Freitag, 21. Juli 2006

A Study of Bias in the Associated Press

Leading to Low Ground

"The United States had complete command of the moral and ethical high ground in the immediate aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001. Most of the world was with us," writes Bob Herbert, "For some reason, the Bush administration deliberately abandoned those heights to pursue policies that were not just morally questionable, but reprehensible."

Ralph Reed Did Not Repent

Ralph Reed, the former head of the Christian Coalition, has become the first political casualty of the Jack Abramoff lobbying and money scandals with his loss yesterday in Georgia's lieutenant governor's race to a previously unknown state senator.

Rechecking the Balance of Powers

Glenn Greenwald writes, "The US Supreme Court's June 29 ruling in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld - that the Bush administration's military tribunals violated federal law and the Geneva Conventions - resoundingly rejected the theories of radical executive power that the administration has used to justify a whole array of controversial governmental programs. But for now, it seems that the Bush administration remains intent on defending its actions while doing the minimum to comply with the ruling."

Senator Reid: Iraq Devolves Into "Civil War"

Declaring that he believes the situation in Iraq has devolved into a civil war, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said Thursday he plans to try to bring the war back up for debate on the Senate floor.

HHS Secretary's Fund Gave Little to Charity

Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt and his relatives have claimed millions of dollars in tax deductions through a type of charitable foundation they created that until recently paid out very little in actual charity, tax records show.

Bush at the NAACP Convention

Bush Gets Chilly Reception at NAACP

Declaring it a "tragedy" that the Republican Party has alienated black voters, President Bush ended his five-year boycott of the NAACP convention on Thursday with a pledge to repair his relationship with the country's oldest civil rights group. But although Bush won a rousing ovation for his promise to sign a renewal of civil rights-era voting laws, he received a chillier reception as he laid out his ideas for improving the state of black America.


Bush at the NAACP Convention

God lost this time. I counted: Bush mentioned God only six times in his speech to the NAACP today. The winner was ‘faith’ — which got seven mentions, though if you count “The Creator” as God, well, then the Lord tied it.

Bush Loses First Round in Wiretap Suit

A federal judge Thursday refused to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the Bush administration’s domestic spying program, rejecting government claims that allowing the case to go forward could expose state secrets and jeopardize the war on terror.

Suiting Themselves: How Corporations Drive the Global Agenda

Bush's Redacted Reality

It is now time to discard the mythology codified in the unintelligible, unmanageable and unenforceable nightmare that is the U.S. Code and the Federal Register

America’s Bread and Circuses: Schools and Jails

The Enabler of Moral Outrage

The State and Moral Chaos

Saving our Ocean

Exxpose Exxon

This month, the Exxpose Exxon campaign celebrates its one year anniversary, and you've helped us accomplish so much!

On our anniversary, we're very close to another milestone – mobilizing half a million people to take action to stop ExxonMobil's dirty tactics! We are just a few thousand activists from our goal so please celebrate our anniversary by helping us reach our goal of 500,000 Exxpose Exxon activists. With your help, we can reach 500,000 Exxpose Exxon activists by the end of July!

Click here now to spread the word about the Exxpose Exxon campaign to at least three friends, family members, or co-workers, and encourage them to sign up!

Thanks to you, the campaign has already been a great success. We've mobilized consumers against ExxonMobil, and are actively exposing them for what they really are – a short-sighted, profit-hungry company with little regard for America's citizens or its environment.

The campaign is pressuring ExxonMobil to do the following:

* Stop blocking progress on the reduction of global warming pollution;

* Stop funding global warming skeptics;

* Invest in alternative renewable energy

* Pull out of Arctic Power, the lobby group trying to open the Arctic Refuge; and

* Pay the punitive damages owed to the victims of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Most of all, we demand that ExxonMobil start helping our nation secure a renewable energy future that will strengthen our economy, create jobs, and protect our health and our environment.

Please help us reach half a million activists by the end of July!

Click here to forward a message to your friends asking them to stand up to ExxonMobil and demand a secure and sustainable energy future.

We never expected victory overnight, but our progress has surpassed all our expectations - see the list of accomplishments below.

We need just a little more of your help to push us over the top and set a new precedent as the fastest growing environmentally-focused corporate campaign ever. Click here to tell three friends to join the campaign to Exxpose Exxon!

Thank you again for your dedicated support and your commitment to demanding a clean energy future for this and future generations.


