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Wolfgang Maes: Mobilfunk-Zitate

La Symbolique des Drapeaux

What's Rove Got to Do With It?

Right-wing columnist Robert D. Novak's confirmation that White House political adviser Karl Rove was one of his sources for identifying Valerie Plame as a CIA officer leaves unresolved two other troubling questions," writes Robert Parry. "Who passed this sensitive information to Rove and why was Rove cut in on such a discrete intelligence secret?"

"Out of Iraq" Caucus Joins "Troops Home Fast"

In a press conference on the steps of the Cannon House Office Building, members of the "Out of Iraq" Congressional Caucus expressed their support for the "Troops Home Fast."

Kerry, Feingold, Biden Speak Out on Iraq

Senate Democrats, including several prospective presidential candidates, charged Thursday that the Bush administration's optimistic assessments on Iraq are not borne out by events on the ground.

Female Soldiers Treated "Lower Than Dirt"

US Army Specialist Suzanne Swift will spend her 22nd birthday tomorrow confined to the Fort Lewis base in Washington, where she is awaiting the outcome of an investigation into allegations that she was sexually harassed and assaulted by three sergeants in Iraq.

Iraq Vets Force Congressional Investigation of Suzanne Swift Case

Members of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), Veterans for Peace, and Oregon constituents achieved a victory on the road to ending military sexual violence today with a pledge from Congressman Peter DeFazio's (D-Ore.) office that he will be initiating a congressional investigation into the case of Army Specialist Suzanne Swift.

Baghdad Starts to Collapse as Its People Flee a Life of Death

"I returned to Baghdad on Monday after a break of several months, during which I too was guilty of glazing over every time I read another story of Iraqi violence," reports James Hider. "But two nights on the telephone, listening to my lost and frightened Iraqi staff facing death at any moment, persuaded me that Baghdad is now verging on total collapse."

Freundschaft statt Recht: der Besuch des US-Präsidenten

Iraq's Hidden Victims

by Ruth Rosen,

The U.S. invasion of Iraq has unleashed a wave of sexual terrorism aimed at Iraqi women.

The Poverty Of Energy Security

by Neil Watkins and Steve Kretzmann,

If the G-8 is serious about addressing energy issues, it can't ignore global poverty.


I am sending you these articles for posting. The Bray, Co Dublin one is transcribed below while the Bandon, Co. Cork ones are in the attachments:

Best, Imelda, Cork



[by] Time O'Brien

South Dublin residents who yesterday successfully prevented a phone company from erecting a mast on Dalkey Garda station will this afternoon picket Taoiseach [prime minister] Bertie Ahern when he launches a local summer project. Under an agreement between telecoms companies and the Office of Public Works (OPW) the erection of mobile phone masts on Garda stations is exempt from the planning process. Members of the Dalkey Community Against Radiation group claim they only found out about the plans to locate a new generation 3G phone mast on their local Garda station, by word of mouth yesterday. Vilicom, the company employed to manage the work was attempting to replace an existing mast on Dalkey Garda station, when locals placed one of their own cars across the station driveway preventing access. An existing, smaller mast on the station already provides services for the standard GSM mobile phone service providers. The residents were supported in their action by community groups in Shankill who are opposing plans to extend the mast over the garda station there, again to incorporate 3G services. Residents in Dalkey said they will again block access to the phone company this morning and take part in a dignified protest when Mr Ahern opens a local summer school at Hyde Park, a local sports club. Speaking to THE IRISH TIMES yesterday, Oliver McCabe of Dalkey Community Against Radiation, said the intention of this afternoon's protest was not to disturb the launch of the summer school, but to "peacefully make the Taoiseach aware" that the 3G masts were an issue. Mr McCabe said the new mast "will initially triple the size of the current mast by increasing the number of antennae from two to six, with, it is believed, an eventual total of 12 antennae planned. The proposed site is in the middle of a densely populated area and close to six national and private schools. Residents were "not consulted." He added that the residents wanted the mobile phone companies to agree to site the mast on "a safe site well away from houses, schools, playgrounds and care facilities." In Shankill three protest marches have already been held against the work, with crowds numbers estimated as high as 2,000. Some 2,500 letters have been sent to the three Government TDs for the constituency, Dun Laoghaire. Shankill residents also had a meeting with Minister of State Tom Parlon in March, but they claim they have not had a committment that the masts will be sited elsewhere."

