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Renew the Voting Rights Act and oppose any weakening amendments

Debate on the Voting Rights Act, the landmark law that has guaranteed equal access to the ballot box for millions of Americans, has reached the floor of the U.S. Senate. Voting will likely happen TODAY.

While there is strong bipartisan support for the bill, some senators have sought to add amendments that would gut the protections of the Voting Rights Act.

It is critical that you call both of your senators right now, toll-free, at 1-866-808-0065. Tell them to renew the Voting Rights Act and oppose any weakening amendments.

The House has already passed this vital legislation, and just yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee passed it by a vote of 18-0. Now it’s up to the full Senate to act so that every American voice is heard and every vote is counted.

Please both call your senators right now at 1-866-808-0065 to make sure they get your message before they vote. We cannot let a small group of senators turn back the clock on 40 years of progress.



Caroline Fredrickson
Director, Washington Legislative Office American Civil Liberties Union

P.S. Go to for more information and a link to watch the LIVE debate on the Senate floor.

The greatest way to grow our influence is to grow our numbers. Please, forward this to your friends and urge them to act!

U.S. Fisheries and Seafood are at Risk

Combat internet censorship around the globe

Phone mast protestors round on nuisance caller

Southgate residents have reignited their fight against a mobile phone giant determined to build a mast in their neighbourhood.

Orange wants to install an 8m high mast on a central traffic island at the junction of Prince George Avenue and Merrivale.

The company has submitted a revised application to Enfield Council, after the authority turned down its first proposal to build a nine metre mast in October 2005.

Planning bosses turned down the plans after more than 300 residents objected.

Resident Dennis Ambrose, spearheading the latest campaign, is rallying residents to attend a public meeting at the proposed mast spot at 10am on Saturday.

He said: "This proposal has reared its ugly head again.

"We don't want a phone mast here, it will look like a great monstrosity in our neighbourhood, and would destroy the look of a highly residential area.

"We are also concerned about health issues relating to phone masts. Of course phone companies will tell you there is no risk, but how do you really know what health implications there might be years down the line?"

A spokeswoman for Orange said the proposed mast was necessary to keep up with network demand.

She said: "There are now more than 61 million mobile phone subscriptions in the UK and that really gives a good indication of the pressure in networks, Orange included, to build and maintain robust networks.

"The structure would be a replica telegraph pole with wood effect to keep in character with the area.

"It is the most suitable and visually obtrusive design available to us in this situation and there is no reason to believe it would be any more obtrusive than a BT telegraph pole."

4:55pm today

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Oceans in Distress

ISIS Press Release 20/07/06

Pollution, destructive overfishing and increasing commercial exploitation are threatening the planet’s cradle of life, warns the UN. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

Overfishing and pollution Pollution and overfishing are damaging the oceans, especially the deep oceans, the United Nations warns in a new report [1-3]. Time is running out to save them, and urgent legislation is required to halt this wanton destruction of the planet’s “cradle of life”.

More than 90 percent of the earth’s living biomass (weight of living matter) is found in the oceans, and 90 percent of that is made up of single cell and microbial species. With 90 percent of the oceans yet to be explored, the scale of devastation already happening has become all too obvious

In 2005, 84.5 million tonnes of fish were taken from the world’s oceans, 100 million sharks and related species were butchered for their fins, 250 000 turtles got tangled up in fishing gear and 300 000 seabirds including 100 000 albatrosses were killed by illegal long-line fishing. Nineteen out of 21 albatross species are now threatened with extinction.

Read the rest of this article here

Scientists Warn of Species Holocaust

Informant: NHNE

Bush's Poverty Talk Is Now All but Silent

Poverty forced its way to the top of President Bush's agenda in the confusing days after Hurricane Katrina battered the Gulf Coast and flooded New Orleans. As it happened, poverty's turn in the presidential limelight was brief. Bush has talked little about the issue since the immediate crisis passed, while pursuing policies that his liberal critics say will hurt the poor.

