Complaint about interference to video TV facilities from the 02 Airwave police communications system TETRA

Riverside House
2a Southwark Bridge Road

15th July 2006

Dear Sir/Madam,

RE: Complaint about interference to TV/video facilities

When I telephoned the appropriate department some 10 days to two weeks ago, I was informed that a complaints form would be put in the post that day.

To date I have not received it. Therefore please treat this letter as a complaint about interference to video facilities from the 02 Airwave police communications system TETRA.

In the past many people, including ourselves, were unable to watch our TVs due to direct interference to the picture and sound quality when TETRA was being used/tested.

The many people across the UK who are sensitive to TETRA – and there are some who are only mainly sensitive to TETRA – can “feel” the presence of TETRA in their homes when this occurs, so we know it is purely TETRA and not atmospheric pressure or some other feeble excuse.

These same sensitive people across the UK have noted at least 3 changes to TETRA since then, each affecting us differently and not pleasantly.

The most recent change has meant that when we video TV programs we like to view at a more convenient time, they have been unwatchable due to a distinct pulsing interference which blocks out most of the picture and sometimes affects the quality of the sound. The sequences have changes 3 times over several weeks, which suggests testing, but always part of it contains a one second on and one second off pulsing which is impossible to watch.

Since your department did not even have the decency to send out a complaint form, and because I know that no one in authority cares if we cannot watch TV when we wish, or record programs when we wish, I have now cancelled the TV licence.

In the future, when it is finally proved that this technology, and especially TETRA, does harm people and animal life, and interfers with people lives and health, I will ensure that Ofcom is named, alongside many others, as being obstructive in the search for the truth.

I will also help others to claim compensation for the absolute destruction of their lives and human rights, unless Ofcom addresses the interference problems TETRA causes, so that people can enjoy the material things they buy for pleasure/necessity.

Ofcom is supposedly there to serve the people, not to serve the purposes of big companies or the Government. The people elected the Government to manage the country in the best interests of the people.

I would also suggest that Ofcom ensures accurate registration of ALL masts, to include TETRA and those put up without planning permission, if it wants to avoid its present bad reputation with those in the majority – the people of the UK.

I will be writing to the BBC to explain why I have cancelled my TV Licence and I will include a copy of this letter.

Sandi Lawrence


Independent Media Source

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