ES and "psychological"

Dear Rod: I am in process of printing your excellent newsletter for later review. I happened to note the oft-seen reference to "ES" along with the word "psychological....."

I can guarantee that guinea pigs placed against a bedroom wall opposite an electric meter will develop "objective," serious health problems (white blood cell changes/CBC's with differentials) that can not be attributed to "psychological symptoms!!!" I predict at least one death out of two animals occurring in less than two months. The animal sleeping closest to the wall will be the one to die......

In the necropsies on my two guinea pigs that died, I do not find the words "conversion disorder," "psychosomatic," "personality disorder suicide," or any other reference to "psychological problems....."

That should take care of "psychological or not issue" issue........ Scientists can then proceed to place animals a foot away and follow with WBC testing -- the same tests used to check X-ray workers to limit exposure, etc. and subsequently test animals 2-3 ft. "from the source." "Chronic, prolonged exposure" -- not just limited to a few hours a day for only a week or two as has been done in the past, will help establish a baseline for future tests.

Scientists need to prove what is already known -- that EMF/EMR does cause the identical blood changes as are well-known to occur after low-level ionizing radiation exposure!!!

Roger Coghill had the right idea when he presented "The Coghill Challenge." I believe no industry person would have taken him up on the challenge even if "favorite pet" would have been substituted for "infant....."

As I have offered before, I am glad to assist any scientist in regard to the sort of tests I have conducted -- whether "in person," by supplying information, assisting with studies in my own home or in a laboratory, or in any other way.

While waiting for confirmatory studies (re extreme nighttime exposures such as electric meters, electric clocks, power supply boxes to cordless phones, etc.), I recommend persons learn how to check body voltage. This an important way for individuals to help one's family and it may be that the "bottom line" for reducing health costs around-the-world will be that everyone needs to sleep with circuits to bedrooms turned off at night. See BauBiologist Oram Miller's site: (there is a need to check for possible wiring errors and attention to grounding is important where applicable). Sleeping close to an electric meter would still be a hazard if the meter is mounted on the outside of a bedroom wall and power is left on in the rest of the house. Take care - Joanne

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