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Neocon Dream, Our Nightmare

Rosa Brooks' column in The Los Angeles Times says, "Reality mugs us all, in the end. In those heady post-9/11 days when the nation's stunned acquiescence made the neoconservative dream of limitless executive and US power seem eminently attainable, the gang running the White House grew fond of quoting pundit Irving Kristol's aphorism: 'A neoconservative is a liberal who's been mugged by reality.'"

Federal Contracts Awarded to Firms Charged With Fraud

The Hill's Roxana Tiron reports: "A watchdog organization is calling attention to what it deems the government's failure to properly vet the companies to which it awards hundreds of billions of dollars in contracts."

House Readies Fight With Bush Over Defense Bill

Anne Flaherty of The Associated Press writes: "House Democrats next week will introduce a $460 billion military spending bill they will use to challenge the war in Iraq, try to close Guantanamo Bay prison and increase oversight of defense contractors."

Darpa will mit der "Kristallkugel" und dem "Blitzkrieg" in die Zukunft sehen

Die Forschungsabteilung des Pentagon will ein System entwickeln, das im Einsatz dem Kommandeur schnelle Entscheidungshilfe bei der Planung durch Vorhersage der Folgen einer Handlung bieten soll.

US-Präsident verkündet Folterverbot (mit Ausnahmen)

Angeblich sollen nach einem Präsidentenerlass die Gefangenen nach den Genfer Konventionen behandelt werden, aber wenn es um "feindliche Kämpfer" oder deren Unterstützer handelt, darf die CIA trotz Mediencoup weitermachen wie bisher.

Der Zweiklassenstaat: Ein Privilegierter greift die Privilegierten an

Federal Appeals Court Denies Gitmo Evidence Secrecy

William Glaberson of the New York Times reports in Saturday's edition that "a federal appeals court ordered the government yesterday to turn over virtually all its information on Guantanamo detainees who are challenging their detention, rejecting an effort by the Justice Department to limit disclosures and setting the stage for new legal battles over the government's reasons for holding the men indefinitely."

Families face stark choice: pay more for food or go GM

Informant: Teresa Binstock

White House Allows CIA to Resume Harsh Interrogations

"President Bush breathed new life into the CIA's terror interrogation program Friday in an executive order that would allow harsh questioning of suspects, limited in public only by a vaguely worded ban on cruel and inhuman treatment," reports Katherine Shrader of the Associated Press.

Do NOT Miss This Movie, Zeitgeist, it will TRULY Shock You

ZEITGEIST, The Movie - Official Release ...

There are some things here that surprised me beyond belief. I'm still amazed that I didn't know some of this.

Please set aside 2 hours and MAKE SURE you watch it too. Share it with your family and friends.

This movie will make religious people who really have an open mind to question ALL of their long- and deeply-held beliefs. It is the reason why the American Revolution had so much promise: it was the "Age of Reason", and it was led by men like Thomas Paine, a DEIST, not a Christian, who is quoted, among many others, in this movie.

It will horrify those who think they are helping the poor with economic regulations without knowing that they're actually working against their professed intentions. It will horrify those who think nationalism and war is necessary, not knowing that it only benefits a few unfathomably wealthy bankers.

It will link man's current deterioration to a deterioration of each individual's decreasing sense of personal responsibility and fear-motivated decisions.

In short, it transcends all conventional cultural parameters and slaps you across the face with the facts which you must try to refute. If you cannot refute them, you will be hard pressed to deny them.

Frank J. Gonzalez
A Ron Paul Candidate for US House (FL-21) in 2008
2006 results here:
Updates & commentary:

"I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical."

"I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, thus building a wall of separation between church and state."

--founder of the Democratic Party, 3rd President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)




Zeitgeist The Movie

Are The Stories From The Bible Real?


Is Christianity, along with all other theistic belief systems, the fraud of the age? Does It serves to detach the species from the natural world, and likewise, each other? Does It supports blind submission to authority?


Zeitgeist II Addendum

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Informant: osirismediany

Mercury, Autism and the Global Vaccine

Informant: zebra77a

Genetically altered potato raises opposition

Informant: Teresa Binstock


The paymasters of the Iraqi insurgency

Selling Gardasil to the Rest of the World

In her final story in a series on the politics and PR of HPV, Judith Siers-Poisson for the Center for Media and Democracy looks at how Gardasil is being marketed in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Australia Could Become US Nuclear Waste Dump

David Mark for ABC news reports that Australia and the US are discussing nuclear cooperation. Critics of the Australian government believe the US wishes to use the country as the world's nuclear waste dump.

Guantanamo Hunger Strikers Stay Defiant

Ben Fox for the Associated Press says that the number of Guantanamo inmates who are on hunger strikes has grown to two dozen in recent months and the military is using force-feeding to keep them from starving.


Force-Feeding at Guantanamo

By Ben Fox

Twice a day at the U.S. military prison here, Abdul Rahman Shalabi and Zaid Salim Zuhair Ahmed are strapped down in padded restraint chairs and flexible yellow tubes are inserted through their noses and throats. Milky nutritional supplements, mixed with water and olive oil to add calories and ease constipation, pour into their stomachs.

Economist publishes 'special report' on Iran

Informant: Charles Jenks

From ufpj-news

Bush To Veto Ban On Mercury In Vaccines

Bush to Children: Drop Dead

On so-called philosophical grounds, President Bush opposes health care for children. A bipartisan group of Senators want to expand the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) by $60 billion over five years, covering 3.3 million additional low-income children. Bush will only except half of that.

From Information Clearing House

Glen Ford: Total War is Still on the Horizon

From Information Clearing House

White House preparing to stage new September 11: Reagan official

A former Reagan official has issued a public warning that the Bush administration is preparing to orchestrate a staged terrorist attack in the United States, transform the country into a dictatorship and launch a war with Iran within a year.

From Information Clearing House


Bush Administration Official Thought WTC Towers Were "Charged"


Congressman Denied Access To Post-Attack Continuity Plans

Informant: Ed Ward, MD

Silent surge in mercenary 'armies'

There are two coalition armies in Iraq: the official one, which fights the war, and the private one, which supports it.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. Marine in Hamdania case loses rank

A U.S. Marine guilty of kidnapping and conspiring to murder an Iraqi grandfather last year was sentenced on Friday to a reduction in rank to private and a bad-conduct discharge with no additional time in prison, according to a U.S. Marine Corps statement.

From Information Clearing House

Rising from the Phoenix's Flames

By Emily Spence

All considered, we will have to become more aware that whatever everyone does (or doesn't do) can effect the social whole in monumental ways. Therefore, we can no longer afford to take advantage of others to fill our own coffers. We can no longer be caviler about the widespread demise of other species. We can no longer tolerate escalating consumption of resources as if there is no end of them in sight.

The Militarization and Annexation of North America

By Stephen Lendman

The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) unmasked.

The Invisible Government

By John Pilger

Many people who regard themselves on the left supported Bush's attack on Afghanistan. That the CIA had supported Osama Bin Laden was ignored, that the Clinton administration had secretly backed the Taliban, even giving them high-level briefings at the CIA, is virtually unknown in the United States.

What Comes After The U.S. Empire?

By Johan Galtung

Canadians Completely Unaware of Looming North American Union

Informant: Scott Munson


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