Another Reason to IMPEACH, the Weasel Pardon of Libby

Many of you have written to ask us when we were going to call for the impeachment of Bush as well as Cheney. Of course we have done Bush impeachment action pages before, and were focusing on Cheney on the premise that he was not only the least popular, but also the most guilty. But now Bush has thrown himself in the middle of the worst of the Cheney scandals, and so we have launched a new action page calling for the impeachment of them both.


If you were looking to submit something to reiterate your call for impeachment, please submit the page above as this is a NEW joint action.

The ink was barely dry on the order DENYING bail on appeal to convicted White House felon Scooter Libby, before president Bush intervened to "commute" his sentence. It is very well possible that NEVER before in the history of American jurisprudence had anyone sentenced to prison received such a commutation BEFORE serving a single day of that sentence.

Cheney and Bush conspired together to give Libby an escape hatch. This was their contingency plan all along, to game our legal system with every frivolous defense imaginable, knowing all along they would subvert justice in the end to whatever extent necessary. Who are the people celebrating this gross miscarriage of justice, as they dance on the grave of our Constitution?


The Department of Justice's own guidelines specify that to apply for a commutation a convict MUST first have started to serve their sentence AND have abandoned all appeals. Scooter Libby has done neither. Bush has again abused his office to shield Cheney and himself from further exposure of their own impeachable offenses, as would happen were Libby finally compelled to testify truthfully, as was Judith Miller by her own incarceration.

This is nothing but a weasel pardon, a premeditated obstruction of justice. Indeed, there is nothing to prevent Bush from further granting Libby a full pardon in January of 2009, as he no doubt PLANS on doing, UNLESS both he and Cheney are impeached first. More than sufficient evidence of their constitutional crimes is already a matter of public record. There is no oversight they have not unilaterally defied. And now this, from an execution happy governor of Texas who once MOCKED a woman who begged him only for life in prison.

Bush asserts that the Libby prison sentence was excessive. But will he change the law and the guidelines which fairly call for the sentence handed down based on the severity of Libby's crimes? No he will not. Instead with the equivalent of a signing statement he has again selectively nullified the will of the people and their representatives in Congress. The only thing excessive here is the way Cheney and Bush continue to shred the Constitution.

Once again there has been no accountability. Whatever fine was left in place will be paid from the millions and millions in Libby's defense slush fund, or else he get some fat consultant job from a right wing contributor who that just happens to pay him the entire sum and more. He'll probably make a tidy profit on the whole affair.

But this is all yet more gasoline on the fire of the rapidly expanding impeachment movement. Votes in the National Cheney Impeachment Poll were already more than 80,000 as to Cheney standing alone. Their administration is a walking constitutional crisis that can no longer be avoided.


There is one and only one remedy, that can't be vetoed, signed away or tossed out by the courts, and that is impeachment. Congress needs to hear from enough of us all at one time until they understand that. Look at how quickly Congress did an about face on the immigration bill when they were flooded with calls and emails. That is what must happen also here.

And then they will most surely act.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.


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