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Bush Administration Plans Devastating Medicare Changes

The Bush administration says it plans sweeping changes in Medicare payments to hospitals that could cut payments by 20 percent to 30 percent for many complex treatments and new technologies. The changes, the biggest since the current payment system was adopted in 1983, are meant to improve the accuracy of payment rates. But doctors, hospitals and patient groups say the effects could be devastating.

Anti-mast protestors triumph

A CAMPAIGN by Sompting residents to stop a mobile phone mast being put up near their homes was successful last Monday night, when planners refused permission. Mobile phone giant Hutchinson 3G wanted to put a mast on land at Scientific House, at the industrial units off Rectory Farm Road, Sompting.

But residents were concerned about the health risks the 15-metre high mast could pose to them and the children who live and play nearby.

Last Monday, Adur council planning committee agreed to refuse permission for the mast, even though approval was not technically required.

For full report and reaction, see the Lancing Herald, dated Thursday, July 6, 2006.

11 July 2006

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Blowing the Whistle on Diebold

On July 13, the Pensacola, Florida-based law firm of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. filed a "qui tam" lawsuit in US District Court, alleging that Diebold and other electronic voting machine companies fraudulently represented to state election boards and the federal government that their products were "unhackable."

The Force Is Not With Them

Abu Ghraib Rewarded

"William Haynes II, the Pentagon’s general counsel, has been closely involved in shaping some of the Bush administration’s most legally and morally objectionable policies, notably on the use of torture. The last thing he is suited to be is a federal judge, but that is just what President Bush wants to make him," writes the New York Times Editorial Board.

Im Dienst der Wissenschaft?

Die [extern] Vereinigung Deutscher Wissenschaftler, die zwar erst seit 1959 existiert, sich aber dafür eindeutig und immer wieder kritisch mit der Zuträgerrolle der Wissenschaft für Wirtschaft und Politik befasst, hat die peinliche Lobbytätigkeit der Berliner Akademie für die agrarische Gentechnik deutlich charakterisiert: als anmaßend, arrogant und unwissenschaftlich.

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Being middle class doesn't necessarily improve your health if you're black

Upward Mortality

By Kai Wright,

The civil war in Iraq has begun

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Why it is not "our war"

The Power of Narrative
by Arthur Silber

And so we stand on the precipice once again. If it is 'our war,' that is only because we have chosen it -- and because we accept and, in the worst cases, even cheer for the immense devastation that will inevitably ensue. Yes, we have enemies, and yes, we must fight them. But not this way, which is the way we have always done so. For if one thing is absolutely, irrefutably clear at this dreadful moment in history, it is that our conventional and traditional way of fighting these battles and of trying to control and transform the world does not work.

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

America's lawless executive branch

Rebirth of Reason
by Andre Zantonavitch


Benjamin Franklin once said: 'Those who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security deserve neither liberty nor security.' In the current bank transactions spying controversy, perhaps George Bush should consider whether or no he really thinks he's wiser than Benjamin Franklin. These are scary times for freedom of speech and civil liberties. Many conservatives -- almost including George Bush -- are brazenly demanding that the New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times be charged with treason. This outrageous call seems to be a trial balloon for significantly less freedom in America down the road. But just how much censorship and fascism is actually desirable?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush "will be given more power to eavesdrop" in bill

Independent [UK]


The dispute over the Bush administration's secret eavesdropping of US citizens has reignited after it emerged the White House had brokered a deal with Congress that critics say gives it even greater flexibility to monitor phone calls electronically. It was widely reported that the agreement between the White House and Senate Judiciary Committee represented an about-turn by President George Bush on a key weapon in his so-called 'war on terror.' This was because the agreement hammered out with the committee's Republican chairman, Senator Arlen Specter, would allow a secret court to assess the constitutionality of the President's covert eavesdropping programme. But Democrats said the proposed new legislation merely required the White House to behave in a way it was already legally obliged to in exchange for giving it greater flexibility over the eavesdropping...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

'Democracy builders' drawing ire

Arizona Republic


Few Americans have ever heard of them. Yet these private non-profit groups receive millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars each year to promote 'democratic' values in some of the most repressive places in the world. They help to monitor elections for fairness, educate citizens about their rights, build trade unions and fledgling political parties, train new judges and underwrite free media. Supporters praise the groups for advancing freedom and promoting American ideals abroad. But a growing number of foreign governments complain that these democracy-building groups maneuver behind the scenes to help destabilize and topple their governments, including in countries where the official U.S. policy has been to work through diplomatic channels with those same governments... [editor's note: Once again, the oxymoronic "imposed democracy" disproves itself, as this all-too-imperfect means is confused with the end of promoting individual liberty, and used as a cover for imperial dominance of a culture. - SAT]