Shawnee Hoover
Campaign Director

We're proud to report that:

- Close to 500,000 activists have joined the campaign and over two million online actions have pressured ExxonMobil to change its ways.

- Over 50 Exxpose Exxon protests have taken place across the country and over 250 Exxon or Mobil gas stations are being "adopted" by activists to pressure station owners to join our effort and to educate local communities and reporters.

- Over 2,300 people tied up ExxonMobil’s phone lines on the anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in March to ensure it wasn’t just another day at corporate headquarters and to demand the company pay the spill victims what they owe.

- Over 2,000 letters to the editor were sent to newspapers across the country exposing the dirty tactics of ExxonMobil.

- Exxpose Exxon activists made a visible presence in the halls of Congress before policy makers and the press as ExxonMobil’s CEO and others testified before the Senate.

- Over 100 protesters captured the attention of ExxonMobil's CEO, shareholders, and the national press outside ExxonMobil's shareholder meeting in May.

- Fortune Magazine's 2006 feature of ExxonMobil as the Fortune 500 Company of the Year dedicated part of its story to the Exxpose Exxon campaign.

- The campaign has successfully exposed ExxonMobil in news stories by the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Reuters, CBS News, ABC News, USA Today, numerous radio and TV stations and other major newspapers across the country.

We couldn't have done any of this without your help!

Why the Army canceling their contract doesn't mean Halliburton's war-profiteering days are over

Halliburton's Hella Good Deal

by Charlie Cray,

Iraq's Bloody July

by Robert Dreyfuss,

As hell is unleashed in a civil war, Bush refuses to see the situation for what it is.

Just like NAFTA, CAFTA and the other trade pacts, the Oman trade deal is the lovechild of politicians and Big Money

Oh Man, Oman

by David Sirota,


T-MOBILE have put plans to build a mobile phone mast near Horncastle's Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School 'on hold'.

The company decided this week to pull back from the idea after worries were expressed by headteacher Tim Peacock about the safety of pupils.

T-Mobile has also cancelled an information drop-in for locals planned for Wednesday July 26 at the Admiral Rodney in Horncastle.

The session would have given people a chance to see the plans to build the phone mast on the Reindeer Close Industrial Estate, near the school.

No plannng application had been submitted to East Lindsey District Council for the mast.

A spokesman for T-Mobile said: "We do listen to people. We have put the proposal on hold and will look again at other potential sites.

"Our raison d'etre is not to upset people unecessarily but if people want mobile phones they need the equipment to make them work."

The currentT-Mobile mast giving coverage to the town is on land off Southwell Lane - but that will have to come down soon to make way for 70 Stamford Homes houses.

The T-Mobile spokesman said although they were making the decision to look elsewhere out of 'public sensitivity' he reiterated there is 'no convincing scientific evidence' mobile phone masts cause 'adverse affects'.

Omega this is not true. See under:

21 July 2006

All rights reserved © 2006 Johnston Press Digital Publishing.

Feeling grateful to the Bush administration is a rare experience

Thank you, Mr. Bush

In These Times
by Terry J. Allen


Feeling grateful to the Bush administration is a rare experience. But sometimes the White House can do something right, even if for the wrong reasons. The administration’s gift to the nation was to openly attack journalists. ... Now with Bush’s failure as palpable as a crowbar to the kneecap, the media are regularly reporting on the dismal state of the war, recognizing global warming as fact, outing NSA surveillance and interviewing former prisoners from America’s far-flung gulags. Bush has responded with open antagonism. It’s about time. The press and those in power are not allies, buddies or teammates -- not even in the war on terror. If their interests sometimes coincide, their roles do not. They are -- they should always be -- adversaries, and if there is not tension, profound distrust and occasional loathing on both sides of the equation, the press is not doing its job...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Imperial paper
by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.


Two hundred years ago, when the United States was a modest commercial republic, the president could take a walk down Pennsylvania Avenue -- by himself -- and talk to anyone who approached him. If he wasn’t on a walk outdoors, he was most likely at home, and you could speak to him by knocking on the door of the White House and presenting yourself...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire

Cause of Mid East violence right in front of us

Strike the Root
by Harry Goslin


In his book Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire, Johnson documents the often perilous position many Americans face as they travel throughout the world, all because of what their government has done, mostly without their knowledge, to nations and peoples throughout the 20th Century...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Specter caves to Bush on NSA bill - Wiretapping Unbound

The NewStandard
by Catherine Komp


Constitutional law experts and civil rights advocates are slamming the latest legislative proposal from US Senator Arlen Specter to address the government’s warrantless wiretapping program. After months of negotiations with other lawmakers and Bush administration officials, Specter announced a 'compromise' agreement last Thursday. But critics -- some of whom are challenging the National Security Agency’s (NSA) spying program in court -- say the proposal is a 'sham' that eliminates congressional oversight over the executive branch and any meaningful legal review of the program. 'It’s really basically a sell-out,' said Shayana Kadidal, a staff attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), a legal organization that filed a lawsuit on related matters against President Bush and the NSA in January...