Deficit Disorder

"Last week, President Bush put on a silly charade in which he boasted that better than expected revenue numbers for 2006 vindicated his tax cuts. As many news stories eventually pointed out (after first buying the charade), better than expected tax collections were largely a fluke resulting from an unusually strong stock market performance last year," writes Dean Baker. "No one, not even the Bush administration's own economists, is predicting that this uptick in tax revenues will be sustained. Claiming that a one-year upturn in tax revenue proves the success of the tax cuts is like arguing that global warming is not a problem based on a weeklong cold spell."

GOP Lawmakers Edge Away From Bush on Iraq

Faced with almost daily reports of sectarian carnage in Iraq, Congressional Republicans are shifting their message on the war from speaking optimistically of progress to acknowledging the difficulty of the mission and pointing up mistakes in planning and execution.

Pau befürchtet "Totalüberwachung" durch Mautsystem auf Bundesstraßen

"Reale Gefahr": Pau befürchtet "Totalüberwachung" durch Mautsystem auf Bundesstraßen (20.07.06)

Die Lkw-Autobahn-Maut könnte ab 2007 auch auf Bundesstraßen ausgedehnt werden. Die stellvertretende Vorsitzende der Linksfraktion, Petra Pau, sieht in diesem Zusammenhang eine "reale" Gefahr der "Totalüberwachung". Eine Lkw-Maut auch auf Bundesstraßen erscheine auf den ersten Blick verkehrs- und umweltpolitisch sinnvoll. So könne diese verhindern, dass sich "Verkehrsströme über Bundesstraßen ergießen". Sie verhindere aber keine Zunahme des Lkw-Verkehrs. "Als Innenpolitikerin" warnt Pau jedoch vor den Möglichkeiten der Überwachung der Bürger.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Bush to Maneuver Around Supreme Court Decision Adhering to Geneva Conventions

Bush will soon formally propose a tribunal structure to try terrorism suspects with only minor changes from the military commissions that were ruled unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court last month.

Specter Caves to White House Demands on NSA Bill

After months of negotiations with other lawmakers and Bush administration officials, Specter announced a "compromise" agreement last Thursday. But critics - some of whom are challenging the National Security Agency's (NSA) spying program in court - say the proposal is a "sham" that eliminates Congressional oversight over the executive branch and any meaningful legal review of the program.

Bush Pulls Plug on Eavesdropping Probe

"Now it turns out that President Bush himself blocked an internal Justice Department inquiry into the administration's decision to eavesdrop on domestic phone calls without a warrant from a judge, as required by a 1978 law. The short-circuiting of that investigation makes it all the more important that Congress mandate full judicial review of the program's legality," writes the Boston Globe.

Bush's Vision, and the Region, Near Collapse

The Bush administration's notion that toppling Saddam Hussein would stabilize a turbulent region is among the casualties of this week's Middle East carnage. Bush must now battle the perception, certainly throughout the Arab world, that he has embarked on a policy of failure.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Democracy in Crisis

In an interview with Brad Friedman (of BradBlog), Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explains that "the Republican Party, the Republican National Committee, has been using old-fashioned, Jim Crow, apartheid-type maneuvers to steal the last two national elections."

Nach der Flut ist vor der Dürre: werden die schlimmsten Vorhersagen für den Klimawandel wahr?

Der Irak versinkt im Bürgerkrieg

Gibt es eigentlich eine Verantwortung für die Folgen einer militärischen Intervention, selbst wenn sie unter besten Motiven, aber mit fahrlässiger Planung begangen worden wäre?

Corruption des industriels envers la science

Le Dauphiné Libéré: A7, la pollution vers des sommets

La carte d'Atmo Rhône-Alpes du 20 Juillet 2007: Du Jamais vu !

Good "big tents" and bad

Mutualist Blog
by Kevin Carson


Major parts of the American electorate resent the power exercised over their lives by both big government and giant corporations. My guess is that a large portion of the two big parties' bases share this feeling; the problem is that the respective party establishments divert the sentiment in opposite directions. The GOP establishment channels populist resentment almost entirely against government bureaucrats and liberal intellectual 'elites,' while falsely portraying the mega-corporation as the product of sucess in the 'free market.' The latter spin no doubt sits uneasily on Thomas Frank's Kansans, many of whom are as economically populist as their Wobbly and Socialist ancestors of a century ago, but feel like a captive constituency. The Democratic establishment appeals to anti-corporate populism, but presents an agenda which props up corporatism and hands society over to a welfare and educational establishment dominated by the same managerial elites who control the big corporations...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Iceberg ahead

