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Homeland Security Department Mishandled Contracts

Report Says

Contract spending by the Department of Homeland Security has surged by billions of dollars since the agency's creation in 2003, but contracts have been plagued by large-scale waste, abuse and mismanagement, according to a bipartisan Congressional report.

Too Late for Empire

"The lesson most of the country learned from Watergate and the forced resignation of Richard Nixon was that the imperial presidency had grown too strong. (In general, our imperial-minded Presidents have had much more success rolling back freedom at home than extending it abroad.) Dick Cheney, who had served as chief of staff for President Gerald Ford, drew an opposite lesson - that the powers others called imperial were in fact the proper ones for the presidency and had been eviscerated by the opposition to Vietnam and the Watergate scandal," writes Jonathan Schell.

Long-Term Deficit Disorder

"In the quest to criticize the Bush tax cuts, many progressives have seized on long-term projections (often for the infinite future) showing the dire financial state, or even bankruptcy, of the federal government. These long-term budget projections should be treated with care," writes Dean Baker. "The Bush tax cuts are just a footnote in this story. The real story in these long-term projections is health care."

Court Victory for Families of British Soldiers Killed in Iraq

The families of four British soldiers killed in Iraq have won an important round in their legal battle to force the Government to hold an independent inquiry into the decision to go to war.

Umweltbelastung der Luftfahrt: EU-Parlament fordert Maßnahmen gegen Billigflieger


Vor dem Hintergrund von "verschärftem Wettbewerb und zunehmenden Billigflügen" haben sich die EU-Abgeordneten während der Plenartagung Anfang Juli mit der Umweltbelastung durch die zivile Luftfahrt beschäftigt. Das Europaparlament schlägt in einem in Straßburg verabschiedeten Bericht ein Maßnahmenpaket vor, das Auswirkungen auf die Flugpreise haben könnte und den Ausstoß von Treibhausgasen reduzieren würde.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Armut: 2,5 Millionen Kinder in Deutschland sollen auf Sozialhilfeniveau leben


Mehr als 2,5 Millionen Kinder in Deutschland leben nach Angaben des Kinderschutzbundes auf Sozialhilfeniveau. Der "Neuen Osnabrücker Zeitung" sagte der Präsident der Organisation, Heinz Hilgers, unter Berufung auf Zahlen der Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA): "Das ist eine erschreckende Zahl, die weit höher ist, als wir befürchtet haben". Bisher hatte der Kinderschutzbund die Zahl der Kinder bis 18 Jahre, die in einer "Hartz IV"-Bedarfsgemeinschaft von Leistungen nach dem Sozialgesetzbuch XII oder nach dem Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz leben, auf rund 2,2 Millionen geschätzt.

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Hitzewelle führt offenbar zu Preisexplosion für Atom- und Kohlestrom

Gegenschlag der Atomkraftgegner: Hitzewelle führt offenbar zu Preisexplosion für Atom- und Kohlestrom (27.07.06)

Atomkraftgegner und Solarenergie-Befürworter holen zum Gegenschlag aus. Nachdem ihnen jahrelang von den Energiekonzernen vorgehalten wurde, Solar- und Windkraftanlagen würden nicht kontinuierlich Strom ins Netz einspeisen, weisen sie nun genüßlich ihrerseits auf die Probleme der Großkraftwerke mit der Sommerhitze hin. Wie schon 2003 müssten gegenwärtig mehrere Atom- und Kohlekraftwerke den Betrieb massiv drosseln. Der Preis für Strom aus konventionellen Kraftwerken in Deutschland sei innerhalb weniger Tage um 600 Prozent gestiegen. "Während Solaranlagen im Sommer auf Hochtouren arbeiten, müssen wassergekühlte Großkraftwerke ihre Stromproduktion wegen der Hitze drosseln und sorgen damit für massiv steigende Preise", heißt es in einer Pressemitteilung des Bundesverbandes Erneuerbare Energie, des Bundesverbandes Solarwirtschaft, der Informationskampagne für Erneuerbare Energien und der Deutschen Umwelthilfe. "Für den Strom aus Uran und Kohle mussten am heutigen heißesten Ta g des Jahres an der Strombörse im Schnitt 30,2 Cent pro Kilowattstunde gezahlt werden, während der Tagesstunden sogar über 54 Cent." Zum Vergleich: Der deutsche Mix aus Erneuerbaren Energien wie Wind, Biogas oder Solar werde den Verbrauchern aktuell mit etwa 11 Cent pro Kilowattstunde zur Verfügung gestellt.

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Gen-Weizen bedroht Erbe der Menschheit

No More Oil Wars: Clean Energy Now!