Craven image

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Wiretapping Unbound

by Aziz Huq,

The Specter bill is no compromise -- it actually locks in the president's authority to act without oversight.

Wiretapping Unbound

Aziz Huq writes that the Specter bill is no compromise - it actually locks in the president's authority to act without oversight. "From the Iraq conflict to the handling of captured terrorists, the present administration has demonstrated a remarkable knack for barging in with excessive force in ways that fail to respond to threats. Secrecy is then used to cover up the resulting mess. Boundless license and the renunciation of oversight will only be a recipe for even worse disasters."

Oceans and Global Warming

ISIS Press Release 21/07/06

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho explains how oceans determine climate and influence climate change. Urgent need to shift away from fossil fuels to renewable options (Which Energy?)

Oceans of life

Oceans are vast, deep, and mysterious. They cover 71 percent of the earth’s surface and contain approximately 97 percent of the earth’s water [1]. The average depth of the ocean is almost 4 000 metres [2], and nearly half the area is over 3 000 metres deep.

The oceans are home to the majority of plant and animal life on earth, accounting for 90 percent of the world’s living biomass, and many new species are being discovered from the depths. The Census of Marine Life (COML), an international alliance of scientists from 70 countries, discovered some 13 000 new species in 2003 alone [3]. COML is amassing data to create a map of the distribution of 38 000 marine species from plankton to whales.

According to one theory, life on earth originated around hydrothermal vents in the deep seafloor that heat up the water to 450 C [2]. Rare creatures living there today are still able to obtain energy from chemical reactions in the same way as the primordial life forms, and do not need to depend directly or indirectly on photosynthesis for food like 99.97 percent of the biosphere.

Oceans and climate

Oceans affect climate in many ways [4]. As the major reservoir of water, oceans dominate the movement of water, supplying most of the water vapour in the atmosphere by evaporation. Of this evaporated water, 91 percent is returned to the oceans as precipitation, the remainder is transported and precipitated over landmasses. Runoff and groundwater from land flow back to the oceans [5].

Read the rest of this article here

Tigers on the brink of extinction

· Study finds massive drop in key habitat areas · More protection urged to save wild populations

James Randerson,
science correspondent
Friday July 21, 2006
The Guardian,,1825712,00.html

Tigers, among the planet's most iconic and secretive creatures, have been near the top of the endangered list for some time. But yesterday, a landmark study by leading conservationists warned that their plight is even more serious than previously feared.

The big cat, the report warns, is close to extinction and the area in which it lives has been nearly halved in the last 10 years.

The area occupied by tigers is 41% smaller than 10 years ago and is just
7% of its historical "range" before habitat loss and hunting slashed its numbers, according to scientists at the Wildlife Conservation Society in New York, the World Wildlife Fund and the Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington. Tigers once ranged across Asia from eastern Turkey to the Russian far east.

In India, for example, where 60% of the world's tigers live, the population fell from 100,000 in the 19th century to 3,600 now. Many researchers believe the true figure is less than half the official estimate.

"The current trajectory will surely cause wild populations to disappear in many places, or shrink to the point of 'ecological extinction' - where their numbers are too few to play their role as the top predator," the authors write. "Now more than ever, tigers need homeland security." This grim prediction will come true in 20 years, the authors estimate, unless urgent action is taken.

The study is a follow-up to similar work carried out in 1995. It draws together satellite data on habitat type, information on poaching in different regions and data on tiger numbers.

Counting tigers is notoriously difficult because they are extremely secretive and very spread out. Data is collected either by counting paw prints or setting camera traps which snap unsuspecting tigers on their nightly prowl.

The study, paid for by the Save the Tiger Fund, identifies 76 "tiger conservation landscapes" - places with habitat which has the best chance of supporting viable tiger populations. Half would be able to support 100 tigers or more.