Investor's Business Daily
by staff


A Fed study says the U.S. is going broke and that 'radical reform' of fiscal institutions is needed for our economic future. But rearranging the Titanic's deck chairs is not reform. The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has released an analysis with the attention-grabbing title 'Is the United States Bankrupt?' The author is Boston University economics professor and National Bureau of Economic Research associate Laurence J. Kotlikoff. Kotlikoff said Washington 'is, indeed, bankrupt, insofar as it will be unable to pay its creditors ... current and future generations to whom it has explicitly or implicitly promised future net payments of various kinds.' And he provides some scary data ... our current 'fiscal gap' -- the difference between all future government spending and debt service and all future revenues -- is now nearly $66 trillion. That figure -- which many economists would consider an exaggeration -- is five times our GDP and double America's total wealth. Kotlikoff says that basically leaves us with a choice between doubling personal and corporate income taxes or cutting Medicare and Social Security benefits by two- thirds -- unless we go in a bold new direction he outlines...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Flag worship

Strike the Root
by John Markley


Most American conservatives are Christians, and any Christian would no doubt be shocked and offended by the suggestion that he is an idolater. After all, the Bible strictly and repeatedly condemns the worship of images, symbols, and physical objects. Considering recent events in American politics, however, I think there are strong grounds to say that idolatry is a very real force in much of modern conservatism. ... The state and its works serve as a sort of substitute (or supplement) religion for some people...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The concept of a perfect state is an oxymoron

Strike the Root
by Ali Hassan Massoud


And yet it persists. People still are trying to build the perfect 'bridge to nowhere.' ... Once you agree that the state serves some useful or necessary purpose in human existence, the rest is quibbling over the details of your enslavement and oppression...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Ethical issues related to the vaccination of children

by Sherri Tenpenny

Parents across the country have reported that their pediatricians have discharged them for refusing vaccines for their children. The individual reports seem to confirm the results of two studies published in 2005 that investigated this recent phenomenon...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

When people notice that the government is trampling all over their rights, they don't like it much

We need to talk

Frontiers of Freedom
by Lady Liberty


When people notice that the government is trampling all over their rights, they don't like it much. They protest. They make calls and write letters. Horror of horrors, they show up in their representatives' offices or speak up at public meetings and demand explanations and relief. Sometimes, they even vote en mass and craft change as a result. When people notice that the government is trampling all over their rights, they jump up and down until it stops — or at least until they're offered some kind of mitigation (all too often mere sops, but the point is still valid)...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

UN envoy: End Iraqi 'tragedy'



The U.N. special representative for Iraq has urged Iraqis to find a way to stop the killings in the war-torn country, calling them a 'national tragedy.' Ashraf Qazi was speaking on Wednesday the day after the U.N. Assistance Mission for Iraq issued a report saying more than 14,000 civilians have been killed in Iraq this year, and that more than 5,800 deaths occurred in May and June alone...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Democrats press Bush on Voting Rights Act



Two Democrats called on President Bush to use his rare appearance before the NAACP's annual conference to renew the landmark 1965 Voting Rights Act, arguing that such a step would ensure a basic right for minorities. Signing the legislation, however, would require Bush to pressure the Republican-controlled Senate to act quickly in passing the renewal that the House approved last week...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Support Historic Global Warming Bill In California

Help California Fight Global Warming: Email Your Legislators.

Tell your state representatives to pass the Global Warming Solutions Act.