Ted Glick remarks: "As I campaigned through the state, I found literally no opposition and much positive head-nodding when I said, 'We need to shift to solar, wind and renewable energy so that we can reduce our dependence on Middle East oil and get ourselves out of that part of the world.' Regular folks of different cultures and income levels all easily saw the connection between reducing our use of oil, increasing the use of renewables, and decreasing the threat of terrorism and war."

Why Is the President Ignoring Our Laws?

With upraised right hand and left hand on the Bible, each of our presidents, from George Washington to George W. Bush, has solemnly sworn to 'preserve, protect and defend' the Constitution of the United States. The American Bar Association claims President Bush has violated that oath by issuing hundreds of 'signing statements' to disregard selected provisions of the laws that Congress passed and he signed," Lou Dobbs writes.

Kucinich Introduces Legislation to Abolish All Nuclear Weapons

Today, Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich introduced legislation, HR 950, to abolish all nuclear weapons. The Kucinich resolution states: "That the House of Representatives calls upon the President to initiate multilateral negotiations for the abolition of nuclear weapons."

Cindy Sheehan: The Struggle Continues

US 'on the path to all-out war with Iran'

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Call to defend the ban on torture and inhuman treatment

US nuclear weapons out of Europe

Tell KFC to stop trashing the Amazon

Genpflanzen verringern nicht den Pestizid-Verbrauch

Nach einer Langzeituntersuchung in China reduziert Bt-Baumwolle nur kurzfristig die Pestizidmengen, weil sich andere Schädlinge als die mit den genveränderten Pflanzen bekämpften Baumwollkapselbohrer vermehren.

Handy-Turm: Königstein kocht, Soden kassiert

Mobilfunkmonstrum an Gemarkungsgrenze Königstein und Bad Soden

Rachel's News #865


Would you like to have the tools and insights to help drive genetically engineered foods off the market?

TIP OF THE WEEK: Would you like to have the tools and insights to help drive genetically engineered foods off the market? Recently, the Genetic Engineering Action Network published the "The Local Organizing Toolkit" which is a compilation of materials that can help individuals organize local grassroots groups and carry out winnable, strategic campaigns. The Local Organizing Toolkit consists of eight chapters: Develop a Local Group, Develop a Campaign Plan, Get Media Coverage, Local Fundraising and Special Events, Local Resolutions, rBGH-Free Dairies, GM-Free Schools, and GE-Free Farmers Markets.

Download the kit online at no cost:


Advertising to children via the internet is increasing at an explosive rate, according to a new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation. The study analyzed 77 food company websites, most of which marketed junk food to children via methods such as free online video games, where the game characters and themes coincide with the product being advertised. For example, Kellogg's "Funk K Town" website invites kids to take cyber-game adventures on "CinnaIsland" with Toucan Sam, where kids can learn about how much "fun" can be found in the sugary breakfast cereals Apple Jacks and Froot Loops. The Federal Trade Commission claims they have no jurisdiction over this type of advertising, which would be illegal on television. In other words corporate advertisers have free rein to misinform and exploit children using the internet. "Children below the age of 8 have a unique vulnerability to commercial persuasion," said Dale Kunkel, a member of the Institute of Medicine committee that studied the effects of marketing food to children.

Learn more:


The Union of Concerned Scientists has released a survey of scientists who work for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The survey reveals that one-fifth of FDA scientists "have been asked, for non-scientific reasons, to inappropriately exclude or alter technical information or their conclusions in a FDA scientific document." The study strongly suggests that the FDA is not adequately regulating products that significantly impact public health, including food, drugs, vaccines, and medical devices. The survey also indicates that 61 percent of the respondents knew of cases where FDA political appointees have "inappropriately injected themselves into FDA determinations or actions." Eighty one percent of FDA scientists in the survey agreed that the "public would be better served if the independence and authority of FDA post-market safety systems were strengthened."

Learn more:

Maliki: Dead Man Walking

by Robert Dreyfuss,

More funereal than triumphant, the Iraqi prime minister's Hill visit underscores Bush's policy failure.

Unraveling a befuddled concept

Orange County Register
by Alan W. Bock


Review of The Truth About Tolerance by Brad Stetson & Joseph Conti: "Especially in a pluralistic society like the United States, tolerance of others and their quirks is essential for even a modicum of social harmony, and it's a personal virtue as well. But in America today the concept of tolerance, especially in those precincts most affected by political correctness like academia and the media, the concept has become rather confused -- sometimes to the point of encouraging intolerance in the name of tolerance...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush administration pushes updated law on foreign wiretaps

USA Today


As debate continues over the legality of President Bush's domestic spying program, the administration pressed Congress Wednesday to ease Internet age surveillance restrictions. Technological advances and a shift in adversaries from Cold War rivals to terrorists mean the 1978 law covering such monitoring -- the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act -- is now behind the times, CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden told the Senate Judiciary Committee...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

impf-report Newsletter Nr. 30/2006

Save Malak Ghorbany from Death by Public Stoning

A message from Starlight

Original Message:

Pleace Forward & Crosspost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Friends, If you read this, it says it all. Please, sign and crosspost. Thank you Bruce for this alert. Love and hugs, Jessie

On the day of her punishment, the Ms. Ghorbany's hands will be tied behind her back as she becomes covered from head to toe in winding sheets and is placed seated in a pit. The pit is then filled up to her chest with dirt and the dirt is tamped down. At that point, members of the community are invited to murder her by hurling rocks at her. To ensure that the person condemned to stoning receives the absolute maximum amount of pain and torture, the Iranian government has even mandated the size of the stones that are to be used in this barbaric act of public execution. By law, no stone should be thrown that would kill Ms. Ghorbany with the first or second blow, or so small as a pebble to do no injury to her body.

To: The Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan,The United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights, Louise Arbour,The Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, and The Head of the Judiciary of IRI Ayatollah Mahmou


Stop Specter from Legalizing Spying Program

Informant: Bugs

9,000 EPA Scientists Call for an End to Compromising Safety

In 1996, under the Food Quality Protection Act, Congress gave the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 10 years to complete its assessment of the health impacts of hundreds of pesticides being used in homes, gardens and agriculture. August 3, 2006 marks the end of that 10-year period. Although the EPA apparently plans to have its review of most of the carbamates complete by that date, thousands of scientists within the Agency have expressed serious concern that the evaluations are incomplete and that the EPA is threatening to allow the continued use of toxic pesticides despite ample information showing that they are too hazardous to be used safely.

Science and Politics Collide as EPA Considers New Air Rule

Recent studies strengthen the evidence that exposure to fine and coarse particulate matter can cause serious health problems, including premature death, according to a review released Friday by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Environmentalists and public health advocates hope the new assessment will convince the Bush administration to tighten federal rules for particulate matter, but some Senate Republicans remain unconvinced the evidence justifies more stringent regulations.

The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community

"In these turbulent and often frightening times, it is important to remind ourselves that we are privileged to live at the most exciting moment in the whole of the human experience. We have the opportunity to turn away from Empire and to embrace Earth Community as a conscious collective choice. We are the ones we have been waiting for," writes David Korten.

Bush Nomination for Mine Overseer Decried

The nation's largest environmental group says the Bush administration is burying any hope of implementing better coal-mining policies after nominating an industry-friendly candidate to the federal agency charged with setting environmental standards for surface-mining operations.

Nice et Antibes: L'Inconscience?

MONACO l'Alerte: Le saviez-vous?

Bush administration resisting Hamdan v. Rumsfeld

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Die Arbeitsagentur und ihre "Kundendaten"

Transparente Erwerbslose ab 1. August 2006?

„Der Gesetzgeber beabsichtigt, mit dem Beschluss zum Fortentwicklungsgesetz, erwerbslose Hilfebedürftige, ab dem 1. August 2006 telefonisch transparenter werden zu lassen. Transparenz sollte der Erwerbslose aber auch von Seiten der Agenturen und Ämter erwarten können. Gerade die Callcenter, welche im Auftrag der BA Befragungen durchführen sollen, erweisen sich als Transparenzmuffel. Meist erkennt der zu Befragende nicht, wer am anderen Ende der Leitung sich befindet und beantwortet gutgläubig wichtige Fragen. Dazu aus dem Fortentwicklungsgesetz…“ Sozialticker-Meldung vom 26.7.06

Kommunikationsfreiheit und Datenschutz > Big Brother award

BigBrotherAwards 2006: „Datenkraken“ nominieren bis zum 31. Juli 2006

„Zum siebten Mal jährt sich die Verleihung des Datenschutz-Negativpreises "BigBrotherAward". Immer neue Gesetze zur vorsorglichen Ausspähung aller Bürger, Entwicklung von Überwachungstechnologien und uferloses Datensammeln durch die Wirtschaft lassen das Bewusstsein für Datenschutz in der Bevölkerung wachsen: Jedes Jahr werden es mehr Einsendungen, wer einen der bei den Preisträgern wenig beliebten Preise erhalten soll. Auch dieses Jahr bittet die Jury wieder um qualifizierte Vorschläge zum BigBrotherAward 2006…“ Aus der Pressemitteilung von BigBrotherAwards c/o FoeBuD e.V. vom 25.7.06.