May we all unite as one voice to defeat these enemies that faces us all

Fix the seriously flawed "American Fisheries Management and Marine Life Enhancement Act," H.R. 5018

Our oceans are in serious decline: overfishing, marine habitat destruction, coastal development, and pollution are pushing our ocean systems to the brink of collapse. Unfortunately, some foolish, anti-environment members of Congress are currently trying to roll back existing ocean conservation laws, rather than strengthen them!

We need your help to preserve and strengthen the laws that protect our oceans. Fill out the form below to write a letter to your Representative telling him or her that it is important to you that our oceans are protected!

Mast plans go before council

By Melanie Vass

TWO controversial applications for new mobile phone masts in Bournemouth will go before councillors next week.

Plans to put an O2 mast on land rear of Warnford Road in West Southbourne are being recommended for approval despite objections from hundreds of residents.

A proposal to switch a street lamp outside Tesco at Castle Lane East with another O2 mast, which has sparked a far lower number of objections, is recommended for refusal. continued...

More than 500 people have signed a petition against the plans for a mast in Southbourne, with a further 60 writing letters of objection.

Ward councillor Nick King and the headteacher of Stourfield Junior School are among those urging councillors to reject the proposal.

But planners believe there are no grounds to turn the application down, saying that the level of radiation reaching Stourfield Infant and Junior School would be less than 0.01 per cent of the accepted safety levels.

They also say there are no landscaping issues as the mast would be disguised as a timber telegraph pole and would be well-screened.

Eight residents have expressed concerns about the planned mast for Littledown but they have been boosted by an objection from the council's highways department.

Highway officers say they are formulating plans to improve the pedestrian and cycle paths in this location and that the introduction of any street furniture would be inappropriate until these have been carried out.

Both applications will be considered by councillors on Monday.

12:27pm today

© Copyright 2001-2006 Newsquest Media Group

GM Egg Plant Contains Bt Toxin Linked to Hundreds of Allergy Cases and Thousands of Sheep Deaths

Rationalizing war crimes

by Rev. William Alberts


The Bush administration is adept at saying the obvious to hide the devious. This tactic reveals a deep disrespect for the intelligence of the American people. It assumes that Americans are gullible and, in their patriotic fervor, will believe anything their leaders tell them -- no matter how false, criminal, or harmful to them and their children -- if it is draped in the American flag or presented in the name of 'God.' A glaring example is President Bush's recent 'surprise' visit to Baghad. ... The apparent purpose of President Bush's secretive visit to Iraq was not to give a message to the Iraqi people, but to use them as a safe PR backdrop for the message he wanted to take home to the American people...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Are you the maker or the tool?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The world seems to be falling apart, and the designated powers are fumbling at the controls

Reality bites

by Fred Kaplan


The world seems to be falling apart, and the designated powers are fumbling at the controls, unsure which levers spin, which axes in what direction. The metaphor is a bit of a stretch; no country or alliance could command the planet, like an orchestra conductor or a god, regardless of how clever its leaders might be. Still, it's horrifying to scan the full horizon of disasters -- in the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, East Asia, South Asia, all the simmering hot spots on the verge of boiling over -- and to realize that no one in charge knows what to do...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

We can't keep spending like this

National Review
by Grover G. Norquist


On Tuesday, President Bush announced that the federal budget deficit will be $100 billion lower than initially expected due to higher levels of economic growth. This is the third consecutive year substantial downward revisions were made to the deficit as part of the administration's mid-year budget review. The president further claimed that the nation is ahead of schedule by one year in its goal to cut the budget deficit in half. On the surface this appears to be good news. Yet the biggest mistake the conservative movement could make is to focus on the budget deficit. The deficit is an unimportant number that reflects two very important numbers: how much the government takes in taxes and how much the government spends. Fixing a deficit 'problem' can be achieved by raising taxes or by cutting spending -- and raising taxes is always the establishment-approved solution...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Fed policy destroys the value of your savings