Informant: bigraccoon

Die Welt zu Gast: fühl Dich wie im Knast

Ein Spezial zur WM 2006 und Grundrechten

Weltmeisterschaft der Sicherheit

Größere Befugnisse für die Polizei, erweiterte Videoüberwachung des öffentlichen Raumes und massenhafte Anwendung der Rfid-Technik: Die Fußballweltmeisterschaft war ein Gewinn für die Freunde der inneren Sicherheit. Artikel von Ron Steinke in der Jungle World vom 19. Juli 2006

Aus: LabourNet, 20. Juli 2006

The concern should be if we will be around to vote in future elections

State-sponsored assaults on health freedom

Arlen Specter's Senate Bill S-2453 is a sellout of our Constitution

Kiss the 4th Amendment Goodbye

Stop the Killing of Women in Guatemala

Bush Gropes Germany's Merkel

Informant: shane_digital

Bush, Merkel, and the quickie neck rub

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Knucklehead Diplomacy, Bush-Style

An Imperial Defeatist And Proud of It

Lying about the Ruinous Cost of the War in Iraq

US Has No Idea of 'War on Terror' Cost

Temperature Set to Hit 100 Degrees and Global Warming is to Blame

Int'l Campaign Launched Against US 'Torture School'

Evidence Chicago Police Tortured Suspects

The four-year investigation focused on allegations that 148 black men were tortured in Chicago police interrogation rooms in the 1970s and '80s. The men claimed detectives under the command of Lt. Jon Burge beat them, used electric shocks, played mock Russian roulette and started to smother at least one to elicit confessions.

From Information Clearing House

Bush seems to have no clue that his own actions in the Middle East have contributed to the deepening chaos there

Spy game: Big guys being shielded?

Shiv Shankar Paul, the computer analyst at the National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS), who was arrested recently on charges of alleged leaking of secret documents to a US diplomat, has said in his bail application before a city court that there are "Big Guys" from the NSC behind the espionage ring, apart from him and Mukesh Saini.

From Information Clearing House

Secrecy ruling by judge on Blair-Bush talk

The public must be prevented from learning the contents of a conversation between Tony Blair and President George Bush about the conduct of the war in Iraq - crucial evidence in a forthcoming official secrets trial - an Old Bailey judge ruled yesterday.

Civil war spreads across Iraq

By Patrick Cockburn in Iraq

In the past 10 days, while the world has been absorbed by the war in Lebanon, sectarian massacres have started to take place on an almost daily basis, leading observers to fear a level of killing approaching that of Rwanda immediately before the genocide of 1994.

An unfinished effort to transform the governance of American corporations

Scrutiny of Executive Windfalls Intensifies

A widening federal investigation of stock-option trickery is part of a larger story: an unfinished effort to transform the governance of American corporations.

Who Is Hoekstra's Secret Source?

Congressman Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.) must be enjoying himself. Since the New York Times released his May 18 letter to President Bush in which Hoekstra, chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, condemned the intelligence community for keeping secrets from Congress, he has been feted as a Republican who is willing to stand up to the administration. But for more than six months, the congressman has been keeping his own secrets - and someone else’s.

"Ghetto Tax" Falls Short With Remedies

Study Highlights

"The NYT had a good article this morning highlighting a new Brookings report that details how people living in inner city areas often pay far more for goods and services than people living in more affluent areas. The report is worth reading and the NYT gets credit for calling attention to it," writes Dean Baker. "Unfortunately, the report suffers from a serious lack of imagination in its proposed remedies, highlighting greater public-private cooperation in bringing lower cost services to the poor."

What Bush's Open Mike Revealed

"Bombs were exploding and innocents dying, from Beirut to Haifa to Baghdad, and yet George Bush managed to pose for yet another photo op, smiling as he gave the thumbs up at the close of the G8 summit. Thanks to an unsuspected open mic, however, we could also glimpse the mindset of a leader unaccountably pleased with his ignorance of the world," writes Robert Scheer.

Ralph Reed Loses GOP Primary, Ties to Abramoff Blamed

Ralph Reed, the former director of the Christian Coalition and a former Republican lobbyist involved in the Jack Abramoff scandal, suffered an embarrassing defeat in his effort to win the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor on Tuesday. Mr. Reed’s candidacy was viewed as a test of the effects of the Washington lobbying scandal on core Republican voters.

Suit to Block Diebold Touch-Screen Voting Machines Remanded to State Court

A US District Court judge has sent the lawsuit Holder v. McPherson back to state court. This is a victory for the voters of the state of California and is a first step in stopping the use of Diebold touch-screen voting machines in the state.

