Take action today: Last chance to protect our coasts from drilling

The U.S. Senate will vote later this week on a bill to open eight million acres off of Florida's west coast to offshore drilling. The safety of our oceans, cleanliness of our beaches, and the health and lives of our marine wildlife are in danger!

Click here to write your Senators today to demand that they protect our coasts and urge them to work towards a clean energy future!

A few weeks ago we alerted you to a U.S. House bill that would do away with 25 years of crucial coastal protections and potentially allow widespread oil and gas drilling off our shores.

Despite strong and outspoken opposition from thousands of SOE activists like you, the House voted to pass this disastrous bill which was written by Big Oil's favorite Congressman, Representative Richard Pombo (R-CA).

Now our hopes lie with the Senate, which still has an opportunity to reject Big Oil’s attempt to open our coasts to drilling and to push for real solutions to our energy crisis – solutions that embrace innovative new energy-efficient technologies, cut pollution, and reduce our dependence on oil.

Our coasts and marine waters are destinations for thousands of vacationing families each year, sanctuary for fish and wildlife and a critical part of America's "sea to shining sea" natural heritage. They are the economic lifeblood for thousands of tourism and fishing communities, providing billions of dollars of economic activity and millions of jobs.

Oil and gas drilling would ruin our coasts and beaches. From 1990-1999, 1.8 million gallons of oil were spilled from offshore drilling platforms and pipelines in U.S. waters--an average of almost 500 gallons a day.

Additionally, each offshore operation produces 214,000 pounds of air pollutants each year, and tens of thousands of pounds of mercury have been dumped around Gulf oil rigs.

Click here to urge your Senators to vote NO on opening our precious coasts to drilling! //ga3.org/campaign/OCSJuly2006

Once you’ve contacted your Senators, please click here to tell at least three friends, family members or co-workers about this urgent issue and encourage them to join you in contacting their Senators.

Thank you for your continued dedication to protecting our coasts and keeping our wildlife safe.


Julie Waterman
Campaign Director,


Independent Media Source

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