The Free Liberal
by US Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)


For years officials at the Federal Reserve Bank, including Chairman Bernanke himself, have assured us that inflation is under control and not a problem -- even as the price of housing, energy, medical care, school tuition, gold, and other commodities skyrockets. The Treasury department parrots the Fed line that consumer prices, as measured by the consumer price index (CPI), are under control. But even many mainstream economists now admit that CPI grossly understates true inflation...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

John Fund and the truth: on trial in NY

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster


On Tuesday, John Fund refused to participate in arbitration; a few minutes later he, the attorneys, his victim, and the judge were seated in a courtroom and potential jurors were filling out the forms that will help determine if they will be empaneled to hear the case. Wednesday empaneling was finished; the trial started. John did not think he should have to be bothered with a trial. After all, he is routinely briefed by the White House. Important people cannot be held accountable -- at least that is what Fund believes, and he has his reasons for holding such a belief. This is what our present administration has taught him by their own behavior...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Activists Sue to Block Electronic Voting

Computerized voting was supposed to be the cure for ballot fiascos like the 2000 presidential election, but activist groups say it has only worsened the problem, and they've gone to court across the country to ban the new machines. Lawsuits have been filed in at least nine states, alleging that the machines are wide open to computer hackers and prone to temperamental fits of technology that have assigned votes to the wrong candidate.


Groups sue vs. electronic voting

Macon Telegraph


Just days before Georgia's primary elections, a coalition of groups opposed to the state's electronic voting machines filed a lawsuit challenging the system. The legal challenge, filed Thursday in Fulton County Superior Court, claims the system is illegal and unconstitutional because it fails to give voters a verifiable record showing their ballot was recorded correctly. ... The lawsuit asks a judge to stop the state from using any electronic voting system that does not produce a paper ballot and a system for hand-counting at least some ballots to ensure the accuracy of the machines...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Die Vertreibung von Menschen aus Slums ist heute weltweit eine meist unbeobachtete soziale Katastrophe

"Wir wollen doch nur euer Bestes..."

Die Vertreibung von Menschen aus Slums ist heute weltweit eine meist unbeobachtete soziale Katastrophe, gegen die die Betroffenen sich (meist alleine) so gut es geht wehren. Und ob es Stadtplaner in Indien, Kazachstan, Nigeria, Brasilien oder eben Angola sind: immer wollen sie ja nur das Beste...Die kurze Korrespondenz "Boavista adieu" von Jaime Pereira vom 10. Juli 2006 berichtet eben von der "Umsiedlung" mehrerer Hundert Menschen an den Stadtrand Luandas.

Aus: LabourNet, 14. Juli 2006

Wilson, Plame to Sue Cheney, Rove and Libby

Valerie Plame Wilson and Ambassador Joseph Wilson initiate a civil action against Vice President Cheney, Karl Rove, and Scooter Libby for violations of their constitutional and other legal rights.


Why Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame Filed

"Early Thursday, the Wilsons filed a civil suit against Rove, Vice President Dick Cheney, and I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Cheney's former chief of staff, who is the only White House official who has been indicted in the leak case," writes Jason Leopold. "The civil suit may help vindicate the Wilsons and hold these officials accountable for their actions three years ago, but it's worth revisiting some of the evidentiary findings that Fitzgerald's probe has turned up since he was appointed Special Prosecutor in December 2003 that prove the White House's culpability in the leak."


Plame Wilson v. White House: Round 1

Jason Leopold reports: The showdown between the White House, Ambassador Joseph Wilson, and his wife, Valerie Plame Wilson, a former covert operative for the CIA whose identity was unmasked by Bush administration officials, entered its first stage Tuesday. The Justice Department contends that Rove, Cheney ... and the other defendants are immune to civil lawsuits.