The grim headline figure is not simply a measure of how much tiger habitat has been destroyed since 1995, although much has been lost. The data take into account whether habitat that has become fragmented would be big enough to support a tiger population. The cats are reluctant to cross open areas and so need well connected forest. Also, it takes into account whether heavy poaching of the tigers' prey means that there would not be enough food for females to raise cubs.

"The last decade has been catastrophic for tigers and they simply can't afford another one like that," said Eric Dinerstein, chief scientist with WWF and one of the study's authors. But the news is not all bad, he said. "Like the Dow Jones, there are some stocks that are up while the rest are down."

The tiger population in the Russian far east, for example, has increased over the past half century from around 50 to 500. Also, the survey shows that targeted conservation efforts can pay off. "Just by applying a little bit of protection, they can rebound dramatically," said Dr Dinerstein. Tigers breed quickly for a large mammal and do not require pristine habitat to survive, so preventing poaching can lead to a rapid recovery of a local population. Apart from physical habitat destruction, the main threat comes from hunters. A tiger skin can fetch more than £5,000 and the penises, used in traditional Chinese medicine, are worth £14,000 a kilo.

"A lot of money is involved and a lot of people are involved," said Tito Joseph with the Wildlife Protection Society of India. Criminal gangs with links to drugs and arms trading smuggle tiger parts from India to China and Tibet. Skins are popular as garments called chubbas, and are also traded to collectors in the west.

Contrary to popular belief, tiger penises are not used as an aphrodisiac in Chinese medicine, but in cures for fevers and rheumatism. The Chinese government and NGOs are working with traditional medicine sellers to promote alternatives. The bones of a common mole rat called the sailong are now often used.

"There is cause for optimism," said Sabri Zain, advocacy and campaign director of Traffic, an NGO that combats illegal wildlife trade. "In terms of trade there is an appreciable reduction in demand for tiger bone-based medicine."

The authors of the report - Setting Priorities for the Conservation and Recovery of Wild Tigers 2005-2015 - advocate a "tiger summit", involving the heads of state of the 13 countries which still host the species. They believe this would galvanise political will and raise funds for conservation. To safeguard the remaining animals, the report says increased protection of the 20 most important tiger habitat areas should be a priority. Of the six tiger sub-species, the Javan tiger, Caspian tiger and Bali tiger have already become extinct.

Informant: binstock

The War at the Point of Production: The 'Killing Fields' of the United States

From LabourNet, 21. July 2006

Voting rights under attack across US

Informant: Martin Greenhut


By Ross Findon

CONCERNS over a proposed mobile phone base station at a 19th century church have been raised by residents.

The base station would be located in a flagpole that would replace an existing pole at St Michael and All Angels' Church, Ryde.

Plans for the mast were put forward by mainland company QS4, which invited comments from the public. The company is the church's approved installer of telecommunications on its property.

Fr Malcolm Jones said siting the mast on the church could provide essential income for the church.

"I have calculated it costs about £400 a week to keep the church going.

Every year the quota we pay to the Church of England for stipends and the upkeep of clergy houses goes up.

"All the money that would come from having the mast at the church would be used for the upkeep of this church," Fr Jones said.

"In my own mind and having looked at the issues, I am happy there is no more danger to health than many other things in our lives, such as microwaves and televisions.

"If I had any concerns, I would raise them."

However, nearby resident John Bettenson said he and others were concerned about a potential impact on health.

"I was approached by a number of concerned residents in my road and asked what could be done about the siting of such a mast, which is to be erected approximately 80 yards from Swanmore Middle School," said Mr Bettenson, of St Michael's Avenue.

He said he had contacted Island MP Andrew Turner and the area's IW council member, Cllr Charles Chapman, about the issue.

He said he was concerned about possible effects of radio and microwave electromagnetic radiation emitted from the base station.

However, QS4's church relationship manager, John Horsley, said all masts had to operate under strict international guidelines for emissions set by the International Commission for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

The guidelines set by the commission were stricter than previous levels suggested by the UK's National Radiation Protection Board (NRPB) and many masts operated well below the ICNIRP levels, added Mr Horsley.

Omega read "Base Stations, operating within strict national and international Guidelines, do not present a Health Risk?" under:

Cllr Chapman said he was concerned people in the surrounding area were not told what was going on.

"I have sent a letter to residents advising them of the plans for a mast. I was concerned they did not know what was happening.

