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Global Warming and the Courts

The Supreme Court will rule next fall on whether the EPA has the authority under the Clean Air Act to regulate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. The outcome will determine whether the country will be able to act more aggressively on a problem with potentially grave consequences for the earth and its inhabitants.

New Links Between Abramoff and White House

Lobbyist Jack Abramoff had a half-dozen White House appointments in the early months of the Bush administration, according to logs released yesterday by the US Secret Service.

Daily Kos takes up Watada case

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Die Weisheit der Tiere: sie meiden Gen-Futter

Nachricht von Gerd Zesar

Bush Nominates Anti-Regulatory Zealot to Head "Super-Powerful" Public Safety Office

President Bush is expected to nominate Susan Dudley as the next head of an obscure but "super-powerful office that oversees many business regulations." The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs holds sway over federal regulatory agencies like the EPA and helps set regulatory policy for a wide range of issues, from workplace safety to water quality.

Environment vs. Property Rights

Last September, the House of Representatives passed Rep. Richard W. Pombo's Bill, HR3824, largely along party lines, rendering meaningless the nation's most important wildlife protection law: the Endangered Species Act. It could now see action in the US Senate, says Chad Hanson.

New Orleans Public Housing Residents Protesting for Right to Return Home

After federal and local officials announced plans to demolish and redevelop several public-housing complexes in New Orleans, former residents are suing and protesting for the right to return to their homes and communities.

Hate Groups Are Infiltrating the Military

Group Asserts

Free Lynne Stewart: she is facing 30 years in prison for calling a press conference for a client

Lynn Stewart is facing 30 years in prison for calling a press conference for a client. Police states target the lawyers first. Her sentencing to prison would cause a chilling effect on lawyers who contemplate defending clients who are targeted by the US government.

We cannot afford to lose the movement lawyers. Her sentencing is on September 25th in downtown Manhattan.

Hear her speaking on the need to support movement lawyers at the Socialism 2006 conference on June 24, 2006 at Columbia University.

More information on her case is available at

Charles Jenks
Traprock Peace Center

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Robert Kennedy Jr.: Autism, mercury, and politics

MOUNTING EVIDENCE suggests that Thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative in children's vaccines, may be responsible for the exponential growth of autism, attention deficit disorder, speech delays, and other childhood neurological disorders now epidemic in the United States.

From Information Clearing House



Exactly two years ago Robert F. Kennedy Jr, an environmental attorney, son of RFK and nephew of JFK, published his article "Deadly Immunity" in Rolling Stone and simultaneously [ ]. It showed the irresponsible use of mercury in vaccines at levels far higher than the US Environmental Agency's safety guidelines for adults. This article was based on his extensive study "Tobacco Science and the Thimerosal Scandal". It gives a lot of links and has the major research on autism, mercury toxicity. Kennedy describes the scandalous cover-up of vaccine makers, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and even representatives of pediatric associations.

Kennedy's article never became news in Ireland whose major industry is in the pharmaceutical and chemical sector, vaccine makers among them. Eli Lilly, the original producer of thimerosal is located in Kinsale, West Cork.

Not even the golden name helped to bring news of the truth to the country where the Kennedys' ancestral home is.

But where there's a Kennedy there is hope.

Let's spread the word that most cases of autism can be improved, some drastically, by using chelation agents to get the mercury out of the system.

See the Defeat Autism Now! Protocol

Kennedy's website is:

His blog:

His article: Crime against nature

Birgit Colhoun: Dental amalgam and mercury

It has a huge numer of titles. Last updated May 2007

Here's some good news. A recent hearing gives new hope for parents of autistic children. The website Voice of the Environment has one whole section on "Investigating the Autism Epidemic". An interview with Dr Boyd Haley "Biomarkers supporting mercury toxidity as the major exacerbator of neurological illness, recent evidence via urinary porphyrin tests" Medical Veritas 3 (2006) 921-934 is available online at:

Investigating the Autism Epidemic

From Dorothee Krien

The Treason Card

Over the last few months a series of revelations have confirmed what should have been obvious a long time ago: the Bush administration and the movement it leads have been engaged in an authoritarian project, an effort to remove all the checks and balances that have heretofore constrained the executive branch.

4 Million British banking secrets sent to America

Details of 4.6 million British financial transactions are being secretly disclosed each year to American intelligence agencies, privacy campaigners say.

America's Hidden History: The Plot To Overthrow FDR


When Franklin Delano Roosevelt won the Presidency in 1932, many Americans looked to his bold New Deal plans as the way out of the dark days of the Depression. But a powerful group of financiers and industrialists saw his economic policies as a threat.

Click here to watch

Hegemonic Tyrant Courts Doom

By Paul Craig Roberts

Gentle reader, consider what it means when our government believes other countries have no right to their own interests unless they coincide with US interests. It means that we are the tyrant country. We cannot be the tyrant country without being perceived as the tyrant country. Consequently, the rest of the world unites against us.

Cheney really wants U.S. dictator

The United States is caught up in a new campaign for a military dictatorship -- rule by a military chief with absolute power. The White House, inspired by Vice President Dick Cheney, has argued that in time of great danger, the president has unlimited powers as commander in chief.

Requiem for Bush's Unipolar Dream?

Informant: Carol Moore in DC

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Bush displays ignorance of US jurisprudence

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Why I left America: because America left me

Don't Cheer the Supremes: they're essentially enablers of dictatorship

Informant: Lew Rockwell

Say ‘No’ to War Candidates

I'm Sick of 'Patriotism': on blind approval of government crimes

The Fleeting Lights of Freedom: on the neo-USA

Our American Future

Solzhenitsyn was right: on a bully mentality

Hamdan ruling supports Watada's case

Informant: jensenmk

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Help us Save America's Wolves


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