You And Me Against The Brave New World

by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

With almost complete unanimity, the two major parties are walking in lock-step in their support for President Bush's efforts to merge the United States into a trilateral hemispheric government with Mexico and Canada. In addition, for the most part, the major media (including Fox News) remains virtually silent on the subject. Furthermore.....

Chernobyl's 'nuclear nightmares'

Just when we thought we had got rid of him, he turns up like a bad penny. We've all just had a gut full of watching Repacholi on TV, BBC 2 Horizon programme. The programme was about Chernobyl.

** Chernobyl's 'nuclear nightmares' **

Claims that thousands will die as a result of the Chernobyl disaster are unfounded, scientists tell the Horizon programme.

He was saying that they need to re-evaluate the whole radiation spectrum as they now believe that radiation does not harm as much as they previously believed and it might also protect against cancer!!!!!!!

The programme presented a very one sided view.

Take a look at some of Repacholi's friends who featured on the programme:

Professor Ron Chesser, of Texas Tech University, US,

page 7



I currently have a three-year grant to act as a communication specialist and chief scientist for the DOE Low-Dose Research program. This is a $20 Million dollar a year 10 year program which is directed toward providing a scientific base for radiation protection standards after very low exposures to ionizing radiation. As outlined above this grant provides me with $570,280 dollars over a three year period. This grant will provide most (70-80%) of my salary, travel money and a part time secretary. My role in this program is to:

Provide scientific and technical support for the DOE Low-Dose Research Program.

Facilitate the interactions between DOE, scientists, regulatory and scientific committees, and other government and regulatory agencies.

Provide a focal point for generation of educational materials and for communication of research results between the scientists, decision-makers and the public.

All the best

Eileen O'Connor


Parthian shot by Repacholi?


because the radiation debate matters, and ionising/non-ionising can be a rather arbitrary distinction...

Maybe you watched it, or will pick it up online. "A little radiation is good for you"

You may be familiar with the Chernobyl Forum. A singular view used exclusively in this programme. But at least the BBC Horizon web page on the programme has some healthy counterbalances for this rather strategically-timed programme in the light of the government's energy review.

The G8 have already decided on a global strategy of nuclear power, including fast breeder reactors, and this profiling of "no risk" supported by WHO and the UN is very useful.

Russian voices (quite absent from the programme!)


and the Low Level Radiation Campaign:

feel strongly about it?

end of subject; similar treatment of risk to perpetuate an industry. If we need nuclear to buy time against climate catastrophe (not long term change) as Lovelock says, we should be honest about it. This appears more like spin.


Nuclear Nightmares: BBC 2 Horizon 21.00 13th July 2006

A preliminary response from LLRC.

We have never seen such utterly biased reporting in our entire existence. There was not an iota of balance, not the ghost of any attempt to offer a countervailing scientific opinion, not the faintest suggestion that people exposed to Chernobyl fallout had actually been dying or sickening at a rate in excess of the absolutely undeniable. "Nuclear Nightmares" was, as its preliminary media spin suggested it would be, flat out pro-nuclear propaganda.

Let's be fair; maybe there is another programme pending in the "Horizon" series that will correct the bias. We shall ask the producer if this is so. If there isn't we shall offer him an opportunity to make another programme to give the required balance. This would bring him into line with Ofcom rules. We have plenty of material for him to work with. If there is no balance and if he declines our offer we shall lodge a formal complaint.

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


The enclosed information from Richard Bramhall in response to Mike Repacholi’s appearance on the BBC Horizon programme ‘Nuclear Nightmares’ is interesting.

Eileen O’Connor

From Richard Bramhall

Horizon: Nuclear Nightmares. BBC Two, 9.00 p.m. Thursday 13th July (United Kingdom)

A lot of people have, understandably, been outraged at the advance spin on this documentary (see, e.g. Monday's 10th July Times,,2-2263204.html ).

The programme apparently will offer up as "new" (The Times says) the idea that there is a threshold dose below which radiation doesn't cause harm. We read that it "may even be beneficial" and that "Evidence … has convinced experts that the risks of radiation follow a much more complex pattern than predicted."