"A single pole mast is probably a relay mast and would probably cause no more problems than a television aerial but the government has not given us definitive guidance on the subject of telephone masts," said Cllr Chapman.

Picture in the Friday, July 21, County Press.

21 July 2006

All rights reserved © 2006.

Anger as legal blunder allows mast to remain

By Melanie Vass

A CONTROVERSIAL phone mast erected following a legal blunder is set to stay, to the fury of local residents.

A town hall inquiry into the mistake has concluded there is little chance of forcing Vodafone to take down the mast at Fisherman's Walk or submit a new planning application.

And cabinet members have now agreed not to pursue the matter through the courts.

The mast, which is situated on the corner of Wentworth Avenue and Fishermans Avenue in Southbourne, was originally turned down by planning officers.

But the decision notice sent to Vodafone was incorrectly worded, allowing the phone company to go ahead and put the mast up anyway.

Deputy leader Cllr Adrian Fudge said: "After efforts to identify alternative sites and gain the co-operation of the mobile phone operator in relocating the Fisherman's Walk mast proved unsuccessful, we sought legal advice on options available to us through the courts.

"Regrettably, having investigated every avenue, counsel's advice is that we would be unlikely to succeed in such legal action.

"Cabinet considered the conclusions of the planning board and have agreed that no legal action be taken."

He added they would continue to negotiate with mobile phone operators on future applications, encouraging them to site masts sensitively and consult with residents.

But Portman Crescent resident Charmaine Despres said she was "totally devastated" by the decision.

"As far as I'm concerned, this gives out the message the council has little or no power to correct their own errors," she said. "I don't blame the operator at all. They have gone completely by the book. This is the council's fault."

"I don't believe the council has made any effort to identify any alternative sites. Vodafone have told me that the only suggestions made to them came from me."

And Jane Frapwell, spokes-person for Vodafone, defended the company's actions.

"The mast is operational and providing a service for local people. Our position always was that we had the legal right to install it," she said."We took our own advice with regards to this installation and we do appreciate local views.

"The problem for us is getting the balance between providing a service for people and keeping visual impact to a minimum and we feel that we've done that in this case."

The cabinet's decision will be discussed by full council next Tuesday.

11:06am today

© Copyright 2001-2006 Newsquest Media Group

Fighting talk from phone mast objectors

Published on 21/07/2006


OBJECTORS who successfully fought off plans to erect a mobile phone mast on top of a Hexham nightclub are preparing for a new battle at an appeal hearing.

And a residents’ action group has issued a warning to phone company Hutchinson 3G “we won’t let you walk all over us.”

Hutchinson 3G’s plans for an 8ft mast on the roof of the town’s Studio night club on Priestpopple were unanimously turned down by Tynedale Council in May last year.

But the international company will once again stake its claim for the mast at an appeal in Hexham on August 15.

Phil Roe, of Vine Terrace, says he and other members of 3G Concern are worried the mast would have serious health implication, and that it would be an eye sore in the centre of Hexham.

“We had a meeting on Monday, and if the inspector allows us to speak, we are prepared. The visual impact this mast would have on Hexham is frightening.

“We are talking about England’s favourite market town; it is a privilege to live here, and we have to protect our heritage.

“There are health implications as well. There is a nursery and a school nearby, and a lot of businesses.

“I don’t care how big a company it is, we will not sit back and let it walk all over us.”

Mr Roe and other members of the group gathered a 570 signature petition against the plans before they were turned down last year.

Since then, he says the action group has grown, with more concerned residents and business people joining the group.

Hutchinson 3G says the mast would look like a white flagpole, and that emissions from it would be thousands of times lower than the guidelines supported by the World Health Organisation.

Omega read "Base Stations, operating within strict national and international Guidelines, do not present a Health Risk?" under:

Rachel's News #864

Senators Kennedy Bunning Call on Energy Secretary to Abandon Plan to Dismantle Environment, Safety & Health Office

Scientists Fear Retaliation for Voicing Safety Concerns

FDA Scientists Pressured to Exclude, Alter Findings

Mideast Conflict Boosts Chances of Iran-US Showdown

Phones and MP3s fuel robbery rise

Wednesbury Action for the Removal of Telephone masts.

