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White House to Tell Miers to Ignore Senate Subpoena

The White House intends to instruct a former aide to Karl Rove and former White House counsel Harriet Miers, both of whom are scheduled to testify before a Senate committee next week about their roles in the firings of US attorneys last year, not to comply with the panel's subpoena, reports Peter Baker in Sunday's Washington Post.

Conspiracy Reality TV: Documentaries & Videos

I found this list of videos on the conspiracy reality website under HEALTH:


God and Country

"Why did American evangelicals not pause for a moment in the rush to war to consider the near-unanimous disapproval of the global Christian community?" asks Charles Marsh. "The worldwide Christian opposition seems to me the most neglected story related to the religious debate about Iraq."

For Libby, Bush Seemed to Alter His Texas Policy

The New York Times' Adam Liptak writes: “Jordan M. Steiker, a law professor at the University of Texas who has represented death-row inmates, said that 'The exercise of the commutation power in Libby represents a dramatic shift from his attitude toward clemency in Texas, and it is entirely inconsistent with his longstanding, very limited approach.'”

Sensing a Shift, Reid Will Press for an Iraq Exit

"Sensing momentum from the new Republican defections, Mr. Reid and other leading Democrats intend to force a series of votes over the next two weeks on proposals to withdraw troops and limit spending. Democrats are increasingly confident they can assemble majority opposition to administration policies," according to Carl Hulse and Jeff Zeleny, The New York Times.

USA sind kriegsmüde

Mistake means mobile mast allowed

By Gordon Rogers

Villagers are urging telecommunications company T-Mobile not to build a 12m mast, even though the structure has received planning permission - by mistake.

Both the parish council and the Vale of White Horse District Council opposed the siting of the mast in Silver Lane, West Challow, but because the Vale council miscalculated the number of days in which it had to respond to the application, the company gained permission by default.


Das Handy: eine Waffe im Ehestreit


Council admit series of errors

By Kelly Barker

COUNCIL officials have admitted to another flurry of errors in the aftermath of a massive blunder, which saw four phone masts given planning permission by mistake.

At a public meeting last week, angry petitioners demanded answers and called for an independent inquiry into how phone giant T-Mobile was allowed to go ahead with plans - despite being turned down by Wirral's planning department.


Mit wachsender Luftelektrizität steigt auch die Erderwärmung immer weiter

Mercury Toxicity from Dental Amalgams and Thimerosal

Say 'No' to NY State Forced Electroshock!

Santorum Suggests New Terror Attacks Will Change View Of War

Unionswähler schließen sich Lafontaine an

Der Preis für Kraftstoffe steigt und steigt

The New York Times: The Road Home

More than four years after The New York Times published a series of news stories that arguably helped pave the way toward a US led invasion of Iraq, the country's newspaper of record, in a sobering Sunday editorial, has called for an end to the Iraq war. In stating its position, the Times editorial says, "President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney have used demagoguery and fear to quell Americans' demands for an end to this war. They say withdrawing will create bloodshed and chaos and encourage terrorists. Actually, all of that has already happened - the result of this unnecessary invasion and the incompetent management of this war. It is time for the United States to leave Iraq, without any more delay than the Pentagon needs to organize an orderly exit."


NY Times says 'time for US to leave Iraq' but doesn't really
mean it

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Höchst dilettantische Täteräuble

Wi-fi 'victory' for school protesters

04 July 2007

WIRELESS internet technology in schools should be suspended and an "open and honest debate" on the issue should take place, an influential council committee has recommended.

The call was made by councillors after months of debate on the issue, which has focused on Tetherdown School.

Anti-wi-fi campaigners, who made a presentation to overview and scrutiny members, were delighted by the outcome.


Two in three believe radiation from phones damaged their health

We're getting there.

Many thanks to Geoff Lean for this article !

Dr. Grahame Blackwell

Indept on Sun 080707

Two in three believe radiation from phones damaged their health

By Geoffrey Lean

Published: 08 July 2007

Two-thirds of Britons believe radiation from mobile phones and their masts has affected their health, a startling official survey shows. And huge majorities are dissatisfied with government assurances about the potential threat.

The survey is the result of a giant European Union exercise that polled more than 27,000 people across the continent, 1,375 of them in Britain. It shows that concern about the radiation is far greater than even the most ardent campaigners had dared to believe, and that official attempts to downplay the issue have backfired.

It also goes some way to explain the overwhelming public response received by The Independent on Sunday since we started raising questions about the effect of the radiation on people and wildlife in April.

This month, two councils - Haringey in London and Carmarthenshire in Wales - will be considering whether to allow Wi-Fi in their schools, after concern expressed by Sir William Stewart, the chairman of the Health Protection Agency. Sir William told the BBC's Panorama, "I believe that there is a need for a review of the Wi-Fi and other areas ... I think it's timely for it to be done now."

The survey, by the EU's Eurobarometer programme, which samples opinion across the continent, found 65 per cent of Britons believed mobile phones affected their health, and 71 per cent thought the masts did.

Across Europe, the figures were 73 and 76 per cent respectively, sharply up from 55 and 58 per cent five years ago.

