCross Secret Memo Re: 'Sicko'

Response to Fitzpatrick

Carmona says administration muzzled him

Informant: NHNE


Emails Reveal Political Pressure on Ex-Surgeon General

Christopher Lee reports for The Washington Post, "White House officials viewed former surgeon general Richard H. Carmona as a public relations tool, pushing him to make political appearances and promote the Bush administration's agenda while he was in office, according to a series of executive branch emails released yesterday by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy."

We Are All Potentially Enemy Combatants

Informant: Gomez


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