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Proteste bei G-8-Gipfel in Petersburg: Polizei geht gegen Demonstranten vor

„Bei Protestaktionen gegen den G-8-Gipfel sind am Sonntag im russischen St. Petersburg Dutzende Menschen festgenommen worden, unter ihnen auch einige Deutsche. Dabei ging die Polizei nach Angaben des oppositionellen Netzwerkes mit Schlagstöcken gegen G-8-Gegner vor, als sie versuchten, die Hauptstraße Newski-Prospekt vor einem der Delegationshotels zu sperren…“ Artikel in Süddeutsche Zeitung vom 17.07.2006,polm1/ausland/artikel/776/80696/

Im Stadion eingesperrt

Die russische Regierung hat beim Umgang mit den G8-Protesten gelernt, es kam nur zu kleineren Protesten in der Stadt. Artikel von Peter Nowak vom 16.07.2006 bei telepolis

Actions and Arrests on Sunday, July 16

Englischer Bericht vom 17 Jul 2006 auf der russischen Indymedia-Sonderseite zum G8-Gipfel

Trade union statement to the G8 Saint-Petersburg Summit

Englische Stellungnahme der UNI vom 13-Jul-2006

Aus: LabourNet, 17. Juli 2006

The Real Agenda

According to the New York Times it is only now, nearly five years after Sept. 11, that the full picture of the Bush administration’s response to the terror attacks is becoming clear. Much of it, we can see now, had far less to do with fighting Osama bin Laden than with expanding presidential power. Over and over again, the same pattern emerges: Given a choice between following the rules or carving out some unprecedented executive power, the White House always shrugged off the legal constraints.

impf-report Newsletter Nr. 28/2006



It was reported that when a group of Republican Congressional leaders met with this man who now sets in the Oval Office about renewing the Patriot Act, they told him that his hardcore push to renew the Patriot Act could alienate conservatives. To this, it is said, that this man responded that "I don't give a [expletive], I'm the President and the Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way." And that he also allegedly said to "Stop throwing the Constitution in my face, it's just a [expletive] piece of paper!"

Obviously, we have a mad-man running this country, one who no longer considers the Law of the Land as the supreme Law, but considers himself above the Law and the supreme leader in charge of declaring his version of the Law to suit his agenda. If that is true, then it shows me that he neither deserves, nor should he retain that office or the Sacred Trust of this People any longer. It is the responsibility of Congress, indeed it is their duty, by Sworn Oath, to protect the Constitution and this People from such dangers as this man now poses to this Nation and it's People.

Something must be done, and quickly! He should not be allowed to continue such despicable transgressions against this Nation one more day. In addition, for all of you who consider yourselves to be Christians, you should reconsider your support of this man and turn him out of this Office of Honor. He does not deserve our support.

Get him out!


This alert is brought to you through the activism of James Wright, running for the U.S. House in the 8th Congressional district, and one of the leading progressive voices in the state of Texas. When a brave candidate steps forward in such a district, shall we do anything to show him our support? If so, please also consider making a donation to Jim's campaign so he can spread the call the action message.


Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

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Government Monitored Anti-War Group E-Mails

Newly surfaced government surveillance reports reveal that the U.S. Department of Defense monitored anti-war and anti-military e-mails sent by UC Berkeley students in April.

From Information Clearing House

A Former Superpower Rises Again

Moscow's political elite has been steadily drumming a new message into the heads of its guests from around the world, a message that has already taken hold in their own country: Russia, reborn from the ashes of the Soviet Union and newly awash in oil and gas revenues running into the billions of dollars, no longer feels compelled to play second fiddle to the world's major powers.,1518,426393,00.html

From Information Clearing House

American foreign policy lies in ruins from Pyongyang to Baghdad to Beirut

Foreign companies buying U.S. roads, bridges that taxpayers built

Americas Beginnings

by Devvy Kidd

Confidential: Americas Beginnings

A new DVD is now available which is a riveting, thoroughly researched expose of 'America's Beginnings - Volume One: The New Atlantis.' This DVD is not an amateur undertaking. The filming is very professional, the interviews solid and the research is impeccable. You will discover, by watching this remarkable journey through closely guarded history, the deep seated connection between.....

The FDA Lowers the Boom on Citizens' Rights

by Byron Richards CCN

The FDA sees itself as the final authority on all health issues facing Americans. The agency does not think Americans are intelligent enough to make health decisions for themselves. Indeed, the agency is doing everything it can to keep knowledge about safe and effective natural health options from the public. In essence, the FDA thinks.....

What Iran Really Wants: not to be nuked by the US

Bush's Faith and the Middle East Aflame

Chaos Theory and Leviathan: on big brother and the subway

Why Market Failure Fails: on another failed excuse for the state

In the Mind of a War Hawk

Try Putting Us in Their Place


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