Die Nominierung ist online möglich

Aus: LabourNet, 27. Juli 2006


Was Sie schon immer über Hartz IV wissen wollten – die häufigsten Fragen zum Datenschutz beim Arbeitslosengeld II

Das Unabhängige Landeszentrum für Datenschutz Schleswig-Holstein (ULD) hat eine Broschüre herausgegeben. Stand 01.03.2007 (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet, 19. April 2007

Festung EU: Koordinierte Flüchtlingsabwehr

Deutschland an vorderster Front im Kampf der EU gegen unerwünschte Migranten. Immer größere Perfektionierung der behördlichen Abschiebepraxis. Artikel von Ulla Jelpke in junge Welt vom 26.7.06

Aus: LabourNet, 27. Juli 2006

FBI paid informants in case of accused terror cell

The FBI paid almost $56,000 to two confidential informants who are key to the case against seven men accused of being involved in a terrorist plot to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago and other targets.

Why is Bill Clinton campaigning for Lieberman?

From Information Clearing House

Schumer and Clinton Pressed To Reappoint Bolton

From Information Clearing House

Waging a Dirty War With Italy's Help

An exposé of the close relationship between President Bush and Italy's Silvio Berlusconi -- Big B and little b -- reveals that country to be our willing partner in our dirty 'war on terror.'

From Information Clearing House

Stand up to US, voters

Britain should take a much more robust and independent approach to the United States, according to a Guardian/ICM poll published today, which finds strong public opposition to Tony Blair's close working relationship with President Bush.,,1828225,00.html

From Information Clearing House

Iran: The Next War

Even before the bombs fell on Baghdad, a group of senior Pentagon officials were plotting to invade another country. Their covert campaign once again relied on false intelligence and shady allies. But this time, the target was Iran.

From Information Clearing House

Bombing of UN in Lebanon

Israeli Bombing of UN in Lebanon: Then and Now

A Dance of Death

At the Heart of the Lebanon Crisis Lie the Lethal Mistakes Of George Bush

Anti-Americanism Prompts Push For "Citizen Diplomacy"

US Gasoline at $3 Drives People Onto Buses, Trains



By Deborah Zabarenko
July 26, 2006

WASHINGTON - Global warming puts 12 of the most famous US national parks at risk, environmentalists said on Tuesday, conjuring up visions of Glacier National Park without glaciers and Yellowstone Park without grizzly bears.

All 12 parks are located in the American West, where temperatures have risen twice as fast as in the rest of the United States over the last 50 years, said Theo Spencer of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

"Rising temperatures, drought, wildfires and diminished snowfalls endanger wildlife and threaten hiking, fishing and other recreational activities" in the parks, Spencer said in a telephone news conference. "Imagine Glacier Park without glaciers or Yellowstone without any grizzly bears."

Most climate scientists believe Earth's surface temperature has risen over the last century or more, spurred by human activities that produce greenhouse gases, which trap heat like the glass walls of a greenhouse. Some skeptics doubt that people affect global climate change and say temperature fluctuations have occurred throughout history.

The report released by the council and the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization stressed the connection between global warming and environmental damage at the parks, including the loss of specific wildlife, and called on the US government to cut greenhouse gas emissions significantly in 10 years.

The report blamed global warming for threatening grizzly bears, an iconic species in Yellowstone Park.


The bears feed on whitebark pine seeds, but global warming has encouraged beetles to infest whitebark trees that grow at high altitudes where grizzlies feed; cold weather would normally kill the beetles but this has not occurred in recent years, said Janet Barwick of the council's Wild Bears Project.

This in turn forces the bears to move to lower altitudes to look for food to fatten up for the winter, making them more likely to move into areas where there are people and that leads to an increase in grizzly mortality, Barwick said.

Glaciers and ice caves have melted in North Cascades and Mt. Rainier parks, and mountaintops in Western parks could be snow-free in summer within decades, said Stephen Saunders of the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization. He said all glaciers in Glacier National Park could be gone within 25 years.

The report said the parks at greatest risk are:

- Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico;

- Death Valley National Park, California;

- Glacier National Park, Montana;

- Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Utah and Arizona;

- Golden Gate National Recreation Area, California;

- Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming;

- Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado;

- Mount Rainier National Park, Washington state;

- North Cascades National Park, Washington state;

- Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado;

- Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho;

- Yosemite National Park, California.

Informant: NHNE


Western national parks & climate change

Losing ground.

Western national parks face an unprecedented threat from climate change.

Rising temperatures, prolonged drought, severe wildfires and diminished
snowfall are already affecting these parks; without action to curb climate
change, cherished Western landscapes could be drastically altered.

Published by Natural Resources Defense Council.

Informant: binstock

Washington Should Rethink its Middle East Policy

If Only We Could Disable the ADA

Bush's Failed Empire

Mr. Bush, Meet Mr. Taft

Informant: Lew Rockwell

The Real Cause of Blackouts


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