The GOP Fights to Keep Women in Poverty

"Under a mandate from Congress's Deficit Reduction Act - passed last year - the US Department of Health and Human Services has acted to further restrict educational opportunity," writes Maureen Lane. "The objective of TANF should be to stabilize families and help them move from poverty to self-determining economic security.... It is a crushing blow to read these regulations and know they translate into American dreams denied."

Audit of Department of Homeland Security Shows Fraud, Abuse

In a five-month period both before and after Katrina, the Department of Homeland Security wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on iPods, dog booties, beer-making equipment and designer jackets, Congressional investigators have concluded. More than 100 laptop computers and a dozen boats also bought by Homeland Security employees are missing.

Immigration Enforcement Benefits Prison Firms

As the Bush administration plans to increase imprisonment of illegal immigrants by 6,700 by the year 2007, as well as spending on enforcement, some of the biggest beneficiaries will be companies building and running private prisons around the country.

Conservative Anger Grows Over Bush's Foreign Policy

Conservative intellectuals and commentators who once lauded Bush for what they saw as a willingness to aggressively confront threats and advance US interests said in interviews that they perceive timidity and confusion about long-standing problems including Iran and North Korea, as well as urgent new ones such as the latest crisis between Israel and Hezbollah.

In Iraq, Civil War All but Declared

Meanwhile, in Iraq ...

"It has become something of a challenge to stay abreast of the continuing carnage in Iraq," writes William Rivers Pitt. "We still have tens of thousands of soldiers there. Nineteen of them have died since the beginning of July, and 2,553 have died since the whole thing started. 150 Iraqi civilians have been killed in the last three days, adding to the 6,000 civilians who have been killed in the last two months, adding to the tens of thousands who have been killed over the last three years."

In Iraq, Civil War All but Declared

Retaliatory massacres by gunmen and bombers linked to rival Muslim sects have left more than 130 people dead across Iraq over the last two days, the latest casualties of what some politicians now are calling an undeclared civil war.

Our Dangerous Times: today’s conservatives are eager to trade freedom for security

Informant: Lew Rockwell

War and rumors of war moved the markets

War and Peace and the Middle East

On the Empire of Debt: The Rise of an Epic Financial Crisis

Bayern beschließt Handy-Verbot an Schulen - Breite Zustimmung für Handy-Verbot an Schulen

19.07.2006, 15:37

Teens mit Handys: Nutzungsverbot in der Schule.

In Bayern dürfen Kinder und Jugendliche ab dem kommenden Schuljahr ihre Handys nicht mehr in der Schule benutzen.

Gegen den Widerstand von SPD und Grünen beschloss die CSU-Mehrheit im Landtag eine entsprechende Änderung des Bayerischen Erziehungs- und Unterrichtsgesetzes.

Kultusminister Siegfried Schneider (CSU) verteidigte das neue Nutzungsverbot für Handys. Die Möglichkeiten, Gewalt- und Pornodarstellungen per Mobiltelefon zu übermitteln, stiegen von Monat zu Monat, sagte er und verwies auf Fälle, in denen Kinder einen Mitschüler traktieren, die Grausamkeiten aufnehmen und den Film dann weitergeben. "In der Schule hat so etwas nichts zu suchen", sagte Schneider. Es gebe keinen Grund, warum Kinder im Unterricht oder der Pause telefonieren sollten. (dcn)

Bayern: Landtag berät über Handy-Verbot für Schüler Gewalt-Videos: Schülern droht Handy-Verbot

(c) CHIP Xonio Online GmbH 2006



Meldung vom 21.07.2006, 12:51 Uhr

Breite Zustimmung für Handy-Verbot an Schulen

Handy-Telefonieren auf dem Pausenhof: Wer überwacht ein Verbot? Foto: dpa

Lehrer und Eltern aus Ostbayern halten Anordnung für sinnvoll / Große Frage: Wie soll man das kontrollieren?