Recent years have seen increasing evidence of risks from the phones. Scandinavian studies have suggested that people who have used them for more than 10 years are much more likely to get brain tumours, and that the radiation kills brain cells, which could lead to today's young people being senile from their forties.

There is much less evidence on effects from the masts, but studies have revealed a worrying incidence of symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, nausea and memory problems. Campaigners also claim they may cause cancers.

The survey shows that more than half of Britons are "very" or "fairly" concerned about such potential health effects, despite efforts at reassurance by ministers, officials and some scientists. Moreover, it reveals great dissatisfaction with the information they are given.

Nearly three-quarters of Britons say they are "not very well" or "not at all" informed about the official "protection framework" against the "potential health risks" from the radiation.

Tell Congress: Impeach Dick Cheney

Informant: Corey

New health fears over big surge in autism,,2121521,00.html

USA On Trial


Highlights from the International Tribunal of Indigenous People and Oppressed Nations in the U.S., held in San Francisco in October 1992. Native Americans, African Americans, Puerto Ricans and Chicanos submit evidence to a distinguished jury of international representatives, indicting the U.S. on charges of genocide, imperialism and racism.

From Information Clearing House

How Scooter skated

The act reeks of cronyism. The perception is that Scooter Libby got preferential treatment, a get-out-of-jail-free card because he was chief of staff to Cheney and assistant to Bush.

From Information Clearing House

Low-cost investments to save children

In the world today there are over 600 million children under 5 years old. They represent the best hopes for the planet, yet more than 5 million of them die every year as a result of environment-related diseases.

From Information Clearing House

The politics of fear, racism and imperialism

Scott Horton Interviews Chris Floyd: MP3

Chris Floyd, author, columnist, blogger and activist, discusses the phony war on terrorism, the politics of fear, racism and imperialism, America's murderous regime change in Somalia and belligerent attitude toward Russia.

From Information Clearing House

Reports claim terrorist suspects working for UK police

It has been claimed in reports today that up to eight people with possible links to al-Qaida are working for UK police forces.

From Information Clearing House

US pursues increased pressure on Iran

Senior US officials will consult allies in Europe next week on ways to intensify pressure on Iran amid suspicions Tehran is trying to evade sanctions by concealing the origin of financial transactions.

Rice warns of 'increasingly dangerous' Iran

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice described Iran as "increasingly dangerous" and refused to rule out US military action if Tehran refuses to suspend its nuclear program.

Israel's envoy to U.S.: Free world is under attack by Iran

Israel's ambassador to the United States, Sallai Meridor, said Wednesday that Israel and the free world are under attack by Iran, with a combination of fanaticism, terrorism and nuclear capability posing the most serious threat since the 1930s.

From Information Clearing House

The U.S. command in Baghdad this week ballyhooed the killing of a key al Qaeda leader

U.S. eager and it shows in Iraq

The U.S. command in Baghdad this week ballyhooed the killing of a key al Qaeda leader but later admitted that the military had declared him dead a year ago.

From Information Clearing House

Iraq war costs could top $1.4 trillion

According to a new report by the non-partisan Congressional Research Service, "in the first half of this fiscal year, the Defense Department's "average monthly obligations for contracts and pay is running about $12 billion per month, well above the $8.7 billion in FY2006."

From Information Clearing House

Pentagon Understates War Casualties, Says Veterans Group

Documents obtained by Veterans for Common Sense through Freedom of Information Act requests reveal the number of casualties to be much higher.

From Information Clearing House

A Farewell to Arms Control

By Scott Ritter

Republicans are not the only ones guilty of misrepresenting the truth regarding Iraq and weapons inspections; President Bill Clinton had the gall to claim that Saddam Hussein had refused to cooperate with weapons inspectors in December 1998, evicting the WMD sleuths from Iraq on the eve of the 72-hour bombing campaign known as Desert Fox.

What sacrifices have you and your friends made, Mr. President?

By Paul Krugman

On this Fourth of July, President Bush compared the Iraq war to the Revolutionary War, and called for "more patience, more courage and more sacrifice." Unfortunately, it seems that nobody asked the obvious question: "What sacrifices have you and your friends made, Mr. President?"

How recent U.S. wars are plundering the overwhelming majority of U.S. citizens and their resources at home

By Ismael Hossein-zadeh

How recent U.S. wars of choice, driven largely by war profiteering, are plundering not only defenseless peoples and their resources abroad, but also the overwhelming majority of U.S. citizens and their resources at home.

For Iraqis, it's 9/11 every day

Dr. Dahlia Wasfi


Shortages; lack of electricity; potable water; tanks rolling through the streets night and day; gunfire and explosions. Iraqi health care in shambles. 200 bodies turn up daily in the Baghdad morgue. For Iraqis, it's 9/11 every day.

Energy revolution = money saved

US$180 billion. That's the massive amount of money the world could save by moving to a renewable energy future.

UNO warnt vor Ausbreitung der Wüsten

Bis zu 50 Millionen Menschen werden in den kommenden zehn Jahren nicht mehr dort leben können, wo sie jetzt zu Hause sind.

Globale Erwärmung lässt chilenischen See verschwinden

Auch in Patagonien schmelzen die Gletscher schneller.


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