We certainly agree that dose/response curves are complex. The reason for the complexity is that more than 50 years ago the American National Committee on Radiological Protection adopted a grossly simplistic concept of "dose" as an average of energy deposited into body tissue. This model was based on external irradiation, with which they were familiar since it was what they had been dealing with for decades in the search for adequate standards for regulating X-rays. It wasn't too difficult to extend that simple physics-based model to the external irradiation from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs, and it was convenient to assume that radioactivity inside the body could be understood as if it were external — an approach which fails to account properly for the huge variations in energy distribution from different kinds of radioactivity. Even in 1952 Karl Z. Morgan, who was responsible for the NCRP sub-committee on internal radioactivity, refused to agree that internal could be dealt with like external. His sub-committee was closed down and for the rest of his life he was a critic of the NCRP and its successor the International Commission on Radiological Protection – "I feel like a father who is ashamed of his children." All this happened before the structure of DNA was discovered and long before biological responses like genomic instability, the bystander effect and microinflammation were even suspected. For these reasons all competent authorities now recognise that for many internal exposures "dose" is a virtually meaningless term, so it is irritating to see propaganda like The Times report still using it; inhaled particles of reactor fuel cannot be compared with chest X-rays. One size does not fit all.

It is appalling to see WHO denying the reality of life post-Chernobyl, but we must bear in mind that their minds are clouded by the ICRP dose/risk model and by the International Atomic Energy Agency's power of vetoing any WHO research on radiation and health. In their crazed world the risk model predicts no discernible health impact because doses (whatever "dose" may mean) from Chernobyl fallout were too small — a maximum of twice natural background. When there is an all-too-observable impact (e.g. 30% increase in cancer in Belarus in ten post-Chernobyl years or a similar increase in northern Sweden) they say it must be caused by something else rather than inferring that the risk model is wrong. Their science and their epidemiology are like two drunks holding each other up — a temporary marvel!

For an alternative view see and the European Committee on Radiation Risk's volume Chernobyl: 20 Years On. ECRR has summarised thousands of Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian studies. Scientists and clinicians in those regions are reporting a melt-down in human health. Studies of animals and plants show genetic defects transmitted over 22 generations, although plants don't suffer from radiophobia. There is a flyer on .

In 2004 LLRC summarised about 100 of these Russian language studies for the CERRIE Minority Report: they are on our site at

The BBC documentary "Nuclear Nightmares" looks as if it will be propaganda intended to soften us up for a new round of nuclear power stations. We have raised this with the series producer and we shall be watching to see if the programme or the series complies with the rules of the Office of Communications. Rule 5.5. says "Due impartiality on matters of political or industrial controversy and matters relating to current public policy must be preserved […] This may be achieved within a programme or over a series of programmes taken as a whole."

We have obtained calculations of the health impact of replacing the present nuclear power generating capacity with new nuclear build. These are based on the ECRR's 2003 Recommendations and will be the subject of a separate circular.

We don't feel worried by the UK Government's announcement today. Nuclear power stations cannot operate without discharge licences, but the scientific debate over radiation risk has reached such a point that any decision to emit radioactivity will be subject to legal challenge. That's the point at which the drunks will hit the pavement.


Speaking of Rapacholi...

If you are interested in a recent tour within the 30km exclusion zone from the meltdown look at this site. The author's father is a retired nuclear physicist that has conducted research in the region since the disaster.

All the best

panayis zambellis luton uk

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


Repacholi declares Depleted Uranium”basically safe”



Exorcising the ghosts of Chernobyl

Medical journal reveals that 70 percent of drug decision-making panel members have financial ties to industry

Bush administration 'simply overwhelmed' by magnitude of its failures in Mideast

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Breaking the Unions

This summer, the Bush-appointed National Labor Relations Board may vote to destroy the union memberships of millions of Americans.

Mountaintop Removal Drives Protests

"Anyone concerned about the burning of fossil fuels and resultant climate change is scared beyond words at the prospect of coal usage growing or continuing. But there is an additional side of coal, an even darker one," writes Jan Lundberg.

Death Penalty Doctors

Should medical professionals play a part in state executions?