Von unseren Regional-Redaktionen

REGENSBURG. Das von der CSU-Mehrheit im bayerischen Landtag beschlossene Handy-Nutzungsverbot an Schulen ist von ostbayerischen Lehrern und Eltern weitgehend mit Zustimmung aufgenommen worden. Einige Schüler hielten die Änderung des Erziehungs- und Unterrichtsgesetzes für überzogen, räumten aber ein, dass immer wieder „geschmacklose Dinge“ auf den Handys zu finden seien.
Kriminalhauptkommissarin Marianne Kargl aus dem Sachgebiet Verbrechensbekämpfung des Polizeipräsidiums Niederbayern-Oberpfalz erklärte gegenüber der MZ, in Ostbayern seien an Schulen schon „einige wenige“ Handys mit pornographischen oder gewaltverherrlichenden Schriften und Bildern sichergestellt worden. Die Lehrer hätten die Polizei informiert, die Anzeige erstattete. Allerdings sei noch kein Fall bekannt, bei dem Schüler-Misshandlungen fotografiert oder per Video aufgenommen worden seien.

Kurt Bauer, Lehrer für Deutsch und Religion am Gymnasium Neutraubling (Kreis Regensburg), hält das Handyverbot an Schulen für einen Schritt in die richtige Richtung. „Die Schulen dürfen sich nicht blind stellen und tatenlos zusehen.“ Die schwierige Frage sei, wie das Handyverbot in der Praxis umgesetzt werden kann. „Wie wollen wir hier in Neutraubling am Pausenhof 1200 Schüler kontrollieren? Dafür bräuchten wir ja sämtliche Lehrkräfte.“ Vorstellbar wäre ein rigoroses Vorgehen mit drastischen Konsequenzen für die Schüler, die erwischt werden. Aber unter solchen Maßnahmen würde die gesamte Schulatmosphäre leiden. Ob das dann der richtige Weg ist, sei mehr als fraglich.

Kooperation mit den Eltern

„Ich verstehe, dass man da eingreifen muss“, sagte Katharina Perzl (18), Schülersprecherin der Johannes-Turmair-Realschule Abensberg (Kreis Kelheim) zum Handyverbot, „aber gefallen tut es mir nicht. Das ist wie bei vielem: Weil ein paar Gewaltvideos auf dem Handy hatten, müssen alle darunter leiden.“ Perzl hatte das Handy in der Schule sehr nützlich gefunden. „Man kann schnell mal anrufen, wenn man zum Mittagessen geht und später heim kommt, oder wenn man Noten bekommen hat; gerade jetzt in der Zehnten. Da konnte man schnell mal eine SMS nach Hause schicken.“ Allerdings räumte sie auch ein, dass es bisweilen schon von „geschmacklosem Humor“ zeuge, was manche auf das Handy heruntergeladen hätten – vor allem Jungs „in meinem Alter“.

Anneliese Utler ist Elternbeiratsvorsitzende des Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Gymnasiums in Schwandorf. Zum Thema „Handy-Verbot“ an Schulen ab Herbst diesen Jahres sagt sie: „Ich finde es eigentlich ganz gut. Allerdings können sich die Kinder diese Gewaltvideos aus dem Internet auch in der Freizeit besorgen – das ist also kein plausibler Grund für das Verbot, finde ich.“ Die Eltern müssten ihre Kinder einfach mehr kontrollieren. Am CFG-Gymnasium schätze sie die Gefahr durch solche Videos allerdings sehr gering ein. „Nur wenige laden sich sowas runter.“ Kein Handy zu haben könne problematisch sein wenn die Kinder zuhause anrufen müssten, z.B. wegen Hitzefrei. „Aber das wird sich schon einpendeln. Früher gab es auch kein Handy.“

In der Johann-Brunner-Volksschule in Cham setzt Rektor Raimund Bergler die Anordnungen des Landtages um. Auch bisher waren Handys im Unterricht und bei Prüfungen verboten. Schon das Mitführen galt als Unterschleif. Dass Handys künftig unter dem Gesichtspunkt des Jugendschutzes nicht mehr eingeschaltet sein dürfen, hält Bergler für sinnvoll. „Kontrollierbar ist das natürlich nur mit einem großen Aufwand“, sagt der Schulleiter und setzt auf die Zusammenarbeit mit Eltern. „Wenn wir Missbrauch feststellen, wird das Handy abgenommen. Es wird erst auf schriftliche Anforderung oder bei persönlicher Abholung der Eltern wieder ausgegeben“, so Bergler.


Handy-Verbot an Schulen


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