With the population becoming addicted to having either a mobile pressed to their head or an MP3 player plugged into their ears most of the time, it's no wonder they are becoming oblivious to the world around them and getting mugged. They are totally absorbed in their own parallel universe cut off from reality, where TV, film and DVD's constantly treat bad language, under age sex and violence as normal behaviour. With so called "Celebrities" encouraging and promoting loutish behaviour, bad language, promiscuity etc on these "Reality" TV shows, it's no wonder we have an increase in crime when there is no respect for values and good taste. Even program writers constantly depict disrespect of police, teachers and anyone in authority by the actors in the programs.

Youngsters are unable to speak the Queens English (don ya fink vats ry ? ), have the retention span of a Goldfish, and are loosing the ability to read anything other than TXT mssg wrds. And these are the generation that will be taking "Media Studies" at skule an goin inta va telly bisnus. Sorry for banging on.

God help us.

A Grumpy Old Man

Save the whales from Navy sonar deployment

A message from June

Original Message:

This was on the Greenpeace group post. I had not seen it before. Please sign petition to save the whales from Navy sonar deployment.

Please pass this along to others



Politische Apokalyptik: Militanter Messianismus, "Heiliger Krieg"

Krieg der Religionen

Pat Buchanan Slam Neocons For Mideast Warmongering

War pimp alert: U.S.: Iranians witnessed N. Korea missile test

One or more Iranians witnessed North Korea's recent missile tests, deepening U.S. concerns about growing ties between two countries with troubling nuclear capabilities, a top U.S. official said Thursday.

From Information Clearing House

Nobody cares about Arab lives

From Information Clearing House

Third of Lebanon casualties are children, says UN

The drums of war sound for Iran

We Can't Make It Here Anymore


Will work for food. Will die for oil. This music video touches on America's economic corporate control, struggles of workers, conditions of veterans, war in Iraq, and the prison industrial complex.

Click here to view

No Bravery

A nation blind to their disgrace

Video. Click here to watch


By Fiona Macrae
Daily Mail
July 19, 2006

A third of male fish in English rivers are changing sex due to 'gender-bending' pollution, alarming research shows.

Experts say female hormones from the contraceptive pill and HRT are being washed into our rivers and causing male fish to produce eggs.

The problem -- which is country-wide -- has raised fears that the pollutants could also be contaminating our drinking water -- and even be affecting the fertility of men.

The Environment Agency study looked at the health of more than 1600 roach found in 51 rivers and streams around the country.

Overall, a third of the male fish were between sexes. However, in one waterway, near a particularly heavy discharge of treated sewage more than 80 per cent had female characteristics.

Tests showed the males developed female sex organs and were producing eggs. Such fish also produce less sperm and the sperm that is produced is of low quality. Females may also be affected, producing abnormal eggs.

Previous studies have that cod, trout and flounders are all being feminised.

Researcher Professor Charles Tyler said that the fish are swimming in a soup of oestrogen-like compounds, found in the Pill and in HRT.

The hormone, which is also produced naturally by women and found in industrial waste, is released into our waterways after surviving the sewage treatment process.

Prof Tyler, one of the country's leading authorities on the effects of oestrogen, said: 'There is a soup of oestrogen compounds, all with different degrees of potency and they are interactive in their effects -- if you add them together, you add there are additional effects.

'This soup of oestrogen is responsible for causing these changes to the fish. It is abnormal. These fish should be male or female. The fact that we have got such a large proportion right across the country is not right.'

The Exeter University professor said it is too early to say what the long-term implications will be for Britain's fishlife.

While it may not initially have a big impact on stock levels, a reduction in the number of breeding males could lead to all sorts of genetic problems in later years.

'Effects like a change in how many males can contribute to the population can change the genetic structure of the population,' he said. 'In five years' item, the whole system could go belly-up.'

Human health could also be at risk, with oestrogen from contaminated food and water building up in our bodies.

Although there is no conclusive proof, it is thought the hormone, which has similar actions in fish and humans, could be partly to blame for falling sperm counts in men.

British men's sperm counts dropped by almost a third between 1989 and 2002, and one in six couples now have difficulty conceiving.

Prof Tyler said: 'There is certainly the potential for it to have an effect in humans -- and possibly a marked effect.'

The Environment Agency is looking at ways of improving the sewage treatment process, to either remove oestrogen during the process or reduce the amount that is discharged into our waterways.

Informant: NHNE

Programmer Clint Curtis testified that he was hired to write vote-flipping software

Programmer Clint Curtis (a Republican former NASA programmer), testified that he was hired to write vote-flipping software by Republican Congressman Feeney of Florida.

Video at:

Informant: sasha


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