South Koreans Rally Against Free Trade Pact With US

Tens of thousands of demonstrators marched through the center of the South Korean capital protesting a proposed free trade agreement between the US and South Korea that negotiators are working on this week. It is the most ambitious trade pact for the US since NAFTA in 1994.

Medical journal reveals that 70 percent of drug decision-making panel members have financial ties to industry

So much for evidence-based medicine. Drug approval decisions have little to do with evidence and everything to do with materialistic greed and cold, hard cash. That cash is doled out to decision-makers in the form of research grants, consulting fees and outright bribes.

From Information Clearing House


Medical Journal Says It Was Again Misled

For the second time in two months, The Journal of the American Medical Association says it was misled by researchers who failed to reveal financial ties to drug companies.

Spy or Risk Green Card: How the Bush Administration 'Recruits' Muslim Informants

The report detailed the case of Yassine Ouassif. Last November Yassine's green card was taken away from him when he crossed the border from Canada. Yassine was then sent home to San Francisco and told to contact a counterterrorism agent at the FBI.

A Muslim's Choice: Turn U.S. Informant or Risk Losing Visa

Walid Mustafa, a 53-year-old Palestinian American who teaches kung fu, first encountered the FBI when a young agent knocked on his door in Sacramento to ask about fund-raising at the local mosque.

Russia-Iran military cooperation cannot be target of sanctions

"Russian-Iranian military-technical cooperation is proceeding in complete compliance with relevant international norms," Lavrov told reporters on a plane en route to Moscow from Paris on Thursday.

From Information Clearing House

Russia and Iran lead the new energy game

Russian President Vladimir Putin has already spectacularly preempted this weekend's Group of Eight (G8) summit in St Petersburg with his own bit of Pipelineistan news. Putin announced in Shanghai on June 15 that "Gazprom is ready to support the construction of a gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan and India with financial resources and technology".

From Information Clearing House

War Veterans Feeling Stressed, Deserted

According to a recent report from the Veterans Administration, more than 50,000 vets from Iraq and Afghanistan are believed to be suffering from mental health problems — nearly half of them from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.

From Information Clearing House

Administration To Request Another $110 Billion For Iraq Next Year

Yesterday, the White House released its FY2007 mid-session budget review with great fanfare, celebrating its projection that the deficit will be nearly $300 billion this year.

From Information Clearing House

Comparing the cost of war and domestic expenses

We are spending $267 million a day, or $11 million an hour on Iraq

By Congressman John Murtha

I wanted to demonstrate what these expenses mean to domestic policy in the United States and give you an idea of just some of the things that we could accomplish with this amount of money.

New Bill Would Put Government in Hands of Bush

Enforcing Mileage Standards Based on Real-World Testing Would Cut Oil Imports 20 Percent

No Escaping Parallels to Vietnam

A Politics of the Common Good

The Hidden War on Women in Iraq

Al Gore Is Back and Greener Than Ever

GIs in Iraq Could Be Stripped of Immunity After Rape-Murder Allegations

The State's Interests Are Not Ours

On the US police state's international reach

Mediocrity and the Mega-State

No one wants to believe they are ruled

War costs will top $400 billion

Informant: NHNE

Global Warming 'Will Cancel out Western Aid and Devastate Africa'

House Eyes National Toxics Law to Block Tougher State Bills

Republican Congressman Says Bush Should Be Removed from Office

Informant: Kev Hall

Giant airships could replace mobile phone masts

09 Jul 2006

A Swiss inventor has drawn up plans to create a network or high altitude airships to replace terrestrial mobile phone masts.

The technology, called High Altitude Platform Systems, would drastically reduce radiation remove the problems that networks have in finding suitable sites for their masts.

Kamal Alavi is a former aerospace engineer and is planning text flights of the airships in 2007. Solar powered GPS systems and giant propellers will keep the 60 metre long helium filled zeppelins 21 kilometres above the earths surface.

The system would also be able to carry radio, television and internet signals making the initial £20 million cost of each airship seem quite reasonable. Around 30 of the ships would be required to cover Europe. © 2006


Independent Media Source

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